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Visual System. UI Starter Kit.
Every day we inch closer to a tool that helps us design systems that are dynamic and thorough
sketch  UI  Figma 
6 weeks ago by glass
Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn't exist.
Dribbble has a lovely 404 page. (Use the slider)
fun  UI 
12 weeks ago by glass
Dashboard UI Kit 3.0
Another UI kit. This one for dashboards.
dashboard  ui  kit 
august 2018 by glass
16 Adobe XD UI Kits
I haven't jumped ship to a UI design application, but this looks like a handy resource if I went down the XD path.
august 2018 by glass
Present & Correct: Buttons and dials and whatnot
In agreement with SwissMiss and Coudal that these are lovely.
ui  productdesign 
may 2018 by glass
UIs that accidentally amass memories
One of them is the wi-fi “preferred networks” pane – unexpected reminders of business trips, vacations, accidental detours, once frequented and now closed cafés. Neato / via MeFi
neato  memory  UI 
may 2018 by glass
Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.
Intrigued. Mostly because I'm so curious about Sketch and this feels simpler on initial glance
collaboration  design  tool  tools  ui 
july 2017 by glass
All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design
YES. I've been lamenting that I can't reach anything on my phone anymore. / via Daring Fireball
UI  design 
june 2017 by glass
OOUX: A Foundation for Interaction Design
Cursory glance says this approach is intriguing and valuable. To read in depth later. via @tomstuder
thinking  design  UI 
april 2016 by glass
Adobe Experience Design CC
User experience, prototyping app. Nice to see this shaping up. Must try.
design  UI 
april 2016 by glass
Photoshop Design Space
Khoi comments on the (somewhat) radical new "view" available in the latest version of Photosop, shedding complex UI and creating new types of workflows. Pretty neat for those developing interfaces.
UI  Photoshop  creating 
june 2015 by glass
Collection of car Interior, UX images by Min Seung Song
Interfaces of car interiors. Right up my alley. / via Swiss-Miss
design  gallery  ui  car 
april 2014 by glass
Even Better In-Browser Mockups with Node.js
Always jazzed when A List Apart publishes something new. Bonus? Kevin Cornell illustration.
UI  nodejs  design  from delicious
april 2013 by glass
The Flattening of Design
A quick piece in the NY Times Bits Blog about the lack of drop shadows these days.
UI  design  from delicious
april 2013 by glass
A precisely designed currency converter app. Quite pretty. I love these new, non-standard UI's that feel unique.
app  IOS  UI  from delicious
april 2013 by glass
Keynote for wireframing?
I'd never thought of that. From the piece, "If you can’t do it Keynote, it is unlikely you could achieve it in HTML/CSS." Interesting. / via DaringFireball
tools  ui  Prototyping  keynote  from delicious
march 2012 by glass
Threadless on designing their mobile site
Oodles of concepts and views of the finished product / via cameronmoll
mobile  design  webdesign  ui  from delicious
february 2011 by glass
Non Hover - Trent Walton
"Anything we design for the web that requires a hover state has an uncertain future and could be subject to serious usability issues." I need to kill hovers with the navigation on my personal site / via keaggy
design  development  interaction  interface  touch  ui  usability  webdesign 
july 2010 by glass
Quietube - video without the distractions
Take a video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc... and present it cleanly. Heaven. /via DaringFireball
video  clean  UI  youtube 
january 2010 by glass
A magic wand for your tv
Gestural UI finally comes of age. (via FreshArrival)
shopping  remote  tv  gestures  ui 
september 2009 by glass
Feed reader software that you run on your server. Aggregates like items and groups them, eliminating overload and promoting popular items. Unbelievably awesome idea and execution.
awesome  feedreader  ui  webapp  feed  rss 
june 2009 by glass
Information Architects, Designing Firefox 3.2
I really like the amped-up organization of the second screen here. As much as I like Safari's beta implementation, it feels limited. Diggin the potential, especially of messaging that can be communicated by a thumbnail -- like a taskbar/dock/iphone. (via jcookaz)
browser  UI  design  firefox 
april 2009 by glass
Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement
I like how the Times is adding captions in context of each person in this photo. Facebooky? I guess.
times  interaction  caption  UI 
february 2009 by glass
Naz redesigns Weightshift
Every tab is filled with goodness, and I'm reminded of that term I can never remember "guilloché patterns"... Maybe now I can commit it to memory.
design  UI  inspiration 
february 2009 by glass
Designing Web Interfaces
12 Screen Patterns (via keaggy)
interface  ui 
january 2009 by glass
Square is the new round.
Google quickly points out some changes in their RSS Reader. Removing superfluous bits is my favorite web design technique.
UI  design  google 
december 2008 by glass
Amazon's Big Book Search
Big search results of the jacket art (via fresh arrival)
search  books  amazon  ui 
november 2008 by glass
On designing by community not committee
Mark Boulton shares his process and approach to the redesign of the site for content management system Drupal. The outreach through different channels to engage everyone and sharing of prototypes and design iterations is great. (via keaggy)
ui  webdesign  process  community 
november 2008 by glass
Adaptive Path imagines the future of Firefox and browsing the web. I helped out a little on Part 4 and plan to write about the lovely experience just as soon as I get all these tabs in order.
ui  browser  future  adaptivepath 
august 2008 by glass
The new Delicious
A fresh domain and new design with better performance overall. Searches are much faster. Information organized better. My only gripe is a feature request: providing links within descriptions to cite sources. Otherwise, quite nice. If you subscribe to my link feed, this explains the republication of recent items.
redesign  UI  delicious  bookmarks 
july 2008 by glass
Cars: VW's Touchscreen UI Looking Mighty Apple-y
I wish the menu was more straight-up iphone-like. (thx zachary)
vw  ui  cars 
november 2007 by glass
Investing in User Interface
It paid off: In the 365 days we owned our stocks the value of the portfolio increased 39.37%. This outperformed the major indexes.
userinterface  UI  investing 
november 2007 by glass
Finally the new design hits my browser. Love it. Also Amazon now has a (beta) mobile interface for the iPhone.
iphone  UI  design 
november 2007 by glass
Sign in
Vimeo rocks the sign in form
UI  inspiration 
june 2007 by glass
RSS the Oprah Way?
"I’m Ready for Some Stories" at The Opine
rss  ui 
june 2007 by glass
Jeff Han on TED Talks
Though I'd seen videos of multi-touch interfaces before, I hadn't seen this one of Jeff Han. Exciting.
interface  UI 
january 2007 by glass
BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype
Baby steps to Minority Report UI (via Chris)
june 2006 by glass

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