US/UK/US + Sealand - Voyeur and masturbation
Sealand, being the noisy little thing he is, eavesdrop while America and England are fucking and masturbates to it. If he's caught is up to anon. No shota, please.
!18  [america  [england  [sealand  america/england  -yaoi  -male.solo 
december 2015
boy!Belarus/girl!Prussia + Russia, forced to have sex and voyuer
Cold War/post-WWII

Out of a desire to punish Prussia (whether for some actual trangression or general sadism) Russia decides to order his brother Belarus to fuck her.

Belarus is immediately reluctant as the only person he wants to sleep with is Russia but eventually his devotion to his older brother wins out and he does the deed. Trying to get it over with as quickly as possible is made difficult by Prussia continually fighting him and Russia's 'helpful' instructions through the act, as he sits and watches and gets off on seeing the two of them together.

Bonus -
1. Russia calls this a gift for Belarus
2. When he see's his brother about to orgasm Russia orders him to slow down to prolong it, multiple times
3. Belarus eventually gives into it and gets off on giving Russia a show
!18  [belarus  [prussia  [russia  ;genderbend/nyo  belarus/russia  -het  belarus/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
male!Seychelles/Any - beach sex
Someone visits guy Seychelles for a relaxing island vacation of sun, sea, and uninhibited sex. =D

Bonus 1. Any is France or fem!France.
Bonus 2. Fluffy vertical hair love!
!18  [seychelles  any/seychelles  [france  france/seychelles  -yaoi  -het  ;genderbend/nyo  =beach  =hair 
december 2015
Germancest -- Cake Foodfight
Ludwig's making a cake.

Gilbert's hungry NOW and keeps eating the batter and icing and bugging him.

Ludwig hit his face with his spoon covered in chocolate and Gilbert retaliates.

Both start smearing and throwing ingredients at each other like eggs and flour until they wind up on the floor exhausted.

Smut plz. If you cant write it I dont mind romantic fluff either :)

Thank you!
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  -yaoi  =food 
december 2015
Scotland/England (?) - England's scars causing an uproar
What I'd like is something happening to England in a public location (fainting in the street, getting into an accident, whatever). Some well-meaning bystander calls the ambulance for him and he's in no condition to prevent it (unconscious, too injured for his protests to be taken seriously, etc). So, he gets rushed to a hospital where the doctors discover that hey, this guy has A LOT of scars and everything seems to be pointing to constant, excessive abuse from a very young age. Everyone is horrified by such cruelty and puzzled by how something like this apparently hasn't been discovered by child protection services. Cue a witch hunt for the perpetrator while England tries to keep his identity a secret and do some damage control...

Bonus: things go so far that England's forced to get his boss involved.
Optional bonus: pairings aren't necessary, but I will love you forever if there's Pixiv!Scotland/England and he too gets dragged into the mess because of their relationship.

And I prefer nation names to be used, unless there's humans nearby.
!18  [england  [scotland  england/scotland  [real.person  -gen  -yaoi 
december 2015
Austria/Hungary, Legs Fixation
So it turns out that Austria has a huge thing for legs, particularly Hungary’s legs. He’s totally obsessed with them. I want to see him playing out several leg kinks with Hungary. Here are some ideas to start off: Hungary putting on pantyhose and Austria taking them off with his teeth. Austria kissing her feet or massaging her calves. High-heeled shoes. Using them as a pillow. Miniskirts.

Pretty much stuff like that. Just give me some Austria/Hungary leg play.

Bonus1. Despite how kinky it gets, the dynamic between the two remains
!18  [austria  [hungary  austria/hungary  -het 
december 2015
Outcasts 3P, Star Driver Fusion AU
I'm requesting a AU fusion fic with Star Driver!

Arthur Kirkland and Kiku Honda are hanging out on the beach one night when they found a guy on shore, passed out. The guy is Alfred F. Jones, who came to W Gakuen in search of celebrating youth! If you get the general gist of Star Driver, you know what to do. So I want the Outcasts in the roles of the Main 3 in Star Driver, but with Kiku being the East "Maiden". I don't want the plot with just Hetalia character shoehorned in the roles but use the concepts of Alfred being the Galatic Pretty Boy fighting against the shadowy organization who wants to break the Seal of the Maidens for a purpose (not necessarily has to be mecha but a power that can harm Earth itself).

Bonus 1: Each "Maiden" are from a different continent. Like the North Maiden is a Nordic, South Maiden is one of the country-tans from Africa, and the West Maiden is from the Americas. Something like that.
!18  :star.driver  [england  [japan  [america  ;gakuen  america/england  america/japan  england/japan  {america/england/japan  -yaoi  =school 
december 2015
CanAme, Spanking Kink
Matthew is in love with his boyfriend's full behind and slaps it a lot during sex. Make it hot anons.
!18  [canada  [america  america/canada  -yaoi 
december 2015
fem!Germany/Prussia - Femdom
The German siblings love to be kinky in bed or elsewhere. fem!Germany turns out to be a real domina when she's horny. I want BDSM, erotic spanking and whipping(if possible), and Germany dominating the hell out of Prussia.

Bonus 1: Prussia calls her 'mistress' during their games
Bonus 2: strap-on dildo nnnnhh
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  ;genderbend/nyo  -het 
december 2015
fem!Poland/dude!belarus - catholic schoolgirl outfit, snarky sex, spanking
Fem!Poland (who wears the Catholic schoolgirl outfit) is bratty and teases Brolarus about his oh-so-gay suave (sometimes) sparkly purple coat. Boylarus teaches her a lesson, including just how straight he is.

Bonus: That's what Poland was after all along.
!18  ;genderbend/nyo  -het  [belarus  [poland  belarus/poland 
december 2015
Prussia x Germany -- Struck by Lightning
Prussia gets struck by lightning and is convinced that he got psychic abilities from this.
Which he tries testing out on Germany. Staring at him "To get his clothes to fall off" or "Read his dirty mind."
Germany gets sick of the constant bothering and goes along with it one day just to shut Prussia up.

