GitHub - iaolo/iA-Fonts: Free variable writing fonts from iA
It looks like iA has released some free monosoaced typefaces, so that seems kinda neat.
typefaces  monospaced  github  2019 
Tenon-ui | Home page
“These are the documentation pages of Tenon-UI: Tenon’s accessible React components library.”
tenon  react  accessibility  a11y  2019 
Meet Buycott, an App That Makes Ethical Shopping as Easy as Scanning a Barcode
“You find yourself in the aisle of your local Safeway grocery store deliberating between two ostensibly equal products — let’s say boxes of crackers. They have similar prices, probably a similar taste, and are about the same price. You need a tie-breaker.
How about the ethics of the company that produced them?
Believe it or not, there’s an app for this situation.”
ethics  boycotts  2019  apps  software  ios 
I remember faces very well, but I’m terrible with names. : ADHD
This is your Reddit comment where you described your technique for remembering names.
names  adhd  reddit  2019 
Glyphosate weed killers increase cancer risk by 41%, study says - CNN
“Glyphosate, an herbicide that remains the world’s most ubiquitous weed killer, raises the cancer risk of those exposed to it by 41%, a new analysis says.”
roundup  health  cancer  cnn  2019 
Assign start number for caption - Microsoft Community
On changing the “start at” number for a set of figures:

// in short:
1. Place the cursor inside one of the figures that you want to renumber
2. Press Option+F9 to toggle the show-fields view
3. You will see something like
Figure { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }

If you want the numbering to start at 100, modify the first such field as this:
Figure { SEQ Figure \r 100 \* ARABIC }

4. Press Option+F9 to toggle the show-fields view
5. You may need to select all and choose “Update Fields” for the renumbering to take effect.
word  figures  2015  numbering  software 
Jaws does not enter application mode when focus is moved inside a container with role="application" · Issue #93 · FreedomScientific/VFO-standards-support
“When focus is programmatically moved to an element inside a container with role=‘application’, JAWS does not enter application mode. Tabbing to the next element inside the container will then enter application mode.”

And then there was this reply from Léonie:
“I think this is expected behaviour. When focus is moved using JS, Jaws will be in Virtual Cursor mode. Triggering applications mode from within virtual mode would be quite problematic in other circumstances.”
jaws  accessibility  applicationmode  application  modes  screenreaders  github  2018 
2 days ago
Freeze row and columns in Excel (at the same time) - Super User
“Click on the cell just to the right of the column, and just below the row you want to freeze, and then select View→Window→Freeze Panes→Freeze Panes.

“So, if you want to freeze row 1 and the column A, click on B2 and select View→Window→Freeze Panes→Freeze Panes.

“If you want to freeze rows 1:3 and columns A:B, click on C4 and select ‘Freeze Panes’.”
superuser  2019  excel  freeze  panes 
2 days ago
Re: screen readers and punctuation from Léonie Watson on 2019-02-13 (w3c-wai-ig@w3.org from January to March 2019)
(Léonie on how screen-reader users interact to hear unusual characters:)
“The short answer is that you can’t write content that works with all screen readers, so it’s better not to try.

“It’s also worth mentioning that the Deque article misses an important point. When it says that screen readers do not announce certain symbols. That is usually only the case when reading content in chunks (like paragraphs or sentences).

“For example, a screen reader may not announce the dash in 5th - 10th May, when reading this sentence as a whole, but it will when reading the text in smaller chunks like one character at a time.

“What tends to happen, is that if a screen reader user senses something doesn’t quite make sense as they read it, they’ll tend to look a little more closely at it. That’s when they find the dash.

“Where a screen reader doesn’t speak an asterisk as a marker for a required field, that can be mitigated in different ways - like using the required attribute on the field in question. This is good practice in any case of course.”
tink  w3  2019  screenreaders  characters  accessibility  a11y 
2 days ago
Sarah Grey on Twitter: "Roses are red Hyphens are black If you forget them, We've got your back. #CopyeditorValentines"
“Roses are red
“Hyphens are black
“If you forget them,
“We’ve got your back.
GreyEditing  twitter  2019  copyediting  roses  poems 
2 days ago
Reginald Braithwaite on Twitter: "Brogrammer: Someone who will spend days fixing his code to work with updated libraries, but gets upset when society asks him to reconsider single a word he uses occasionally to refer to other people."

“Someone who will spend days fixing his code to work with updated libraries, but gets upset when society asks him to reconsider single a word he uses occasionally to refer to other people.”
raganwald  twitter  2019  brogrammers  work  language 
2 days ago
The communication style that destroys relationships—at work and at home — Quartz at Work
“Relationships can hit the rocks for all kinds of reasons. But according to renowned sex therapist Esther Perel, a single factor is a major predictor of whether or not a relationship will survive: whether the couple in question treats one another with contempt.

“In her latest book, State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, Perel asserts that contempt is the biggest killer of relationships. This idea originated with relationship psychologist John Gottman, who created Four Horseman theory—or the four communication styles most likely to indicate a relationship is doomed.

