Singular or Plural Verbs with 'One of The' | Grammar Girl
“In this sentence, the verb you’re considering is inside a relative clause—‘that have made a mark in my life.’ It’s called relative clauses because it begins with one of the relative pronouns: ‘that.’ ‘that have made a mark in my life.” And in a sentence like this, you don’t ignore the prepositional phrase because as Garner’s Modern English usage puts it, ‘that’ is the subject of the relative clause, and it takes its number from the plural noun to which it refers. In this case, that word is “novels,” so you use a plural verb: ‘one of the novels that have made a mark.’”
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16 hours ago
Does WebCORE run locally yet or is it still cloud-based execution? : SmartThings
Just as a side thing—it looks like webCoRE runs in the cloud (rather than locally), so that’s good.
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17 hours ago
FAQ - Things That Are Smart Wiki
This post goes over how you can check which SmartThings apps and devices are running locally (as opposed to running in the cloud).
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18 hours ago
The 5 Best Noise Reduction Earmuffs Review - NoisyWorld
(This is *great*.)
“I this post, I am going to review and rank the best noise cancelling earmuffs I have been able to find.

“I have owned and used all earmuffs in this review.

“I am also going to shed some light on what noise reduction numbers you should insist on when deciding which pair is right for you.

“The top 5 muffs in this article are excellent hearing protectors and are being sold as such.”
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Brian P. Hogan on Twitter: "I’ve hired a few people in my time. I’ve never been disappointed by hiring someone who is less technical but is a great human who cares for others. I can teach tech pretty easily. But boy have I seen people who are strong t
“I’ve hired a few people in my time.

“I’ve never been disappointed by hiring someone who is less technical but is a great human who cares for others.

“I can teach tech pretty easily.

“But boy have I seen people who are strong technical people with toxic attitudes destroy a team.”
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19 hours ago
Teisha Baker (Zablan) :) on Instagram: “A semi-colon is used when a writer could’ve chosen to end a sentence, but chose not to. I’ve wanted a semi-colon tattoo for a while now…”
“Just saw a cool version of the semicolon tattoo on Instagram. It was turned into a dog by adding ears (and the tail, obviously, works as the tail). Don’t see her on Twitter and it doesn’t feel like a pic for a stranger to share but you can find it here.”

(via: https://twitter.com/PurplePenning/status/1173428067013935104)
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Susan Arendt on Twitter: "“I have no filter” is something assholes say to make themselves feel better about being assholes." / Twitter
“‘I have no filter’ is something assholes say to make themselves feel better about being assholes.”
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Bronco | Battlebots Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
This site actually has heaps of good info about Battlebots bots!
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» Double-Up® Safety Kit
Oh, hey—it looks like this may be one option for earmuffs for concerts (such as for doubling-up with earplugs).

For what it’s worth, Wirecutter had this to say about Mack’s earplugs:
“Mack’s Hear Plugs didn’t seal for our panelists with larger ear canals, but the panelists with medium- and smaller-size ear canals found that the material made this pair the most comfortable to wear of all the pine-tree-shaped earplugs. However, low notes lacked clarity and almost sounded as though they reverberated in our ear canal, and even with the pull tabs, these were tricky to remove from our ears.”
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Eargasm Aviation Earplugs - Reduce Ear Pain During Air Travel!
(Oh, these look like they might come in handy.)
“INSTANTLY REDUCE EAR PAIN from pressure changes during take off and landing. Our
innovative membrane embedded inside the earplug slows the process of pressure change inside the ear canal and helps to prevent ear aches.”
earplugs  2019  travel  planes 
Robert Maguire on Twitter: "Everything's terrible, so here's a birb living his best life (Sound on)… "
(This is pretty great for cheering up.)

“Everything's terrible, so here's a birb living his best life (Sound on)”
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Film Crit Hulk on Twitter: "When most people are feeling down or off, they ask for animal pictures. For some reason it doesn't do the trick for me, no matter how floofy the doggo. So send me things that always make you laugh."
(The replies to this are pretty great.)

“When most people are feeling down or off, they ask for animal pictures. For some reason it doesn't do the trick for me, no matter how floofy the doggo.

“So send me things that always make you laugh.”
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What has focus?
This bookmarklet outputs the currently focused element to the Javascript console. (This is *very nice*!)