Lulz sex please :D
Example: Prussia says his mind-reading abilities say Ludwig wants to blow him (even though he doesn't) And Germany just goes 'Oh.. YES! Wow! You are psychic!' to humor him.
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  -yaoi  =psychic 
december 2015
Various characters, embarrassing pictures from the April Fools event
Since we only got to see England and China's pictures, I'm very interested to know what the other pictures might have been. Seeing them cuddling with plushies in their sleep is all very well and good, but I'd like to see a bit more variety. The characters whose pictures I'm most interested in seeing are America, Austria, Finland and Germany. If you wanted to show the pictures for characters who weren't shown to have had pictures taken of them, I'd also really appreciate Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Prussia.

Pairings not necessary, but I like USUK, SuFin, PruAus, GerIta and DenNor. An art fill would be total love, but fic is also fine.
!18  [any  [ensemble  [america  [finland  [germany  [denmark  [norway  [sweden  [prussia  america/england  finland/sweden  austria/prussia  germany/n.italy  denmark/norway  -yaoi  -gen 
december 2015
FrUK -- helping post-Vichy!France recuperate
Post WWII, England helps post-Vichy France through the recovery process.

Bonus for fluff/smut
!18  [france  [england  england/france  [vichy.france  -yaoi  england/vichy.france 
december 2015
US/Any, France, UK--Big Brother Switch
Instead of picking Britain as his guardian, America chose France (maybe instead of crying and earning America's sympathy, Britain went Stiff Upper Lip about it). Britain ended up with Canada instead. How would the past have been different--would France still lose the French-Indian war and America then...or would America chafe under France's royals? Maybe France and America have a revolution against the monarchs but not each other's freedom?

Bonus: USUK /shot
Bonus: Canada and America actually get along better
!18  [america  [france  [england  ;alt.history  [canada  america/england  america/any  -yaoi  -het  -gen 
december 2015
Prussia/male!Belarus - partially clothed sex/DAT COAT
Prussia wants Belarus to keep his coat on. Tsun Belarus is all >| but does it anyway.

BONUS: Prussia rides him.
!18  [belarus  [prussia  belarus/prussia  -yaoi  ;genderbend/nyo 
december 2015
Lithuania/Prussia - hatesex, but not really
In Russia's house, Lithuania doesn't quite show the same amount of confidence that he used to, and generally just submits to whatever Russia wants (not necessarily sexual, but can be if writer!anon wants).

Enter Prussia/(East Germany/Kaliningrad if writer!anon prefers), who gets kinda worried that his once-upon-a-time rival won't ever be like that again and misses a good honest fight. So, he decides to annoy Lithuania and won't stop bugging him until he starts fighting back. This leads to what appears to be hatesex, but Prussia actually was aiming for this result because one of his secret wishes is to have an "enemy" who is his equal (unlike Russia). He also makes sure Lithuania tops for building confidence, but doesn't admit he wanted it that way.

tldr - Prussia annoys Lithuania into hatesex because he's afraid all Lithuania's confidence has left and wants to make sure it's still there without letting him know that was his intention.

Bonus: Lithuania at first tries to ignore Prussia's pestering, but it gradually gets harder and harder after a few days/weeks/ however long writer!anon wants.
!18  [lithuania  [prussia  lithuania/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Human AU: Spain/Fem!Romano - high school or college student and fruit vendor
Human AU where Spain is either a High School student on his last year or a College student on his first or second year. He cooks for himself and everyday stops at this greengrocer owned by this very pretty lady in her middle twenties who always is frowning and has a very short temper. Her fruit and vegetables are expensive, but they are the best, especially her tomatoes. And somehow he ends up getting a big crush on her. So Spain tries to seduce her with the help of France and Prussia! She thinks he’s an idiot and should go for someone younger who isn’t a Christmas Cake like herself and always rejects him.

Also, I said Femano because I want an older woman and younger man romance, but you can use male Romano, I don’t care.

Bonus: Femano was in love for years with other person who turned out to love them only as family (Belgium? Netherlands? Germany? Maybe other?), so now she doesn’t want to be hurt or deceived again, since she thinks Spain can’t be serious.

Bonus2: this happens either in Spain with Femano and her family moving there for whatever reason, or in Italy with college student Spain on a Erasmus.
!18  [spain  [romano  romano/spain  ;human  ;genderbend/nyo  -het  -yaoi  [belgium  [netherlands  [germany  any/romano  [n.italy  belgium/romano  netherlands/romano  germany/romano  ;gakuen  =school  =college 
december 2015
Belarus/Lithuania/Poland - watching out for a friend, genderbend
Belarus finally agrees to go out with Lithuania - maybe just because he's sexually frustrated and she gives him opportunity (you can make it as twisted as you only want), and she doesn't mind that. Poland, on the other hand, is concerned for Lithuania and promptly decides to join them in whatever activity those two will be having to make sure Belarus won't hurt her. End in three-way smut please (or it can be only smut-fill too).

Bonus: Poland is the only one not being genderbend.
!18  [belarus  [lithuania  [poland  ;genderbend/nyo  belarus/lithuania  belarus/poland  lithuania/poland  {belarus/lithuania/poland  -het  -yuri 
december 2015
Germany/France - hand fetish
Exactly what it says on the tin. One of them is seriously attracted to the other's hands. Finger-sucking, licking the lines of the palm, fingering, finger/foreskin play, whatever - and just an emphasis on how hot the fetishist finds the other's hands, the shape/strength/delicacy of them, their unique callouses, the way they use them. Any and all sexy hand appreciation, please.