“‘In whatever form, contempt—the worst of the four horsemen—is poisonous to a relationship because it conveys disgust,’ Gottman says. ‘It’s virtually impossible to resolve a problem when your partner is getting the message that you’re disgusted with him or her.’”
qz  work  contempt  communication  2019 
2 days ago
Improved AppleScript to Automatically Insert Recipient's Name in Apple Mail using TextExpander — MacSparky
“Years ago I published an AppleScript that allows you to automatically insert a recipient’s name to an email using TextExpander on your Mac. This is a cool trick because when you use it, you never get a person’s name wrong when replying to them.”
applescript  mac  osx  macos  macsparky  2019 
3 days ago
Transparency - All this
Pro tip: Aqua Dark Blue is apparently RGB(61, 101, 156). (via the asterisk next to “Aqua Dark Blue”).

“I can get rid of the ersatz transparency by checking the ‘Increase contrast’ box in the Accessibility System Preference, but that also adds thicker border lines around windows and buttons, which I’d rather not have.”
drdrang  mac  leancrew  2019  macos  osx  transparency  mojave 
3 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - Flickr Moving Away From Yahoo Logins
“In preparation for launching our new login system, we’re beginning the rollout today of the new Flickr login page. This will take some time, so hang tight if you don’t see it immediately – it’s coming!

“For now, the login page will still forward you over to Yahoo, where you’ll continue to use the same credentials as always to sign into your Flickr account. The next step in the process will take a few weeks – we’ll let each member know when it’s time to choose the email address and password you’ll use to log in to Flickr.”
flickr  mjtsai  yahoo  2019 
3 days ago
Amazon Buys Eero — Why People are SO ANGRY - YouTube
Some mesh WiFi Eero alternatives mentioned by Rene Ritchie:

• Linksys Velop
• Ubiquity Amplifi
• Netgear Orbi

(alternatives mentioned at 5m:57s)
wifi  mesh  networking  2019  reneritchie  youtube  eero  alternatives  netgear  linksys  ubiquity 
3 days ago
Period syncing myth debunked | FIGO
“Menstrual cycles do not actually sync up between women who spend a lot of time together, new research has found.”
syncing  myths  periods  menstruation  2019  science 
3 days ago
Brett's Favorites 2018 - BrettTerpstra.com
“And along the same lines as TapMeasure, [magicplan] lets you build floorplans by quickly scanning the corners of rooms and attaching them together. Want to measure the square footage of your entire house? Get this one.”
brettterpstra  recommendations  software  ios  measuring  house  ar  2019 
4 days ago
KeyBindings - BrettTerpstra.com
“DefaultKeyBinding.dict file (~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict) for Mac OS X, created by Brett Terpstra and based heavily on work done by Lri. Please note that these bindings won’t work in all applications: TextWrangler and TextMate, for example, override these with their own settings.”
brettterpstra  2019  keyboard  shortcuts  mac  osx  macos 
4 days ago
macOS dialog shortcut keys - BrettTerpstra.com
“Don’t Save
“Just like it has been for as long as I can remember, if the ‘Do you want to save…’ dialog’s button reads ‘Don’t Save,’ ⌘D will choose that option directly.

“In most dialogs you can use Escape to cancel, but not always. More reliably, you can trigger the ‘Cancel’ button with ⌘. (Command-period), which is also old school.


“When you close an unsaved document in apps that are set up as document based apps, instead of ‘Don’t Save,’ the dialog’s ignore button reads ‘Delete,’ indicating that if you choose not to save or cancel the action, the document will never be written to disk. The shortcut for that button is ⌘⌫ (Command-Delete).”
mac  macos  osx  brettterpstra  2019  shortcuts  dialogs  delete  cancel 
4 days ago
Remove Background from Image – remove.bg
(Brett Terpstra recommended this, saying—)
“This is a surprisingly effective free web app (with API) for removing backgrounds from images. Does an outstanding job with hair, the bane of manual background removal.”
(via: http://brettterpstra.com/2019/01/14/web-excursions-for-january-14-2019/)
background  images  removal  photography  via:brettterpstra  2019 
4 days ago
Bronx Pool Table – Vintage Industrial Furniture
As @stop put it, “This Bronx Pool Table doesn’t mess around. I’ll vouch for @VintageIndust’s craftsmanship. Their custom furniture and steel work is 💯.”
(via: https://twitter.com/stop/status/1095363993445658624)

(So perhaps these folks may be worth a look if you should need furniture? That said, their stuff really isn’t cheap. Like, even a side table is $2,500. So.)
furniture  via:stop  recommendations  2019  tables  desks 
4 days ago
Canon EOS RP: what we want to see | TechRadar
This post brings up some features that could be good to look out for on Canon’s EOS RP:
• hopefully has an AF joystick
• might not have a top-plate LCD (could be okay)
canon  canoneosrp  photography  rumors  2019  techradar 
4 days ago
ReiKey v1.4.0 👾 ⌨️ | Patrick Wardle on Patreon
“Mac Malware may install persistent keyboard ‘event taps’ to intercept your keystrokes 👾⌨️

“ReiKey is free open-source keylogger detector for macOS.

