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laurashapiro | VVC Premiere: Stay Awake (multi)
Summary: Don't close your eyes
Violence against women, implied sexual violence, strobing effects (warning for pregnancy ooginess)
video  fan:video  fandom  x-files  stargate  sg-1  sga  bsg 
october 2010 by holdouttrout
The Other Love Quadrangle (No, the Other Other One)
BSG vid, recced by pellucid, described as brilliantly cracky (paraphrase)
video  bsg 
november 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting (Kinda RPF, definitely crack)
Disclaimer: There are zombies. Clearly, the resemblance to reality is only incidental, and we have no connection to the actor-looking characters here, nor would we claim that Greg Grunberg is a professional zombie wrangler.
Summary: Seriously. Mary McDonnell is not to be trifled with.
fic:humor  bsg  sg-1  sga  crackfic  gen  rpf  scifi  fanfic 
february 2009 by holdouttrout
clenching water in my fists - Fic: Latter Days (BSG)
While Galactica sleeps, she belongs to Dee. "The graveyard shift," Hoshi had commented, envy in his voice. Dee had smiled faintly, made a quip about losing sleep.
fanfic  bsg  galpalficathon 
november 2008 by holdouttrout

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