The Women’s March ‘Mob’ Was Built With Nice, Suburban Women
She half-joked that it was disappointing the Women’s Marchers were not the bloodthirsty harpies of Republican fever dreams. “I wouldn’t mind if there was an actual riot,” she said, sighing. “What we are having is a bit of an uprising.” But she supported the group’s commitment to nonviolence, citing research by Harvard public policy professor Erica Chenoweth and diplomat Maria J. Stephan showing that nonviolent movements were twice as effective and attracted 11 times more people to the cause. “If people are going to pick up a weapon and hurt each other, they’re usually young and male,” Bloch said. “But this is a movement of mothers.”
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Saudi Arabia hinted at a U.S. oil embargo. It’s not 1973. - The Washington Post
A Saudi production cut or an embargo could also affect market psychology, driving up prices as buyers fear supply constraints. So far, however, global oil markets remain calm. After Saudi Arabia’s statement and Turki Aldakhil’s op-ed were published, oil prices did tick upward Monday, but by less than 1 percent.

Market psychology also adjusts quickly to events. Even during the 1991 Gulf War, when prices spiked in anticipation of the U.S. war with Iraq over Kuwait, they quickly settled down. Within a few weeks, oil prices returned to their pre-crisis levels.

Overall, the United States has little to fear from Saudi Arabia’s oil policies

And while Saudi Arabia could take other steps, like halting arms purchases, experts say this would inflict only minor damage on the U.S. economy. Indeed, with its ongoing war in Yemen, the Saudis needs those weapons more than the United States needs to sel
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Neutrollization: Industrialized trolling as a pro-Kremlin strategy of desecuritization - Xymena Kurowska, Anatoly Reshetnikov, 2018
Neutrollization: Industrialized trolling as a pro-Kremlin strategy of desecuritization
Xymena Kurowska, Anatoly Reshetnikov, First Published August 8, 2018 Research Article
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This article considers the significance of trolling for security processes through a contextual analysis of industrialized pro-Kremlin trolling in the Russian blogosphere. The publicity surrounding Russia’s hacking activities in international politics conceals the significance of the domestic trolling culture in Russia and its role in the ‘trolling turn’ in Russia’s foreign policy. We contextually identify the practice of ‘neutrollization’ – a type of localized desecuritization where the regime adopts trolling to prevent being cast as a societal security threat by civil society. Neutrollization relies on counterfeit internet activism, ostensibly originating from the citizenry, that produces political disengagement by breeding radical doubt in a manner that is non-securitizing. Rather than advocating a distinct political agenda, and in contrast to conventional understandings of the operations of propaganda, neutrollization precludes the very possibility of meaning, obviating the need to block the internet in an openly authoritarian manner. It operates by preventing perlocution – that is, the social consequences of the security speech act. This prevention is achieved through the breaking or disrupting of the context in which acts of securitization could possibly materialize, and is made possible by a condition of ‘politics without telos’ that is different from the varieties of depoliticization more familiar in Western societies.
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Politics & Society - Volume 46, Number 3, Sep 01, 2018
Legislature by Lot: Transformative Designs for Deliberative Governance
25 days ago
Weingast review of McCloskey
Development in the North, Wallis, and Weingast (NWW) framework involves the transition; that is, the movement from a limited access order to an open access order. In open access orders all citizens have the right to form organisations, subject to minimal restrictions. Open access orders therefore foster competition in both economics and politics. This form of society, characterised by liberty and equality in the form of access allows the entrepreneurial spirit of creativity and problem-solving emphasised by McCloskey. In contrast, developing countries are limited access orders. They limit access to organisations as part of a rent-creation process to hold the members of a dominant coalition together.
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