[Note - the fill doesn't have to include all those acts, those are just examples of the kind of thing I'm looking for.]
!18  [germany  [france  france/germany  -yaoi 
december 2015
male!Belarus/Fem!Russia/Male!Ukraine - Threesome
The nyotalia designs for the girls cry out to me for porn.

Please make it happen anons!

- In place of canon!Ukraine's assets, male!Ukraine has a rather sizeable... well, you know >D
!18  [belarus  [ukraine  [russia  ;genderbend/nyo  -yaoi  -het  belarus/russia  belarus/ukraine  russia/ukraine  {belarus/russia/ukraine 
december 2015
Germany - Surprised at popularity
Sort of based on this:

I just want to see Germany being kind of self-loathing and assuming everyone is nursing some kind of grudge against him and being proven wrong.
!18  [germany  -gen 
december 2015
FrUK, AU - underaged!Arthur, Businessman!Francis
Exactly what the title says. I want a FrUK fill, with highschoolboy!Arthur and businessman!Francis.

I wanna see how they got together, and please, please, make Francis deny his feelings and be the one to reject the idea at first, whilst Arthur's trying his best to convince him that it's okay and that he loves him and wants</i to be with him. Bonus points: 1)25+ years old Francis. 2)15/16 years old Arthur. 3)Smut. Tons and tons of smut. u_u With Francis regretting it and thus angst
!18  ;gakuen  [england  [france  england/france  -yaoi  =school 
december 2015
Spain/Romano - Post-April Fools Event
After following Spain around and staring at DAT ASS all day Romano goes home with Spain and makes the most of that skimpy outfit.

Bonus: Spain gets Romano into one of those skimpy waiter outfits & kitty ears.
!18  [romano  [spain  romano/spain  -yaoi 
december 2015
Spain, Netherlands- Trying to induce labour, through sex
Netherlands, with no other ideas left, fucks a very pregnant (and very overdue) Spain in an attempt to make him go into labour. Much to Netherlands’ surprise, it actually works.

1) Netherlands makes Spain have the baby in the bath/on the kitchen floor. Because we all know that he’s not the kind of guy to clean up messy afterbirth from his sheets.

2) Spain wants a doctor but Netherlands says, “I’ve kept this a secret for nine fuckin’ months and I’m not going to let all that hard work go to waste now!”

3) Multiples. Yes, I know multiples are more often than not born premature but come on; Netherlands is the type of guy to get Spain knocked up with twins.
!18  [spain  [netherlands  netherlands/spain  -yaoi 
december 2015
Germany/France/Germany - sadism, guilt, opening up to kink
France loves helping people the people he loves fulfill their desires, whatever those fantasies are. After years of repressing his sadism because he (and everyone else) associates it with his horrible crimes in WWII, Germany finally tries to explore those urges in a safe and consensual way, with France encouraging and handholding.

Please, no Nazi!kink - they're actually trying to avoid the associations as much as they can. Just awkward novice sadism with lots of communication, please. (Especially from France; Germany still struggles to admit what he wants.)

Bonus: after care plz (for both of them!)
!18  [germany  [france  france/germany  -yaoi 
december 2015
France/England - beach smut
Smut on the beach!

Bonus 1: swim trunks
Bonus 2: Dunkirk beach.
!18  [england  [france  england/france  -yaoi 
december 2015
Mangary/fem!Prussia - Playing at hunter and prey
Fem!Prussia is bragging about how awesome her skills are to Male!Hungary, and taunting him about how he has grown soft since the days of their childhood.

Fed up, Hungary tells her he's still as strong as ever and either he or fem!Prussia issues a challenge, that he wouldn't be able to a) track her down, b) defeat and capture her.

So they pick a day and Prussia takes off and after a period Hungary sets off after her, but as the game goes on, things start to take a more primal turn. After near misses, taunts, when Hungary finally catches up to her they end up having very hot animalistic sex right there in the open.

Any time period an author would like to use is fine ^^

1) The game is played out on the Hungarian steppes or the Black Forest in Germany
2) As much emphasis on the change from clear thinking, sophisticated mindset to a more primitive, base one.
!18  [hungary  [prussia  hungary/prussia  ;genderbend/nyo  -het 
december 2015
FrUK - April Fools related kinks
I want to see FrUK smut based on the recent April Fools event, with any FrUK kinks related to said event.

naked waiters, nurse England, cat ears, bunny ears, bondage, de-aged France, trap!France, etc.! any of the April Fools event related kinks would all be great to see, as long as there's smut with them.

Bonus 1) the smut is sensual and not cracky.
Bonus 2) general fluff with smut is preferrerd over angst or complete crack in general?
Bonus 3) if de-aged France is used, he retains his adult mindset.
!18  [england  [france  england/france  -yaoi 
december 2015
Russia/Poland - crossdressing
Exactly what the title says, with Russia in his April Fools' clothes and Poland preferably in his schoolgirl uniform. With both of them leaving their clothes on, embarrassed Russia and Poland either bottoming or topping from the bottom.
!18  [poland  [russia  poland/russia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Human AU; Austria/Spain, raising the Italy brothers
As the title says. Roderich and Antonio are a couple, and somehow wind up caring for two young boys, Feliciano and Lovino. They find out that it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Bonus for the inclusion of housekeeper!Elizeveta and/or Antonio's bad friends.
!18  [austria  [spain  ;human  austria/spain  [romano  [n.italy  [hungary  [prussia  [france  -yaoi 
december 2015
Italy/Romano - Genderbent Itacest
One of the Italies is a girl and in a secret relationship with her brother. I'm not picky on which one is genderbent, but I ask that only 1 of them be made a girl. Smut would be nice.

Bonus: They are found out and decide to be together anyway
Bonus: They are found out because they find out the female is pregnant
!18  [n.italy  [romano  n.italy/romano  ;genderbend/nyo  -het 
december 2015
Any/Any: Teasing
Nation A has had it up to "here" with Nation B'a whining to/about them about sex, so they oblidge them- and then, before Nation B can come, leaves them hanging and tied up for the night.

