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Gen or ship, Hobbits & Dwarrows, Excavating in soft soils is harder than mining in rock
Hobbits' smials are connected underground, like big rabbit warrens. They're complex feats of engineering.

Dwarrows who know about mining admire the smials because they know how hard it is to excavate in soft soil (which has to be constantly shored up or it collapses). Non-mining dwarrows are contemptuous.

Bonus points:
*1: Hobbits are like rabbits; they kick the ground in morse code-style emergency signals, and communicate the same way underground.
*10: Hobbits have big eyes for night vision (or infra-red or sonar) for seeing underground.
*100: Hobbits are very fast natural diggers, using their feet to kick soil back behind them.
*1000: The dwarows see some of the Hobbits' secret underground tunnels (coal or tin mines? food larders? emergency shelters?) because of ~reasons (an emergency?) and are impressed.
*10000: Previously insulting or dismissive dwarrows have to eat their words about Hobbits.
*100000: Bilbo's some kind of underground engineering expert or overseer or mine safety/rescue person, so some dwarrows have to adjust their thinking about him specifically. (*cough*Thorin*cough*)

tl;dr: Hobbits are good at something dwarrows pride themselves on -- mining -- so dwarrows have to adjust their attitudes.
#unfilled  type:gen  char:bilbo  char:hobbits  char:dwarves  pairing:bilbo/any  trope:skills  trope:animal-traits  trope:culture 
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Bilbo/Any Dwarf, Soulmate + Cultural Misunderstandings
Hobbits find their Ones at the moment of orgasm, so they find their soulmates by having sex. (Lots of sex, with lots of people.)

Hobbits understand this, and their society accepts casual sex as a way of finding your One Soulmate, so that you can cleave yourself only unto your One in blissful harmony for all of this life and all the lives thereafter, as the Valar willed it. It's almost a sacred duty, by Hobbit standards.

The rest of Middle Earth? Thinks that Hobbits are EASY. Excellent for warming your bed for a night or two, but not at all the sort of round-heeled species that you take home to meet the parents, if-you-know-what-I-mean, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, *leer*, etc.

So, when Bilbo has sex with AnyDwarf and discovers AnyDwarf is his soulmate, it's the BEST MOMENT OF HIS LIFE! Bilbo's going to feed AnyDwarf up right, worship the ground AnyDwarf walks on, and learn to be a good spouse by dwarven standards, because he's FINALLY FOUND HIS SOULMATE, and he's so happy he could cry.

AnyDwarf? He's thinking, OH MAHAL, this is THE WORST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO A DWARF! His soulmate is incapable of being faithful and is going to spend the rest of his life publicly humiliating AnyDwarf by repeatedly cuckolding him with Hobbits, Dwarves, Men, Elves, farmyard animals... He's so miserable he could cry.

Obviously, that's the key moment, but I'd also like to see the build-up, with the rumours/misunderstandings about hobbits, and why AnyDwarf gets involved with Bilbo -- despite the rumours? Because of them? And then after they discover they're soulmates, how do they get from there to a happy, healthy relationship? How do the other Dwarves react?

I prefer angst with a happy ending, but if Author wants angst with more angst, followed by even more angst, that's okay too. I realise some people won't see a happy ending out of this set-up.
#unfilled  !slash  char:hobbits  char:dwarves  char:bilbo  pairing:bilbo/any  trope:soulmates  trope:misunderstandings  trope:culture  kink:first-time  char:any 
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Bagginshield, everyone lives, Bilbo gets adopted so he counts as a Dwarf
Directly post-BOFA, everyone lived, and Bilbo and Thorin are working on being friends after all that happened (and this is complicated by the fact they both want in each other's pants but *trust issues* and both of them think it's unrequited). Thorin kind of wants to give Bilbo some kind of title for helping reclaim Erebor AND save it from war, and it isn't a big deal to Bilbo he's sort of just like "not my thing but ok boo whatever makes you happy just don't stress your wounds", and then when he and Balin are looking into it, they find that only a dwarf can hold titles/own land/etc.

And this really pisses Thorin off, and it's suddenly a big deal because he can't do it, so he's like "FIND A DAMN LOOPHOLE BALIN".

And the only loophole Balin can find is that adopted children are considered equal to genetically-yours children, so if one of the Company adopted Bilbo, he'd be considered fully a dwarf.

Cue most of the members of the Company arguing over who get's to adopt Bilbo, and Bilbo being like "wow i had no idea you all liked me this much" and then after a while "do i get NO say in this? what if i want Bofur to adopt me?" (basically all the dwarves - including Bofur - just sort of snort at him like NO)

And he sometimes just glares at smug!Thorin like "this is all your fault you bitch"

And Bilbo has to learn dwarf manners. And maybe grow out his hair more? And after he's adopted officially, he has to learn Khuzdul. And he has to pretend he is underage (even if just barely, and he kind of is by dwarf standards? but he's all "i'm a grown ass man dammit") for appearances sake.

And at some point he and Thorin get together, and his adopted family members give Thorin hell. "I know how to hide bodies" speeches, sharpening weapons, knuckle cracking, escorts on dates, etc.

Would prefer if Balin or Dori end up adopting Bilbo, because either Dwalin or Nori and Ori acting more like overprotective brothers than uncles would just be awesome.

Bonus points if the whole time Bilbo is just SO DONE with all of them. And maybe Dis arrives and Fili and Kili want HER to adopt Bilbo, so he'd be their brother, and Thorin and Bilbo are like "OH GOD NO."
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:thorin  type:humor  !slash  trope:adoption  char:company  char:fili  char:balin  char:dori  char:kili  char:dis  pairing:bilbo/thorin  type:au  trope:friendship  trope:culture  trope:protective  trope:shovel-talk 
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fem!Bilbo/DoYC - being pregnant saves Billa from trial, but not her baby's father
While the company is roaming the treasure rooms in look for the Arkenstone, Billa finds out she is pregnant. And that is one of the reasons why she so desperate it want to avoid a war; obviously she doesn't want to die, but her unborn child is a constant worry on her mind.

Things go as canon except no one dies, and after the battle, the dwarves from the Iron Hills demand that Billa must be charged of treasons for the theft of the Arkestone. And the hobbit is too tired and has almost died too many times for this shit, so she, a bit panicking, admits she didn't steal the Heart of the mountain for greed but to protect her child.

And the dwarves that wanted her executed now see her in a new light.
The hobbit was not a betrayer taking something it was not hers, or an hero saving a King and his people, but a mother fighting for her child; and that, to dwarves, is the biggest strength you can have.

The charges are intermediately dropped, but now the father of the child is accused of abandoning his One and child for greed, no matter how much Billa insists it wasn't his fault.

How things end are up to author.

- DoYC could be anyone (I have a soft spot for Filibo, but any dwarf is fine!)
#unfilled  char:fem!bilbo  pairing:fem!bilbo/any  trope:pregnancy  !het  type:au  trope:criminal  pairing:fem!bilbo/fili  char:fili  type:angst  warning:mpreg  trope:culture  kink:genderswap 
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Thorin/Bilbo - Child Bride
WARNING. Possible triggers for shota/underage, implied marital abuse

In hobbit society, betrothals are quite common. It’s a great way of strengthening bonds among families, and a shrewd way of encouraging business. Among those chosen, it’s seen as a position of honor to have been given such an important role.

What most don’t know is that the brides are always very young, and given to their marriage-clans to be ‘perfected’.

It’s almost common-sense to hobbits – why wait for the bride to reach majority and risk strife with differing temperaments and opinions, when they could be molded from the very beginning? That way, the marriage can begin well and without trouble!

It is expected for the brides to do all they can to learn to please their husbands, as well as their new clans. They must cater to every wish and desire, and to forgo their ‘childhood personas’. It’s not uncommon for the brides to be taught by the clan and their future husband. Those that do not ‘learn’ or are displeasing in any way are sent back in disgrace, never to be married and seen as ‘abnormal’.

Most learn to live quiet lives with their husbands and new clan. Sometimes, the marriages are even happy. Other times… well, the stubborn ones must learn the hard way, right?

Erebor is thriving, but it’s constant growth means that they desperately need more food. The Shire has crops in abundance and is willing to trade, but need more substantial bonds than ink on paper. Bilbo Baggins is newly-orphaned and an only child, and a perfect choice for a betrothal. He is also ten years from his majority.

Dwarrows protect their children greedily, and only marry those who are well in age and already settled in temperament and craft. Thorin was not expecting a child-bride, and has no idea what to do with him. He is horrified at the thought of ‘perfecting’ Bilbo in any way.

