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Automagically inline CSS for html emails
webdev  email  htmlemail  html  tools 
february 2017 by gmcz
Embed Responsively
The only responsible way, is the responsive way.
webdev  embed  tools  video 
february 2017 by gmcz
The 40 Best Google Fonts—A Curated Collection for 2016
A curated collection of the absolute best free fonts available on Google Fonts in 2016—open-source and 100% free for commercial use.
typography  webdev 
august 2016 by gmcz
CSS Writing Mode
Recently, while editing some CSS in Opera inspector, I noticed a CSS property called writing-mode, this was the first time that I know of it. After some research, I learned that its purpose is for
august 2016 by gmcz
addyosmani/critical · GitHub
Extract & Inline Critical-path CSS in HTML pages
grunt  webdev  js  gulp  css 
october 2015 by gmcz
Tufte CSS
Dave Liepmann Tufte CSS provides tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts. Tufte’s style is known for its simplicity, extensive use…
webdesign  typography  webdev  css 
august 2015 by gmcz
Unsplash It
Beautiful placeholders using images from unsplash
august 2015 by gmcz
Tidy Repo - A curated list of the best WordPress plugins
Tidy Repo is a curated collection of the best WordPress plugins, tested and reviewed for reliability.
wordpress  webdev 
april 2015 by gmcz
Frank Chimero - The Web’s Grain
Frank Chimero did an amazing job on this. I love it. Yes. Yes. Yes.
webdesign  webdev 
march 2015 by gmcz
CSS Selector for Mac - Generate CSS selectors from HTML
Eliminate manual mapping of CSS selectors for HTML code
webdev  apps  mac  tools 
february 2015 by gmcz
Adobe Color CC
Create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the Color community.
webdesign  webdev 
december 2014 by gmcz
Design Considerations: Text on Images | CSS-Tricks
I enjoyed Erik D. Kennedy's post 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 2). In it, his Rule 4 is: Learn the methods of overlaying text on images. I thought
december 2014 by gmcz
Pure HTML Share Buttons
html-only share buttons... if you gotta use em, at least leave out the darn js and tracking garbage
html  webdev 
november 2014 by gmcz
Image Manipulation Series - Binaries For Optimization — RocketINK
This is the second part of a small series to amp up your image manipulation game. In this part we learn how to install some binaries which are specialized in optimizing and compressing images. As usual basic examples are part of this post.
webdev  cli  optimization 
november 2014 by gmcz
Smarter Link Underlines For Every Website - Eager Blog
Marcin Wichary from Medium recently wrote a similar post on this topic, which I highly recommend. This post summarizes an expansion on his work, particularly as…
typography  webdev  css 
november 2014 by gmcz
particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles.
webdev  jquery 
november 2014 by gmcz
Jade Template Syntax Documentation by Example
An interative Syntax Documentation for the Jade Templating Engine
september 2014 by gmcz
Emoji One - Open source emoji designed for the web.
What began as a wild "what if" idea, 4 months later, is now absolutely real. An invention that simply organically from necessity! Modern design, filled with personality, and (most importantly) shared openly with love and excitement.
september 2014 by gmcz
Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card, and meta generator
Web Code Tools is a place where anyone can generate code for their website. CSS3, HTML5, microdata, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards.
august 2014 by gmcz
Bulletproof email buttons from Campaign Monitor
A generator for reliable buttons in HTML email
email  webdev  css  tools  html 
july 2014 by gmcz
Guide to CSS support in email from Campaign Monitor
Chart for CSS support in various email clients.
email  webdev  css  html 
july 2014 by gmcz
Pure CSS
Small CSS library
css  webdesign  webdev 
july 2014 by gmcz
A jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent
webdev  js  jquery 
may 2014 by gmcz
Compress PNG images while preserving transparency
tool  webdev 
may 2014 by gmcz
A tool for creating a typographic system.
webdesign  webdev  tools 
april 2014 by gmcz
Agent Slug - Website Monitoring Agent to your service
Super affordable website uptime and downtime monitoring service. Discovered via Web Agency Podcast
april 2014 by gmcz
Getting started with Grunticon
Maintaining a large number of SVG icons in CSS files can be a hideous task. With Grunticon this can be automated and it's quite easy to set up.
march 2014 by gmcz
Common HTML Email Components
Google maps image API, rounded buttons, generator, etc.
email  webdev  html 
march 2014 by gmcz
: preflight for HTML e-mail. Makes CSS inline, converts links and warns about unsupported code.
email  webdev  css  tools  html 
march 2014 by gmcz
Mo’ Pixels Mo’ Problems
Mobile devices are shipping with higher and higher PPI, and desktops and laptops are following the trend as well. There’s no avoiding it: High-pixel-density, or “Retina,” displays are now becoming mainstream—and, as you’d expect, our websites are beginning to look a little fuzzy in their backlit glory. But before we go off in the knee-jerk direction of supersizing all our sites, we must identify the problems ahead and figure out the most responsible way forward—keeping our users in mind first and foremost.
css  responsive  webdev 
january 2014 by gmcz
jquery plugin to make text scale to fit container
webdev  javascript  jquery 
january 2014 by gmcz
Footnotes on the web, a better way.
webdev  javascript  jquery 
january 2014 by gmcz
Intro to Responsive Web Design
> This week's topic is responsive web design, both what it is, and how it's done. Erik steers clear of the controversies surrounding the issue and talks about what it actually takes to make your site work on a wide range of screen sizes.
webdev  podcast  coding 
january 2014 by gmcz
Internet Explorer for Mac – IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10
Install a free copy of Internet Explorer for Mac using VirtualBox. You can install IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 & IE10 on your Mac using VirtuaBox.
free  webdev  testing 
january 2014 by gmcz
Create Beautiful eBooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.
work  apps  webdev  mac 
december 2013 by gmcz
ipad publishing solution
webdev  ios  ipad 
october 2013 by gmcz
Replacement for feedburner $30/yr
rss  webdev 
may 2013 by gmcz
“HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites” by Jon Duckett
Tools and toys recommended guide to HTML and CSS in one volume.
webdesign  websites  webdev  books  web  book 
april 2013 by gmcz
Usability checklist | Userium
Catch common usability problems before user testing.
webdesign  testing  via:popular  webdev 
april 2013 by gmcz
scottjehl/eCSSential · GitHub
Helps mobile versions load faster. Requires javascript
work  webdev  css  js  javascript  responsive 
june 2012 by gmcz - Quick and simple image placeholders
> How does it work? Just put your image size after our URL and you'll get a placeholder. > Like this:
images  tools  webdev 
may 2012 by gmcz
What’s the Deal With Display: Inline-Block?
great explanation of display: inline-block; with examples
css  webdev 
may 2012 by gmcz
smashingmag: 25 Tips for Killer Facebook Marketing -
web  webdev 
april 2012 by gmcz
Using CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animation
smashingmag: Using CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animation -
web  webdev 
april 2012 by gmcz
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