The Secret Life of Grief by Derek Thompson
A wonderful long read about loss. "In the Asian cultures, the idea is that the person isn't really gone. You honor them. You appease them. You can still make them happy, elsewhere." / hat tip to my friend Geoff
loss  grief  death 
Rediscovering My Daughter Through Instagram
Social media has been blamed for ruining our democracy, shortening our children’s attention spans and undermining the fabric of society. But through it, I was able to be with Paulina out in the world again, to see what she sees, to virtually stand beside her and witness the people and places she moves through, in nearly real time. Not in a parent-policing role, but in a wonderful-world sort of way.
parenting  photography 
Overland First Access
Filing this turn-based survival game away. (I don't play games on my computer, but I hope this makes the leap to a console for us old-schoolers.)
2 days ago
Vitra | Hack
A table system for offices (or homes for that matter) via Seth Werkheiser
furniture  desks 
2 days ago
Coniferous by OHNO - Future Fonts
as soon as I’m back on my desktop, I’m buying this typeface
parks  fonts  yes 
6 days ago
Choir! Sings Never Going to Give You Up
with Rick Astley. And this is how I enjoyed starting my internet today. Also? Seeing Choir! on tour is now on my bucket list.
6 days ago
Easiest to navigate with keyboard's right arrow. Pretty color palettes. This is just day 10! Looking forward to the rest.
10 days ago
Visual System. UI Starter Kit.
Every day we inch closer to a tool that helps us design systems that are dynamic and thorough
sketch  UI  Figma 
11 days ago
Annie Lennox - Many Rivers To Cross (live)
Again, another Annie Lennox song (she's a favorite of my mom) that you can't find on any streaming service. Just her and a piano (ok, and an orchestra). Captivating and oh so beautifully powerful.
11 days ago
Walk the entire Titanic in Unreal Engine 4
This is super, dooper, neato. / via WAXY
neato  gaming 
13 days ago
Demi Adejuyigbe at XOXO 2018
Started watching this but gotta work. Filing away for later.
13 days ago
Businessman Gives $1,000 Checks To Every Student At Paradise High School
Bob Wilson came with two suitcases full of $1,000 checks – enough for each of Paradise High School's 980 students and 105 staff members, including teachers, janitors and bus drivers.
14 days ago
K-mart Christmas 1974, Still Good
Good streamin soundtrack to the holiday
music  holiday 
14 days ago
8 Talks On Cultivating Self Love
Starting my day with this and coffee
inspiration  love 
14 days ago
Rivian R1T
A gorgeous electric pickup truck
truck  electric 
17 days ago
Annie Lennox - Every Time We Say Goodbye
Just linking here because there are a lot of gems you can't stream on any of the music services. There are so many good songs on the first "Red Hot & Blue" collection.
music  notstreaming 
17 days ago
How Tech Bros Fell in Love With Baking Bread
To read later. Just cause the headline messes with my conception of tech bros.
20 days ago
Are You Sitting Down? Standing Desks Are Overrated
Saving for later because we just got one at the studio. I KNOW I NEED TO EXERCISE MORE.
20 days ago
Cards Against Humanity 99% Sale
Watching this throughout the day was hilarious. I seriously saw the Picasso print available and didn't click buy. It probably would have 404'd, but still!
20 days ago
Kentucky Owl Park Design Unveiling by Shigeru Ban
Impressive renderings. When this opens, it's 2 hours away from me.
23 days ago
Relax Melodies
Combine relaxation sounds, melodies, binaural beats and white noise. Intrigued...
app  sleep  insomnia 
26 days ago
The Viking Funeral
Kyle Scheele is asking folks to send in (or submit online) the thing or things that you’re letting go of. He's going to make them into scales of a dragon on a viking ship, and then burn it.
28 days ago
Watching a Teen Music Star Grow Up
This is quite powerful, and Jason's perspective is astute. I don't agree with Billie though, I think we should share our feelings.
thinking  life 
28 days ago
New Crest for FC Cincinnati by Interbrand
I agree with this review. Only thing that bugs me is the FC in the shield. Otherwise? Dandy. That headline on BN tho...
logo  MLS  Cincinnati 
4 weeks ago
Jeff Goldblum’s New Jazz Album
Listening to it tonight. It's lovely like him.
