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Lasered Patents, Blueprints and Map Art Pieces
Gilbert  make 
5 days ago
Opps List
A list of business problems requiring software solutions.
Discover market needs, saas niches, and freelance work.
freelance  business  work 
7 days ago
[no title]
All projects that finish late have this
one thing in common: they started

we’re continually beating
ourselves up for something that’s somebody else’s fault
bestPractices  work  advice 
17 days ago
An engineering logbook is a personal/professional reference about project learning and
results. To protecting intellectual property in the workplace, it should be bound so that
pages cannot be inserted/removed, written in ink, dated, and fill consecutive pages.
bestPractices  memory  organization  notekeeping 
17 days ago
The Over-Engaged Knowledge Worker | Hacker News
I minimise the impact of unexpected context switches by keeping a running log what I am doing or should do next in a document for each project. It might seem like a waste of time but I can safely mentally let the whole current context go when I am interrupted for an urgent job and I don't have to keep a stack of contexts in my head at once. It is especially useful in getting back up to speed in a context that had to be ignored for a week or more.
advice  work 
17 days ago
How a technology website like this makes money - Techcoil
articles to some technical problems, book recommendations for reading pleasure and self-improvement and some tools to help make some work a little faster.
electronics  tech  blog  business  work 
4 weeks ago
Free From Salvage - OpenCircuits
Ideas for how to use your loot, you may find some new ideas here
A guide to all our salvage information
A master list of stuff to find and where to find it
Links to Salvage topics
electronics  salvage  diy  maker 
4 weeks ago
Google Power User Tips: SERP URL Parameters - Search Engine Land
certain types of searches are most efficiently accomplished by directly modifying the Google SERP URL — for instance, changing the number of results displayed per page, adding omitted results back in, going to the last page of search results, and turning off personalization.
search  google  osint 
6 weeks ago
SymbolHound: Search Better. Code Better.
SymbolHound is a search engine that doesn't ignore special characters. This means you can easily search for symbols like &, %, and π. We hope SymbolHound will help programmers find information about their chosen languages and frameworks more easily.
11 weeks ago
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