I would like to see a huge culture clash, with Thorin tip-toeing around Bilbo and trying to figure out what to do now without upsetting him, while Bilbo tries desperately to please his future husband and not understanding what he’s doing wrong.
#unfilled  !slash  char:thorin  char:bilbo  warning:underage  warning:abuse  trope:arranged-engagement/marriage  pairing:bilbo/thorin  warning:sexism  trope:culture  type:angst  char:hobbits  char:dwarves  type:au 
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more important things to do
Cant seem to keep this silly idea off my mind...

While traveling with the company Bilbo learns Thorin committed something of a faux pas by leaving Dis in charge of Ered Luin. Not because dwarves think less of women but rather they think ruling a kingdom is too below a dwarrowdam's station. Female dwarves have far more important things to do.

Intrigued, Bilbo tries to ask just what, exactly, are women expected to do in dwarven culture. The dwarves refuse to give Bilbo a clear answer, leaving the hobbit all the more determined to get an answer.

*if Bilbo NEVER gets a clear answer
* if part of the reason kili and fili are with the company is to justify leaving Dis in charge (because leaving those two in charge was the worse alternative)
*if bilbo concludes the company doesnt know the answer and/or messing with him
*** if dwarrowdams really do have something very BADASS to do instead of politics
#unfilled  type:gen  trope:culture  char:dis  char:thorin  char:bilbo  type:humor  char:fili  char:kili  char:company  trope:politics 
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Hobbit Folktales about Yavanna
I want a fic where Hobbits have these urban legends about Yavanna walking amongst them, disguised as a Hobbit. Like, some of the stories go that a female Hobbit appeared from nowhere, did some minor good deed, then vanished before anyone could thank her, and afterwords all the Hobbits involved had a run of unusually good luck.
#unfilled  char:yavanna  char:hobbits  char:valar  trope:storytelling  type:gen  trope:culture 
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"I'm not a piece of meat!" Bilbo/Dwarf
I didn't really know how to make a subject line for this so I just decided to use that quote as it.

So I've been thinking about the dwarves with their problem of lacking women, when I thought, "What if Hobbits had that problem?" Then it bled into the idea that maybe they didn't have the problem of having too little females, maybe too little males?

So what I wish for is a universe where, though the female hobbits are fertile, they only seem able to have girls and almost no male hobbits. So, male children are coveted closely and when they come of age, female hobbits go out of their way to court the male hobbits. Flowers, cakes, dancing, you name it, they do it. And the most coveted family are the Baggins. This is because, even though they usually don't have MANY children, every child born from a Baggins almost always ends up a boy.

Belladonna never liked how crazy the rest of the girl hobbits went for men and had decided from a young age that she was never going to get married. That was, until, Bungo began courting her, something that was unheard of in the Shire.

Belladonna passed her feelings onto Bilbo, who was resolute in never getting married to anyone, refusing to be a "piece of meat" for the hobbit lasses. Which broke the hearts of many a hobbit lass who coveted him not only for his good genes but for his large home and wealth that came from his father.

So at last, I just want the dwarves to react to hobbit courting and culture, shocked by the fact that there are so many hobbit lasses. And maybe have Bilbo finally be able to be openly interested in a male, which he'd never been able to be in the Shire.

Short prompt:
Hobbits have way more female hobbits than males and the Baggins family is coveted closely for their offspring, though Bilbo wants none of that shit and runs off on an adventure to get away.
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:dwarves  char:hobbits  trope:culture  trope:courting  char:belladonna-took  char:bungo-baggins  pairing:bilbo/any  !slash  type:au 
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What makes a dwarf attractive
Ok so i'm new here and english is not my first language, but i hope i manage ok. I don't know if anyone prompted this before, but i would like to read this:

The dwarfs sit down one evening around the fire and start talking. It goes to beauty ideals and the young ones don't have a specific idea whats really beauty in the eyes of a dwarf. Big nose, nice braids, heavy muscles, strength. Scars and Tattoos and piercings and beards. They grew up with mixed ideals from men and dwarfs and so they found their own preferences.
After having established that Dori is indeed the symbol of all that is dwarf, the discussion turns to Bilbo, who doesn't want anything to do with it. He knows perfectly well that he isn't much to look at, in neither dwarf or hobbit standards. That doesn't mean he would enjoy it to hear it said to his face and definitly not from that one dwarf he has his eyes on.
That dwarf (own choosing, but i pictured it to be Fili) nicks some parchment from Ori and scribbles a list of all the things he thinks beautiful about Bilbo on it, on both sides. He leaves it on Bilbos bedroll for him to find, entirely confused on who it could be.

I would like something fluffy and a bit angsty, with insecurity on both sides, but definitly a happy ending. I hope someone likes it and i get to read something like this :)
#unfilled  char:company  char:fili  char:bilbo  char:dori  pairing:bilbo/fili  pairing:bilbo/any  trope:culture  type:fluff  type:angst  !slash  trope:insecurity 
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fem!Bilbo/company - First Heat (reluctance, cultural differences, some angst)
Both Hobbits and Dwarves go into heat/rut, but Hobbits are very proper about it. When you reach maturity, you start taking herbs until you marry, then you and your spouse can break all the furniture in the privacy of your own home. Dwarves are happy to get children when/how/with whomever, and it's not unusual for a dwarrowdam to have half a dozen young bucks during her heat.

Bilbo, having never married, has always taken herbs. When she loses them and goes into heat on the journey, the entire company (except Gloin and Bombur) offer to help her - all at once, one at a time, daisy chain, they don't care - and Bilbo is scandalized down to the tips of her fluffy toes. She's especially upset that [particular dwarf] thinks she's wanton, doesn't respect her, etc etc

But of course, the heat can't be denied and most of them end up servicing her.

Once it's over, she's mortified, ashamed, can't look at anyone, until [dwarf charming] follows her to the river and confesses his love.

Prefer her to end up with Thorin, Dwalin, or Fili. Knotting optional but certainly not discouraged.

"Will you quit. sniffing. me."
#unfilled  char:fem!bilbo  kink:knotting  kink:alpha/omega  pairing:fem!bilbo/company  pairing:fem!bilbo/dwalin  pairing:fem!bilbo/thorin  pairing:fem!bilbo/fili  kink:humiliation  !het  kink:gangbang  trope:culture 
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Kili centric - braiding and facial hair
What if Kili doesn't braid his hair or grow his beard because he hasn't EARNED the right to yet?

He's not been of age for long and is still learning to smith from Thorin so hasn't had to chance to earn his braids through mastering a trade and hasn't won any battles or defended anyone so has to cut his beard.

+100 He's only allowed to wear his royal braids/family braids when he's earned a braid from elsewhere/can grow his beard or on a special occasion.
+1000 Ori's can wear his as he's finished his scribe training.
+10000 Fili has earned a fair few by now, both in trades and battles.
+100000 When on the quest, Kili fights and earns his right to have a beard/facial hair. Thorin and Fili braid his family/royal braids.

Would love FiliKili but gen is good too
#unfilled  char:kili  kink:braids  trope:blacksmith  trope:culture  char:thorin  char:fili  char:ori  trope:skills  type:gen  !slash  warning:incest  pairing:fili/kili 
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Hobbit Courting; Bilbo/any
DOYC agrees to let Bilbo court him like a proper hobbit. And hobbits court by cooking a full day of meals the object of their affections (plus dessert).

DOYC thinks it sounds great at first (free, delicious, hobbit-made meals! And hey, afterwards he gets to take Bilbo to bed!) but starts to regret his decision around elevenses. Because that's a lot of food and his stomach possibly can't take it...

Basically DOYC being overfed and refusing to say anything. Does he soldier on through it? Does he beg to not be fed any more after dinner? The others are getting sympathy pains in their guts just watching him eat all that food!

(Would prefer Dwalin, Bofur, or Nori, but you can pick any you want)
#unfilled  trope:courting  kink:food  char:bilbo  pairing:bilbo/any  pairing:bilbo/dwalin  pairing:bilbo/nori  pairing:bilbo/bofur  !slash  trope:culture 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarf habits!Bilbo
Bilbo is a Hobbit and is proud to be one so while he keeps his customs and habits (and mealtimes) ect, he would probably pick up some habits from spending so much time with Dwarves.

I'd love to see Bilbo, in the Shire, slipping up and acting Dwarvishly. Maybe he stubs his toe and swears in Khuzdul; maybe he sees an old friend and goes to bang their heads together; maybe he misses his friends and wears his Dwarven clothes and braids out ectectect.

Just the Dwarves having a lingering effect on Bilbo in the way he acts.