“Just released ReiKey version 1.4.0, which adds TouchBar support plus various improvements & bug fixes.”
(via: https://twitter.com/objective_see/status/1095091952289107968)
mac  software  macos  osx  keyboard  2019 
5 days ago
Steven Sinofsky on Twitter: "It is like a "DON'T CHECK ENGINE" light.… "
(On virus scanners that pop up a message to say that no viruses were found—)
“It is like a ‘DON’T CHECK ENGINE’ light.”
antivirus  phrasing  stevesi  twitter  2019 
5 days ago
Popular fonts - Text serif fonts
(Well, this is kinda neat!)
“The ten most popular text serif fonts, as selected by Identifont users over the past seven days.”
typefaces  serif  typefaceideas  identifont  2019 
5 days ago
How to tent and negatively tilt at the same time, using the EZ's tilt/tent kint? : ergodox
If you should need to set up an ErgoDox with negative tilt, the photos here may be worth a look.
ergodox  tilt  keyboards  ergonomics  2019  reddit 
5 days ago
Limiting Time for Light to be On : ifttt
“For example, you can actually split an IFTTT Applet into two and stick a Stringify timer between them.”
ifttt  stringify  2019  reddit  timers 
5 days ago
Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana on Twitter: "The best advice I got as I was leaving grad school was “the pace you set is the pace they will expect.” Take control of your work-life balance sooner in your career and you won’t have to readjust expectations or wo
“The best advice I got as I was leaving grad school was ‘the pace you set is the pace they will expect.’ Take control of your work-life balance sooner in your career and you won’t have to readjust expectations or worse be seen as ‘less productive’ as you choose life over work.”
work  productivity  zra_research  twitter  2019  burnout 
5 days ago
Beauty Under Capitalism
“Vote with your wallet when shopping for your beauty and self-care products using our lists. Give your money to independent business owners of color from marginalized genders.”

Their list of “definitely do not support” brands:
• Jeffree Star Cosmetics
• Kat Von D
• Kylie Cosmetics
• Lime Crime
• Medusa’s Makeup
makeup  brands  ethics  boycotts  canonical  2019 
5 days ago
The Grammar Geek on Twitter: "I often see sentences like this one: As a cinnamon lover, this Bundt cake looks delicious. No. The Bundt cake isn't a cinnamon lover. YOU are. Let's fix it: As a cinnamon lover, I think this Bundt cake looks delicious."
(If you should need an example of a dangling modifier, this is a pretty good example—)
“I often see sentences like this one:
“As a cinnamon lover, this Bundt cake looks delicious.

“No. The Bundt cake isn’t a cinnamon lover. YOU are. Let’s fix it:
“As a cinnamon lover, I think this Bundt cake looks delicious.”

@DeAnnaBurghart also offers this fix:
“‘(Speaking) as a cinnamon lover, this Bundt cake looks delicious.’ But that doesn’t work as well in writing.”
The_GrammarGeek  twitter  2019  grammar  dangling  modifiers  danglingmodifiers  bundt  cake  DeAnnaBurghart 
5 days ago
New York City & Stop-and-Frisk: Crime Decline Shows Conservatives Were Wrong | National Review
“Today in New York City, use of stop-and-frisk, which the department justified via the 1968 Terry v. Ohio Supreme Court ruling, has crashed. Yet the statistics are clear: Crime is lower than ever. It’s possible that crime would be even lower had stop-and-frisk been retained, but that’s moving the goalposts. I and others argued that crime would rise. Instead, it fell. We were wrong.”
nationalreview  politics  2019 
6 days ago
The real story behind Shinola Detroit - Business Insider
On Shinola’s “Made in the USA” shenanigans: “In order for a product to be claimed to be "made in the US," it must be assembled in the US from ‘all or virtually all’ American parts. Shinola's slogan attempted to avoid this FTC requirement, and the company is not secretive about using foreign parts for the products assembled in the Motor City while listing all part sources on its website.

“The FTC saw a potentially misleading difference between a ‘made in the US’ claim, which the FTC polices, and Shinola's ‘Built in Detroit.’ The company is now implementing a remedial action plan.”
shinola  usa  madeintheusa  ftc  2016 
7 days ago
Keep attempting reconnection to wireless network - Mac OS X Hints
This post touches a bit more on JoinMode and such for WiFi on macOS.
wifi  joinmode  mac  macos  osx  2019 
7 days ago
Mac OS X WIFI advanced settings · GitHub
This Gist has some potential ready-to-go setting for WiFi, such as JoinMode and the like.
mac  macos  joinmode  wifi  osx  2019  gists 
7 days ago
How to enable faster WiFi Roaming with Mac OS X & Airport base stations - Ask Different
On telling macOS to automatically join the strongest WiFi network:
“You can change the system preferences for JoinMode and JoinModeFallback to be the following:”
(via: https://reddit.com/r/eero/comments/aom1ut/5x_speed_increase_on_macbook_pro_with_a_terminal/)
mac  macos  osx  wifi  stackexchange  2019 
7 days ago
The Debate Over Startups and Tipping Could Be Just Heating Up - Bloomberg
“Here’s what happened: Instacart guaranteed its workers $10 per delivery, but only made them whole after accounting for customers’ tips. DoorDash had a similar policy.