(via: https://www.digitala11y.com/accessibility-bookmarklets-testing/)
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Conjugation fix | Conjugate verb fix | Reverso Conjugator English
Oh, wow! This is a super handy site for conjugating verbs, such as for the present tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense, future tense, and so on.
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3 days ago
Titles: Capitalization and Alterations – Editing and Indexing.com
This is a fairly detailed comparison of AP’s and Chicago’s hyphenation styles, but the layout here isn’t the easiest for beginners to follow along with.
capitalization  ap  chicago  editing  2019 
3 days ago
Test of USB YZXStudio ZY1273
This YZXStudio USB meter looks like it might be promising? The price seems to be reasonable, and as long as the boot time isn’t too bad, this could be a good one to get.

And as for its processor:
“The circuit is fairly simple, it has a microprocessor (32F030F4P6), a FRAM (FM24CL168G), two high resolution adc converters (CAT5), a voltage regulator and the current sense resistor (DALE R012). The microprocessor has an external 12MHz crystal, this makes timekeeping precise.”
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3 days ago
Jeff Atwood on Twitter: "I will never understand the desire to "unionize" in tech. Why should rich people unionize? So they can get .. uh.. even more money?"
“I will never understand the desire to ‘unionize’ in tech. Why should rich people unionize? So they can get .. uh.. even more money?”
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4 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - Longtime Finder Alias Keyboard Shortcuts Now Mutate Photos
“The biggest problem with the change is not that command-R no longer reveals but that it rotates photos without any real feedback. I’ve got a ton of rotated photos now. Fuck whoever made this change, and especially didn’t put it in the menu bar so it could be disabled.”
finder  rotate  photos  keyboard  keyboardshortcuts  2019 
5 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - How to Flip an App for Profit
“Background used to be a good app. You can tell from its early reviews that its users genuinely enjoyed browsing and making use of its hand-curated selection of iPhone wallpapers. In fact, its reviews are generally positive up until late June, when an update began causing some issues. From that point on it becomes clear that Background is no longer owned or updated by its original developer. It’s been flipped.


“The gold standard seems to be a 3-day trial that moves into a $9.99/week subscription, but there’s flexibility here, depending on precisely how evil you want to be. Make sure to hide these new payment options from your pre-acquisition users. After all, you don’t want them updating their glowing past reviews. Oh, and for those new users you’re about to acquire? Make sure it’s darn near impossible for them to find the ‘x’ to close your subscription view (or, for fun, make it completely nonfunctional!).”
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5 days ago
iOS: Forcing iCloud Contacts & Calendars to Sync – The Mac Observer
“1. To refresh your iCloud calendars, here’s what you’ll do. Open the Calendar app on your iOS device, and then touch the “Calendars” button at the bottom.

“2. When you get to your calendars, drag down on the list and release. You should see a small icon appear at the top which’ll spin for a moment or two (if it disappears immediately, be sure you’re dragging down far enough).”
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5 days ago
FAQ Item
This is Chicago’s FAQ item about commas with “too.”
commas  too  cmos  2019 
6 days ago
Nicole Cliffe on Twitter: "A note on when companies offer or switch to offering “unlimited time off”!" / Twitter
(Nicole Cliffe on the perils of “unlimited vacation”:)

“A note on when companies offer or switch to offering ‘unlimited time off’!

“This is a tool very very commonly used to avoid letting employees save unused PTO days which in some states they can cash out when leaving a job, as part of their compensation.

“‘Unlimited’ PTO is worthless in the sense of having zero worth. Your boss can still choose to approve very little of it, and there’s no indication that people take MORE of it than at companies where you have, say, a specific amount of it allotted to you.

“Silicon Valley is notorious for offering ‘unlimited’ PTO, because California state law requires that ACTUAL PTO be paid out in cash in your last paycheck: https://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/faq_vacation.htm

“This is not to say that unlimited PTO policies are always bad! This is to say you should look at your state’s laws and see if your company is trying to look generous while actually avoiding keeping a tangible liability on their books.

“My very strong advice is that if your company switches to unlimited PTO and tries to disappear time you have previously banked, DEFINITELY check your state laws to see if they have to pay you out. In California, once earned, it’s yours, but companies may not volunteer that!

“Short form: no one loves you and it’s all a shell game, get yours.

“Oh, and depending on your job and location, even if your company which has switched to unlimited is NOT legally required to make you whole for your previously banked PTO, you MAY be able to negotiate for all or some of it.

