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Seven Little Words (Daily Puzzle)
Work out which 2-3 letter groups can be used to answer each of the 7 clues. Quick coffee break puzzle with a new set of clues every day.
march 2016 by hjst
Tsumego - Life and Death Problems of Go by Minoru Harada
New problem every Monday, along with the solutions for the previous week. Hosted on the Hitachi corporate website. Gotta love Japan.
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march 2016 by hjst
lichess.org Daily Chess Puzzle
New puzzle every day, excellent interface.
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march 2016 by hjst
A community, points based, word game. New game every 24 hours. "Object: To list as many words of the highest point value as you can find among the random assortment of letters in the cube grid."
may 2007 by hjst
Daily Nurikabe
"Nurikabe is a binary determination puzzle. You must decide for each cell if it is white or black (by clicking on them) according to the following rules". One new 9x9 puzzle each day, or play as many 5x5 grids as you want.
march 2007 by hjst

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