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Harry: TRUE Story of Cinderella
Tom's been working on this book for years. It's totally weird and totally awesome and totally Tom.
shopping  gifts 
29 days ago by glass
Beeteeth — Resist!
I keep going back to Dan Christofferson's site hoping things come back in stock.
4 weeks ago by glass
They Knew Not My Name, and I Knew Not Their Faces — Michael Wilson
I really admire Cincinnati photography Michael Wilson. Anything to support him? I'm there. His love of the craft is infectious.
shopping  books  gifts 
4 weeks ago by glass
Field Notes Rams edition
Dieter Rams’s famous Ten Principles of Good Design on the cover. Yes.
9 weeks ago by glass
Hank's Pocket
My mom and I saw a woman with one of these and she asked where it came from. It's like a stylish toolbelt. Really neat, sadly sold out but I'm following with a few gifts in mind.
shopping  gifts 
12 weeks ago by glass
Colorful Backgammon Set
This would make me want to play Backgammon more.
shopping  gifts  game  board  backgammon 
august 2018 by glass
And other patches. It is very, very hard to not buy these, but I need to curb such spending right now and invest in getting the word out about voter registration in Ohio
july 2018 by glass
Denim Jacket Camp Flag • Pretty Useful Co.
I'm more of a patch guy but this makes me want to be a pin guy
shopping  pins 
june 2018 by glass
Buy Me A Coffee
Sell (pretty much anything) with a simple link. I'm seeing these services pop up all at once.
may 2018 by glass
Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool
I love my Leatherman but I keep it in my glovebox. This would be nice to have on hand all the time. Well, except for airports maybe?
april 2018 by glass
Phone Detox
Let's get a big order of this super solid School of Life thing and split the overseas shipping. Srsly!
april 2018 by glass
Satellite 2.0 - CanadianCat Company
I think Edie would REALLY like this. / via Grace Dobush
shopping  cat 
february 2018 by glass
Scott’s Cheap Flights
Just heard this service is really, really, really inexpensive for travels who can go somewhere exotic in short notice.
cheap  flight  shopping  travel 
january 2018 by glass
Marie Varley's Matchbox series
The screenprints in this series are based on a set of Dutch matchboxes from the 1950's depicting the identities of several airlines from across the world in what as known as the the Golden Age of Flying. / via Coudal
shopping  screen  print  matches  matchbox 
january 2018 by glass
Animated light source for photography and video. (Adding to mental wishlist to try)
shopping  photography  video  tools 
december 2017 by glass
A Woman's Place is Everywhere
Letterpress prints from Striped Lights
shopping  women 
november 2017 by glass
Project 62™ - Peoria Wood Arm Chair
I like this new Target brand. Specifically this chair, but there are many other nice pieces. The reality though, is that I do not need anything!
shopping  furniture 
november 2017 by glass
Walnut Monitor Stand
I think I need to raise my monitor. This looks like one of the nicer options. Filing away for later.
october 2017 by glass
This fannypack (concept) is funny
september 2017 by glass
Sport Socks | The Athletic Community
filing these away as a gift idea for a friend. I'm confident they don't follow my link collecting
shopping  gift 
july 2017 by glass
Cards Against Humanity for Her
I love this company's approach to everything. (Profits donated to EMILY's List)
heh  shopping  cards  politics 
july 2017 by glass
Hot Dog Belovesie
Filing away for potential costume
hotdog  costume  shopping 
july 2017 by glass
GoPro - Karma
I know this drone has been in development for a long time, but dag it seems like a great package.
shopping  drone 
june 2017 by glass
Swatch Bloody Orange
Silly name for a fun watch.
shopping  watch  Swatch 
june 2017 by glass
The Colour of Song (print)
A stylised colour wheel featuring the titles of 576 tracks that include a colour in their title. Lovely. /via Coudal
print  shopping  design 
june 2017 by glass
Kathleen Hanna Riot Grrrl Doll
I don't really know her music, but based on this lovely thing, I want to. / via Yewknee
shopping  gift 
june 2017 by glass
blackout blinds with city scenes. Dig.
may 2017 by glass
Hand Carved -Appalshop
Chester was a family friend but my memories of him are vague as I was young. I did remember, he always smelled of whiskey and wood when he came 'round to our farm to find trees to build us each a chair.
