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Nadja Popovich
Nadja Popovich is a reporter and graphics editor on the New York Times's climate team.
climatechange  visualization  infographics 
may 2018 by h-j-hilden
How Diverse Are US Newsrooms?
Google News Lab bubble chart visualization
infographics  visualization 
may 2018 by h-j-hilden
tools and practices for analyzing the city; re-opening data
infographics  activism  urbanplanning  opendata  webdesign 
may 2018 by h-j-hilden
Life in the camps
Reuters online story, excellent combo of graphics and photos
infographics  webdesign  scrollytelling  Malofiej 
march 2018 by h-j-hilden
The Stories Behind a Line
The Stories Behind a Line» is a visual narrative of six asylum seekers' routes. They travelled from their hometown to Italy. This project wants to tell their stories through the data that shaped their personal travelling line.
visualization  infographics  storytelling 
november 2017 by h-j-hilden
German Unification: A Nation Divided | ZEIT ONLINE
the border between east and west germany remains visible in statistics
storytelling  visualization  infographics  Maps 
november 2017 by h-j-hilden
Visual Vocabulary
Graphic continuum / typology of infographics by Financial Times
datajournalism  datavisualisation  infographics  typologies 
june 2017 by h-j-hilden
Lyra: An Interactive Visualization Design Environment | UW Interactive Data Lab
Lyra is an interactive environment that enables custom visualization design without writing any code. Graphical “marks” can be bound to data fields using property drop zones; dynamically positioned using connectors; and directly moved, rotated, and resized using handles. Lyra also provides a data pipeline interface for iterative visual specification of data transformations and layout algorithms. Lyra is more expressive than interactive systems like Tableau, allowing designers to create custom visualizations comparable to hand-coded visualizations built with D3 or Processing. These visualizations can then be easily published and reused on the Web.
infographics  tool  visualization 
february 2017 by h-j-hilden
API Reference — Altair 1.2.0 documentation
Altair API reference. Altair is a python library for Vega Lite visualization grammar
programming  d3  graph  tool  infographics  datavisualisation  python 
december 2016 by h-j-hilden
Colors for data scientists. Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors.
color  graphics  tool  infographics 
august 2016 by h-j-hilden
Spurious Correlations
Discover a new correlation - an interesting spurious correlation every day!
statistics  humor  infographics 
may 2014 by h-j-hilden
Wood Dimensional Changes
interactive visualization of how wood responds to moisture changes
visualization  Data  d3  wood  interactive  web  infographics 
march 2013 by h-j-hilden
creative commons -attribution license large icon library
resource  reference  infographics  clipart  design  icons 
november 2012 by h-j-hilden
Datavisualization.ch Selected Tools
A good collection of different visualisation tools available.
infographics  javascript  tools  data  visualization 
may 2012 by h-j-hilden
Sunlight Foundation
Visualizing government information in the US, transparency
infographics  visualization  politics  economics 
march 2011 by h-j-hilden
BBC News - Election seat calculator
The seat calculator is a rough way of converting percentage support for political parties into numbers of seats in parliament.
visualization  interactive  infographics 
march 2011 by h-j-hilden
BBC - Dimensions
Dimensions takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are.
infographics  visualization  comparison 
march 2011 by h-j-hilden
Visual Science - The Genetic Map of Europe - NYTimes.com
The correlation between geography and genetical relatedness in europe
infographics  mapping  science 
march 2010 by h-j-hilden
Historialliset kartat — vanhakartta.fi
A collection of historical finnish maps from 1600–1900
infographics  maps  mapping  reference 
december 2009 by h-j-hilden
HST - Fordon Positioner
Live tracking of buses and trams in Helsinki.
infographics  interactive  web  visualization  utility 
june 2009 by h-j-hilden
Universe / by Jonathan Harris
Tag cloud universe of current news shaped like a star chart
art  programming  interactive  infographics  visualization 
june 2009 by h-j-hilden
ISOTYPE, Otto and Marie Neurath
Scans from Isotype books; entire images; not just idividual characters as in the Gerd Arntz web archive.
illustration  reference  visualization  infographics  design  thesis!  classic  research 
february 2009 by h-j-hilden
Telluris Theoria Sacra – Thomas Burnet
An early attempt at an explanation of the developmental stages of the earth, with fascinating imagery.
weird  historical  infographics  archives&stock  visualization  books  fulltext  inspiration 
december 2008 by h-j-hilden
Robert Fludd's masterpiece
Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica... Tomus Primus, 1617
historical  weird  inspiration  images  infographics  visualization  books  art 
december 2008 by h-j-hilden
Nuclear Slide Rules
Museum of slide rules for calculating the dangers of nuclear fallout.
historical  infographics  instructions  science 
december 2008 by h-j-hilden
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