Brendan Gregg's Homepage
Brendan Gregg's homepage: I use this site to share various things, mostly my work with computers, specifically, computer performance analysis and methodology.
performance-tuning  nix 
7 weeks ago
media.ccc.de - Rustfest 2018 Rome
Video Streaming Portal des Chaos Computer Clubs
8 weeks ago
Markdown Mode for Emacs
A major mode for GNU Emacs for editing Markdown-formatted text files.
8 weeks ago
cs107/assets/slides at master · kmicinski/cs107
Material for CMSC107 (Fall '18) at Haverford College
8 weeks ago
CS 107
Computer Security: Attacks and Defenses (CMSC311 at Haverford College).
university-ad-hoc  computer_science 
8 weeks ago
dooblem/bsync: Bidirectional Synchronization using Rsync
Bidirectional Synchronization using Rsync. Contribute to dooblem/bsync development by creating an account on GitHub.
sysadmin  foss 
9 weeks ago
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