Bonus points for No One Dies AU
Double bonus points for, in Erebor, the Dwarves are acting rather Hobbit-ishly (no shoes!)
#unfilled  char:bilbo  type:humor  trope:culture 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo is the baby of the company.
So, Fili and Kili are the youngest dwarves, and they are in their 70s.

Someone finds out Bilbo is only 50 and cue cultural misunderstandings.

Like some start complaining Gandalf sent a child along with them, while others start becoming more protective of him.

Bonus: Fili and Kili treating Bilbo like a kid brother.
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:fili  char:kili  trope:protective  trope:culture  trope:misunderstandings  #rtyi 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Everyone at Rivendell, culture clash, sleeping.
In bookverse, multiple days were spent at Rivendell, so let's go with that. I don't recall if it's canon that elves always go into trance instead of sleeping as Legolas did when chasing the orcs with Gimli and Aragorn, or if it's just something they can do, but for this, let us assume elves don't sleep. Dwarves and hobbits, of course, do. Elves only have beds for guests, of which they usually don't get fifteen at a time. Kiddie Aragorn is around and is really glad to not be the only one who does this weird thing anymore.
#unfilled  trope:culture  trope:sleepy  char:aragorn  char:company  char:elrond  char:elves  type:gen 
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more cultural misunderstandings
this time i want to see the dwarves being the ones with straight-forward, "we just tell each other what we mean" type culture, and hobbits are the ones with cryptic meanings attached to minor, seemingly meaningless gestures.

except, since Bilbo is the lone hobbit surrounded by so many dwarves, he realizes right away that they simply do not realize when they are evoking certain meanings (ie being unspeakably rude, or courtship stuff) since he's more or less alone he doesn't want to make a scene about it. whenever he tries to bring up cultural differences and how someone is accidentally super rude, they brush him off. To Bilbo, it seems like they are just crapping all over his culture.

I want to see some hurt/comfort when the dwarves finally realize how dismissive they've been after they have a conversation with Gandalf/someone who actually knows hobbit culture (bonus for Elrond noticing a transgression and telling them off), but Bilbo has had enough of th-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  trope:culture  char:bilbo  char:company  type:hurt/comfort  char:gandalf  char:elrond  type:gen 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo is a BAMF without realizing.
So dwarves and hobbits are quite different, and since the company has never encountered one before they do not know what qualifies as 'normal' for Bilbo, such as the following:

- Hobbit feet are incredibly tough, so they do not need to wear shoes, even if they are walking over thorns or broken glass they do not feel it.

- They also have very large chest cavities, so they can hold their breath twice as long as a dwarf can.

- Hobbits are very acrobatic, and have no problem climbing up trees, cliff faces, and can jump quite high for their size.

Thorin and Co are all shades of confused.

(You are free to make up what other hidden skills Bilbo might have ^^)
#unfilled  char:bilbo  trope:culture  char:company  type:gen  trope:skills 
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Of the sex and gender of dwarves....
"Dwarves have two biological sexes, but only one social gender, dwarf." Kinda like the dwarves of Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
#unfilled  type:au  type:crossover  fandom:discworld  char:dwarves  kink:genderswap  trope:culture 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Fem!Bilbo/everyone, what's a spinster?
Turns out dwarves don't really have a word for 'spinster' in Khuzdul because there aren't any as we understand them. Dwarf women always have men courting them, so if they remain unmarried, it's because they're pining after someone they can't have and won't let that person go, they're craft-wed and don't care about marriage, or they're lesbians (up to anon whether that's common knowledge or they have to lie and say they're one of the previous options).

For hobbits, there's a more even ratio of males and females, so hobbit men get to be more picky and some (unfortunate and undesirable, by hobbit standards) hobbit ladies go their whole lives without really being courted, even if they want to be married and have children. These hobbit women, like fem!Bilbo, learn to deal and move on with their lives.

So when fem!Bilbo makes a joke about being a spinster, the dwarves have no idea what she's talking about and she's forced to explain what it means. First, the dw-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  char:fem!bilbo  kink:genderswap  trope:culture  pairing:fem!bilbo/all  trope:courting  pairing:fem!bilbo/nori  char:nori  char:bifur  pairing:bifur/fem!bilbo  !het  char:company 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bard is not obviously male to the Dwarves
He looks delightfully androgynous and has a very pretty moustache. Some of them assume he's a single mom.

Dwarf beauty standards are mostly focussed on hair/facial hair, the more mane-like the better, so while Bilbo looks cute and young, the elves look kind of limp and featureless/sexless, but Bard has curly hair and a little goatee and sideburns that are very attractive and kinda feminine.

From the dwarves point of view a beautiful 'woman' captures then rescues them, takes them to 'her' house and makes them change their clothes. Crushes, showing off, flirting, confusion, and embarrassment abound.

Any pairing, but I want Dwalin making lewd comments cos it's funny.
#unfilled  #partial  char:bard  char:dwalin  char:balin  trope:misunderstandings  trope:flirting  trope:culture  !slash  type:meta  type:au  kink:androgyny  char:company  pairing:bard/dwalin  warning:noncon 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Bofur arranged marriage
The Baggins clan find a badly injured Bifur and nurse him back to health. Due to dwarf codes, Bofur and Bombur are in debt, but they can't pay with money so they agree to offer Bofur's hand in marriage for a Baggins. At first the Bagginses hesitate, but then someone brings up Bilbo and how he needs to settle down and before Bilbo has the time to object, he's married.

Bonus: If Bilbo had nothing to do with healing Bifur.
Bonus 2: Bilbo doesn't know if Bofur is a woman or a man until their wedding night.
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:bofur  char:bifur  char:bombur  trope:arranged-engagement/marriage  trope:culture  pairing:bilbo/bofur  !slash  trope:injury 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Hobbit idioms confuse Dwarves
Hobbits use the sayings which revolve around feet. EG:

"We got off on the wrong foot"
"I must put my foot down on the matter"
"A pain in the foot"
"I put my foot in my mouth"
"If you put another toe out of line"
"Put your best foot forward!"

Bilbo uses them all the time. And the Dwarves have no bloody clue what Bilbo is on about! They take everything in a literal sense ("I didn't know you were flexible enough to put your foot in your mouth, Mister Baggins!")

I have no idea where I'm going with this I'm just hoping someone will take it and roll with it.

Bonus points for every foot-related phrase you use
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:dwarves  type:humor  trope:culture  trope:misunderstandings 
february 2015 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Thorin or Bilbo/any- I've got a thing for blonds...
Okay so this has been bugging me ALL MONTH!

Stay with me a bit- you'll need the bg for this to make sense:

So, hobbits actually come from three different races, the Fallohides who are "...fair of skin and hair, and none of them ever grew a beard...", the numerous and far more common Harfoots, who were "...darker of skin and hair than the other hobbits..." and "on very friendly terms with the Dwarves", and the Stoors, who "among the hobbits, [...] most resembled men."

According to LotR's wiki, the Shire was colonized by the Harfoots after the Stoors mostly died out and the far less numerous, though far more enterprising and adventurous, Fallohides were taken in by the Harfoots as leaders. (Blah blah Tooks, Oldbuck clan, blah history, blah Bullroarer blah blah blah.)

Added to this fact that most hobbits we see in the film(s) have black to chestnut hair (with the exception of our Took friends)...

Give me a Bilbo discriminated against for his Fallohide a-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:thorin  pairing:bilbo/thorin  !slash  pairing:bilbo/any  warning:discrimination  trope:culture  char:dwarves  type:hurt/comfort  trope:insecurity  char:fili  char:kili  pairing:bilbo/fili/kili  kink:threesome  warning:incest 
october 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
humans are ew
the common stereotype for humans is that they'll screw anything, so every race avoids them, because the valar knows where they've been and what diseases they must have.

Bolg has heard they screw sheep, Thorin has been around those seedy bars and he's not letting any of his company be alone with any one of them, some elves think their mortality is an std, and there is a fear among hobbits that interbreeding with men will lead to the extinction of their race.

the humans are just so confused as to why there are all these races running through Laketown that are trying to avoid them.

*1 for someone from one of the races wanting to test the stereotype out
*2 its thranduil
*3 its with alfrid or somebody the rest of the humans would not consider particularly attractive
#unfilled  char:humans  trope:misunderstandings  trope:culture  pairing:any/any  char:thranduil  pairing:thranduil/any  pairing:alfrid/any  pairing:alfrid/thranduil  !slash  kink:interspecies 
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GEN, or Bilbo/Any, The Beast Inside, violence
Hobbit's are happy in their safe, peaceful, calm little Shire.

But it's peace and quiet is is not for the protection of the Hobbits, but for the rest of the world.

