Costs by Electricians to run Cat6 cables for this scenario? : networking
there is a difference between an electrician and a low voltage cable installer. the electrician will probably do it, but charge double.
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22 days ago
MoCA Adapters, Motorola vs Actiontec? : HomeNetworking
Motorola MM1000 is lower cost, provides same performance, versus the Actiontec units.

Easily achieve speeds near full Gigabit over good quality RG6 coax. Plug-and-play, no configuration necessary.

Best to install a MOCA filter on the coax uplink that exits your house, if you're re-using the same coax for incoming Internet and/or TV from a cable provider.

Ensure any splitters in the coax network aren't blocking the MOCA frequency ranges.

As a best practice, terminate all coax connection points that aren't in use, eliminating RF broadcast.

If you tie an HD over-the-air antenna into your coax network, put a MOCA filter in-line toward the antenna, preventing RF broadcast.

MOCA filters, compatible splitters and coax terminator caps are a few dollars online, not expensive. But, don't skimp on these accessories, as you'll likely run into issues or lower performance without them.
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23 days ago
Can I build a pfSense box w/ MoCA capabilities? : PFSENSE
There are MOCA adapters, just do a MOCA to Ethernet. I use this (got it cheaper then the listed price...on sale) https://www.amazon.com/Actiontec-Bonded-Ethernet-Adapter-ECB6200K02/dp/B013J7O3X0 It works perfectly.

*you want BONDED adapters

You only need ONE MOCA on the pfsense end, I used 1 there and had 3 in other rooms, for a total of 4 MOCA's.

FIOS ONT -> pfSense -> Switch -> MOCA _0 --> [ in wall coax] -> Br1 MOCA -> computer

--> [ in wall coax] -> Br2 MOCA -> Switch -> 4xDevices

--> [ in wall coax] -> Br3 MOCA -> Switch -> 4xDevices

All were getting gig speeds.
networking  fios  moca  router  gigabit  ethernet  pfsense 
23 days ago
Fios Gigabit Apple AirPort Extreme - Verizon FiOS | DSLReports Forums
The Airport extreme WAN-LAN throughput is terrible. If you have the airport extreme as your primary router even your Ethernet connected devices will struggle to break 600mbps.
fios  airportextreme  router  networking 
23 days ago
Prime Day. Need a new router. Mesh vs not? : HomeNetworking
You would 100% be wasting a 500 Mbps connection with any of the choices listed using WiFi only unless you lived in a bachelor apartment.
wifi  networking 
26 days ago
Optimal dpi when scanning photos? : postprocessing
I'm a professional scanner operator (yes, there are still a few of us left) and I scan my personal family pictures at 600 DPI at 100%, unless they are really, really small (passport photos for example) in which case I do 1200 DPI just so I have something to work with. Always save the original scan as a TIF.
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28 days ago
Gabarit macarons 3,5 cm.pdf
Macaron Template - Pure Gourmandise
4 weeks ago
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take my system with me if I move to a new home?
Yes. That's one of the advantages of a wireless self-installed system. Just take the devices out of your old home and place them in your new home. Once you have installed your system in the new location, just call or chat to let us know. Your monthly rate will remain the same unless you choose to add additional services.
7 weeks ago
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