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Good Customer Experience Demands Organizational Fluidity
Summary: Old processes and technologies can keep established organizations from creating exceptional user experiences and achieving future growth.
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Nadia Eghbal | Being basic as a virtue
When most people think about doing creative work for a living, they picture all the fun stuff that comes with it: the flash of inspiration in the shower, the scribbling of notes in the middle of the night. But when you’re working in a system that thrives on the extracting and refining and trading and transacting of ideas, the daily practice of toiling in the mines can feel more mundane than serendipitous.

Lately I’ve been feeling sort of exhausted by the familiar dance of idea propagation that manifests over coffees, dinners, Twitter, and parties in my corner of the world. Asking a stranger what they’ve been reading or thinking about lately feels like the new equivalent of asking someone where they work. Our words are filled with whimsy – after all, isn’t learning so much fun?! Don’t you just love to think?! – but our faces are smeared with coal dust, our eyes somewhat dulled by the knowledge that we’ve done this many times before, and are about to do it many more times tomorrow.
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Why Teslas aren't the future
But technological change is a funny thing — unpredictable, non-linear, and often like a perpendicular slash against the present rather than a simple evolution. Far from being the thing that will save us, we would be better off if Teslas and electric cars in general weren't the future of transportation. Instead, the only thing that will lead to better, greener, healthier cities is, quite simply, fewer cars.
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Eighteen is History
I guess we said we'd never forget. But the consensus around grief, around memorial, around observance — that fragile fiction faded by the time the smell dissipated. We didn't get around to deciding what it was, exactly, that we were Never Forgetting.
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7 Differences between complex and complicated - Sonja Blignaut - Medium
as long as decision-makers believe they are dealing with complicated systems, they will assume they are able to control outcomes; find solutions to problems and waste a lot of money on expert consultants to give them the “answers”. For organisations to become more resilient and sustainable, business science simply has to move beyond its Newtonian foundations towards an understanding of complexity.
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As Phoenix Heats Up, the Night Comes Alive - The New York Times
“We talk about hydration all the time,” said Chuck Hughes, a forklift operator at Interstate Mechanical, as he stood in the parking lot of a McCarthy Building Companies construction site in Tempe one morning. Just across the lot was a cooling station — a blue tent — and two huge fans blowing cool air through a covered lunch area. On floors where the outer walls and windows were up and the heat was intense, even in the early morning, there were fans and water jugs everywhere.

“The heat illnesses, we really have to train our guys on. They don’t recognize it right away,” said Kevin Maitland, vice president for safety at McCarthy. “We want to make sure that our workers, that the whole team, understands what those symptoms are.”

Mr. Maitland noted that heat impacts are cumulative, long-term, and of growing concern to many people in the construction industry. “The next time you have a heat stress, it is amplified,” he said. “Heat illness follows you for your career.”
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BBC Radio 4 - Seriously…, Hannah Walker Is a Highly Sensitive Person
Hannah Jane Walker argues that sensitivity is overlooked, dismissed and under-utilised, and she argues that our society would be much better off if we embraced it instead.
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9 weeks ago by halazoon
Whoops Apocalypse
Firstly, the research and tools it uses to be human-centered are anthropology, psychology and neuroscience. Service Design is at the nexus of 3 sciences that have serious historic problems and it seems to have no real controls in position to prevent those problems flowing into the future processes.

Secondly, Service Design has been rapidly assimilated into government. The use of Service Design in digital design of existing and new governement processes and products is simply assumed now. The entwining of anthropology with imperialism shows that this may not be a good thing. Goverment is often about power and privilege in allocating resources to those without either: powerful people commanding, privileged people seeking gain, powerless and unprivileged people requiring compliance.
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Opinion: Individual actions won’t fix our environmental problems | Ensia
By defining environmental citizenship as responsible consumption, sustainability advocates downplay the need for mass action to catalyze structural change.
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