Because while Hobbits are normally quiet, gentle little creatures, when someone they care about is in danger, your quiet, gentle Hobbit is vicious, lethal and they won't stop until the dangers to that person are irrevocably and violently erased.
#unfilled  #rtyi  !slash  type:gen  char:hobbits  trope:culture  trope:protective  char:bilbo  char:company  pairing:bilbo/any  warning:violence 
september 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Cultural groups, social hierarchies and politics of Laketown ie Why is Bard welsh? ;)
I watched the movie again and remembered that Luke said everyone in Laketown descended from Dale had a welsh accent, so I listened for them. I was surprised that it was only Bard, his kids, and one old man. Everyone else had an english estuary/essex type accent which is quite different (except the Master who sounded like Stephen Fry). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78ne9r1yHYU

This got me thinking - my parents are immigrants but I sound like the culture I was raised in. Why does Bard have a Dalish accent at all? He and his kids were "born and raised on these waters", even the old man might have been.

The only reason I can think of is a lack of intergration of the Dalish refugees with the Esgaroth folk, and the main reason for that is usually prejudice. I got the impression that the destruction of Dale was pretty devastating, and the surviving Dalians are a minority. Is their influx into Esgaroth blamed for the town's woes? Girion is certainly blamed for -- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  trope:culture  type:au  char:bard 
september 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Hobbit Fertility vs Population Control
In the deep, darkness that is my brain all hobbits are incredibly fertile. So fertile in fact that they have to take desperate measures to insure that they don't get overpopulated. Que the Lottery. Every year every hobbit who has become of age (33) has their name entered into a lottery. Only a select number of names can be drawn at any time, the larger the drawing the smaller the percentage of names are drawn. Only those whose names are drawn are allowed to get married and have children. Those whose names aren't chosen become bachelors/spinsters. They aren't allowed to marry or have children and are forced to drink/eat a contraceptive that prevents 'accidental' pregnancies. Bilbo is among the few whose name isn't drawn from the lottery. By the time he meets the dwarves he has accepted that he isn't allowed to have a family of his own. The dwarves somehow learn of his situation and they are horrified. After all, with their population so small they can't even-- (Full details at prompt)
#filled  #partial  kink:genderswap  char:fem!bilbo  type:au  #multiple-fills  char:thorin  pairing:fem!bilbo/thorin  trope:culture  trope:misunderstandings  type:angst  !het 
september 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
"No one ever said elves are nice." Quote Prompt
I would love it if someone wrote a fill based on this quote from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel 'Lords and Ladies': "Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder. Elves are marvelous. They cause marvels. Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies. Elves are glamorous. They project glamour. Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment. Elves are terrific. They beget terror. The thing about words is that meaning can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes just look for them behind words that have changed their meaning. No one ever said elves are nice.” -It would be awesome if you could focus on more than just the dwarf/elf conflict, maybe get into the kind of ruthlessness and badassery it takes to survive the First War of the Ring like Elrond or possess one of the rings of power like Galadriel or take on a Balrog and fight your way back from death like Glorfindel. -Maybe the stories of elves taking beautiful children of the different races and (more at the prompt)
#unfilled  type:gen  !slash  !het  char:elves  trope:culture  trope:badassery  char:gandalf  char:company  char:gimli  char:legolas  char:kili  char:tauriel  char:arwen  char:thorin  char:thranduil  pairing:gimli/legolas  pairing:kili/tauriel  pairing:aragorn/arwen  pairing:thorin/thranduil 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Fili/DOYC symbolic deflowering
Fili as the heir to the throne has to be subjected to the ceremony of deflowering using special phallic stone/wood object (something like Lingam in Hindu temples and I apologize if it offends someone's religious feelings, it's just easier to explain like this, I mean no offence).

DOYC is witnessing this event, and it's up to anon if the ceremony is meant to be performed in secret or not and if DOYC is not supposed to be there. DOYC can't take what he/she sees quietly and interferes.

* if DOYC is claiming Fili's mouth
* if it's Bofur
* if there's normal sex afterwards
#unfilled  !slash  trope:culture  kink:first-time  char:fili  char:any  pairing:fili/any  kink:sex-toys 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
In honor of the upcoming April Fools, let's have some pranking, shall we?

Maybe only dwarves have an April Fools day, maybe only hobbits do, maybe everybody has. Pranks all around.
Basically this is an open prompt.

Things that would be awesome:
- someone pranking elves
- elves (especially Elrond or Galadriel) pranking someone
- someone being known as an amazing prankster (please let it be someone unexpected, like Oin)
- someone sucking at pranks (the first I think is Thorin, but ould be anyone)
- there's a tradition in trying to prank Gandalf and no one has yet managed to pull it off (maybe this year?)
- someone does a hurtful prank and gets rightfully scolded about it
#unfilled  type:crack  trope:holidays  type:gen  char:company  char:elves  char:hobbits  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Fili, Servant of the Durin line
Fili is the Durin line's servant, maybe because of his golden hair he is considered inferior and has to become a servant to his own family, who don't treat him very well. During the quest he has to serve not only Thorin and Kili, but any descendent of durin, taking their food to them, setting up their bedrolls, making them breakfast, tending to any need they might have, even sexual. And since he is just a servant, he must be treated as such. Bilbo is aware of this situation but doesn't aprove and he tries to treat Fili as an equal and tries to befriend him, something Thorin is not very happy about... *** Kili treats Fili like a servant only when Thorin is around and he is very caring and loving when they're alone.
#unfilled  trope:culture  trope:misunderstandings  char:dwarves  type:au  char:bilbo  char:company  char:thorin  char:kili  type:angst  type:hurt/comfort  kink:hair 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Bofur - Bofur is clueless about sex b/c no dwarf ever talks about it!
There is NO "birds and the bees" talk in dwarven culture.

Bilbo and Bofur are getting hot and heavy one night and Bilbo suggests taking it a step further. Bofur assumes Bilbo means marriage, or something like meeting Bofur's parents, as they've been properly courting. Bilbo mentions sex, and poor Bofur is completely confused, mistaking the term for "gender" as it's just never ever talked about.

Bilbo has to explain things. And even he's not overly confidant talking about it, being a virgin as well.

Dwarven babies are born by sheer accident and luck.
#unfilled  !slash  kink:first-time  trope:culture  trope:the-talk  char:bilbo  char:bofur  trope:misunderstandings  trope:courting  pairing:bilbo/bofur 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/DOYC- I'm sorry, but what?
So I imagine that hobbits have loads upon loads upon loads of euphemisms for quite a lot of those things, sex included. Like to the point where no one says the word "sex" because it's so straight-forward. So what I want is Bilbo tryin' to get the D of a DOYC but they have NO FRIGGIN' IDEA what their burglar wants. Silliness is suggested and most definitely encouraged.

Bonus points for the DOYC confusing euphemisms for actual actions. "What do you mean bumping uglies? What are uglies and how do you bump them?"
#unfilled  !slash  char:bilbo  trope:culture  char:company  kink:language  char:any  pairing:bilbo/any  trope:misunderstandings  type:humor 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwalin, Balin; Dwalin is a bookish one
in a bit of a twist: it is Dwalin who is well versed in literature and languages, while Balin was more inclined to 'natural sciences'(like making those bombs)but was forced into politics after Erebor fell.
So, grumpy erudite Dwalin impressing Bilbo, Ori and elves with his knowledge of literature.
#unfilled  type:au  char:balin  char:dwalin  trope:culture  kink:language  char:elves  char:ori  char:bilbo 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Hobbits are nudists
That's it. Just an AU where everything is the same except hobbits don't wear clothes.

* 1000 for each individual dwarf's reaction, internal or otherwise
* 1000000 if a few dwarves like Bombur or Kili have a "When in Rome" mentality and whip their own clothes off.
#unfilled  trope:culture  type:gen  char:hobbits  type:au  type:crack  char:company 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarf vs hobbit superstitions!
Humans have things like "A black cat crossing your path brings good/bad luck" and "Wearing a rabbit's foot brings good luck" and "Blowing out all the candles on a birthday cake in one breath makes your wish come true".

I'd like to see the Dwarves and Bilbo discussing their own culture's superstitions, and scoffing at each others' and finding them ridiculous. Come up with the wildest ones you like!
#unfilled  type:gen  trope:culture  char:hobbits  char:dwarves  type:crack 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Hair = Honor
I just can't get enough of the hair=honor thing, so...

Dwarf of Your Choice gets into trouble with goblins/elves/men/whomever and has all or part of his hair chopped off as punishment or revenge. Instead of finding support and understanding among the other dwarves of the company, the victim's worst fears are confirmed, and he is actually shunned by the company for failing to protect his honor.

