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The Survival of Iggy Pop | The New Yorker
Pop has never imagined a traditional domestic life for himself. (In 1969, when Pop was twenty-one and living in Ann Arbor, he had a son, Eric, with Paulette Benson. Eric was brought up by his mother, in California, and lives in Berlin now.) In part, this is why it matters so much to him that his work remain vital. “It’s gotta be fucking good,” he said. “This is what you’ve sacrificed a lot of things for, dude, and this is what you were doing when you weren’t always there for other people, so it’d better be good.”
art  creativity  sacrifice  motivation 
august 2019 by hankins
Map of Michigan, 1839 – Michiganology
This 1839 "Tourist's Pocket Map of Michigan" once exhibited more than its internal improvements, roads and distances. First published by S. Augustus Mitchell in 1834, the map went through a variety changes from its original publication date to 1846. It was called a "Tourist's Pocket Map" as a result of its literal func
art  interior  decoration 
july 2019 by hankins
Dan Winters: Professional Photographer Magazine
“I really think the strongest ally (above any technique) any photographer can have is the ability to really look at something and formulate an opinion about it.
photography  art 
november 2016 by hankins
Actress' role of a lifetime: Being a mentor - CNN.com
"For them to become more creative," he says, "they're going to have to let go of being competent. A big part of being creative is putting yourself in a situation where you are a beginner, where you're very prone to fail or make mistakes, or where things you never expect are going to happen can happen. And that's letting go of control."
creativity  art 
february 2012 by hankins
Show and Tell Music
Collection of album art from often-religious thrift-store record finds.
album  art  design  music  humor 
june 2005 by hankins
Lofoten Art
Links to paintings from the Lofoten Islands in Norway.
lofoten  norway  art 
may 2005 by hankins
Old School Party Flyers
Collection of NYC hip hop flyers.
hiphop  art 
april 2005 by hankins

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