“Because it’s a real fuck-you to the employees and can cost them more money in sudden turnover.

“If I were God Emperor of Dune, all high school students would take a six hour seminar on basic employment law in order to learn what very, very few rights they possess in the workplace AND how and when to seek redress when they are violated.

“Note that the fact that California has Better employment laws is not an unqualified win in and of itself: lots of companies avoid having CA offices/explicitly won’t hire remote employees who are California-based, which is very much legal.”
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6 days ago
Employee Rights | NLRB | Public Website
This page offers a pretty good recap of employee rights in the US:

“Employees have the right to attempt to form a union where none currently exists, or to decertify a union that has lost the support of employees.”


“A few examples of protected concerted activities are:

“• Two or more employees addressing their employer about improving their pay.
“• Two or more employees discussing work-related issues beyond pay, such as safety concerns, with each other.
“• An employee speaking to an employer on behalf of one or more co-workers about improving workplace conditions.”
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6 days ago
Nicole Cliffe on Twitter: "Pro-tip: if you get fired and apply for unemployment and it's rejected, please know that it only means your company auto-rejected it, which the unemployment people just go along with, and you are quite likely to get it on appeal
“Pro-tip: if you get fired and apply for unemployment and it’s rejected, please know that it only means your company auto-rejected it, which the unemployment people just go along with, and you are quite likely to get it on appeal.

“Like insurance companies, they know that rejecting every claim the 1st time ensures a certain number of people will just give up/go away. But the appeals process is when you can drag out why you’re eligible (just being mediocre at your job/being fired does not disqualify you.)

“Now, you may NOT be eligible (gross misconduct, haven’t worked there long enough, etc.) but mostly if you work for a company and get fired and didn’t torch the place, you’re entitled to UI and you should get it.

“But yes, the initial decline means ONLY that your company said you’re not eligible, there has been no investigation by the unemployment insurance people. That will not start until you actually appeal.

“(YMMV based on your location, obviously, but never ever accept the first refusal of your unemployment insurance claim.)

“Also, your right to discuss working conditions and your own pay without consequences or retaliation (NO MATTER WHAT THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK SAYS) is one of the few absolute goodnesses of American employment law, and most of you are eligible.

“These are your rights (I got told off by my boss for discussing a raise I got at a party not on work premises, which, in retrospect, was bullshit and if I had gotten fired or demoted over it, illegal): https://www.nlrb.gov/rights-we-protect/rights/employee-rights”
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6 days ago
Bill Burr On Dave Chappelle And The Charged Climate Of Stand-Up Comedy
Hmm. It looks like Bill Burr might be a bit borderline these days?
comedians  comedy  forbes  billburr  2019 
6 days ago
ZigBee vs. Z-Wave: Choosing Between Two Big Smarthome Standards
via: @randileeharper: “If you’re curious about the differences between Z-Wave and Zigbee (or wonder what i’m even talking about), this is a nice article about it.”

(via: https://twitter.com/randileeharper/status/1141430511052525568)
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6 days ago
needlessly obscenity-laced on Twitter: "@handcoding i mostly use zooz and smartthings outlets when i need power monitoring. zooz is zwave and kinda chatty, but their double plugs are solid. smartthings is a bit spendier, zigbee, but very reliable." / Twit
// So you had asked Randi Lee Harper about her setup for automagically sensing when one’s phone is being charged:

“Out of curiosity, can I ask which smart plug you use to automagically check whether your phone is charging?

“That sounds like a pretty clever setup, and I’m tempted to try something like that myself.”


// And @randileeharper replied saying:

“Any smart plug that does power monitoring will work! You have to determine how much power your charger pulls (I use a Qi charger) when it’s idle & how much it pulls when charging (varies, so a range)

“I mostly use Zooz and SmartThings outlets when I need power monitoring. Zooz is Z-Wave and kinda chatty, but their double plugs are solid. SmartThings is a bit spendier, Zigbee, but very reliable.”

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6 days ago
socialist dog facts on Twitter: "when you think your dog is barking at nothing he's actually barking at capitalism"
via @SocDogFacts: “when you think your dog is barking at nothing he's actually barking at capitalism”
capitalism  twitter  dogs  2019 
7 days ago
Sept 20: More than 900 Amazon employees pledge to walk out over climate inaction / Boing Boing
“More than 900 Amazon employees have pledged to walk off the job at 11:30PST on Sept 20 to protest the company’s inaction on climate change as part of Greta Thunberg’s Global Climate Strike: they are demanding an end to donations to climate-denying politicians and PACs; kicking oil and gas companies off of Amazon’s platforms; and for Amazon to be zero emissions by 2030.”
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7 days ago
MacOS Mojave broke simulate keystroke (ctrl + arrow) - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
(Apparently simulated keys don’t work in Mojave if it’s a keyboard shortcut of an existing app and the shortcut include arrows or function keys.)