“The effect was that the more people tipped, the less the companies had to pay out. So customers who thought they were helping to supplement a delivery worker’s meager income were actually just tossing some extra money to their favorite startups’ corporate coffers. That surely helped the cash-bleeding companies’ bottom lines, but drivers protested, urging people to only tip in cash.”
doordash  instacart  amazon  tipping  2019 
7 days ago
What's The Difference Between USB 3.1 Gen 1 And USB 3.1 Gen 2? | Tom’s Hardware
“The difference between USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB Gen 2 is as simple as this: Gen 1 offers 5Gbps speeds, whereas Gen 2 offers 10Gbps. Seriously, that’s it.

“To help clarify the two different speeds of USB 3.1 and the various other protocols that can run over USB connectors (eg, Type-A and Type-C), the group created terminology and visual branding. For example, USB 3.1 Gen 1 is ‘SuperSpeed USB,’ and USB 3.1 Gen 2 is ‘SuperSpeed USB+.’

“The industry never really picked up on the nomenclature and branding, so everyone just calls them ‘USB 3.1 Gen 1’ and ‘USB 3.1 Gen 2.’ Often, OEMs will add the speeds (5Gbps and 10Gbps, respectively) to their spec tables as a handy reminder for consumers.”
usb  usb3.1  gen1  gen2  tomshardware  2019 
8 days ago
This Is Every Cool Restaurant’s Music Playlist - Eater
“Most major American cities have several restaurants that could be described as cool. Maybe it serves a shareable menu of eclectic bites; maybe it’s a concise tasting menu that manages to stay under $150; or maybe it’s the newest slightly French dinner spot; and maybe there’s even some quirky natural wines on the menu. Your parents would probably find it a bit too loud. Chances are, this is what’s playing on the speakers.

“Wait, is this Phoenix, who I haven’t actively listened to in at least five years? Yes!!! Hold on, is this that one TV on the Radio song I got _really_ into my second year in Brooklyn? It is! OMG is it the Biggie song I know all the words to? BELIEVE IT.

“Without further ado, here’s every cool restaurant’s playlist. If you see any songs missing, let me know on Twitter and if I, too, have eaten a $27 roasted cauliflower head while listening, I’ll add it to the playlist.”

(via: https://twitter.com/hillarydixler/status/1092815888699379715)
eater  music  spotify  playlists  2019  hillarydixler 
8 days ago
Cee-Lo Green: It isn't rape if the victim is unconscious | Music | The Guardian
“The singer Cee Lo Green has discussed a court case in which he pleaded no contest to supplying ecstasy to a woman in a series of tweets, including one that read: ‘People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!’”
ceelo  cee-lo  rape  2014  music  theguardian 
8 days ago
Matt May on Twitter: "Important note: "neurodiverse" and "neurotypical" (ND/NT) are not yet universal terms. Some ADHD people (like, say me) don't identify with it, and I know some autistic folx who object to applying ND to allistic (non-autistic) people.
“Important note: ‘neurodiverse’ and ‘neurotypical’ (ND/NT) are not yet universal terms. Some ADHD people (like, say me) don’t identify with it, and I know some autistic folx who object to applying ND to allistic (non-autistic) people.

“Key point is, as usual, ask how someone identifies before labeling them. Even better, remember the answer so you don’t have to ask over and over.”
ixd19  mattmay  twitter  2019  neurodiverse  neurotypical  neuroatypical 
8 days ago
Ashley Bischoff on Twitter: "Serious question: Is it appropriative for white people to use grammatical constructions or pronunciations from African American English? cc @languagejones @sociologyjones @R_A_Hancock #AAE"
(You had asked—)
“Serious question: Is it appropriative for white people to use grammatical constructions or pronunciations from African American English?”

(And from there, Language Jones replied:)
“I voted it depends, here is the elaboration: AAE is about Speech community, not melanin (or whatever biological markers we use to prop up the fiction of race). There are plenty of non-AA people who speak AAE, and whether it’s OK is about fluency, ‘nativeness,’ and acceptance by their speech community. What bothers me, and I think most other people who speak AAE; is when people who did not grow up speaking it, and who do not interact with the culture, attempt to adopt it as a fashion.

“But I’m very reluctant to say that (to use an example I know of) a white kid raised by working class black parents in North Philly doesn’t get to use the speech of her community and the only way of speaking she knows.

“However, if you’re asking if it is appropriative for a white speaker of a white dialect (because they grew up in white neighborhoods and went to white schools) to use it, then…probably? But it depends on how well they do it and in what context, and how it is received.

“If they’re participating in an AAE speech community, correctly (by the standards of that community), and it’s well received, then maybe it’s fine. But that’s a big risk for anyone who didn’t grow up with AAE.