Bonus points for an outsider, like Gandalf or Bilbo, stepping to the victim's defense and making the others see reason.
#unfilled  kink:hair  char:any  char:dwarves  char:bilbo  char:gandalf  trope:culture  type:gen  type:angst 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Thorin - servant - high protocol (could be non- or dub-con)
Thorin, being a kingly king, and a female servant/bed warmer. She is required to use high protocol, such as, kneeling in his presence, not looking him in the eyes, not speaking unless spoken to, being sexually available, addressing him as 'my king/my lord', and thanking him for everything he does to her. Voluntary or not, I don't care.

The OC can be dwarf, human, hobbit, elf, orc, entwife, a blatant self-insert, or the worst Mary Sue in the history of fan fiction for all I care. Everything's fine, long as it's kinky as fuck.
#unfilled  char:thorin  char:ofc  pairing:thorin/ofc  !het  trope:culture  warning:dubcon  warning:noncon 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Thorin/female dwarf - dwarven sexual customs, first time
tl;dr: young Prince Thorin learns to pull out by having lots of sex with a married woman

Dwarves have no problems with sex outside of marriage, but they do have very strict rules about making babies - namely, pregnancy = marriage. The preferred method of getting around this (especially for royals, who can't marry just anyone they shag) is coitus interruptus, but that takes some training. And since you can't practice with someone you might have to marry, you do it with an already married dwarrowdam. Young dwarves learn to please a woman, and any accidents get claimed by her husband.

- it's totally voluntary, but Thorin is encouraged to choose from women near his own rank so they not likely to feel intimidated
- the husband is often involved, at least at first, both to instruct the younger dwarf and to make sure that his wife is wet and aroused
- Thorin thinks Dwalin's mom is a MILF (and she's the appropriate rank!), but her husband scares the crap-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  trope:culture  kink:first-time  trope:infidelity  char:fem!dwarves  char:thorin  pairing:thorin/fem!dwarves 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Short hair = submission/subservience
Dunno if this has been prompted before but...I read somewhere that for Vikings, short hair was a sign of servitude and such. What about that in the Dwarrow culture and what they think about Bilbo’s short hair. Since every other culture in middle earth seems to have the males with longish hair. Is that why they were so rude??
#filled  !slash  type:gen  kink:hair  type:au  trope:culture  char:bilbo  char:company 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo is legally a dwarf
Bilbo learns over the course of the journey to Erebor that Dwarves are very protective of their culture. They don't teach otsiders Khuzdul and there are many traditions they won't tell or explain and Bilbo resigns himself to that. After the ugliness of the dragon sickness and the BotFA is past (with canonical deaths or not, I don't care) he expects this to continue. Then his friends start making noises about good, sturdy boots and fake beards...

You see, it isnt strictly speaking necessary to be a member of teh dwarven race to be a dwarf culturally speaking. Elves may declare great friends of their people eld friends, but dwarves don't bother with any of that stuff. They just declare their friends dwarves and that's that.

Mostly I just want to see Bilbo being touched and even agreeing to wear the fake beard; whether he wants the boots is up to the author. If he lives in Erebor, it would be fun if someone said something about him not being a real dwarf and -- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  type:crack  type:gen  char:bilbo  type:au  char:dwarves  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Thorin, Bilbo/DoYC, Problems with moving on
Bilbo was in a relationship with Thorin engaged - as good as married among the dwarves, NOBODY would break that promise - and then BotFA brought a sad end to that love story. A dwarf would never have gotten over it, but Bilbo is a hobbit... A Certain Another Dwarf has feelings for Bilbo, but faces a bad dilemma. Marrying a/as widow is considered bigamy under dwarven laws. Nobody holds Bilbo to this standards because different people have different customs, but Certain Another Dwarf is another matter. Bilbo never had enough time to marry so they technically speaking COULD court Bilbo, but while it would be legal, it would still be sickbadwrongwhereistheworldgoing. Does he dare to risk it for uncertain reward? It isn't like there is any guarantee ruining his reputation will win him Bilbo.
#unfilled  char:bilbo  !slash  type:au  trope:engagement  warning:character-death  trope:courting  char:thorin  char:dwarves  char:company  trope:culture  #rtyi  pairing:bilbo/thorin  pairing:bilbo/any 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Azog is 16 and pregnant
Inspired by the earlier preggers Azog prompt I give you: teenage mother Azog. No non-con please, just teenagers fooling around and Azog dealing with consquences. How does orc culture deal with unwed teenage mothers?
#unfilled  char:azog  warning:mpreg  type:au  warning:underage  char:orcs  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
myths each race holds about the others
After BOFA, the conversation among some of the recovering every day soldiers from the various armies turn to the long-held myths held about their race. For example, everyone knows that hobbits grow their children in their gardens, almost like dwarves mine for theirs. And men have their children delivered to them by the eagles of Manwe, right? Elves watch the night skies for fallen stars, where there will be an elf babe waiting for them, that has got to be true because why else would they be so rare?

And so forth.
#unfilled  type:gen  trope:misunderstandings  trope:culture  trope:myth  char:hobbits  char:elves  char:dwarves  char:humans  type:au 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Orcs culture, possible Azog/Bilbo
Orcs are not inherently evil, they are just a more violent. Neither they participated in the BOFA. The whole Azog vs the Durins thing? Yeah, plain clan rivalry. (Maybe some revenge for something the dwarrows did) Bilbo is going back home, and strays from the path during a storm. Tired and wounded, he accidentally walks straight into an Orc camp. Now, rumours travel faster than wind in Middle Earth, and Bilbo’s exile is well know. And since he no longer is a dwarf-friend, Azog allows a half-starved Bilbo to stay on their settlement until he recovers his strength. Of course, the hobbit is completely sure they are going to eat him or something similar. And they are also people from the race of Men living in the camp; they must be slaves! Turns out that, as violent as they may be, there is no worse crime for an Orc than to take the freedom from someone. They would not rape or slave not even their worst enemy. And the people living with them? (more at the prompt)
#unfilled  !slash  type:gen  trope:culture  type:au  trope:rivalry  char:orcs  char:bilbo  char:azog  pairing:azog/bilbo 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
azog/drama-king of mirkwood
as there are just not enough azog fics around

i want a down to earth azog who can t believe his eyes seeing thranduil, the drama king of mirkwood, making a big fuss out of his hair, his robes and everything, the rosy parfume and stuff like that. thranduil can't understand how azog can run around half naked not giving a shit..

can be gen or mslash (but.pls no rape) but always with a looot of humor

pls somebody
#unfilled  type:gen  char:azog  char:thranduil  type:crack  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
kisses, Bilbo/Any or Gen
dwarves don't kiss friends or relatives, kisses are solely for erotic situations.
for hobbits it's normal to kiss their friends in public.
Bilbo kisses one of the dwarves platonically,everyone is shocked (and someone maybe jealous)
#filled  !slash  kink:kissing  pairing:bilbo/bofur  trope:culture  trope:misunderstandings  char:bilbo  char:bofur  char:company 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Fem!Bilbo/Thorin - Marriage by Conquest
tl;dr – a Thorin/Bilbo fight turns into sex; this accidentally fulfills an ancient Dwarvish marriage tradition Fem!Bilbo and Thorin have a history of sniping at each other – usually Thorin starts it by saying something hateful, and after a couple of weeks on the journey (especially post-trolls) Bilbo starts getting the nerve to answer back. But no matter how awful Thorin is, she can’t shake her attraction. And no matter how soft and pampered the hobbit is, Thorin can’t stop thinking about how nice all that softness would feel . . . And then one evening the fighting goes too far, Bilbo takes off into the woods, and Thorin follows her – and the screaming fight turns into screaming sex (no dub or non-con, please! realistically, Bilbo probably wouldn’t come, but she definitely wants it). When they get back into camp, Bilbo is mortified to learn that not only did everyone hear the whole show, she’s now saddled with the arrogant bastard. (more at the prompt)
#unfilled  kink:genderswap  type:au  trope:accidental-engagement/marriage  char:fem!bilbo  char:thorin  pairing:fem!bilbo/thorin  char:company  trope:culture  kink:public-sex 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarven Vows
Are there any Tales of Symphonia fans on this meme? If so, you'll know where I'm going with this.

Dwarven vows are basically proverbs that the dwarves should live by. What if those applied to our Middle Earth dwarves? Basically what I'm asking for is any kind of fic that incorporates any/some/all of the dwarven vows.