“Yes, simulated keys that are hot keys of the system or other applications, that use arrows or function keys apparently don’t trigger the hot keys in Mojave.

“I have reported this to Apple (and done all the hard work of providing them with a test application). No idea if they will resolve it, for all I know they think this is a security feature.”
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7 days ago
How to Find Almost Anything on YouTube
“As on Google, you can add search operators to your YouTube queries, though they’re not widely advertised. For example, your keywords are normally matched against the title, tags, and description, but if you put ‘intitle:’ in front of them, YouTube only returns matches from the video title.”
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8 days ago
Plugable HDMI Switch with USB-C - YouTube
Oh, hey—it looks like Plugable has an HDMI switcher. Nice.
hdmi  plugable  youtube  videos  2019  switches 
8 days ago
Xnip | Handy Screenshot App for Mac
MacRumors’ YouTube channel recommended this app for taking screenshots and annotating them.

(via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOnIec0sJx0)
2019  mac  macos  osx  software  screenshots  recommendations 
8 days ago
Top Ten Legal Drugs Linked to Violence | TIME.com
(There are a lot of SSRIs on this list.)

“A new study from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices published in the journal PloS One and based on data from the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System has identified 31 drugs that are disproportionately linked with reports of violent behavior towards others.”
drugs  medication  effexor  pristiq  2012  strattera  prozac 
8 days ago
BBAutoComplete: Mac Typing Enhancer
“BBAutoComplete adds word auto-completion to scriptable applications. You type the start of a word, press a key, and BBAutoComplete types the letters to complete the word. If BBAutoComplete guessed wrong, you can keep pressing the key to cycle through other possible completions. Other auto-completion utilities need to be taught the abbreviations and expansions that you use; BBAutoComplete avoids this hassle by automatically looking for expansions in the program’s open documents. This means that it always suggests completions that are relevant to your current task.”
autocomplete  mac  osx  software  2019 
9 days ago
I tried putting the function modifiers on the home keys, and liked it. : olkb
This post offers some potentially promising leads about how one could use QMK to place the modifiers on the home row.
qmk  reddit  modifiers  rsi  homerow  2019  shift 
9 days ago
Perfective done | Yale Grammatical Diversity Project: English in North America
“Perfective done, sometimes referred to as preverbal done or dǝn, is a verbal marker used in sentences such as the following:

“1)  a. I done lost my wallet!
“b. I told him you done changed.

“The use of done expresses that the action or state being described by the clause has come to an end (Green 2002). It may also convey an attitude of surprise or shock on the part of the speaker (Harris, in progress).”
aave  aae  perfective  done  2019  yale 
10 days ago
The grammar of urban African American Vernacular English [PDF]
(This paper offers a pretty good write-up of various AAVE constructions, like
3.1.1. Copula/auxiliary absence
3.1.2. Invariant be
3.1.3. Completive done
3.1.4. Sequential be done
3.1.5. Remote been
3.1.6. Simple past had + verb
3.1.7. Specialized auxiliaries

“Although the roots of contemporary African American Vernacular English (AAVE) were no doubt established in the rural South, its twentieth century development as a sociocultural variety is strongly associated with its use in non-Southern urban ar- eas. Descriptive studies of AAVE that helped launch the modern era of social dia- lectology concentrated on Northern metropolitan areas (Labov et al. 1968; Labov 1972; Wolfram 1969; Fasold 1972), and this urban focus has continued up to the present (Spears 1982; Baugh 1983; Rickford 1999; Dayton 1996; Labov 1998). A tradition of descriptive studies of rural Southern AAVE now complements the urban focus (Wolfram 1974; Wolfram and Thomas 2002; Bailey 2001; Bailey and Maynor 1985, 1987, 1989; Cukor-Avila 2001), but large metropolitan areas con- tinue to be at the center of many of the linguistic, social, and educational concerns attendant to AAVE.”
aave  aae  english  dialects  2019 
10 days ago
Phyllis Fagell, LCPC on Twitter: "Kindergarten teacher to class: “Does anyone have any questions?” 24 kids raise their hands. Kindergarten teacher: “A question is when you need more information. If you want to tell me something about yourself, there
“Kindergarten teacher to class: ‘Does anyone have any questions?’