“I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s up to the AAE Speech community, which is predominantly but not exclusively black, to decide based on actual circumstances, but it’s probably an unwise move for most white people to try to speak AAE if they didn’t grow up with it.”
languagejones  twitter  2019  aae  africanamericanenglish  aave 
8 days ago
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove on GOG.com
Oh, hey—it looks like Shovel Knight is available for macOS after all.
games  gog  mac  osx  macos  2019 
8 days ago
Jazz Jackrabbit Collection on GOG.com
Oh, hey—GOH has Jazz Jackrabbit for macOS.
games  gog  mac  osx  2019 
8 days ago
Andy Baio on Twitter: "I hate that there’s no real way to browse videos outside the app, and search is rough, and what’s with no timestamps anywhere?! But at least you can download, link, and embed videos you like? https://t.co/dcLM1BUegB… https://t
“I hate that there’s no real way to browse videos outside the app, and search is rough, and what’s with no timestamps anywhere?! But at least you can download, link, and embed videos you like?”
tiktok  waxpancake  twitter  2019 
9 days ago
Can orange juice be consumed past the “best by” date? | Shelf Life Advice
“Yes. If it has been stored unopened in the refrigerator, it will still be good 7-10 days past the ‘best by’ date. If opened before that date, the juice will be safe and tasty for 7 days after opening, if refrigerated. (Write the date you open it on the container.)”
orangejuice  food  expirationdates  2019 
9 days ago
PDF Markup Basics for Proofreaders & Copyeditors – Right Angels and Polo Bears
via @sciEditor: “The free Acrobat Reader has all the tools editors need to mark up corrections to page proofs, or anything else in PDF form. This demo shows how.”
(via: https://twitter.com/sciEditor/status/1093603376267436034)
via:sciEditor  editing  pdf  proofreading  2019  acrobat  acrobatreader 
9 days ago
what's the deal with the spike in insulin prices? : OutOfTheLoop
On the skyrocketing price of insulin:
“It’s caused by ‘Shadow Pricing’, mixed with a form of defacto collusion between the drug companies involved. AFAIK there are lawsuits trying to fix the situation.

“Here’s basically what’s happening: There’s an interplay between the retail price you buy insulin for -vs- the wholesale price that insurance companies will negotiate for. The people who do these negotiations are paid a commission based on the size of the saving they have negotiated, which unfortunately means that the higher the original retail price is: the greater the negotiator’s commission will be. Because these negotiators not only negotiate the price, but also end up recommending to the insurer WHICH insulin drug company they should go with - the drug companies figured out that they can influence the negotiator’s desision by raising their RETAIL prices - thus ensuring the negotiator will earn a bigger commission if he chooses their company.”
insulin  reddit  2019 
9 days ago
Sally Kuchar 📚💄🌴 on Twitter: "TikTok is an app. It's very similar to Vine. Folks use it to create and share short videos that are hilarious and often hard to understand unless you are familiar with the meme. I'll try my best to explain my favs. I
“TikTok is an app. It’s very similar to Vine. Folks use it to create and share short videos that are hilarious and often hard to understand unless you are familiar with the meme. I’ll try my best to explain my favs. In the meantime, download the app because it’s so good.”
tiktok  vine  apps  software  sallykuchar  twitter  2019 
9 days ago
What Are the Dangers of Out of Date Orange Juice? | Our Everyday Life
“The best-by date on orange juice indicates quality, not safety. If your orange juice is stored in the refrigerator unopened, you can safely go up to seven days beyond the expiration date with no ill effects.

“However, you should drink opened orange juice within seven days of opening it, regardless of the expiration date.”
oureverydaylife  2019  juice  food  expirationdates 
9 days ago
Mike Pope on Twitter: "I once saw a transcription "aont no" that seems like it captures the sound qualities of how I say it (ah-oh-nt, all glided together as one syllable). I guess there's a nasal quality, but that's inherent in the N anyway (?)… https:
(On describing the “I don’t knows” sound—)
“I once saw a transcription ‘aont no’ that seems like it captures the sound qualities of how I say it (ah-oh-nt, all glided together as one syllable). I guess there’s a nasal quality, but that’s inherent in the N anyway (?)”
idontknow  mikepope  twitter  2019 
9 days ago
Jonathan Pritchard on Twitter: "“Rosalind Franklin” is a respectable name with a sensible connection to the mission, but can we all agree now that this is the rover’s short name is “Franklin” not “Rosalind”?… https://t.co/K3mCWQ3v9O"
“‘Rosalind Franklin’ is a respectable name with a sensible connection to the mission, but can we all agree now that this is the rover’s short name is ‘Franklin’ not ‘Rosalind’?”

“Or else rename ESA satellites XMM-Newton and Planck as XMM-Isaac and Max. Because there are serious issues with using male surnames but female forenames for space missions.”
franklin  rosalind  jr_pritchard  twitter  2019  rover  space  nasa 
9 days ago
people call me "young lady" when I'm clearly not — Ask a Manager
“An alternative would be to just say, ‘What an odd way to refer to a grown woman.’ That kind of response — said kindly, not meanly — might get someone to think about what they’re really saying.”
askamanager  young  patriarchy  phrasing  2019 
9 days ago
Federico Viticci on Twitter: "Finally, in the article I explore the idea of “mixed automation” – combining Shortcuts on iOS with AppleScript, shell, @keyboardmaestro, and other apps on macOS. Make sure to read the details and watch the podcast setup
“Finally, in the article I explore the idea of ‘mixed automation’ – combining Shortcuts on iOS with AppleScript, shell, @keyboardmaestro, and other apps on macOS.

