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melannen: Love & Marriage
Fantasy marriage/polyamory systems.
fandom  meta  sex 
april 2011 by holdouttrout
laurashapiro | VVC Premiere: Stay Awake (multi)
Summary: Don't close your eyes
Violence against women, implied sexual violence, strobing effects (warning for pregnancy ooginess)
video  fan:video  fandom  x-files  stargate  sg-1  sga  bsg 
october 2010 by holdouttrout
List of Derivative Works that are Published and/or Prize Winners
Congratulations! You've just summarily dismissed as criminal, immoral, and unimaginative each of the following Pulitzer Prize-winning works: (legitimate fanfic)
fandom  fanfic  literature  meta 
may 2010 by holdouttrout
Letter to Internet User #1,574,313,184
Welcome to discussions of race on the internet!
fandom  racism  meta 
march 2009 by holdouttrout
Whatever Happened to Susan Pevensie?
A Christian Perspective on the lack of Susan in Aslan's country.
fandom  books  christian  religion  feminism 
february 2009 by holdouttrout
On Popularity and The Claw
Regarding people's natural tendency to stick with what they know and the vaguaries of internet fandom in reccing That One Story that you have to read Right Now.
fanfic  writing  fandom  livejournal  meta 
december 2008 by holdouttrout
Everything I Wanted to Say About Pepper Potts in Iron Man but No Longer Have To
Reactions to specific criticisms of a female character in an action movie.
ironman  pepperpotts  fandom 
june 2008 by holdouttrout
The only ficathon guaranteed to produce better writing than the source material.
fandom:humor  fandom  fanfic 
august 2007 by holdouttrout
icanhazstargate: 2 from Comic Con
Really cute pics--season 4 casting spoilers (but nothing you don't know, Cracken)
Stargate  sga  fandom 
july 2007 by holdouttrout
Eve Tushnet--Why I Love Fanfiction
A good defense of fanfiction, explaining and dismissing various concerns.
fandom  fanfic 
july 2007 by holdouttrout
Niamaea - Spring cleaning graveyard!
The alternate Daniel and Janet kept winking at each other knowingly, and their General Hammond would look on and smile paternally; later, he invited SG-1 to come back in May, for the wedding. Apparently they were having the ceremony in the gate room
fic:humor  Sam/Jack  sg-1  Stargate  fanfic  ficrec  fandom 
may 2007 by holdouttrout

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