“24 kids raise their hands.

“Kindergarten teacher: ‘A question is when you need more information. If you want to tell me something about yourself, there will be time for that later.’

“24 kids put their hands down.”
Pfagell  twitter  2019  conferences  questions 
11 days ago
HEROCLIP Medium Hanger Review | Pack Hacker
(This actually looks rather handy.)
“Part carabiner, part clip—the Heroclip is a great, versatile tool to bring with you while you travel. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up too much space in your bag, and can be used in a million different ways, from holding your pack off of a dirty floor to attaching your water bottle to your bag. Just make sure you choose the right size for your needs.”
clips  karabiners  2019  reviews  packhacker 
11 days ago
How to link notes together - Bear - Faq and support
“In Bear, you can create links between notes and even link to specific sections of a note. This is great for all kinds of projects, from creating a personal wiki to a table of contents for a book. Here is how this feature works.”

(to:dr — The main trick is that you can type “[[“ and then a few letters of the other note’s name to trigger Bear’s autocomplete list of matching note names.)
bear  bear1.7  apps  software  mac  ios  macos  osx  notes  2019 
11 days ago
Bear 1.7 is here with note Encryption, Bear Lock, Live Note Links, and more!
Among the new features in Bear 1.7:

“Live Note Links
“Bear has this great feature where you can link notes together. It’s great for organizing notes for a project, building a personal wiki or journal, and more.

“In Bear 1.7, note links will now update automatically if you change the title of a linked note. We now call these Live Note Links.

“More Special Searches
“Search is a powerful tool in Bear, and in 1.7 we’re expanding the array of Special Search operators available. Your searches can now include or exclude tags, focus on top-level tags (excluding nested tags), and more.

“Emoji Autocomplete
“Introducing Emoji Autocomplete. Now, anywhere in a note, type a colon (:) and a few letters, and Bear will suggest emoji for you. Try something like :laugh or :food or :work.”
bear  apps  ios  software  mac  macos  osx  2019  notes  emoji 
11 days ago
Copy Path of Finder Selection - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
This thread has a pretty handy ready-to-go AppleScript for grabbing the current selection in the Finder and copying its path (or paths) to the clipboard.
finder  keyboardmaestro  applescript  2015 
11 days ago
Flesch Formula for determining text readability? : grammar
This is that Reddit post where you offered that fairly detailed comment about the Flesch reading ease and Flesch-Kincaid grade level readability algorithms.
reddit  grammar  comments  flesch  kincaid  fleschkincaid  readability  canonical  2019 
11 days ago
Can anyone explain the usage of a possessive pronoun + verb -ing? : EnglishLearning
Your comment here offers a pretty good rundown of fused participles (in case you might need to refer to that again).
reddit  comments  2019  englishlearning  fused  fusedparticiples  participles  grammsr 
12 days ago
Air Sling
This sling doesn’t look too bad, actually. Maybe it could even be a contender for concertgoing?
slings  alpaka  concerts  2019 
12 days ago
Bellroy Coin Fold Review (Sleek and Durable) | Pack Hacker
If you should need a smallish wallet for travel or the like, this one actually looks pretty nice.
wallets  packhacker  2019  reviews 
13 days ago
Everyday Words for Public Health Communication
This isn’t a bad health-specific list of simpler alternatives to complex words.
cdc  plainlanguage  words  alternatives  pdf  2019 
13 days ago
ONA Savannah Camera Sling Bag Black - Sportique
This combination camera bag / purse actually looks pretty nice.

Some eensy downsides:
* Its leather look might actually be too fancy for your day-to-day look.
* It’s currently out of stock (as of September 2019).
purses  bags  photography  2019 
13 days ago
The Particle + Noun Compound - Forming Compound Words | Guide to Compound Types | Merriam-Webster
This post offers a pretty decent primer on how and when to hyphenate compound adjectives. (This might be good for passing along to beginners.)
hyphenation  beginners  2019  merriamwebster  adjectives  tutorials 
13 days ago
Matt Haughey 🔜 xoxo on Twitter: "🐶 If you could give a first-time dog owner one piece of advice, something you didn’t know on day 1 but only learned after years and years, what would it be?"
(This looks like it could be interesting to check on later.)