4 weeks ago
Center for American Politics and Design
2018 politician logos. Filing this away more than studying it.
branding  design  logos  politics 
4 weeks ago
I can hear the universe changing
The Oatmeal on cats / chuckling, via Casey
4 weeks ago
Harry: TRUE Story of Cinderella
Tom's been working on this book for years. It's totally weird and totally awesome and totally Tom.
shopping  gifts 
4 weeks ago
Even More Covers
Third in a series of animating book covers by Henning M. Lederer. I want this as the screensaver on my TV. / via Tom
4 weeks ago
VULFPECK /// Lonely Town (feat. Theo Katzman)
This is the video that started the rabbit hole.
4 weeks ago
Vulf Mono ☠️ OH no Type Company
I just went down a rabbit hole because of a favorited tweet with a link to a video that led to a band website and then a font made for the band. The band plays super funkyfun music and has a video with that Louis Cole dude I linked a few days ago and now everything feels interconnected and I feel a few years younger for some weird reason. Anyway, here's the font.
font  music 
4 weeks ago
Akhob, by James Turrell
I keep looking at this photo over and over. To check in out in Las Vegas, you pretty much have to plan it out a month in advance with reservations.
art  vegas 
4 weeks ago
We are Oxvik
Jon Hicks' new joint with Brian Suda. Always dig seeing folks endeavors.
5 weeks ago
Mouse Cursor History (and why I made my own)
03:40 - Windows initial cursor "Look at the redundant pixel here. I am not very impressed by this drawing"
5 weeks ago
Beeteeth — Resist!
I keep going back to Dan Christofferson's site hoping things come back in stock.
5 weeks ago
They Knew Not My Name, and I Knew Not Their Faces — Michael Wilson
I really admire Cincinnati photography Michael Wilson. Anything to support him? I'm there. His love of the craft is infectious.
shopping  books  gifts 
5 weeks ago
F it up - Louis Cole (Live Sesh)
Stick with it. Don't scrub ahead. / via Joseph
music  video 
5 weeks ago
A Robot that Draws Algorithmically-Generated Portraits
I love this sort of new thing that couldn't have easily been achieved before.
art  robots 
5 weeks ago
Studio Drift Burning Man
flying sculpture performed by hundreds of drones
video  drones 
6 weeks ago
The Stakes Are Dire
John pulls a good quote from a scarily solid piece on the upcoming election, and adds some chilling perspective. This shit is keeping me up at night along with other stuff, but it's all so palpable.
7 weeks ago
A New Approach to Our Work on Drip — Kickstarter
This is exciting, as Andy and Andy bring good people together and make great experiences.
future  funding 
7 weeks ago
How to Turn Any Conversation Into One About the Midterm Elections
COWORKER: Got any weekend plans? YOU: Yes, I’m double-checking where my polling place is for the midterm elections. / YES, via Coudal
7 weeks ago
Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn't exist.
Dribbble has a lovely 404 page. (Use the slider)
fun  UI 
7 weeks ago
A great new podcast with a twist
Matt says Wireframe by Adobe with Khoi Vinh is awesome. I'm trying to get more up on podcasts because even NPR isn't working as much these days, for me.
7 weeks ago
The Every Day Calendar by Simone Giertz
This is gorgeous and the reasoning behind it is solid. Truly want. / via SwissMiss
7 weeks ago
Easy Facebook 3D post creator for anyone
I had to use Chrome to make it work. It was silly fun.
3d  facebook 
7 weeks ago
How to Vote
Demi Adejuyigbe with a short lesson on how to democracy.
7 weeks ago
Fold N Fly ✈
Paper airplane templates, galore! / via Coudal
craft  kids  origami  paper 
8 weeks ago
Robot Rock / UpTown Funk
Boston Dynamics getting fluid. / via everywhere
dance  robot 
8 weeks ago
This is 18 Around the World — Through Girls’ Eyes
We gave young women photographers around the world an assignment: Show us 18 in your community. - NY Times
9 weeks ago
5 things I'm telling my kids to prepare them for the future
It's a listicle, but I quite like the content. Particularly, Focus on Social Skills
9 weeks ago
Geometric Shapes and Angular Faces Combine in New Salvaged Wood Murals, Assemblages, and Tattoos by Expanded Eye
Dig how they translate their vision across varied canvas and materials. Walls, tattoos, sculpture...
9 weeks ago
Eileen Fisher: ‘When Was Fashion Week?’ - The New York Times
"Collaboration is more effective than hierarchy" Agreed.
9 weeks ago
Field Notes Rams edition
Dieter Rams’s famous Ten Principles of Good Design on the cover. Yes.
10 weeks ago
The best way to learn is drawing, even if you're no artist
At its core, drawing is a problem-solving tool. / via CreativeMornings newsletter
toread  art  drawing 
10 weeks ago
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