Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election
Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate actors … executed cyber espionage operations against a named U.S. company in August 2016, evidently to obtain information on elections-related software and hardware solutions. … The actors likely used data obtained from that operation to … launch a voter registration-themed spear-phishing campaign targeting U.S. local government organizations.

This NSA summary judgment is sharply at odds with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial last week that Russia had interfered in foreign elections: “We never engaged in that on a state level, and have no intention of doing so.” Putin, who had previously issued blanket denials that any such Russian meddling occurred, for the first time floated the possibility that freelance Russian hackers with “patriotic leanings” may have been responsible. The NSA report, on the contrary
20 days ago
Why Russia is using the internet to undermine Western democracy.
S. foreign policy on the internet hasn’t played so well abroad, either. Internet Freedom™ can sound like just another way to lock in U.S. tech firms’ first-mover advantage and de facto monopolies. American “soft power” seems anything but benign to leaders of autocracies. To them, the much-touted ability of tech giants like Twitter and Facebook to facilitate revolutions looks like deliberate sedition by a foreign power.
20 days ago
Leaked CIA cyber tricks may make us WannaCry some more
The incident has highlighted the threat from a sprawling underworld of digital cyber criminals that has ballooned in recent years. Europol, the EU crime-fighting agency based in The Hague, estimates that more money is now made illicitly from cyber crime than from the international narcotics trade. In an age of leaks, proliferation and digital anonymity, WannaCry has also put a spotlight on governments and their offensive cyber weaponry capabilities.

EternalBlue is just one of dozens of “exploits” — programs designed to take advantage of unknown loopholes in commonly-used software — that the US National Security Agency has stockpiled over the years.
25 days ago
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