“If you could give a first-time dog owner one piece of advice, something you didn’t know on day 1 but only learned after years and years, what would it be?”
mathowie  dogs  twitter  2019 
13 days ago
TV manufacturers unite to tackle the scourge of motion smoothing - The Verge
“The UHD Alliance, a collection of companies who work together to define display standards, has announced Filmmaker Mode, a new TV setting that’s designed to show films as they were originally mastered, with as little post-processing as possible. Although the mode will affect multiple settings like frame rate, aspect ratio, overscanning, and noise reduction, its most important element is that it turns off motion smoothing, which creates that horrible “soap opera effect” that makes even the most expensive films look cheap. LG, Vizio, and Panasonic have all expressed an interest in including the new mode in their TVs.”
theverge  2019  movies  motionsmoothing 
14 days ago
qmk_firmware/users/spacebarracecar at master · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
“I'm using the US Ansi layout however I'm living in Germany which means that every PC here has its input language set to German. My goal was to create custom keycodes that emulate the US Keys so that I can plug my keyboards into any German PC and have them working without changing any settings.”
qmk  shuft  german  keyboards  2019  ansi 
14 days ago
B612 Mono — MN
(Well—this looks rather nice.)

“B612 is an highly legible open source font family, designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens. Its design makes it particularly suitable for degraded contexts (ensuring legibility and readability of data), with a positive effect on reducing visual fatigue and cognitive load. Particular attention was given to the uniformity of the typeface, whether being used for isolated terms, reading information on a map, mixing capital letters and numbers, waypoint lists, long or abbreviated texts, specific terms and data in the aeronautical field.”
monospaced  fonts  2019 
15 days ago
venus on Twitter: "my favorite trend is capitalists trying to describe socialism but just describing capitalism again “you don’t get the full value of your wages, it’s given to people who didn’t work for it” “there’s no individual choice, yo
“my favorite trend is capitalists trying to describe socialism but just describing capitalism again

“‘you don’t get the full value of your wages, it’s given to people who didn’t work for it’

“‘there’s no individual choice, you’re just forced to work for a powerful elite group’”
capitalism  socialism  socialistegirl  twitter  2019 
15 days ago
I am legally blind and have a hard time reading small text. Is there any browser that will give me full screen search results unlike Firefox & Chrome? : ipad
(Oh—this seems like a handy tip in case you might be considering giving Duck Duck Go a try:)
“Yep. And if you’re not satisfied with DDG’s results for a given search you can still search Google by prepending !g to your search terms. I find I rarely use Google search even that way at this point though.”
duckduckgo  reddit  2019  ipad  search 
15 days ago
Digital radio-controlled clock with hourly chime BIMBAM | TFA Dostmann
Okay, so here’s that pretty LCD clock that you were looking for earlier. Pleasantly, the video confirms that the colon doesn’t blink.

One unknown: Not sure if it supports 12-hour mode?
clocks  livingroom  lcd  2019 
16 days ago
TFA BimBam Hourly Chime Digital Alarm Wall or Table Clock White 32cm - Oh Clocks
This digital clock looks pretty in pictures, but who knows how easy it may be to find.
clocks  alarmclocks  tfa  2019 
16 days ago
Amazon’s Next-Day Delivery System Has Brought Chaos And Carnage To America’s Streets — But The World’s Biggest Retailer Has A System To Escape The Blame
“Deaths and devastating injuries. A litany of labor violations. Drivers forced to urinate in their vans. Here is how Amazon’s gigantic, decentralized, next-day delivery network brought chaos, exploitation, and danger to communities across America.”
amazon  bad  boycotts  2019  buzzfeed  buzzfeednews 
16 days ago
VPN Comparison by That One Privacy Guy
“I think the VPN comparison thing you were talking about is this insanely detailed table.”
(via: https://twitter.com/jakebathman/status/1167491802674421760)
vpn  networking  comparison  recommendations  2019 
17 days ago
Jonathon Owen on Twitter: "Here's the breakdown (quotes from https://t.co/w1U1tPC8uV)." / Twitter
If you should need a breakdown of the lawful good / neutral good / chaotic good (etc) classes, this thread has some handy definitions:

“Lawful Good: The Chicago Manual of Style
“A lawful good character ‘combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly.’ And boy howdy, is Chicago relentless—the thing is over 1,100 pages!

