New Crest for FC Cincinnati by Interbrand
I agree with this review. Only thing that bugs me is the FC in the shield. Otherwise? Dandy. That headline on BN tho...
logo  MLS  Cincinnati 
21 hours ago
Jeff Goldblum’s New Jazz Album
Listening to it tonight. It's lovely like him.
3 days ago
Center for American Politics and Design
2018 politician logos. Filing this away more than studying it.
branding  design  logos  politics 
3 days ago
I can hear the universe changing
The Oatmeal on cats / chuckling, via Casey
3 days ago
Harry: TRUE Story of Cinderella
Tom's been working on this book for years. It's totally weird and totally awesome and totally Tom.
shopping  gifts 
3 days ago
Even More Covers
Third in a series of animating book covers by Henning M. Lederer. I want this as the screensaver on my TV. / via Tom
3 days ago
VULFPECK /// Lonely Town (feat. Theo Katzman)
This is the video that started the rabbit hole.
3 days ago
Vulf Mono ☠️ OH no Type Company
I just went down a rabbit hole because of a favorited tweet with a link to a video that led to a band website and then a font made for the band. The band plays super funkyfun music and has a video with that Louis Cole dude I linked a few days ago and now everything feels interconnected and I feel a few years younger for some weird reason. Anyway, here's the font.
font  music 
3 days ago
Akhob, by James Turrell
I keep looking at this photo over and over. To check in out in Las Vegas, you pretty much have to plan it out a month in advance with reservations.
art  vegas 
4 days ago
We are Oxvik
Jon Hicks' new joint with Brian Suda. Always dig seeing folks endeavors.
6 days ago
Mouse Cursor History (and why I made my own)
03:40 - Windows initial cursor "Look at the redundant pixel here. I am not very impressed by this drawing"
6 days ago
Beeteeth — Resist!
I keep going back to Dan Christofferson's site hoping things come back in stock.
6 days ago
They Knew Not My Name, and I Knew Not Their Faces — Michael Wilson
I really admire Cincinnati photography Michael Wilson. Anything to support him? I'm there. His love of the craft is infectious.
shopping  books  gifts 
8 days ago
F it up - Louis Cole (Live Sesh)
Stick with it. Don't scrub ahead. / via Joseph
music  video 
9 days ago
A Robot that Draws Algorithmically-Generated Portraits
I love this sort of new thing that couldn't have easily been achieved before.
art  robots 
11 days ago
Studio Drift Burning Man
flying sculpture performed by hundreds of drones
video  drones 
18 days ago
The Stakes Are Dire
John pulls a good quote from a scarily solid piece on the upcoming election, and adds some chilling perspective. This shit is keeping me up at night along with other stuff, but it's all so palpable.
19 days ago
A New Approach to Our Work on Drip — Kickstarter
This is exciting, as Andy and Andy bring good people together and make great experiences.
future  funding 
19 days ago
How to Turn Any Conversation Into One About the Midterm Elections
COWORKER: Got any weekend plans? YOU: Yes, I’m double-checking where my polling place is for the midterm elections. / YES, via Coudal
20 days ago
Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn't exist.
Dribbble has a lovely 404 page. (Use the slider)
fun  UI 
21 days ago
A great new podcast with a twist
Matt says Wireframe by Adobe with Khoi Vinh is awesome. I'm trying to get more up on podcasts because even NPR isn't working as much these days, for me.
21 days ago
The Every Day Calendar by Simone Giertz
This is gorgeous and the reasoning behind it is solid. Truly want. / via SwissMiss
21 days ago
Easy Facebook 3D post creator for anyone
I had to use Chrome to make it work. It was silly fun.
3d  facebook 
22 days ago
How to Vote
Demi Adejuyigbe with a short lesson on how to democracy.
23 days ago
Fold N Fly ✈
Paper airplane templates, galore! / via Coudal
craft  kids  origami  paper 
26 days ago
Robot Rock / UpTown Funk
Boston Dynamics getting fluid. / via everywhere
dance  robot 
28 days ago
This is 18 Around the World — Through Girls’ Eyes
We gave young women photographers around the world an assignment: Show us 18 in your community. - NY Times
4 weeks ago
5 things I'm telling my kids to prepare them for the future
It's a listicle, but I quite like the content. Particularly, Focus on Social Skills
4 weeks ago
Geometric Shapes and Angular Faces Combine in New Salvaged Wood Murals, Assemblages, and Tattoos by Expanded Eye
Dig how they translate their vision across varied canvas and materials. Walls, tattoos, sculpture...