You can find a list of them here:

Some examples are as follows:
7. Justice and love will always win.
1. Let's all work together for a peaceful world.
9. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
55. A bad workman blames his tools.

And so on. Any kind of fic is fine. Any pairing, rating, genre, whatever! :)
#unfilled  type:au  type:crossover  fandom:tales-of-symphonia  trope:culture  char:dwarves 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo finds Erebor rather... ugly.
Well, not ugly-ugly, he can appreciate the architectural wonder of the place, but its just so... dead. Yes, even after the rebuild was done. No flowers, no sun, no trees- just cold stone and gold. But the dwarrows are just so happy with Erebor, Bilbo doesn't have the heart to tell them how he really feels about their Kingdom. But sometimes it is hard, especially when Thorin takes him to walk around the treasure room and talks for hours about the different types of gems and gold. And the bloody trasure! To Bilbo, gems fits under two categories: ‘Sackville-Baggins like ugly’ and ‘Pretty colours, but I rather be eating than looking at that rock’. He really can't understand why dwarrows like it so much.
#unfilled  char:bilbo  type:gen  char:company  type:au  trope:misunderstandings  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Bofur Attractive Personalities
Hobbits are very, very different than most races in Middle-Earth (the obvious including hobbit holes, really fuckin short, crazy rating habits) but I want it to go another step further. Basically hobbits are attracted to personalities over appearance. The kinder the person is the more attractive they are, the meaner the person is the less attractive they are. (Of course there are some who search for other mean personalities I.e. Sackville-Baggins).

Dwarves are of course different and they are more focused on some certain appearances (beard, braids, stuff like that). When they want someone the attempt to court them and because there is so little number of female dwarves it's not uncommon at all for two dwarves to court a woman at the same time. They fight to prove themselves worthy with what they have (warriors with fighting, miners with certain stones, smiths with weapons or tools or whatever have you).

What I wish is that both Bofur and Thorin are attra-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  !slash  trope:culture  char:hobbits  char:bilbo  char:dwarves  char:bofur  trope:courting  char:thorin  pairing:bilbo/bofur 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Hobbits mate for life Bilbo/Bofur
Mixture of LOTR and The Hobbit.

So the title is self explanatory, I want the hobbits to mate for life basically. Difference is I want the hobbits to react to the relationships from other race, like how other races tend to sleep with people before they get married when hobbits don't, like that is the biggest no no ever because of some reason that the filler can choose.

*1 other dwarves reacting to finding out about the relationships/cultural differences
*100 if hobbits don't care about same sex relationship
Everything if you have the hobbits being offended by someone accusing them being promiscuous or unfaithful in a ribbing manner "haha I see you making eyes at her" or something like that
#unfilled  !slash  trope:culture  char:bilbo  char:bofur  trope:misunderstandings  kink:first-time  pairing:bilbo/bofur 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Heirs of Durin are Female, Who rules the Mountain?
AU in which Thorin, Fili, and Kili are female and they live. No female dwarf has ever ruled an entire kingdom before. Sure, Thorin was in charge of the refugees in the Blue Mountains but there's a heck of a difference between ruling there and ruling Erebor. Because of this, many dwarves start questioning the Durins' right to rule. No one outright says it's because they're women, they mostly stick to pointing out that Thorin fell ill to the gold-sickness and who's to say she won't again or that her nieces are immune? Some dwarves lobby for Dain to become King as he is the highest ranked male in the line, others propose a marriage between Dain's son and Thorin or Fili as a kind of compromise, etc.

In light of all of this, how does Thorin secure power? Does she secure power for herself or does she advocate for one of her nieces to rule, feeling she can't be an effective ruler after her illness? Basically, I want female!Durins fighting tooth and nail to secure -- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  kink:genderswap  type:au  char:fem!fili  char:fem!kili  char:fem!thorin  trope:politics  trope:culture  char:company  char:dain 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Gen or Bilbo/DOYC, Ingrained Hobbit politeness
I had this sudden image of Bilbo being so used to being polite to everyone.

Like he whacks Azog over the head and he's all like.

"I'm terribly Mister Defiler, but since you ARE trying to murder us all, I'm afraid I must insist you remain unconscious until Thorin can get to you, I'm afraid you this will most likely end in your demise, but, in all fairness, attempted murder is just not polite at all."
#unfilled  type:crack  type:gen  char:bilbo  pairing:bilbo/any  trope:culture  !slash 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Legolas/Gimli, showing off
Spin off of the earlier prompt:
Post-LotR, Gimli and Legolas come through Mirkwood together, and things are going okay, mostly, but people are looking down on Gimli (erm... figuratively) and calling him ugly and stunted. Legolas is getting real sick of it.

Except I'd like it with Gimli looking like he did in the movies. Hairy, large nose...not beautiful by elf standards at all, and for Legolas to still be like "Screw you guys, I love my boyfriend!" and show him off.

Also, yes a million bonus points if Tauriel is present and is struck speechless at the difference between how he's acting now and how he did when Thorin and Co were captured (ie: haughty and arrogant)
#unfilled  !slash  char:gimli  char:legolas  pairing:gimli/legolas  char:elves  char:tauriel  trope:surprise  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Thorin/Bilbo, One-Sided Role Play
BotFA went fine, everybody lives and Thorin and Bilbo have finally managed to cobble together a real relationship - only, Thorin is still insecure about it. Insecure enough that he doesn't mention Bilbo all the kind of kinky things he would love to try for fear of disturbing the hobbit sufficiently to drive him away.

But there is one thing they can do without Bilbo even noticing. He is smooth-faced,as though shaven, and the dwarves have different views about certain sexual acts. For hobbits blowjob is just a blowjob and Thorin about had a heart attack when Bilbo just got down on his knees one night because among the dwarves this is VERY high on the naughty list - and considered humiliating for the one giving. So prisoner of war role play is a go, if only in Thorin's head. He's never very vocal in bed so Bilbo doesn't notice when his mind suddenly wanders to places.

Bonus: After a particularly intense imaginary session Thorin just reflexively starts giving -- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  !slash  type:au  char:bilbo  char:thorin  kink:roleplaying  pairing:bilbo/thorin  kink:blowjob  kink:sexual-fantasies  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Thorin - Different concepts of beauty
I've seen a million Bagginshield stories where Bilbo finds Thorin incredibly attractive. I want the opposite.

While Thorin is attractive by dwarf standards, hobbits value entirely different things in an appearance. The heavier you are, the more fertile you are said to be (hence Bombur having 14 kids), and they also prefer palier, softer skin.

When Bilbo first meets Thorin, he is not attracted to him in the least. It's only after they have gotten closer as friends that Bilbo learns to look past his appearance and falls in love with him.

Bonus for Thorin feeling a little self-conscious about his appearance, because he knows it is not Bilbo's usual taste.
#unfilled  !slash  trope:culture  char:thorin  char:bilbo  trope:insecurity  pairing:bilbo/thorin 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
GEN, Friendly Knock Out.
I've read a lot of fics where once the dwarves start getting along with Bilbo, they start using toned down' versions of what is, for them, normal expressions of friendship, think Balin and Dwalin's headbutt at Bag End.

In this prompt, the Dwarves don't do gentle at first, they have to learn.

Basically a stretch of time where a friendly pat on the back will knock Bilbo off his horse, or send him tumbling down a hill, a Dwarven headbutt knocks him out for half an hour or more, Thorin's hug strains his back, etc.

Can be 5*1 or anything else, RTYI's welcome.
#rtyi  #unfilled  char:company  char:bilbo  type:hurt/comfort  type:gen  trope:culture  trope:friendship 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
any/any, Any/Bilbo, gen Soul ma-friends!?
So the idea of soul mates for Western cultures tends to originate from the celtic idea of anam kara (multiple types of spelling) which means 'soul friends' and is the idea that throughout your life you meet people that, spiritually, make you a better person. Anam kara can be family, friends, teachers, lovers, etc. as long as they have a positive influence upon you. I want hobbits to follow the belief of 'soul friends' while dwarves follow the more common concept of soul mates. (magical soul mate plot-devicing is up to filler) So naturally, the Company gets very confused and hijinks occur when Bilbo declares them all friends of his soul. Bonuses: * some dwarf wondering if this means Bilbo wants an orgy/hobbits polyamorous * jealous and possesive lovers ** including lover(s) telling Bilbo someone's already taken and the hobbit can't have him (or must share) * dwarves wrongly fearing hobbits don't have soulmates MORE AT THE PROMPT.
#unfilled  trope:soulmates  trope:misunderstandings  type:crack  type:humor  !slash  !het  type:au  pairing:any/any  pairing:bilbo/any  trope:jealousy  trope:culture  char:dwarves  char:hobbits  type:gen  type:fluff 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Legolas/Kili, Unreciprocated love at first sight
So, you know when you first meet someone and don't really find them very attractive, but then slowly over time their awesome personality somehow makes them attractive to you? Well, that's how this whole thing goes for Kili. Legolas on the other hand...