“Neutral Good: The MLA Handbook
“‘A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do.’ Look, the MLA Handbook certainly tries to do what’s right, even if it can’t make up its mind sometimes. Remember that whole print/web/ebook nonsense? Enough said.

“Chaotic Good: The Buzzfeed Style Guide
“‘A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him.’ Buzzfeed has great entries on gender, race, and disability and would probably recommend singular ‘they’ in that last sentence.

“Lawful Neutral: The Elements of Style
“‘A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs her.’ The Elements of Style, a.k.a. Strunk & White, certainly upholds a lot of laws and traditions. Are they good laws? Look, I don’t see how that’s relevant.

“True Neutral: The Wikipedia Style Guide
“A true neutral character ‘doesn’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos.’ Wikipedia doesn’t care for your edit wars. Just pick a style and stick with it.

“Chaotic Neutral: Wired Style
“A chaotic neutral character ‘avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.’ Wired Style has a chapter called ‘screw the rules.’ It’s also printed on day-glow yellow paper, because screw your eyes too.

“Lawful Evil: The New Yorker
“A lawful evil character ‘plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion.’ The New Yorker uses jarring diereses to prevent misreading and sprinkles commas based on a hyperliteral idea of what ‘restrictive’ means. Tell me that’s not mercilessly evil.

“Neutral Evil: The Associated Press Stylebook
“‘A neutral evil villain does whatever she can get away with.’ The AP Stylebook used to say that two things couldn’t collide unless they were both in motion. They only changed it when @johnemcintyre finally called them on that BS.

“Chaotic Evil: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
“A chaotic evil character is ‘arbitrarily violent’ and ‘unpredictable.’ Have you ever seen APA-style citations? ‘Arbitrarily violent’ is the best description of that volume/issue number mess that I’ve seen.”
ArrantPedantry  twitter  2019  lawful  good  evil  neutral  lawfulgood  neutralgood  canonical  chaoticgood 
17 days ago
Home | Professional Web Typography by Donny Truong
“The new website for ‘Professional Web Typography’ is typeset in Turnip, Forma DJR Chiaroscuro, Input Sans, and Input Mono. All typefaces designed by @djrrb.”
(via: https://twitter.com/visualgui/status/1167455991513800705)
web  typography  2019  via:visualgui 
17 days ago
Master Zaps Zaptronic inZanity: Me on Hobbits and High Frame Rates
On why high-frame-rate movies look bad:
“This is a theory I believe more in myself. Because some thing I think I noticed in all the HFR examples I've seen (and that includes the HFR panel at SIGGRAPH 2012 where lots of different frame rates etc. was showcased - more on this at a later time) I notice one very peculiar effect: HFR makes you a worse actor!

“Yes, it is weird. Somehow, every mistake, and every nuance of movement is suddenly present, and you can tell the tiny fidgety moves people to. The theory is, that when we only "sample" the motion at 24 points every second, our brain fills in the intermediate movement with some ‘ideal’, but when we actually have the HFR information, no such ‘motion smoothing’ can occur in our brain, and we see the movements as jiggly and imprecise as they are, making them look more real but then also more like an actor acting.”
movies  hfr  48p  60p  2017 
18 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - Per-Build Release Notes
“Most Mac websites only report that Apple released a new Beta, but don’t mention any of the actual changes. This article is meant to save you time going through the notes to find what is new and what is still leftover from the last beta. I went through both Beta 6 and the new 10.15 Beta 7 (19A546d) release notes to find all the changes. Like usual, I also have included the entire patch notes list as an archive.”
mac  osx  mjtsai  2019  releasenotes  changelog 
18 days ago
Google Contract Workers File for Union Election at HCL — Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals
“The Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals (PATP) have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a union representation election with HCL, a tech contractor at Google’s Bakery Square offices. HCL’s 90 employees work side-by-side with those of the giant corporation for far less compensation and few, if any, of the perks.

“The PATP is a project sponsored by United Steelworkers (USW) union to help Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania workers in high-tech fields organize and bargain collectively with their employers for improved working conditions and standards of living.”
google  pittsburgh  unions  2019 
18 days ago
Homemade Pearl Sugar, How to Make Pearl Sugar | Baker Bettie
“To make your own pearl sugar substitute, all you need is some sugar cubes and something to smash them with. I like to use a meat mallet but you could use a hammer or a skillet.”
sugar  pearlsugar  2019  recipes 
18 days ago
Recipe: Overnight Yeasted Waffles | Kitchn
via @PenzeyMoog: “This yeasted waffle recipe is so so good. It’s an overnight recipe but the results are waffles that are soft on the inside and crisp on the outside.”

