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Satellite 2.0 - CanadianCat Company
I think Edie would REALLY like this. / via Grace Dobush
shopping  cat 
february 2018 by glass
U Pet Cat Carriers
Oh. My. Goodness. These are ADORABLE. Edie loathes traveling, maybe one of these would help? / thank you Swiss-Miss for the heads up
shopping  cat 
july 2016 by glass
Cat Camouflage T Shirt
Made me grin, probably wouldn't be able to rock it seriously.
shopping  cat  shirt 
june 2015 by glass
Cat in Box 2: The Sequel
I loved Maru before, and I will likely never tire of this kitty's shenanigans, with or without boxes. I can watch this over and over. (cat video on Youtube, via Matt Haughey)
cat  kitty  youtube  hee  japan 
april 2009 by glass
Kitty Washing Machine
This seems cruel, but to anyone that's ever had to bathe a cat, it looks like dangerous for the owner. (youtube via tom)
cat  youtube  kitty 
january 2007 by glass

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