ariel_logs | [closed] only in his dreams
Ozai dreams about Korra. (Actual Korra is not involved; this is just his dream of Korra.)
[city.of.ariel]  korra  +ozai  !nsfw  !noncon 
6 weeks ago
2/25/14 | [Audio]
Orihime asks Light what his plans are for his birthday.
[amat.omnes]  inoue.orihime  +light.yagami 
6 weeks ago
2/28/14 | video;
Korra says goodbye to Chekov and offers him a dog. No, not Naga.
[polychromatic]  korra  +pavel.chekov 
6 weeks ago
4/12 | 004 - month 4 day 12 (evening) - video
Elena posts in the aftermath of her second GLaDOS test.
[city.of.ariel]  +elena  ~stalking 
6 weeks ago
2/15 | girls night in
The girls of the Welcome Center are sad. Time for a movie night!
[polychromatic]  korra  +yin  +penny 
7 weeks ago
2/15/14 | video and/or action;
Peter comes to visit Penny during the last 4th wall.
[polychromatic]  peter.vincent  +penny 
8 weeks ago
Day 259: afternoon - the library
Anya meets Helen while raging at the library’s appallingly limited demonology section.
[marina.nova]  anya.jenkins  +helen.magnus 
8 weeks ago
Day 258: Djinn class
Anya attends Sam’s lecture on the djinn.
[marina.nova]  anya.jenkins 
8 weeks ago
2/12/14 | IC Contact
Korra’s thin veneer of stability breaks.
[polychromatic]  korra  +hei 
8 weeks ago
4/07 | Video/Action:
Nagisa wonders why Orihime and Hatter are taking Tatsuki & Draco for a walk.
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +mad.hatter  +hazuki.nagisa  +draco.malfoy 
8 weeks ago
Day 258 - morning
Anya argues with Conscienti about her imprisonment.
[marina.nova]  anya.jenkins  +conscienti 
9 weeks ago
Attacked in a moment of vulnerability by the lovebugs, Pai calls Hei for help.
[polychromatic]  pai  +hei  !triggerwarning 
9 weeks ago
2/08/14 | [Video]
Orihime and Maraich talk about the new dating service.
[amat.omnes]  inoue.orihime  +maraich 
9 weeks ago
4/05 | ( open )
Orihime and Jean introduce “Alayne” to the wonders of convenience stores.
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +jean.kirschtein  +sansa.stark 
9 weeks ago
4/06 | [open]
Korra meets Oreki outside a video store.
[city.of.ariel]  korra  +houtarou.oreki 
9 weeks ago
2/06/14 | [Video]
Orihime asks Itachi about the number of people coming out of the forest.
[amat.omnes]  inoue.orihime  +uchiha.itachi 
9 weeks ago
2/8/14 | ( video 42 )
Korra laughs at Stiles’ struggles with girl clothes.
[polychromatic]  korra  +stiles.stilinski 
9 weeks ago
2/02 | action // audio
Jinora and "Li" talk girlfriends, and Korra comes in just as their convo wraps up. Time to break the news...
[polychromatic]  korra  +hei  +jinora 
9 weeks ago
4/04: video / action
Edward asks the network if they know Bella.
[city.of.ariel]  edward.cullen 
10 weeks ago
4/03 | 01 | voice
GLaDOS tries to subtly put the moves on Junko.
[city.of.ariel]  +junko.enoshima  glados 
10 weeks ago
4/03| voice
Orihime is impressed with Oreki's thoughtful questions.
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +houtarou.oreki 
10 weeks ago
4/03 | o1 | voice
Orihime greets the newly arrived “Alayne Stone."
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +sansa.stark 
10 weeks ago
4/03 - 4/05 | [open] paintball is so sexy
GLaDOS wants to try out her clothes-dissolving paintballs. So she’s arranged for strip paintball games in various parks around the city.
10 weeks ago
1/31/14 | 2 ][ Concern
Talking to the Pointsman about the door out of the City.
[polychromatic]  mao  +edward.pointsman 
10 weeks ago
1/31/14 | voice/action
Vic is in the fountain and Korra is worried.
[polychromatic]  korra  +vic.mcqueen 
10 weeks ago
1/30/14 | action, January 30th/31st
Hei gets in the middle of Chekov & Korra’s snowball fight. Oops.
[polychromatic]  korra  +pavel.chekov  +hei 
10 weeks ago
1/30/14 | action, January 30th/31st
Pai reluctantly watches Chekov at the dogsled races.
[polychromatic]  pai  +pavel.chekov 
10 weeks ago
4/03 | 0 2 ✒ 04/03, video;
Maya posts to the network after her testing experience.
[city.of.ariel]  +maya.amano  ~stalking 
10 weeks ago
4/03 | Whatever will be, will be
Ishida comes over and is completely unimpressed with Orihime's housemates.
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +ishida.uryuu  +draco.malfoy 
10 weeks ago
4/02 | [closed] old people are so cute
It’s been a long day of renovating her new testing facility, and GLaDOS needs a little TLC. Jeong Jeong provides.
[city.of.ariel]  glados  +jeong.jeong  !nsfw 
11 weeks ago
1/24/14 | I've Kept My Heart [Closed]
It's time to talk about that collar loosening thing. And probably do something about it.
[amat.omnes]  inoue.orihime  +ishida.uryuu  !nsfw 
11 weeks ago
4/01 | oo1 | Video
Korra yells at Castiel for eating the chocolate.
[city.of.ariel]  korra  +castiel 
11 weeks ago
1/22/14 | [Video]
Korra can’t believe Campbell jumped into the fountain.
[polychromatic]  korra  +campbell.bain 
11 weeks ago
1/21/14 | action // video
Korra bumps into the newly returned Justin.
[polychromatic]  korra  +justin.pendleton 
11 weeks ago
4/02 | [closed]
GLaDOS is upset about the destruction of her lab and takes her frustrations out on Shiemi.
[city.of.ariel]  glados  +shiemi.moriyama  !nsfw  !underage 
11 weeks ago
1/23/14 | {2nd Night} | Video
Orihime talks to Constance about self-defense and handguns.
[amat.omnes]  inoue.orihime  +constance.langdon 
11 weeks ago
3/30 | 001 メ [ Video ]
Orihime doesn’t recognize Grimmjaw, but thinks he has nice hair.
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +grimmjaw.Jaegerjaquez 
11 weeks ago
1/22/14 | IC Contact
For once, Korra's the first to wake up.
[polychromatic]  korra  +hei  !nsfw 
11 weeks ago
3/30 | [Video]
Orihime finds out tomorrow is Keigo's birthday.
[city.of.ariel]  inoue.orihime  +asano.keigo 
11 weeks ago
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