Bonus: not USUK
Bonus: toys?
!18  [any  any/any  -yaoi  -het  -yuri 
december 2015
FrUk - Embracing while having sex
What the title says.

Don't care if they are in a vanilla mood or hate-sex, but I want it to be passionate, with them in deep need of each other, hence the embracing. Why they are feeling that way it's up to author.

Bonus: They are not in an established relationship when it happens.
!18  [france  [england  england/france  -yaoi 
december 2015
Itacest - Aphrodisiac
One of the Italies ingests an aphrodisiac and turns to his brother for sex.

I'm good with either pre-established relationship or first time, preferably no rape. Not picky on who tops (although I do secretly love seme!Veneziano).

Bonus: Curl play
!18  [n.italy  [romano  n.italy/romano  -yaoi 
december 2015
GerPru - Germany in a maid dress
Inspired by the April Fools Day:

I've seen requests with Prussia in this dress, now I want to see Prussia fucking Germany in that maid costume we saw in the strips ;D
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Belgium/Romano - Treating him like a kid
Romano has been in love with Belgium for a long time. The problem is, she always sees him as a cute little kid, and every time he works up the nerve to try and kiss her or confess his feelings, she just laughs it off as him being adorable again.

So Romano decides he's going to have to go to extreme lengths and come up with a plan to get her to realize he's serious and definitely not a kid anymore.

Bonus: Spain, rather than being disapproving, thinks it's the cutest thing ever and agrees to help try and set them up.

Bonus II: Spain gets pulled into it, and it ends up a Spain/Romano/Belgium threesome. I want the focus to be on Romano and Belgium, though.
!18  [belgium  [romano  belgium/romano  [spain  -het 
december 2015
USUKUS - April Fools' Day joke gone wrong
America thinks he has the greatest April Fools' Day joke of all time planned when he decides he's going to loudly proclaim his undying love for England and watch as his former colonizer blushes and squirms in embarrassment as he tries to let America gently down. But to America's shock and horror England confesses that he's always been in love with America too. Now America finds himself in a romantic relationship that he was not looking to get into and he has no idea how he's going to tell England the truth without breaking his heart and destroying their friendship.

Bonus: America ends up falling in love with England and there's a happy USUKUS ending.
!18  [america  [england  america/england  -yaoi 
december 2015
Germany - Being Yandere
I just realized that I've never seen Yandere!Germany. So I decided to request it. It doesn't matter who the object of "affection" is (though I'm partial to N. Italy); it can even be a historical figure. Just as long as it has Germany being completely crazy.
!18  [germany  any/germany  [n.italy  germany/n.italy  -yaoi  -het 
december 2015
Spain x Romano - Stalker
Spain and Romano are, finally, together. However, there is one thing Romano doesn’t know about; Spain’s stalker. He only learns about it when the creepy letters start arriving again, when the phone calls in the middle of the night start to threaten his own safety and when Spain actually gets scared.


1) Romano has to find out about the stalker through France and Prussia, due to Spain not wanting to worry him.
2) Stalker is female (there’s not enough female stalkers in fiction being portrayed negatively.)
3) Whilst Romano is out, stalker manages to get into the house and non-cons with Spain.
!18  [spain  [romano  romano/spain  [france  [prussia  any/spain  -yaoi  -het 
december 2015
Germany/America - Motorcycle sex
The two of them fixing a big, beautiful motorcycle together, nerding over it and in the end having oily, sweaty, manly sex on it? :D
!18  [america  [germany  america/germany  -yaoi 
december 2015
gerpru - italy cockblocking them
ffff lj
everytime the two are going to indulge in sexytimes, italy ends up popping up and ruining the moment. he's unintentionally doing it and prussia finally snaps and decides they're having sex whether italy's there or not

i'd prefer italy NOT joining in and merely being there for comedic effect/unaware wedge between the two

bonus: italy does witness them actually begin the act and is visibly scarred by the event
bonus 2: both of them apologizing to him for having to see... that
!18  [prussia  [n.italy  [germany  germany/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Scotland/Prussia/Romano - a new trio!
One day, the three of them realize that they have something in common: All of them have become nearly expendable because their younger brothers have all the power now.
Somehow, they become friends.

Now, all I want to see is some shenanigans with those three. What would they do? Have Scotland turn all of their younger brothers into little kids again? Get drunk and have a threesome? Use their free time to get on other people's nerves together?

You decide :D
!18  [scotland  [prussia  [romano  prussia/romano  prussia/scotland  romano/scotland  {prussia/romano/scotland  -yaoi 
december 2015
GermanyxN.Italy- Germany and friends make a shitty movie
Germany and Italy are having foreign movie night at Germany’s place. They watch a really great film and it inspires Germany to try to make his own (preferably horror) movie. The other actors besides him are friends and family members, which means Italy, Prussia, Austria, Japan, Sweden (they’re BFFs in my headcanon), etc.

And by god, is the end product terrible: Prussia keeps trying to sneak in self-indulgent adlibbing, Austria keeps complaining that his character is too undignified/unrealistic and argues about his lines, Sweden, who plays the monster/bad guy, keeps staring into the camera and forgetting what he’s supposed to say, Japan can’t portray convincing emotions to save his life, and Italy keeps bursting into laughter at inappropriate times during filming. Not to mention, Germany’s a completely inexperienced writer/filmmaker and the script reads like badfic. But Germany is so proud of his creation that no one has the heart to tell him how much it sucks. A comic fill would be beyond fabulous!

Bonus: a gratuitous, awkward romance scene between Germany (the main character) and Italy which Germany ends up having to redub because Prussia keeps catcalling in the background as he films.
!18  [germany  [n.italy  germany/n.italy  -yaoi  [prussia  [austria  [japan  [sweden 
december 2015
Any/FemMerica -Harlequin-style Romance
Anon has been reading a lot of Harlequin romance novels.

