Transfer Voicemails to computer using Audible
Connect phone to computer with aux cable. Open Audible and make sure "Software Playthrough" is checked under preferences. Hit record, play voicemail. Easy, but it only worked for me on my Mac for some reason.
lifehacks  voicemail 
july 2015
A very simple dressing
2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, generous dollop each honey and dijon mustard, salt, pepper. Mix until smooth. Best served over a salad of rucola, cherry tomatoes, and roasted new potatoes.
recipes  recipes:dressings 
march 2014
pajamas made by women who escaped prostitution
shopping  clothes 
january 2014
One Pan Pasta
it's this amazing looking recipe that is one-stop pasta deliciousness.
recipes  recipes:entrees  recipes:vegetarian 
october 2013
sixbeforelunch | Fic: Beneath the Rule of Men (SG1, gen)
Why Daniel is the worst hostage ever. Outsider POV. Dark.
stargate  sg-1  daniel  gen  fanfic 
september 2013
The First Mess »
Vegetarian cooking Blog
august 2013
Hazard Pay
Pepper ends up in a bad situation in Tony's workshop.
ironman  tony/pepper  fanfic 
august 2013
Female Warriors in Fantasy | World Weaver Press
Plausibility of female warriors in fantasy cultures.
fantasy  books  writing  writingprocess  women 
july 2013
Back in Eden - PepperF - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
"This is going to be another of those classified things, isn't it?"
stargate  sg-1  jack/sara  fanfic  ficrec 
july 2013
Man-Pleasing Chicken | Witty in the City
This looks really easy and delicious... although I think the title could use some work. :-)
recipes  recipes:entrees 
july 2013
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