Statistical NLP on OpenStreetMap – Machine Learnings
by is insanely clever - an address parsing library constructed by applying ma…
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13 days ago
walrus — walrus 0.4.1 documentation
Python utilities for working with Redis:

container classes
graph store
rate limiting
active-record models (secondary indexes, full-text search)
more? more!
python  redis 
10 weeks ago
Ensuring That a Linux Program Is Running at Most Once by Using Abstract Sockets | Petr Zemek
RT : Ensuring only one copy of a running program with abstract sockets (and no filesystem garbage).
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july 2017
Gnocchi – Metric as a Service — Gnocchi documentation
Gnocchi is an open-source, multi-tenant timeseries, metrics and resources database. It provides an HTTP REST interface to create and manipulate the data. It is designed to store metrics at a very large scale while providing access to metrics and resources information and history.
july 2017
How to Write SQL
Awesome post on how to write SQL:
sql  postgres  database  python 
june 2017
pyramid_authsanity — pyramid_authsanity 0.1.0a4 documentation
pyramid_authsanity is an authentication policy for the Pyramid Web Framework that strives to make it easier to write a secure authentication policy that follows web best practices.
may 2017
postgresql - eliminate duplicate array values in postgres - Stack Overflow
UPDATE table_name SET array_col = ARRAY(SELECT DISTINCT UNNEST(array_col) ORDER BY 1) where array_length(array_col, 1) > 1;
sql  postgres  postgresql 
may 2017
crdoconnor/strictyaml: Type-safe YAML parser.
StrictYAML is a type-safe YAML parser built atop ruamel.yaml that parses a restricted subset of the YAML specificaton.
opensource  python  yaml 
march 2017
ruamel / yaml — Bitbucket
According to the strictyaml author (https://github.com/crdoconnor/strictyaml/blob/master/FAQ.rst#why-is-strictyaml-built-upon-ruamelyaml): “ruamel.yaml is probably the best spec-adhering YAML parser for python.

Unlike pyyaml it does not require the C yaml library to be installed, and it is capable of loading, editing and saving YAML while preserving comments, which pyyaml does not.”
python  yaml  parser 
march 2017
Time Scheduler
Reminder that is an amazing resource
business  clock  timezones  meetings 
february 2017
Communicating Intent
Rust is an elegant language, that is quite different from many other popular languages. For example, instead of using classes and inheritance, Rust has a trait-based system. However I believe, that many programmers new to Rust (including myself) are unfamiliar with common Rust patterns.

In this post, I want to discuss the newtype-pattern, as well as the From and Input traits , which help with conversion between types.
rust  programming  rustlang 
february 2017
Newt DB, the amphibious database
In Python: enjoy the ease of working with your data as ordinary objects in memory.

Data are moved in and out of memory as needed, so databases can be as large as needed.

In Postgres: index and search your data using PostgreSQL, from within your application and externally.

Within your application, search results may be returned as application objects, or as data, depending on your needs.

Transactional and built on mature technology for reliability.
postgresql  newtdb  python  software  database  zodb 
january 2017
Materialized View Strategies Using PostgreSQL | The Hashrocket Blog
RT @felixge: The “Lazy materialized views” technique in this article is really genius. Kudos to Jack Christensen. #postgres
cache  database  postgresql 
january 2017
boltons — python utilities
boltons should be builtins.

Boltons is a set of pure-Python utilities in the same spirit as — and yet conspicuously missing from — the the standard library, including:

Atomic file saving, bolted on with fileutils
A highly-optimized OrderedMultiDict, in dictutils
Two types of PriorityQueue, in queueutils
Chunked and windowed iteration, in iterutils
A full-featured TracebackInfo type, for representing stack traces, in tbutils
A lightweight UTC timezone available in timeutils.
Recursive mapping for nested data transforms, with remap
python  utilities  library  programming 
june 2016
In semi-related news, is pretty impressive.
charts  diagrams  tools  software  flowcharts 
april 2016
About rel=noopener
RT @mathias: Did you know that using `target=_blank` for user-supplied links is a security risk?

`rel=noopener` is here to help.
html  js  security  webdev 
march 2016
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