Lara Marie Schoenhals: After seeing Joan Baez and Julia Roberts come on stage at T Swift's Santa Clara show, I came up with some predictions for the random cameos that might occur at her upcoming LA concerts.
Lara-Marie-Schoenhals  Taylor-Swift 
january 2016
Zombies on the Walls: Why Does So Much New Abstraction Look the Same? By Jerry Saltz
Everyone will instantly stop making the sort of painting that was an answer to a question that no one remembers asking—and it will never be talked about again.
JerrySaltz  painting  abstraction  criticism  zombie  art 
july 2014
People of Color in European Art History
Because you wouldn't want to be historically inaccurate.
medieval  poc  arthistory  european 
june 2014
Bring female artists out of storage.
Bring female artists out of storage.
Why are there so few paintings by women in public galleries? Amanda Vickery goes on a shocking hunt to unearth more masterpieces.
(via Katia Kelm)
art  arthistory 
may 2014
“The Real Estate Show” Slideshow and Commentary
Then, the neighborhood was broken down and filled with drug dealers and thug landlords; now it’s an upscale corporate development. This is worse.
new-york  berlin  real-estate  gentrification  the-real-estate-show 
april 2014
Alice Neel vs. Norman Rockwell
Turkey with a Side of AJAX: Thanksgiving according to Alice Neel
alice-neel  norman-rockwell  turkey  painting 
march 2014
Travis Jeppesen: Art in the dark
I invested in a full-spectrum sunlamp, the kind that is supposed to brighten your spirits and magically imbue you with summer energy if you just sit before it for half an hour each day. The question I always got was, “Does it really work?” I never knew what to reply. “Well, I haven’t killed myself yet, it must be doing something.”
berlin  dark  art  Travis-Jeppesen  sunlamp 
november 2013
Classic GB Nicole Eisenman '96
Nicole Eisenman @ Jack Tilton in 1996 shows one of the best paintsmiths of the time having a bang-up show and living the art life to the hilt. Or Tilt. She'd somehow hit a rough patch with a lover with a lease in her name and Nicole without. So, she's living in the gallery for the month of her show.
nicole-eisenman  jack-tilton  painting  gallery-beat-tv 
october 2013
Balls to plagiarism
Just please ... steal from someone who stole from someone good
balls  plagiarism  StevenJFowler 
september 2013
Katia Kelm, Links 4
Als der Künstler Georg Baselitz im SPIEGEL vor kurzem die Ansicht äußerte, Frauen malten nicht so gut wie Männer, löste das in amerikanischen Kunst-Blogs eine Debatte aus, ebenso im nahen Österreich, auch die Briten zürnten. In Deutschland nahm man das so hin.
art  baselitz  sexism  katia-kelm 
july 2013
Where is your alibi, Mr. Motorway?
by Kasia Fudakowski. Please listen through headphones. An audio guide to accompany sculpture exhibition 'Where is your alibi, Mr. Motorway?' at the Deweer Gallery, Belgium, 2013
audio-guide  kasia-fudakowski  peanuts  art 
march 2013
100 Little Deaths by Tom Sanford
“As the drawings of those who passed away in 2012 accumulated, I realized that to see them all together would be very powerful. Installed together I hope that my 100 Little Deaths shows the immensity of what we lose every year. The wall of drawings becomes a mausoleum for 2012.” Among the portraits represented are political figures; music legends; cultural icons of our youth such as Davy Jones and Donna Summer; noteworthy artists, Thomas Kinkade, Franz West, and Will Barnet; publishers; religious leaders; comediennes; and news worthy individuals such as Rodney King and Joe Paterno. The list goes on.
Tom-Sanford  little-death  petite-morte  painting  2012 
january 2013
Performance Artist Narcissister Turns Self Love Into A Political Act At Envoy Enterprises (PHOTOS, VIDEO
"Narcissister Is You" will show January 10- February 10 at Envoy Enterprises in New York. In the meantime check out her freaky-cool images in the slideshow below.
narcissister  performance  art  nyc  love  politics 
january 2013
Mitteilung zu Mathew
Geld ist da, es wird nur für was anderes ausgegeben. Der Fotograf kostet z.B. pro Besuch 1000 Euro.
mathew  gallery  art  politics  gossip  berlin 
december 2012
Arghhh. This is soul-less, post-minimal, dreck.
The Whitney gave Wade Guyton a solo show? Arghhh. This is soul-less, post-minimal, dreck. Nothing more than a signifier of "good-taste" and "high-art". How much of this garbage can exist in the world? That this is the kind of work that gets accolades is beyond deflating and discouraging. HAVING NONE OF IT. This is a well trod path and we know exactly where it leads.
keith-boadwee  whitney  wade-guyton  post-minimal 
november 2012
Gerhard Richter by Travis Jeppesen
He would also get to watch Brad Pitt play his father in the movie they made of his life. It was called Gerhard Richter: Struggles of an Ordinary Man.