What I want to see is Female America in the role as the lead female and one of the other nations as the lead male.
I like the name Amelia or Abigail for America the most, but other names are good.
The plot and stuff is up to the writer

Bonus 1: Mediterranean man as the loverboy (though I don't mind others like Russia or something)
Bonus 2: Protective Canada as friend or family
Bonus 3: I'm partial to the rich billionaire stories so make him loaded?
!18  [america  america/any  :romance.novel  ;genderbend/nyo  -het 
december 2015
Germany x Prussia Switched Roles
Gilbert decides to dress up like Ludwig one day and goes to a meeting, imitating him in every way. Ludwig, highly unimpressed by this, gets back at him by dressing up as Gilbert and acting like a lazy slob. Usually this is where they fight and garner an appreciation for the other's lives but this is the German Bros. and Gilbert would rather get mad and fuck Ludwig like Ludwig does to him, imitating every weird kink while Ludwig acts like Gilbert in bed and act like a tease and an ass.

So... If this makes any sense:
Gilbert, dressed and acting as Ludwig, fucks Ludwig who is dressed and acts like Gilbert getting fucked.


1. Both refuse to admit the other is turning them on
2. Orgasm denial, oh la la!
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Scotland/England vs USUK- fighting over him
Scotland wants to keep his brother (and the relationship they share) away from America who seems to be taking all his attention away.
Bonus 1: I kinda like the bosy, arrogant Scotland on Pixiv…just a little > / / /<
Bonus 2: Scotland demonstrates to America exactly how much England is his and not America’s
Bonus 3: England picks America because he isn’t as much of a selfish lover and a bit more caring/sweet.
If you’d like to make this more into a sibling rivalry thing go for it!
!18  [scotland  [england  england/scotland  [america  america/england  -yaoi 
december 2015
Any- anime convention
Various nations of the world go to an anime convention and get fanned over by the people there!
Bonus 1: France hambeasts because we all know how FUN those are.
Bonus 2: America being ambused and someone almost getting kidnapped.
Bonus 3: By the end of it they have a bunch of cool stuff and meet nice people but they really just want to go home and stop all the attention.
!18  [ensemble  [any  [france  [america  -gen 
december 2015
Germany/Italy - Sausage eating
Germany gets embarrassingly turned on by watching Italy eat wurst.

Bonus if it's in a public place and Italy (eventually) notices and gets him off under the table while still giving him a great show.
!18  [germany  [n.italy  germany/n.italy  -yaoi 
december 2015
Prussia/England/Germany - threesome
England is drinking buddies with Prussia and occasionally Prussia invites Germany along and the three of them have a great time. It becomes a frequent thing for them and then they start hanging out outside of the pub until eventually Prussia and Germany start falling for England. It's one of those "Oh fuck" moments because they know getting involved with a nation like England would be hard.

The next time they go drinking together, both of them awkwardly try to subltely confess to England how they feel and get mad at each other when they realize they both like him (they never told each other their love interest). England's sober enough to suggest a threesome after awkwardly confessing he likes them both too.

1. England tries to top them both and fails.
2. Both Prussia and Germany worship his body as much as they can.
3. Cuddles and awkward fluff after? :D
!18  [prussia  [england  [germany  england/germany  england/prussia  {england/germany/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Spain/Romano/Spain - Matador outfit & "dat ass"
Romano watches Spain bullfight and gets seriously turned on by his outfit. The second Spain's out of the arena, they fuck, before Spain can ever wipe the blood off.

(Note: Anon does not support actual cruelty for sport; just has a blood kink and a love for dat ass).
!18  [romano  [spain  romano/spain  -yaoi 
december 2015
Italy->Spain- long time crush
When they were younger, Romano made Feli swap places with him (as in Feli lives with Spain and Romano lives with Austria). It took a month or longer for their guarduans to find out, and during that time, Feli slowly fell in love with Spain.

For a long time, he's been hiding it for his brother's sake, but something triggers him to act.
!18  [n.italy  [romano  [spain  romano/spain  n.italy/spain  -yaoi 
december 2015
OOC Drunken Germany
Prussia and Germany (and assorted others as filler prefers) get superdrunk after some international sports whathaveyou. Drunk!Germany is completely OOC: clingy, flirty, childish, and out to jump Prussia’s bones. Prussia’s so used to being the pursuer that he’s completely out of his element and has no idea what to do. Based off this pic:

Bonus: Ludwig tops.
Bonus 2: Denmark is there, laughing at Prussia as he tries to fend Germany off
!18  [prussia  [germany  germany/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
France/Vietnam - wooing is a challenge that becomes sincere
You know the trope where a guy makes a get/gets dared/for some reason has to prove his romantic/sexual prowess by making the next girl through the door (or whatever) fall for/kiss/sleep with him? And then she's totally a hardass and doesn't buy any of his BS, and then he falls for her, and then they do get together, and then she finds out about the bet/dare/plot device, and is totally hurt and betrayed and dumps his ass, and they're both miserable until he goes all out and sacrifices himself/his happniess and proves he really does care for her, cue happily ever after?

I want that story, in all its sappy, clichéd glory, for France and Vietnam. Please make Vietnam snarky and awesome, not cold or bitter, and make France a real romantic and a libertine/dandy who simply preferred not to settle down until now, rather than just a horndog. Canon or human AU are both just fine.

Bonus 1: You know Spain and Prussia had something to do with the bet/dare/plot device.
Bonus 2: Spain and Prussia either actively trying to get them together (this can backfire xD), or trying to get France to fail the challenge.
!18  [france  [vietnam  france/vietnam  [spain  [prussia  -het 
december 2015
One of the greatest threats ever. America/England
America caving to England's demands {whatever they may be} because certain British nations threaten to buy out Mc Donalds and replace all of the fry cooks with British chefs. What they're arguing about and America's initial reaction is up to the anon. Smut isn't necessary, but loved. Human names preferred.