Legolas is smitten from the first time he sees pretty, little Kili in Mirkwood. Fortunately, he has enough tact not to hit on a prisoner. Time jump, it's after the BotFA (everyone survived? Well, everyone important survived!). Relations between Mirkwood and Erebor are improving, so Legolas comes on frequent diplomatic visits and spends every free moment attempting to woo Kili. Kili on the other hand, just wants to be left alone by this ugly elf. However, after spending a lot of time together, Kili starts to find himself a bit sad when Legolas has to leave, a little excited when he gets word of him coming back, disappointed when he and Legolas aren't seated near each other at feasts... etc. His newfound attrac-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  !slash  trope:courting  trope:love-at-first-sight  char:kili  char:legolas  char:tauriel  char:fili  char:gimli  char:thorin  char:thranduil  type:au  char:dis  trope:culture  pairing:kili/legolas 
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Bilbo; the Pinnacle of Beauty
To humans, elves are the most beautiful creatures imaginable, despite not fitting what humans consider desirable amongst themselves.

To dwarves, elves are too tall, too scrawny, and generally not what they'd appreciate. But hobbits...

Hobbits are to dwarves what elves are to men.
#unfilled  !slash  type:gen  char:bilbo  char:hobbits  char:dwarves  trope:culture  pairing:bilbo/any 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarves, culture clash
Aule made seven different dwarf clans. Two of those are represented in the company: the Longbeards, which is Durin's folk, and another one which the Ur family belongs to. (It was either Firebeards or Broadbeams, I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
After Erebor is retaken[1], dwarves from the other five clans start arriving, either as diplomatic envoys, or just as people trying to find a new home. How are they treated? Are there different traditions between the clans and if yes, how are they handled? [1] - prompter would prefer BOFA Fix-It, but Dain as king is cool too. Please don't make him an asshole though.
#unfilled  type:gen  trope:culture  char:dwarves  type:au 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Thorin/Bilbo - cursed!mute!Bilbo
At the Battle of the Five Armies, Thorin dies. Not felled by Azog, no, he had killed his enemy, but due to a simple orc blade he did not manage to duck in time. Bilbo is the only one from their rag tag group to witness this, but he cannot stop Thorin dying. Yet he does something no one expected him to: he is able to make a deal with Death - Thorin will be alive, once again, but for that, Bilbo is forbidden to utter even a single word for a whole year. Bilbo accepts the deal and Thorin survives, badly wounded, but he survives. And tries to court Bilbo. Bonus points: -Bilbo is in love with Thorin already, has been for a long time (so basically this is breaking his heart all over again)- Everyone lives (with Thorin being the only one being saved this way) FULL DETAILS INSIDE.
#unfilled  type:au  !slash  trope:courting  trope:misunderstandings  trope:spells  trope:culture  type:angst  pairing:any/any  char:bilbo  char:company  char:thorin  pairing:bilbo/thorin 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Gen, Mining superstitions
i really want a fic about dwarven mining superstitions. Maybe they believe that some creatures help miners or play tricks on them? Maybe having a hobbit in the tunnels is considered good luck? Is folklore different from the official mythology? Maybe local folklores are different and dwarves from the Iron Hills can't agree with dwarves from the Blue Mountains on what is a good sign and what is a bad sign?
-serious or humorous
#unfilled  type:gen  char:dwarves  trope:culture  trope:myth  type:humor 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarvish version of the story
set probably after the War of the Rings. dwarvish version of the reclaiming of Erebor becomes quite different with time: dwarves are glorified, roles of men and elves are diminished, Bilbo's role is reduced to finding the Ring and being a bumbling sidekick,etc. Thranduil is demonized, up to rumours saying that he abused his son (Legolas gets a pass as a part of the Fellowship).Gold sickness is presented as mind control from the dragon, Thorin is whitewashed (maybe some of his questionable decisions are even blamed on Balin, taking 'good king, bad advisors' route)
The plot - someones feelings about these deviations from the real story (i prefer if there is no malice in this changes).or feel free to incorporate it in any story
#unfilled  char:dwarves  type:gen  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Nori/Bilbo - Blibo the Bard
*Bonus points for FemBiblo.We all know Bilbo creates catchy songs. I want to see professional Bard Bilbo who leaves the Shire upon reaching majority (for reasons of authors choosing). Ends up married to Nori along the way and preforms as a traveling Bard in the area while Nori runs his scams. So when Nori signs up for the quest to Erabor Bilbo tags along. Blibo's never been left behind before and is not about to start now. When the meeting place is revealed to be Bree they decide to head over early and stay in nice, comfy Bag End.(being only a short journey away).Gandalf doesn't know about Bilbo's travels or marriage. (Blibo's thinking of Nori's Quest (s)he' shadowing when saying 'I Can't', Gandalf hears a completely different reason)
The rest of the Dwarfs don't know Nori and Bilbo are married at first either( how and how fast they find out is up to author). FULL DETAILS INSIDE.
#unfilled  kink:genderswap  type:au  trope:marriage  !het  !slash  char:fem!bilbo  char:bilbo  char:nori  pairing:fem!bilbo/nori  pairing:bilbo/nori  trope:culture  char:company  trope:secrets  trope:surprise 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo gen - Slut Shaming
In a few fics, dwarves only have relationships with their Ones, while hobbits are a little more sharing with their affections, but I've only ever seen it treated light heartedly. Now I want the angsty, slut shaming, refusing to be seen alone with Bilbo for fear of ruining their reputations (but still taking any hidden opportunity to feel up the hobbit, because they know he's already been despoiled, so surely he wants anyone he can get) fic. Basically, the worst possible slut shaming atmosphere all round. Make me want to punch dwarves in the face. Bonus points if someone was courting Bilbo, but dumped him publicly, then tried to get back together in secret.
#unfilled  !slash  type:gen  trope:culture  type:angst  trope:courting  trope:broken-heart  warning:abuse  char:company  char:bilbo 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Kili/Any (DoyC or OC) Respect for his dedication
So there seems to be a division in the fandom over Kili's general lack of beard. There's the "OH POOR BABY IT HASN'T GROWN IN YET!" side, and the "It's totally for archery tho" side. I'm on the latter. (Although I do love the former). So the prompt: Kili purposefully keeps his beard short so he can practice archery more easily. (Because I can imagine getting your beard caught in the bowstring/fletching would hurt like hell) While his lack of beard makes him less physically attractive to dwarves, his dedication to his chosen skill is VERY attractive. That's the kind of dedication that makes a good husband. FULL DETAILS AT THE PROMPT.
#unfilled  !slash  !het  char:any  char:oc  char:ofc  char:kili  pairing:kili/any  trope:culture  pairing:kili/dwarves 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Bilbo/Thorin(past?); Bilbo doesn't leave Erebor, no matter what
This prompt basically has two directions: (Fem!Bilbo is perfectly fine, it's just easier this way.) 1.) The Durins die, or maybe just Thorin, but Bilbo still doesn't leave the mountain because while he has lost his love he doesn't need to lose his greatest friends on top of that, for a home that will always be to empty. Can be sort of a sad/hopeful oneshot with Bilbo and the Company slowly recovering from their loss(es)? * Lots of Bilbo and Company bonding, Bilbo adapting some dwarf culture.*Bilbo becomes the uncle he was supposed to be to Fili and Kili. *He gets surprisingly close to Dwalin. (Dwalin teaches him to fight, could be his guard?)
*If Bilbo was married to Thorin and is accepted as the ruler of Erebor in some capacity that would be cool. FULL DETAILS INSIDE.
#unfilled  type:au  char:bilbo  char:thorin  char:company  type:angst  type:fluff  type:hurt/comfort  warning:character-death  trope:culture  char:fem!bilbo  pairing:fem!bilbo/thorin 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
All that I am I owe to my Mother (Fem Mahal)
Mahal, the "Father" of all Dwarrows is actually female and all the issues the dwarrows are going through (loss of their mountain to a dragon, their declining population, etc.) are because the dwarrows have turned into a patriarchal society.
And she is damned tired of not being properly worshiped.How they find out is up to you. Maybe Bilbo is all like "uh, duh, every hobbit knows that Mahal is Yavanna's sister". Bonus:Everybody lives.Thorin has to, unwillingly, give up his throne yet again for the safety and happiness of his people..ueen!Dis.Mahal rewards Thorin's sacrifice somehow? Soul mate? A child? idek...
#unfilled  !het  char:fem!aule  char:bilbo  char:dwarves  char:thorin  char:dis  trope:culture  kink:genderswap 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Canon Elf/Canon Other, Tricked into marriage
Tolkien says this about elven marriage in the Laws and Customs of Eldar essay:"Marriage is chiefly of the body, for it is achieved by bodily union, and its first operation is the begetting of the bodies of children, even though it endures beyond this and has other operations.""It was the act of bodily union that achieved marriage...it was at all times lawful for any of the Eldar, both being unwed, to marry thus of free consent one to the other without ceremony or witness…in flight and exile and wandering, such marriages were often made." FULL DETAILS AT THE PROMPT.
#unfilled  !slash  trope:culture  pairing:elves/any  trope:misunderstandings  trope:accidental-engagement/marriage  !het 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Durin heir/Sigrid - arranged marriage, different sexual cultures, TW: dubcon?
One of the Durins marries Sigrid for political reasons, and neither party knows that the other has a totally different view of sex.