Gerhard-Richter  Travis-Jeppesen  painting 
june 2012
Trust your angst, Rosa Perutz
Eine Berlin Biennale Besprechung von Rosa Perutz. Ein bisschen eifernd, aber interessant.
"Der folgende Text ist Einstieg und Arbeitsgrundlage für eine Kritik der 7. Berlin Biennale."
Berlin  Biennale 
june 2012
Bruce LaBruce über Camp / Anti-Camp im Hau
…before she mutated into a new post-human form of double-headed travesty…
vice  bruce-labruce  camp  hau  berlin  hebbel-am-ufer  anti-camp 
may 2012
katias blog: A wie alkohol
immer in der hoffung auf einen hauptgewinn.
katia-kelm  hfbk-hamburg  alkohol 
may 2012
katias blog: A wie alter
das kratzt mich aber alles nicht. wenn selbst das altersmilde spätwerk eines gerhard richters, der mit über 60 plötzlich anfing, seine 23-jährige freundin mit baby zu portraitieren, noch einen dummen käufer fand
katia-kelm  gerhard-richter  alter 
may 2012
...dazzlingly subversive feminist artist such as Dorothy Iannone, a septuagenarian American whose work makes the empty conceptual gestures of certain contemporary hipster artists look strangely dated.
bruce  labruce  dorothy  iannone  vice  painting  berlin 
april 2012
If the pope celebrating mass in Revolution Square isn’t an act of blasphemy—not to mention a sign of the impending apocalypse—I don’t know what is.
bruce  labruce  vice  pope  cuba 
april 2012
new jams @ boadwee blog
altmodische Maler(ei) à la früher Oehlen. Find ich gut.
painting  oehlen  keith  boadwee 
november 2011
Gelatin Pavilion - Some Like It Hot
Zeichnungen und eine „plasticine on photo“ collage:
„Künstler aus aller Welt helfen Gelatin Holz zu hacken, zu flirten, Gitarre zu spielen, den Ofen Tag und Nacht mit Holz zu füttern, schön zu sein und das Feuer am Brennen zu halten.“
Gelitin  Venezia  Biennale  drawing  collage 
june 2011
Oi, the blog. I loved that activity #2: Katia Kelm
„natürlich gibt es immer fälle, bei denen man denkt, hätte der spacken bloss seinen mund gehalten.“
Katia  Kelm  blog  blogging 
june 2011
Bruce LaBruce's Favorite Films
BRUCE LABRUCE'S FAVORITE FILMS "This list was taken from Mr. LaBruce’s Myspace profile." haha-
bruce  labruce  film  movie  list 
may 2011
emo emo emo
i don't know if i could do it exactly.. (via
march 2011
Captain Pamphile Show
„Narrative Malerei auch noch in ein narratives Ausstellungskorsett einzubinden, erschien uns nur konsequent.“
Marcus Weber
marcus-weber  gunter-reski  captain-pamphile  alexandre-dumas  painting 
february 2011
Wendy White Interview on badatsports
Amanda Browder: „There’s that anal retentiveness, that’s like so conservative, that i’m bored to tears...“
Weny  White  interview  badatsports  Tom  Sanford  Amanda  Browder  painting  textpainting  Anal  retentiveness 
september 2010
NE: Oi, the blog. I loved that activity… at first.
Nicole  Eisenman  Butt  Johnson  interview  painting  blog  blogging 
august 2010
Photos von der Gelitin Art Group by Hanna Putz
Gelitin  Hanna  Putz  Photography 
august 2010
Dan Walsh & Amy Sillman – BOMBlog
Dear Jackie, I guess you didn’t know this but me and Abstraction broke up!!!!! Last summer!!
painting  amy  sillman  abstraction 
june 2010
galerie krise #1.2
„die berühmtesten gemälde der welt“ - the show is open since the 8th of may 2010 daily for 24 hours until further announcement.
painting  berlin 
may 2010
All The Right Moves by Adrian Buschmann. Scholarship here, no scholarship here. Who the hell gave you that power?