Bonus: England ends up getting really into the idea.
!18  [america  [england  america/england  -yaoi 
december 2015
Girl Japan AU: Homely Girl Becomes A Takarasienne
Girl Japan is a mousey girl who nonetheless dreams of becoming a part of the Takarazuka Revue. She attends their performances religiously, and her room is full of their insanely expensive merchandise.

And she trains in her dancing, singing and acting with the goal of that all-important audition when the time comes to apply to the Academy. Will she make it?

Bonus: Foreign dance instructor France, who she has a schoolgirl crush on.

Bonus: Said foreign dance instructor also gets her prettied up for her audition.

Anything else is up to anon.
!18  [japan  ;genderbend/nyo  -gen  [france  any/japan  -yuri  -het  france/japan  ;human 
december 2015
Wy/Seborga - Anatomy study
Wy feels her artwork is lacking in the anatomy department, and Seborga is WAYYYY too eager to be her model. Need I say more?
!18  [wy  [seborga  seborga/wy  -het 
december 2015
Poland, Czechoslovakia, Canada (+others) - Battle of Britain
Watch this video:

One of those countries in the Battle of Britain. Or if you want to use one of the other countries that fought but not America.
!18  [poland  [czech.r  [slovakia  [canada  [germany  [n.italy  [england  [scotland  [n.ireland  [wales  -gen 
december 2015
Romano/America - Dry humping
Just as the title says.

Make it hot and needy WITH Romano topping of course.
!18  [america  [romano  america/romano  -yaoi 
december 2015
Germancest - First time they said I Love You
...And meant it. Since "Ich Liebe Dich" is a phrase that you don't say casually to another person.

I want to see Prussia or Germany (Or both!) telling the other "I Love You" and meaning it. So, not in a brotherly way. In a 'Please let me stay with you forever' way.

Cliche'd but.. Y'know. I like my sappiness.
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  -yaoi 
december 2015
Bad Touch Trio+Italy brothers- A Rashomon detective story
The five of them are discovered at the scene of a crime but all of them tell a completely different story. Unlike the original, the reasons for the different stories could vary- some self serving, while others are from rose-tinted optimism.

At the end, the twisted truth is revealed.

Additional characters are welcomed!
!18  [prussia  [spain  [france  [n.italy  [romano  :rashomon  -gen 
december 2015
FrUk: "Giving French"
"Giving French" is an archaic slang term for oral sex, something the English used to love to deride the French about.

Of course, there's a reason France is (in)famous for this.
!18  [england  [france  england/france  -yaoi 
december 2015
UKUS (USUK) – In a relationship that should be over
The two bicker, argue, ignore eachother, neglect eachother, and/or hurt each. They do not have to do all that though! Example- America often leaves England alone/ignores his calls but doesn’t physically hurt him. They may have been friends or lovers before but for whatever reason it turned for the worse. Yet they don’t leave each other or can’t leave eachother. Example- England (or if you’d prefer both) doesn’t want to leave and America thinks if he does he’ll ruin what little salvageable friendship they have or due to their countries “uniting” they can't part.

Bonus 1: America pretends to/does prefer girls. He makes the mistake of telling this to England so that England breaks it off first. England does something drastic…such as turning himself into a girl for a short time (magic)…America’s treatment of it may not be as gentle as it would be if he weren’t trying to get England to realize they should break up.

Bonus 2: America pushes England away repeatedly but due to his hero complex he ends up comforting him afterwards.

Bonus 3: Someone has to come in and interfere if its their bosses fault then they finally realize what they’ve done to them.
!18  [america  [england  america/england  -yaoi  ;genderbend/nyo 
december 2015
Various/Eastern European nation - Inspired by a Quote
'Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy the best Eastern European whores New York has to offer'

Ideally with America, since, hey, New York and all. But as long as the setting is New York... Any Eastern European nation as a prostitute, AU is fine :)

bonus: even though the technicality is debated, the Eastern European nation is one of the Baltics.
!18  [america  [estonia  [latvia  [lithuania  [georgia  [armenia  [azerbaijan  [russia  [kazakhstan  [ukraine  [belarus  [moldova  [croatia  [czech.r  [austria  [hungary  [poland  [romania  [slovakia  [slovenia  [albania  [bosnia  [herzegovina  [bulgaria  [cyprus  [greece  [macedonia  [montenegro  [serbia  [turkey  [kosovo  [turkish.republic.of.n.cyprus  america/estonia  america/latvia  america/lithuania  america/georgia  america/armenia  america/azerbaijan  america/russia  america/kazakhstan  america/ukraine  america/belarus  america/moldova  america/croatia  america/czech.r  america/austria  america/hungary  america/poland  america/romania  america/slovakia  america/slovenia  america/albania  america/bosnia  america/herzegovina  america/bulgaria  america/cyprus  america/greece  america/macedonia  america/montenegro  america/serbia  america/turkey  america/kosovo  america/turkish.republic.of.n.cyprus  any/estonia  any/latvia  any/lithuania  any/georgia  any/armenia  any/azerbaijan  any/russia  any/kazakhstan  any/ukraine  any/belarus  any/moldova  any/croatia  any/czech.r  any/austri 
december 2015
Canada/Spain-- They Spent The Thirties Together
People often don't remember that there was a bunch (real technical term, I know) of Canadian volunteers fighting in the Spanish Civil War, called the Mackenzie-Papineaus, the MackPaps for short. The famed Canadian doctor Norman Bethune was there, and dispensed the first blood transfusions on a battlefield there.

This part of Canada and Spain's history caused a minor obsession amongst young Canadian men who had been too unable to fight in that conflict. If you don't believe me read Joshua Then And Now by Mordecai Richler.