shopping  gift  chester 
april 2017 by glass
Tattly Bouquet Garni Set
Herb scented temporary tattoos. Beautiful!
april 2017 by glass
Liberal Snowflake Pin
This wonderful thing from Jessica Hische.
shopping  pin 
april 2017 by glass
Modern By Dwell Magazine
Furniture and accessories at Target
shopping  furniture 
march 2017 by glass
Tall Plant Holder — Honest Union
this plant stand makes me want to have plants
march 2017 by glass
The Best Point-and-Shoot Camera - The Wirecutter
Panasonic LX10 - Just because I like to keep up on these things and windowshop.
cameras  shopping 
february 2017 by glass
Pocket Manfriend
If you're lost without a manly man by your side, here's your solution. (Made me grin, via Swiss-Miss)
heh  shopping 
february 2017 by glass
Mechanical keyboard inspired by typewriters
Not sure when these will be available, but I'm intrigued. / via Coudal
shopping  keyboard 
january 2017 by glass
Knock Knock Paint-by-Number Cards
Can't decide which to get. Want both! (For me or as gifts for others)
shopping  gifts  awesome  paint 
january 2017 by glass
Automatic Coupons, Promo Codes, and Deals with Honey
I'm pretty good about using RetailMeNot, but this feels easier in theory / via Swiss-Miss
january 2017 by glass
Pinpaper Press
Make wrapping paper from your (or pinboard) photos
shopping  gifts  photography 
december 2016 by glass
I will make it out of this alive
Favorite patch find of the day / *ht* Thor
patches  shopping 
december 2016 by glass
Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series
Beautiful posters for our national parks
design  shopping 
december 2016 by glass
Hover Camera Passport
This selfie drone is kind of neato. The folding design alone is lovely. / via Swiss-Miss
shopping  camera  drone 
october 2016 by glass
Epoch – Tycho
In relation to the aforelinked piece, Tycho's album is out now. (Great for playing at home or studio)
music  shopping 
october 2016 by glass
CIRKUSTÄLT Children's tent - IKEA
25 bucks. I wonder if I could fit... / via Gene Fender
shopping  kids  tent 
october 2016 by glass
Book Worm – Andrew Neyer
The worm grows longer along with your collection documenting the books you have digested. :-)
shopping  andrew  neyer 
september 2016 by glass
Willow Tree Pop Up Anniversary Card – Lovepop
Most all of these cards are neato. I'm linking to this one so you can see it in action
shopping  cards 
august 2016 by glass
Bold Type Flag Letters - The Land of Nod
Thinking of what I want to spell out / via Swiss-Miss
august 2016 by glass
U Pet Cat Carriers
Oh. My. Goodness. These are ADORABLE. Edie loathes traveling, maybe one of these would help? / thank you Swiss-Miss for the heads up
shopping  cat 
july 2016 by glass
Kawaii Patch – 100% Soft
I just bought this patch. But they have great pins and other goodies. /via Yewknee
shopping  patch 
july 2016 by glass
Charley Harper Artist Collection - The Land of Nod
I wish the bedding was available for big beds. (I stand correct, they were!)
shopping  Charley  Harper 
july 2016 by glass
If I were a kid, I'd want this robot so hard. But as an adult? I also want this so hard. It's like the spiritual successor of Big Trak.
robots  kids  shopping 
june 2016 by glass
Field Notes
Nice new digs for these workhorse notebooks
shopping  Field  Notes  Draplin  Coudal 
may 2016 by glass
Freak Masks
disturbing in a funny way
shopping  mask 
may 2016 by glass
JCRT : plaid shirts, accessories and more for men women and dogs
Dig in and you'll see some fine plaid shirts, and an appearance from Bubba!
shopping  plaid 
may 2016 by glass
Book Block
Print your own notebook covers / via Yewknee
shopping  notebook 
april 2016 by glass
Cocktail Crate
The Sriracha Margarita is tasty with mezcal
drink  shop  shopping 
april 2016 by glass
Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera
This new fangled instant camera looks quite lovely.
camera  shopping 
april 2016 by glass
Unit Editions — Graphic Stamps
This upcoming book looks awesome / via DJ
books  shopping 
march 2016 by glass
Nelson Thin Edge Bed
This bed is gorgeous, and yes, commands a premium. / via binarybonsai
shopping  beds  furniture 
march 2016 by glass
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