5 weeks ago
Eileen Fisher: ‘When Was Fashion Week?’ - The New York Times
"Collaboration is more effective than hierarchy" Agreed.
5 weeks ago
Field Notes Rams edition
Dieter Rams’s famous Ten Principles of Good Design on the cover. Yes.
5 weeks ago
The best way to learn is drawing, even if you're no artist
At its core, drawing is a problem-solving tool. / via CreativeMornings newsletter
toread  art  drawing 
5 weeks ago
Armchair Expert
A podcast by Dax Shepard. I'm trying to listen to more and DJ said these were pretty good. Plus that cover art!
5 weeks ago
People's Liberty Project Grants
The folks that gave me a year to explore how photography intersects community are doing one last round of project grants. The deadline is Oct 10th. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to think about your passion and what you could do with a project grant. (Greater Cincinnati residents in the 275 loop are eligible, but its a great thought exercise.)
6 weeks ago
LCD Soundsystem - oh baby
Wonderful video. Directed by Rian Johnson.
6 weeks ago
Every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question, in one chart
His demeanor does not warrant a seat in our highest court.
6 weeks ago
Mutti Limited Edition
I have never wanted canned tomato products so much. / via BrandNew
6 weeks ago
75-Year-Old Volunteer Visits Animal Shelter Every Day And Naps With Cats
Terry Lauerman, 75, goes to his local animal shelter in Green Bay every day and takes naps with its cats.
yes  cats 
7 weeks ago
Everything I can remember.
This list by Jessica Shortall is heart breaking and very likely, quite common.
women  rights 
7 weeks ago
TImes Newer Roman
It looks like the classic Times New Roman font — it's just...a little bit bigger (horizontally)... to help with those term papers. Heh.
typography  font 
7 weeks ago
"The last few months I've been taking photos of odd/sad/distinctly midwestern packaging design I find at grocery stores in Wisconsin" - Ryan Troy Ford
instagram  design  midwest 
7 weeks ago
Rob Delany on his son, Henry
The reason I’m putting this out there now is that the intended audience for this book was to be my fellow parents of very sick children. They were always so tired and sad, like ghosts, walking the halls of the hospitals, and I wanted them to know someone understood and cared.
thinking  family  heavy  powerful 
7 weeks ago
Realistic Flight Simulator
Fly a real time route from New York to Reykjavik, Iceland. Except instead of playing the pilot, you’re a passenger. / via Andy Baio
8 weeks ago
Creative House Calls with Luke Choice
How Luke Choice does the brush effect for type
8 weeks ago
Broadway’s Biggest Debut
This King Kong "puppet" is amazing
9 weeks ago
Hank's Pocket
My mom and I saw a woman with one of these and she asked where it came from. It's like a stylish toolbelt. Really neat, sadly sold out but I'm following with a few gifts in mind.
shopping  gifts 
9 weeks ago
Colorplan - 50 Colors
A wonderful way to explore color directions. Click around! / via DJ
color  tool 
9 weeks ago
Chermayeff and Geismar Revolutionized Logo Design
Nice video of two pillars of identity that I didn't know about. / thanks Kenny!
identity  design 
9 weeks ago
Deon Mixon | The Detroit Rise
Wonderful thinking for a new Detroit Flag / via UnderConsideration
design  flags 
9 weeks ago
Little Alchemy 2
Minimalist, distilled crafting game. Mix items starting with only air, water, earth and fire to discover planets, spaceships and unicorns / via ProductHunt
10 weeks ago
Adding to my mental queue to watch this movie.
movies  optimism 
10 weeks ago
Inter UI typeface
Inter UI is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens. (They had me at contextual alternates and fractions)
design  font  typography 
10 weeks ago
The Faculty Newsletter
I've got a bunch of tabs open and a bunch of articles Instapaper'd because of this newsletter. Subscribed.
10 weeks ago
Axios - Coverage of media trends, tech, business and politics with expertise, voice brevity.
Could this be my default news source? It feels like it might scratch the itch... / via Casey
11 weeks ago
Heard at Work
Collection of overheard exclamations that aims to capture what it’s like to work in a New York design studio. / I sure do like that Berlingske Serif typeface.
12 weeks ago
Beastie Boys, Select
Curious, they haven't posted on their blog in six years... Until this week. Hope this means something. (Edit: Looks like they have a book coming out Oct 30)
12 weeks ago
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