So what I want is Canada's fling with Spain in the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, the thirties, and a little bit after.

Making references to the literature inspired by this conflict, especially Hemingway, is loved.
!18  [canada  [spain  canada/spain  -yaoi 
december 2015
Colonial America and Colonial Canada - childhood bedwetting
Canada used to wet the bed when he was still little and sharing a bed with America, but he would get so horribly upset and embarrassed about it that America would trade clothes with him and switch places in the bed to take the blame.

Bonus: Fluffy h/c for Canada, who still feels ashamed and guilty even if England doesn't know his secret.
Bonus: America doesn't think it's all that big of a deal. It's embarrassing and uncomfortable, but he's just doing what any good hero would do to keep his brother from feeling sad, right?
!18  [america  [canada  [england  ;chibi  -gen  =urine 
december 2015
France/Joan of Arc - Non-penetrative sex
Joan was a virgin, but what people don't know is that she did have a lover.

Tragedy and character death are acceptable for obvious reasons.
!18  [real.person  [france  france/real.person  -het 
december 2015
GerIta- switch up, sharing kinks
I didn't mean for my request to come out so bitchy. Sorry hetalia_kink and anons.

The prompt is still something I'd like to see, however- Germany and Italy both having a turn to enjoy being in charge with a kink they'd love to try on each other. :3 Bonus if Germany likes both sadism and masochism. Bonus two if Italy loves to be creative with his hands. The rest is up to anon!
!18  [germany  [n.italy  germany/n.italy  -yaoi 
december 2015
France/Germany - navigating romance and polyamory and becoming primaries
My headcanon is that all the nations have multiple partners with varying levels of affection/commitment, loosely mirroring diplomatic relations. France and Germany go from having occasional, cautious sex as they try to build a shaky alliance to being the basically-married sweethearts at the center of the EU, while dealing with the complications that building a strong primary bond has for all the rest of their relationships. I want conflicts and petty jealousies and hurt feelings on different sides, with no one being EVIL, but being human and adults and eventually working to resolve things.

Also, please don't make it 'France and Germany are in monogamous love, but only sex up other people for diplomacy'. I do want it poly, with each of them getting some needs met by other lovers that they don't get with each other, and that's the beauty of it, but by the end those two are each the other's most important partner, without detracting from others.

Feel free to include whatever other pairings you like as long as France/Germany is the focus, and you can incorporate as much or as little correlation to real EU history as you want.

Bonus: France is extra-nervous about German reunification of Prussia and tries to cockblock at first.
!18  [france  [germany  france/germany  -yaoi  -het  any/france  any/germany  [prussia  =cockblock 
december 2015
GerPru Cock Stuffing
Just.. as the tin says.
With Prussia suggesting it.
!18  [germany  [prussia  germany/prussia  -yaoi  =sounding 
december 2015
Scotland/England- Arthur being abuse
Scotland and England live in the same house/near eachother. Scotland seriously has a crush on England but the longer they spend together the more he /wants/ him. One day it becomes too much and he takes England forcefully.

Bonus 1: England is younger than him as in preteen or a young teen.
Bonus 2: Scotland’s family adopted England so their half brothers.
Bonus 3: England is forced to live in the same house as him after…until he runs away to boarding school.
!18  [scotland  [england  england/scotland  -yaoi  ;human 
december 2015
Any/America or gen –disappearing
One his way home or on his way to some type of event or school Alfred disappears. There are many speculations on what could have happened. While the police are out looking for him Alfred tries to do his best to stay alive and escape his predicament.

Bonus 1: His disappearance is connected to a string of kidnaps in the area. The kidnapper usually ends up killing someone so people wait anxiously to see if his new murder victim will be Alfred. Yes, the kidnapper can be anyone you want but if Russia happens to be in the search party/police instead of the kidnapper that be kinda cool.

Bonus 2: Alfred actually meets some of the people that were kidnapped and sees that they have been brain washed to doing the kidnappers biding/ have changed dramatically from the last time he has seen them and vows to protect them. I would love it if he gets very attached to one of the younger kids such as a Seychelles or Liechtenstein.

Bonus 3: He turns into his kidnapper favorite especially if its because he is replacing someone the kidnapper used to know.He realizes that he is slowly starting to loose himself the more he is forced to dress in lolita style clothing, abused, and forced to act inhimanly polite to such a cruel person...
!18  [america  america/any  -yaoi  -het  -gen  [russia  [seychelles  [liechtenstein 
december 2015
Germany & Little!Prussia -- Easter
There's a lot of 'Prussia & Little!Germany' but not enough Germany & Little!Prussia!
That's what I want! Set in modern times, with Easter coming up, I want Germany teaching Little!Prussia about Easter but Prussia only wants to know if he can have a bunny/easter chicks and chocolate.
Just cute fluff between the two, maybe with an easter egg hunt? :D
Thank you anons!

PS: I don't know if Germany actually does Easter Egg hunts but if not then something similar maybe?
!18  [germany  [prussia  ;chibi  -gen  =fluff  =food  =family  =holiday 
december 2015
Russia/America- sex with weapons
I'd like to see the two above having sex but one or both has weapons pointed at each other because they want to stop in the middle or have to stop but want to make sure their not hurt as they leave each other.

Whether their actually able to stop is up to filler.

