Documentation and Help Portal for Plesk
Manuals and official administration guides for Plesk
plesk  hosting  manuals 
august 2017
Plesk University: Training and Certification – Plesk Help Center
Free training for the Plesk hosting panel, cert exams are $29 each
august 2017
How big is the Python Family Blog :: py.CheckiO - game for python coders
If the increase performance is what you are looking for your Python code, Pypy is worth a shot. It's currently over 5 times faster than CPython and supports Python 2.7, while released in beta PyPy3 targets Python 3.
python  pypy 
august 2017
Glossary of immigration terms-Information from CitizensInformation.ie
People holding this stamp are permitted to work without needing an employment permit or business permission.
gnib  citizenship 
november 2009
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