(via: https://twitter.com/PenzeyMoog/status/1166766090296471555)
via:PenzeyMoog  recipes  waffles  recommendations  2019 
18 days ago
Subordinating Conjunction | What is a Subordinating Conjunction?
This page also has a list of common subordinating conjunctions, such as “after”, “although”, “as”, “before”, “even if”, and others.
conjunctions  subordinate  subordinating  clauses  dependent  2019 
18 days ago
Mapping a key to a sequence of keys · Issue #347 · tekezo/Karabiner-Elements
When it comes to using Karabiner Elements to map a keyboard shortcut to multiple keys, the general syntax looks to be:

"to": [
"key_code": "a"
"key_code": "return_or_enter"
karabiner  karabinerelements  github  2018  mac  macos  osx  software 
18 days ago
Barilla Pasta’s Turnaround From Homophobia to National Pride - Bloomberg
“Colzani called former colleagues for counsel and appointed a chief diversity and inclusion officer. He leaned on workplace consultants Korn Ferry for advice and formed an external advisory board. U.S. public-relations company Edelman was drafted to steer communications. Colzani started spending about $5 million a year devising an ambitious reputational turnaround. For the past five years the company has earned the highest possible score on the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index. Barilla transformed from a pasta giant that would never feature homosexuals in its campaigns into one that sells spaghetti in homoerotic packaging.”
barilla  buycotts  pasta  food  bloomberg  2019 
18 days ago
This Expert Says Some Of The Best Olive Oil Comes From Costco | HuffPost Life
“But one chef and cookbook author, Samin Nosrat, has shared great tips for finding an everyday olive oil in her new book Salt Fat Acid Heat ― and you’re going to love one of those tips, in particular.

“According to Nosrat, one of the best-tasting olive oils you can get for your money comes from Costco. It’s Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a 2-liter bottle retails for $21.49. (It’s also available on Amazon for a dollar more.)”
oliveoil  2017  huffpost  recommendations 
18 days ago
macOS Sierra Direct Download from Apple Server
(If you should ever need an older version of macOS, perhaps this may be worth a look?)

“That’s when we came up with a workaround to download OS X El Capitan via direct download instead of from the Mac App Store. Continuing the tradition this year too, we have created a separate page for maintaining all updates regarding macOS Sierra direct download.”

(via: https://twitter.com/chockenberry/status/1166784378967474176)
mac  macos  osx  2019  10.12  10.13  via:chockenberry 
19 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - Mojave Finder’s Preview Column Shouldn’t Prioritize Thumbnail Size
“Mojave puts a lot of information at your fingertips in Finder windows. However, the priority given to different components isn’t currently right. In particular, too much vertical space is reserved for QuickLook thumbnails (icons).

“Even in a very deep Finder window in Column mode, a shallow QuickLook thumbnail is given so much space that you have to scroll in order to be able to see that file’s metadata and the Quick Actions bar below it. This is in a Finder window on a 5K display at ‘looks like 2880 x 1620’ mode: it gets much worse on a laptop.”

And then one of the commenters replied with this tip:

“Try selecting a file type in the Finder and choosing ‘Show Preview Options’ from the View menu. It has checkboxes to show/hide filetype-specific metadata as well as the Quick Actions.”
catalina  macos  osx  mac  2019  mjtsai  10.15 
19 days ago
Introducing Web Payments: Easier Online Purchases With The Payment Request API — Smashing Magazine
“The W3C Working Group has been busy developing new standards to help make online payments much easier. In this article, Peter O’Shaughnessy provides you with the latest updates and explores the API with a basic example.”
w3c  payments  smashingmagazine  2018 
19 days ago
Apple says Siri audio grading program will return later this fall, with privacy-focused policy changes - 9to5Mac
“Apple today announced that it will be reinstating the Siri audio program later in the year with some new policy changes. Apple apologized for how it previously handled user data.

“The company says it will no longer retain audio recordings by default. Users will have to opt in if they want Apple to use voice samples, and Apple will aim to delete any recordings that are inadvertent activations.”
siri  apple  privacy  9to5mac  2019 
19 days ago
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