Bonuses (or can just be considered inspiration):
One of these scenarios or something like them. I'd realllly like the first one used or something very similar.
!18  [america  [russia  america/russia  -yaoi  =weapons 
december 2015
Bad Touch Trio + Spamano – Relationship Dynamics
I would like a Gakuen Hetalia setting in which the Bad Touch Trio (Spain, France, Prussia) are notorious for their threesomes and general bad-touching and dirtying of empty classrooms. They don’t keep their hands off each other regardless of location, and always greet each other with (French) kisses or ass gropes or the like. Only one thing could break the trend: if one of them fell REALLY in love – with someone else. Anon would like to see Spain come to break the triangle by falling for Romano, and how Prussia and France choose to handle it. Human names encouraged but not required. Please no non-con or dub-con or gangbangs. Smut is a go though, of course. The reason they get away with all these shenanigans at the school is up to anon. >3

Bonus 1: Cast cameos as teachers and other students – pairings encouraged

Bonus 2: If you can pull off comedy without making it a crack!fic

Bonus 3: Prussia and France try to bring Romano into the ‘triangle’ and Spain prevents it.
!18  [spain  [romano  [france  [prussia  france/prussia  france/spain  prussia/spain  romano/spain  {france/prussia/spain  -yaoi  ;gakuen  =groping  =3way  =school 
december 2015
Romano/Spain - Romano rescues Spain ("Dammit! I won't let you be captured, bastard!")
One day, Spain is kidnapped by some nefarious organization/nations. Romano finds out about this, flips his shit, and suddenly becomes very proficient in asskicking as he hunts down those bastards who kidnapped his Spain.

It's up to you if you want to make the kidnapping serious (ex: the Mafia wants to exploit Spain's connection with Romano) or lulzy (ex: France and Prussia wanted to steal Spain for a night of bar-hopping). Just have Romano kicking ass and pulling out all the stops to rescue Spain. It'd also be nice if a grateful Spain repaid him with a kiss or something more...
!18  [spain  [romano  romano/spain  -yaoi  [humans  [france  [prussia 
december 2015
Chibitalia and HRE – The Secret Garden
This anon would LOVE to see Chibitalia cast in Mary’s role, and HRE cast in Colin’s, and Chibitalia bringing HRE to the Garden and helping him overcome his illness. Anon is encouraged to cast as much of the Hetalia cast in this as they please.

Length is up to Anon. A lengthier adaptation would suit the content better, but if the anon can capture the spirit of the thing in a shorter format, I heartily endorse it.

Anon requests that this be a nostalgic childhood sort of thing, and not a pedophilic sexual sort of thing.

Bonus 1: Character genders favor hetalia canon instead of Secret Garden canon, i.e. Chibitalia is a boy.

Bonus 2: Personal names instead of nation names (i.e. Chibitalia = Feliciano Vargas)

Bonus 3: Germania is cast as Lord Craven.
!18  [n.italy  [holy.roman.empire  ;chibi  holy.roman.empire/n.italy  -yaoi  [germania 
december 2015
Spain/France/Prussia, Prussia is found pregnant
So we all know these guys are the party-going, having unprotected threesomes with each other every hour of the day. Prussia is in the process of not being a country anymore so he's going through some of the weirdest changes and settles for one last threesome before he completely disappears that is until he found with a bit of a problem. France and Spain are pretty confused about how this happens (plus, they don't know who is the father) but they take the time to take care of Prussia and also take advantage of him.


-Prussia doesn't get the usual symptoms, something different and more awesome
-Prussia tries to eat Gilbird
-Some sort of twist in the end
!18  [spain  [france  [prussia  [animals  france/spain  france/prussia  prussia/spain  {france/prussia/spain  -yaoi 
december 2015
Russia is sometimes known as the rape truck of the world and most nations are intimidated by him, right? Well a nation knowing this uses it to his or her advantage. Nation A tells Russia that if he does not listen to Nation A’s request she/he will tell the others that Russia raped/attacked/sexual molested/etc him/her or someone they know. Russia did not do any of the horrible things Nation A is saying and has ,for the most part, been improving his attitude and relationships with other nations but he knows the rest of the world would believe Nation A. So, he is forced to go along with Nation A’s wishes however twisted or humiliating they may be. Smut does not have to be included but I would really like it if it is. I have an orgasm denial kink so if that’s added I would love you forever.

Bonus 1: Its someone you would /not/ expect or someone the others consider sweet/not interested in Russia such as: Korea, Japan, black!kiku, Ukraine, yandere Liechtenstein for crackyness etc really anyone you can think of and in the end they fall in love with him despite it not being returned. Gender bents are allowed as long as there is no fem!America.

Bonus 2: This has happened to Russia before and no one knows about it. In fact, Russia never raped anyone and likes scaring people more than physically hurting them.

Bonus 3: The other nations find out what been happening completely by accident. Preferable during a meeting.How is up to you... maybe almost blame Russia thinking Nation A's the victim.
!18  [russia  any/russia  -yaoi  -het  [japan  [s.korea  [ukraine  [liechtenstein  japan/russia  russia/ukraine  russia/s.korea  liechtenstein/russia  =humiliation 
december 2015
China/Various - Ranma 1/2 Genderswitching
Remember those springs in China that curse you to switch genders when wet (har har) if you fall in?

Nations are very confused about whether China's a boy or a girl, as several have been with him (or "her") in intimate situations, and swear China is either one or the other.

Some enterprising nation confronts China about this, and China reveals the secret... and takes full advantage of it. Sexytimes ensue.

Bonus if the other nation is Japan, America (Americhy OTP) or France (just because I think his reaction would be ecstatic and hilarious).
!18  [china  any/china  [japan  [america  [france  america/china  china/france  china/japan  -yaoi  -het  ;genderbend/nyo  :ranma.1/2 
december 2015
Young Ben Franklin Meets England
So when he was young, Ben Franklin actually lived in London for a few months and worked at a print shop. If Arthur ran in to young Ben somehow, what would he think about the young American?

Not looking for smut but it is okay if you want.

Bonus 1 - Ben's idealism reminds Arthur of Alfred.
Bonus 2 - It is set after/during the revolution as Arthur reflects back on his first meeting with Ben and how he did not realize at the time that the young man would grow up to help Alfred become independent.
!18  [real.person  [england  [america  -gen 
december 2015
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