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Cabin Porn
They're not all cabins, but that's the gist of this collection. (Refreshingly attributed and tagged) / via Coudal Partners
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november 2011 by glass
textured MDF panels for your wall
Watching the equivalent of HGTV in the UK and they stained some textured MDF panels for an accent wall. Really beautiful if spot lit. Looks like there are lots of varieties available.
decor  decorating  interiordesign  house 
may 2009 by glass
Moon Shine Lamp & Shade
My friend Anne is helping us shop for a light for our living room. I'm loving the organza here.
house  shopping  lights 
february 2009 by glass
Far From Conservative : A slideshow of director Roland Emmerich's house in London
(He made movies "10,000 BC” and “Independence Day") and instructed the designer to make it so that "when the neighbors peek in, they might want to call the police or something." I find it pretty over-the-top fantastic (slideshow via MetaFilter)
interiordesign  house  slideshow 
august 2008 by glass
Wall Décor at Target
Target has wallpaper and wall graphics? News to me. (via drew-o-rama)
decorating  house  shopping  target  wallpaper 
july 2008 by glass
The Picture Wall Company
My friends have this framing system. Not sure why all frames don't fit together like this. Super nice, a bit pricey, but the hanging template might be worth every extra dollar.
frames  pictures  house  decorating 
july 2008 by glass
Thout UtiliTILE hallway
Lovely organizational wall-hanging tiles/shelves/hooks
shopping  house  organization  pricey 
july 2008 by glass
Design Within Reach house numbers
The Neutra would be dreamy, but the classic numbers are on sale. (Have you seen the house number options out there? All others I've seen are poo.)
house  shopping  homeimprovement  numbers  dwr 
july 2008 by glass
The Bedder Way Murphy Beds
Because I would love if the spare bedroom felt like an office sometimes.
furniture  shopping  house 
july 2008 by glass
Layout planning tools for rooms in your house
Try out colors on the wall and move around furniture. What I used worked quite well, then an error message alerted me to save my work, there were too many interior designers on the planet. A keeper for sure. (thx sean sharp)
house  interiordesign  architecture  furniture  planning 
february 2008 by glass
Crestview Doors - Front doors inspired by mid-century modern
Dan and I are starting to look for something to own. It's daunting. Sites like this door company however, give me hope that we can find good ways to make things better.
october 2007 by glass

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