Cycling UK response to Air Quality Strategy
This is Cycling's UK summary response to the government's third attempt at an air quality strategy.
june 2017
Clean Air Day
Official website for the UK's first National Clean Air Day.
june 2017
STAT: Is there a dietary treatment for multiple sclerosis?
And if so, why is the medical establishment ignoring published academic research that started in the 1950s proving it?
medicine  multiplesclerosis  diet  food  health  healthcare 
september 2016
What the video game Data 2 can teach us
Addiction is thus an effort to reconcile yourself with an abusive society that makes unlimited demands of its subjects. But it gives the game away that these addictions are seen as pathological only when they make you unproductive—i.e., drinking becomes a “drinking problem” when it interferes with your work or the reproductive labor of your personal relationships. Addiction is a produced, fully anticipated response to the vicissitudes of consumer capitalism and a diagnosable pathology of legal consequence.
teamwork  addiction  cooperation  work  capitalism  depression 
may 2016
The decline in 'missing women' in Bangladesh
Why daughters (and daughters-in-law) aren't quite so hated in Bangladesh any more.
gender  gendercide  Bangladesh 
may 2016
The Mother of All Questions
One of my goals in life is to become truly rabbinical, to be able to answer closed questions with open questions, to have the internal authority to be a good gatekeeper when intruders approach, and to at least remember to ask, “Why are you asking that?”
rebeccasolnit  women  gender  genderbias  babies  virginiawoolf  writing  culture 
november 2015
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