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Home | Laws of UX
Illustrated explanation of various UI/UX concepts
design  ui 
january 2018 by guberman
Paul Tol's Notes
Colour palettes for graphs and maps
design  datavis  palette  colour  css 
january 2017 by guberman
CT Fine Furniture by Craig Thibodeau - Furniture, Marquetry and Decorative Inlay
Amazing, lust-worthy custom furniture. Incredible marquetry, parquetry, and automata features.
furniture  design 
october 2015 by guberman
Sharkini! - Boing Boing
Monokini with a sharkbite taken out of it. Link is broken, but I wasn't going to buy it anyways. Still a cool design.
design  fashion 
august 2015 by guberman
Home / Greg Klassen Furniture Maker
Beautiful tables of live edge wood with glass made to look like rivers
decor  design  furniture 
march 2015 by guberman
Butterick’s Practical Typography
Nice looking online book about Typography
design  typography 
june 2014 by guberman
80s Typography - CodePen
Amazing 80s-style animated typography in pure CSS
design  font  typography  css 
february 2014 by guberman

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