Adrian  Buschman  Painting 
february 2010
Daniel McDonald, Restricted Access to Medical Care (the Mummies)
Daniel McDonald, Restricted Access to Medical Care (the Mummies), 2008, the artist and 1602 Broadway, New York
Daniel  McDonald  Philipp  Rösler  FDP  nyc 
january 2010
Daniel McDonald, PORTFOLIO BOHEMIAN MONSTERS, by Jan Peter Hammer
Daniel  McDonald  Bohemian  Monsters  jan  peter  Hammer 
january 2010
Ulikowski @ Wordpress.Com
Und sie kommen und sie fragen „Ey sag mal wofür steht dein Name?“
cathrin  ulikowski  painting 
november 2009
SCUM Manifesto - Valerie Solanas
Full text of S.C.U.M. (Society For Cutting Up Men) Manifesto by Valerie Solanas.
SCUM  S.C.U.M.  feminism  manifesto  valerie  solanas 
november 2009
Zoe Strauss: Murals!
Why can't we have these instead of the majority of crap murals we have?
zoe  strauss  murals 
august 2009
The Indefinable Qualities of Images
Here's an image of water ice in a cup. Now, while it's suitable for a description of summer in West Philadelphia to document some of the love letters stuff, I missed the shot. This image is lacking the vulgarity I was looking for. But how can you describe an abstract image as vulgar? And how can I know with certainty that this image is removed from what I want to show? Because I most certainly do know. When I was making it, I was looking to show something disconcerting in the image, which in and of it's self is fucking nuts because it's a cup of water ice. While the image could be seen as visually engaging, it's completely benign. I try to keep a big part of my working self unconscious, but at the same time I'm fascinated by what abstraction says to me, and how I know when it's done and is doing it's job.
zoe  strauss  abstract  abstraction  vulgarity 
august 2009
Für ein faires Berufungsverfahren an der UdK!
Für ein faires Berufungsverfahren an der UdK!: "Wir akzeptieren eure Scheisse nicht! Auch nicht eure machistische Vetternwirtschaft!" --- DR: "So eine Mischung aus Großmäuligkeit und Mufftum, Popanz und dann irgendwie doch nur ein Kothaufen sein, zwischen bürokratischem Wahn, Schurigelung, Vorschriftenmachenwollen, Hintenrumseilschaften . . . Ich habe noch nie an so einer Scheißhochschule gearbeitet."
UdK  Berlin 
july 2009
Angela Merkel with Golden Monkey and Archaeopteryx
This should be Angela Merkels official portrait! It’s much better than Immendorffs Schroeder portrait..
Angela  Merkel  Jeremiah  Palecek  Nerdkore  painting 
june 2009
der auto
car, crash, content, crisis, rsssssss, galerie krise
car  crash  content  crisis  galerie  Krise 
june 2009
Ondrej Brody Artstar
Ondrej Brody Artstar, 2004, Prague - Look, its still pouring. that’s not bad at all!!! - That’s true. Wolfgang Tillmans did it, but he was pissing on a chair.
ondrej  brody  artstar  pissing  video 
may 2009
Niemand muß schöne Worte benutzen
Gunter Reski hat ein Blog auf
Diesmal über Claudia Zweifels Ausstellung.
gunter  reski  claudia  zweifel  texte  zur  kunst  blog  painting 
may 2009
Negative Man, Cathy Joritz, 16mm, 2min, 1985
Un film qui se veut plein d'humour et d'irrévérence sur la vengeance. J'ai gratté un commentaire visuel taquin directement à même la pellicule, sur l'image de l'homme négatif, pendant qu'il parle de choses «inimportantes». Pour moi, l'homme négatif est un symbole de tous les hommes qui dominent notre monde. Et comme tel, il obtient ce qu'il mérite.
negative  man  cathy  joritz 
april 2009
GBJonesTown's Channel - YouTube
"Hey you academics out there.." - YouTube Channel von GB Jones.
GB  Jones  YouTube  Trailer 
march 2009
Peter Saul, "Bush at Abu Ghraib"
Peter Saul, Bush at Abu Ghraib, 2006, acrylic on canvas, 78 x 90"
peter  saul  painting  bush  abu  ghraib 
february 2009
Peter Saul, "Self-Portrait as a Woman"
Peter Saul, Self-Portrait as a Woman, 2006, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 102"
peter  saul  painting 
february 2009
A Painting by Joy Garnett
A wonderful painting by Joy Garnett based on a photo from the China Yangtse Three Gorges Development Corporation website.

"Close to 100 official images document China’s monumental construction project; on some level the source images recall the grandeur of traditional Chinese landscape painting, but they are actually closer to the candy-coated kitsch of calendar art: landscape at the crossroads of nationalist propaganda and eco-rhetoric."

via & Joy Garnett (archive)'s Photostream
joy  garnett  painting  china  yangtse  three  gorges  dam 
february 2009
Up With Bruce LaBruce - Film - Interview Magazine
Interview with Bruce LaBruce about Otto, or Up With Dead People.
bruce  labruce  maya  deren  zombie  george  romero  interview 
february 2009
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