“Make sure to read the details and watch the podcast setup video on Page 2.”
mac  osx  viticci  twitter  2019  automation  macstories  keybaordmaestro 
9 days ago
The Home Depot Canvas Work Apron-HD324655 - The Home Depot
Oh, hey it looks like Home Depot’s canvas work aprons (with pockets) are available to the public. Neat.
(via: https://twitter.com/BodyByEstrogen/status/1093404569558757376)
homedepot  2019  pockets  crafts  aprons  via:BodyByEstrogen 
9 days ago
Supplements/Vitamins for Restless Leg Syndrome | ConsumerLab.com
“People with deficient or low blood levels of iron are also more likely to experience RLS. As discussed in more detail in the ‘What It Does’ section of the Iron Supplements Review, a study found that taking a combination of high-dose iron and vitamin C (which helps to increase iron absorption) can decrease symptom severity in people whose blood levels of iron are low. However, it’s important to consult your physician before supplementing with iron for RLS.

“As discussed in the ‘What It Does’ section of the Magnesium Supplements Review, a preliminary study suggested that taking magnesium in the evening could be helpful for RLS; however, there have not been large, well-controlled studies investigating this treatment.

“Similarly, as discussed in the ‘What It Does’ section of the Potassium Supplements Review, one preliminary study suggested that potassium may help reduce the severity of RLS symptoms, but no well-controlled studies have been conducted to prove this.

“As discussed in our Encyclopedia article about Restless Legs Syndrome, there is very preliminary evidence that folate and vitamin E might be helpful.”
consumerlab  restless  restlesslegsyndrome  2019  sleep 
9 days ago
Efficacy of vitamins C, E, and their combination for treatment of restless legs syndrome in hemodialysis patients: a randomized, double-blind, plac... - PubMed - NCBI
“Vitamins C and E and their combination are safe and effective treatments for reducing the severity of RLS in hemodialysis patients over the short-term.”
nih  studies  health  restlessleg  restlesslegsyndrome  2012  sleep 
9 days ago
Painfully slow Time Machine backup. | MacRumors Forums
“So, I just found out about 2 Mac commands that seem to have made a pretty big difference:

“sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0


“sudo renice -n -20 -p #### (I had to use: ps -ax | grep TimeMachine to find the -p value)

“This has, after my system idles, taken my time machine backup from 18 hours (for 3.63GB) to 1-2 hours remaining. It starts counting up if I actually use the MacBook tho.”
timemachine  mac  osx  macos  backups  2019  forums  macrumors 
10 days ago
Ada Powers on Twitter: "ADHD is the most poorly-named affliction ever. like hi do you have a profound physical inability to accomplish your goals specifically because they're your goals and also the thought of your friends not liking you makes you want to
“ADHD is the most poorly-named affliction ever. like hi do you have a profound physical inability to accomplish your goals specifically because they’re your goals and also the thought of your friends not liking you makes you want to die? you may have Trouble Sitting Still Disorder.”
adhd  mspowahs  twitter  2019 
10 days ago
PSA: 2018 Macs with T2 chip unusable with external audio interfaces for some : apple
“However, being much more frequent, it renders these machines pretty much useless for any professional audio work when connected to some interfaces by manufacturers such as:
“-Native Instruments

“These are some of the largest names in the pro audio industry, with tens of thousands of interfaces used in the same number of studios around the world.”
reddit  imac  t2  audio  2019  usb 
10 days ago
Amazon.com: ProStretch "Blue" - The Original Calf Stretcher & Foot Rocker for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis & Tight Calf Pain (Slip Resistant Bottom): Complete Medical: Health & Personal Care
Dinah recommended this, saying, “Whenever we're getting cranky feet—plantar fasciitis related—we'll do it for 15 seconds on each foot. (We have the one-foot-at-a-time model.)
Sometimes it helps to repeat with knee bent a little to stretch heel/achilles area more.”

“So, super easy to do; just have to remember. :D”
(via: https://twitter.com/MetaGrrrl/status/1093268838286671872)
MetaGrrrl  amazon  restlesslegsyndrome  restlessleg  sleep  2019 
10 days ago
Dried Apricots | Bon Appetit
(Conclusion: Unsulphured dried apricots are the way to go.)
“There are two main varieties of dried apricots available: sulphured and unsulphured. Sulphured dried apricots, the most common, are preserved with sulphur dioxide, which not only extends the shelf life but also lightens the color and keeps the dried fruit soft. Unsulphured and organic fruit is darker and sweeter. Look for unsulphured dried apricots in natural foods stores.”
apricots  dried  sulfured  2019  potassium 
10 days ago
Why are some dried apricots orange in color, and others dark brown? - Quora
(Short version: unsulfured apricots are the good kind!)
“Dried apricots have actually 3 types:
“• Sulphured dried apricots (Orange color)
“• Natural dried apricots (Dark brown color)
“• Organic dried apricots (Dark brown color)

“Most common type of dried apricots are sulphur treated ones, which is applied before sun drying so it keeps the fresh color. The more you apply sulphur, dried apricots get brighter.  Treating apricots with sulphur increase the shelf life, while making it’s taste worse (in my own opinion).