For dwarves, the measure of a husband is how well he pleases his wife. Young dwarrow are taught as they come of age, and even though Husband might not love his wife right away, he's by-Mahal going to make her come until she sees stars.

The men of Lake-town take a more think-of-England approach. A wife's responsibility is to lie there and let her husband do his duty. Pleasure is never really spoken of, except in whispers about loose women. Sigrid is already primed to be afraid, and her husband is doing all sorts of things the gossips never mentioned and is clearly getting frustrated with her. He must be angry that she's enjoying some of it. She'd better bite her lip and lie still.

Or maybe Sigrid, with no mother to guide her, just got some really bad advice.

I see this more as a Fili or Thorin thing, since I like Kili/Tauriel-- (Full details at prompt)
#partial  #multiple-fills  char:fili  char:sigrid  pairing:fili/sigrid  !het  trope:arranged-engagement/marriage  trope:culture  warning:dubcon  char:thorin  pairing:sigrid/thorin  trope:misunderstandings 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Fíli/Sigrid, Kíli/Tauriel, Dwarves do not approve of both heirs of Durin marrying outside their ra
I love Fíli/Sigrid and Kíli/Tauriel, but I get the feeling that the general Dwarf populace would not approve of both heirs of Durin marrying outside their race. Dwarf-Elf and Dwarf-Man relations have not been very good since the fall of Erebor, and one could imagine that Dwarves would like their future ruler to be of pure Dwarf ancestry. I would be interested in seeing a Fíli/Sigrid and Kíli/Tauriel story that explores a situation in which the opposition to both Fíli and Kíli marrying outside their race is sufficiently strong that Fíli and Kíli cannot simply deal with it by saying, ‘They’ll have to get used to it’, but the populace is willing to accept one of the brothers marrying outside his race. History has given us lots of examples where monarchs are unable to have their way regarding their choice of spouse or successor. What might happen in this case?
#unfilled  !het  char:fili  char:kili  char:sigrid  char:tauriel  pairing:kili/tauriel  pairing:fili/sigrid  trope:culture  type:angst 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Thorin’s deeds - a fairy tale for adults
When we watched Thorin saving Legolas in The Desolation of Smaug, I’m sure we all thought, ‘You do not know it, Thorin, but you just saved Legolas Greenleaf who will be a part of the Fellowship of the Ring sixty years later.’ Later on, Thorin will give Bilbo his mithril-coat, which ultimately saves Frodo in Moria. Bilbo and Frodo sparing Gollum’s life is the kind of story one would tell in a fairy tale for children—a conscious good deed is rewarded. Thorin, on the other hand, falls into disgrace through the bewilderment of the treasure, and it is only his bravery in the Battle of Five Armies and his eventual change of heart upon his deathbed that redeems him. FULL DETAILS AT THE PROMPT.
#unfilled  type:gen  char:thorin  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarves and their braids/beards- fashion statement
I don't exactly know what is up with Dwarves' braids and beards but most fics tend to portray them as being really important and sentimental and there's special braids for different things and cutting hair off as a sign of shame, etc. I'm assuming this is mostly fanon stuff instead of canon since none of it's exactly the same.

Anyways, my headcanon is that since Dwarves tend to grow a lot of hair they eventually invented creative ways to deal with hence the braids and extravagant hairstyles. But instead of holding any real significance, it's more of a fashion statement. So more complicated the braiding and styling is similar to someone dressing really nicely or putting on makeup. And having simple braids/beards are viewed as being laid back, low key, and homely. So Nori would like the girl who wears high heels and bright red lip stick and Kili would be the girl who wears sweatpants and a messy ponytail.

So yeah, I'd kind of like something where the members-- (Full details at prompt)
#unfilled  char:dwarves  kink:beard  kink:braids  type:gen  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Any/Any, AU - Everybody Lives, WHO is King under the Mountain?
There are two long unused Dwarvish laws Thorin put back in place as soon as he began the quest for Erebor. Law 1: Should any potential ruler of the kingdom being retaken, in this case Erebor, fall to the "Dragon Sickness", during the retaking of said kingdom, the Throne of that kingdom will go to the next in line without question. Law 2: Should all from the direct line of descent fall to the Sickness, a new ruler from the retaking Army, or in this case, group, will be chosen over any person Kin to the direct decendants or not, who chose not to join the retaking. Thorin Fell to gold sickness, even though he recovered, he knew he had to follow the laws he re-approved. And he can't remember if Fili or Kili fell to the sickness, or Dwalin, Balin, any of the other Dwarves, for all he knows Bilbo is now King under the Mountain.FULL DETAILS AT THE PROMPT.
#unfilled  trope:politics  trope:culture  type:au  char:thorin  pairing:any/any  !slash  !het  char:dwalin  char:kili  char:fili  char:balin  char:company  char:bilbo  type:humor  type:crack 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Elves cooing over the "children" (Fili, Kili and Ori)
When they're being locked up in Mirkwood, Dori realizes he'll be separated from his brother and panics. He quickly makes up a story about Ori being his son, and he's still just a child, and the elves totally believe him, because Ori looks like a teenager/child to them, really. They somehow conclude that Fili and Kili are also children, and lock all three in with Dori, because children shouldn't be separated from their kin. Dori is pretty pleased with himself. But then elves start coming by with gifts and snacks, and then they're just dropping by to ask if they need anything, and then they're just coming by to gawk and Mahal's great golden balls, did that one just coo at the boys?? FULL DETAILS AT THE PROMPT.
#partial  trope:kids  trope:culture  char:elves  char:kili  char:fili  char:dori  char:ori  char:balin  type:humor  type:fluff 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Dwarves and high-maintenance hair
You know all the behind-the-scenes footage where, every time they call cut, a small army of hair and makeup folks descend on the cast to make sure their wigs look okay?I basically want a post-BoFA, everybody lives, etc, Erebor in which that happens. Like, when Thorin's greeting foreign envoys in the throne room, there's a little posse of little hairdressers waiting to pop in and fix his hair between meetings. Possibly visitors from other races are very disapproving because they assume that 'getting his hair fixed' is a euphemism. Possibly it is. (When they're talking about Fili, it almost certainly is.)And the team assigned to Kili are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. ("Just one braid, please, your highness!")
#filled  type:crack  kink:hair  char:dwarves  char:elves  char:humans  trope:culture  char:kili  char:thorin  char:fili  char:thranduil  char:tauriel  char:legolas  pairing:fili/oc  kink:blowjob  kink:exhibitionism  pairing:thorin/thranduil  !slash  char:bard 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
Fili/Bard meaningful hair braiding
OK this is really two prompts, but they could both go in the same story.1. Fili usually takes great pride over his hair, but after being in the river it's a complete mess and he can't fix it. It's obviously bothering him and the rest of the company aren't helping (they are manfully ignoring it to preserve his dignity or teasing him) so Bard offers to untangle it for him. Fili warily accepts because he can't see.Bard is used to doing his daughters hair, so after he untangles it he braids it. This carries great romantic significance in dwarf culture. Fili is charmed, the other dwarfs are embarrassed, amused, or angered, Bard is bloody confused!2. Fili puts braids in Bard's hair. Bard humours him (he sometimes lets Tilda braid his hair and nothing could look worse than that), but the braids are a statement of intent, they say to other dwarfs "back off, this one's mine". Bard wonders why Fili is acting so smug and the others keep smirking at him.
#filled  !slash  kink:braids  char:fili  char:bard  pairing:bard/fili  trope:culture 
august 2014 by hobbit-kink-meme
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