A group left the tiny café we were at without ordering, disappointed by the lack of gluten-free options.

One of th…
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15 days ago
Yesterday on a bus in Brighton a well-inebriated Geoffrey Rush lookalike asked where I was from. When I replied "Ca…
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16 days ago
Tonight we saw Doves at London’s Royal Albert Hall in their first show in 9 years.

Their album “Last Broadcast” w…
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27 days ago
I’m about to see Hamilton from a place of complete ignorance – having heard none of the music, knowing only that a…
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28 days ago
Planning for Responsive Images | CSS-Tricks
The first time I made an image responsive, it was as simple as coding these four lines: img { max-width: 100%; height auto; /* default */ } Though that
Responsive  Images  HowTo  Development  Code  Examples 
5 weeks ago
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