“Sulphur usage rate on dried apricots for Europe Union countries are 2000 ppm and for United States it is limited to 3000 ppm (brighter).

“Many people don’t know about that, but if you just lay apricots under the sun for drying without sulphur, color will get dark.

“But dark color doesn’t mean that product is organic. Dried apricots can still contain pesticides or any other preservatives without sulphur. So we call this product ‘Natural dried apricot’.

“If this product does not contain any pesticides or preservatives / additives and also certified by authorized organizations, then it is ‘Organic dried apricot’.

“Natural and Organic Dried Apricots are sweeter and have better taste because you don’t get the sulphur taste.”
apricots  sulfur  2016  potassium 
10 days ago
Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera: leaked specifications and pictures - Photo Rumors
“Some additional specifications and the first leaked pictures of the upcoming Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless camera:

“• 26.2 Million Pixels Full-Frame Sensor
“• Dual pixel CMOS AF
“• DIGIC 8
“• Continuous shooting performance: 5 frames / sec
“• ISO sensitivity: 100 to 40000 (equivalent to extended ISO: 50, 51200, 102400)
“• Organic EL EVF
“• 3.0 type touch panel variable angle liquid crystal
“• Dual Sensing IS”
canon  rumors  photography  mirrorless  2019 
10 days ago
Foods high in magnesium: Options and benefits
“Phytic acid, the storage form of phosphorus in seeds, nuts, beans, legumes, and grains can bind to magnesium in the GI tract, making it less available to our bodies. To reduce the anti-nutrient effects of phytic acids in foods, try the following:

“• Soak, sprout, ferment, and cook plant foods
“• Eat vitamin C rich foods with meals containing phytic acid
“• Use vinegar in salad dressing and cooking to enhance mineral absorption and offset phytic acid”
health  magnesium  restlessleg  rls  restlesslegsyndrome  2019 
10 days ago
Kirkville - How to Use Time Machine Server in macOS High Sierra
“Some Mac users have long run Mac OS X Server on a computer in their household to use as a file sharing repository, and to centralized backups of other Macs. The Server software had a Time Machine server feature, which allowed you to designate a folder that other Macs could select to store Time Machine backups. This is especially useful if you have laptops that you don’t often connect to hard drives to back up; Time Machine can do this automatically, in the background, even at night.

“With macOS High Sierra, this feature is built into the operating system, and you no longer need to install and manage Server to use it. Here’s how.”
mac  osx  macos  timemachine  backups  2017  kirkville 
10 days ago
Reduce backup frequency with TimeMachineEditor - Six Colors
“The solution I use to solve this problem is the free TimeMachineEditor by tclementdev (donation requested), which turns off Time Machine’s automatic scheduling and instead provides its own scheduling system that kicks off a normal Time Machine backup when appropriate. It’s a very simple tool, with three modes of operation: back up when inactive, back up on a regular timed interval, or back up at various times you define. There’s also an override to block out time when backups should never be done.”
2018  sixcolors  timemachine  backup  mac  osx  macos  software 
10 days ago
“TimeMachineEditor is a software for macOS that lets you change the default one-hour backup interval of Time Machine. You can change the interval or create a more sophisticated scheduling (see screenshots below).

“This is useful if you don’t need to backup every hour and don’t want the performance penalty. This is also especially useful if you manipulate lots of data within one hour as you would spend the whole day backing up.”
mac  backup  timemachine  2019  software  osx  macos 
10 days ago
How to write brand names - Emphasis
(This is a pretty good write-up on how to handle capitalization of brand names:)
“However, some companies would have us write their names all in capital letters, even if they don’t actually stand for anything. For example, ASDA (a portmanteau of Asquith and Dairies), ASUS, GIGABYTE and UNISON, all of which are pronounced as words, not letters. Of course, they like this format because it makes them stand out. But unless you’re writing something with the aim of actively promoting that brand, there’s no reason why the brand name should stand out more than the other words in the document, which are equally important.

“Verdict: Asda, Asus, Gigabyte and Unison. As a general rule, if you can pronounce it as a word, only capitalise the first letter. If you pronounce every letter, capitalise them all.”
brands  trademarks  capitalization  editing  2019 
10 days ago
Swordfish90/cool-retro-term: A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...
“cool-retro-term is a terminal emulator which mimics the look and feel of the old cathode tube screens.”
opensource  github  retro  terminal  shell  2019  software  mac  macos  osx  linux 
10 days ago
Phono-semantic matching - Wikipedia
“Phono-semantic matching (PSM) is the incorporation of a word into one language from another, often creating a neologism, where the word’s non-native quality is hidden by replacing it with phonetically and semantically similar words or roots from the adopting language. Thus, the approximate sound and meaning of the original expression in the source language are preserved, though the new expression (the PSM) in the target language may sound native.


“A few PSMs exist in English, based on French loanwords; the mispronunciation of chaise longue as ‘chase-lounge’ is a familiar example. The French word choupique, itself an adaptation of the Choctaw name for the bowfin, has likewise been Anglicized as ‘shoepike’,[16] although it is unrelated to the pikes. The French name for the Osage orange, bois d’arc (lit. ‘bow-wood’), is sometimes rendered as ‘bowdark’.”

(via: https://twitter.com/4ndyman/status/1093195302427938816)
language  wikipedia  words  via:4ndyman  2019 
10 days ago
Treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) | The Johns Hopkins Center for Restless Legs Syndrome
(On treating restless-leg syndrome with iron—)
“A recent study has shown that giving oral iron more than once a day or at a dose greater than 85 mg per day does not necessary lead to a greater increase in absorbable iron. Oral iron equivalent to 65-85 mg of elemental iron will be best absorbed if given once a day.  It should NOT be given with solid or liquid food/dietary supplements or with milk.  It should be given on an empty stomach an hour before eating or two hours after eating along with 100-200 mg of vitamin C.”
iron  hopkinsmedicine  2019  health  restless  restlessleg  restlesslegsyndrome  sleep  canonical 
10 days ago
Lenore DiTrani on Twitter: "My mum has it. She takes magnesium supplements and, in the last couple of years, her physician added pregabalin (Lyrica). It works well for her.… https://t.co/FzQi1pVXPq"
(On dealing with restless-leg syndrome—)
“My mum has it. She takes magnesium supplements and, in the last couple of years, her physician added pregabalin (Lyrica). It works well for her.”
sleep  rls  restlesslegs  restlesslegsyndrome  LenDiTrani  twitter  2019  health 
10 days ago
Mod-Tap keys register as tap when used too fast · Issue #2278 · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
(On some QMK parameters related to mod_tap:)
“I have been adding unit tests for the tapping system and `PERMISSIVE_HOLD` should do what you want, as long as you don't have `IGNORE_MOD_TAP_INTERRUPT` defined. You can add a `#undef IGNORE_MOD_TAP_INTERRUPT` to you `config.h` file to make sure. Some keyboards define that by default.

“From my tests, the options mean the following

* `PERMISSIVE_HOLD` = Always the modified output
* `IGNORE_MOD_TAP_INTERRUPT` = Always both keys, unless you hold both keys for at least `TAPPING_TERM`
* `PERMISSIVE_HOLD + IGNORE_MOD_TAP_INTERRUPT` = Modified output if the other key is released before the tap key, or if both keys are held longer than `TAPPING_TERM`. So both keys are output when releasing the tap key before the other key and held less than `TAPPING_TERM`”
qmk  modtap  2017  keyboards 
10 days ago
macos - OS X 10.11.3 Update, keyboard lagging - Ask Different
(On debugging typing lag—)
“I would try to disable some keyboard-related applications, if you have any. Such as:

“• Karabiner
“• Text Expander (I had one as extension for Google Chrome =)
“• Punto Swither

“I have just got rid of the keyboard lags on my system by uninstalling all of these (it could be only one of them that caused the issue, but I’ve shot all three).”
typing  lag  osx  mac  macos  2017 
10 days ago
Too many dogs today, so here are munchkin cats. I want one! : cats
“I did some cursory online research but it seems like there is no evidence that munchkin cats have any more health problems than cats with normal length legs.

“Obviously these aren’t peer-reviewed scientific sources and could very well be biased, but all the top hits on Google agreed that munchkins don’t have issues. It did say that crossing two munchkins cats is a no-no, but you can get the trait by breeding one munchkin with one normal cat and you will get about a quarter with the munchkin trait and no higher incidence of health problems.

“Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munchkin_cat
“Source 2 http://www.critters360.com/index.php/munchkin-health-problems-lordosis-short-legged-cats-munchkin-breed-cat-health-16878/
“Source 3 http://www.munchkin.net/faq.html”


Also, in reply to a commenter who said, “This makes me so sad,” someone replied,
“You may be happy to realize that it's false. Munchkinism (for lack of a better term off-hand) is a dominant trait, inbreeding is not only not recommended, it's a big no-no. If you go Munchkin-Something Else, you'll get 25% Munchkins in the litter, and they don't have the vast issues that plague dachshunds because of the different bone-structures. Going Munchkin-Munchkin will give only slightly more than 25% Munchkin with many dead, so it's just not done by ethical breeders.”
cats  munchkin  2017  reddit 
10 days ago
Nope, totally not trying to sneak up on you : Eyebleach
“I draw the line when a mutation makes the animal live in pain or uncomfortable since they’re born until they die.

“This cat race apparently isn’t constantly in pain or uncomfortable for having short legs. Yes they’d be troubled if they were wild animals but fortunately they’re pets that don’t need hunting or to run away from predators.”
pugs  animals  cats  munchkin  2017  reddit 
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