Working with a designer (four paths)
Seth Godin distills it down, but I wouldn't want to work with several of these clients. I think there is a 5th path: "I know and trust your work. This is my audience. These are my challenges. These are my goals. Guide me."
22 hours ago
The Creative Independent
A resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. You can get lost here for a long time. Looks like it's funded by Kickstarter. Really nice. / via Meredith
resources  reading  design  creative 
Newark Penn Station used to have a mechanical Solari departure board.
"It now has a video display, also made by Solari, that emulates the mechanical one, complete with clicky noises." / via @cpj1
tota11y – an accessibility visualization toolkit
Very nice collection of tools to make sure your website is accessible. / via @octothorpe
development  javascript  testing 
Lulz: Hurts Donut Tide Pod Donuts
Posted there because I don't like linking to Facebook.
heh  donut 
The 747 Had a Great Run. But Farewell
A couple of weeks ago, the final 747 flight by any commercial United States airline took to the sky. More great photography presented by the New York Times / via Khoi
photography  planes  airplanes 
Amazon Go, a high-tech version of a 7-Eleven
I don't know what to do with my feelings about Amazon. They bring innovation to transactions, but they're growing so big. And this store looks like a thing I want in my neighborhood. (Meal kits! Healthy options! Simplicity! Wine!) Notice, I said neighborhood and not city.
amazon  business 
Email Charter #7 Attack Attachments
"Don't use graphics files as logos or signatures that appear as attachments. Time is wasted trying to see if there's something to open. Even worse is sending text as an attachment when it could have been included in the body of the email." THIS and all of it / via Swiss-Miss
communication  email  productivity 
140 characters of javascript / via MetaFilter
code  design  javascript  canvas  programming 
5 days ago
Marie Varley's Matchbox series
The screenprints in this series are based on a set of Dutch matchboxes from the 1950's depicting the identities of several airlines from across the world in what as known as the the Golden Age of Flying. / via Coudal
shopping  screen  print  matches  matchbox 
5 days ago
Papier Machine Vol.0
Gorgeously designed interactive electronic paper toy by Papier Machine - Kickstarter via thisiscolossal and my friend Thor
kickstarter  design  book  paper  toy  inspiration 
7 days ago
Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories
This is an amazing photo essay. Beautiful shots. / via everyone
photo  essay 
7 days ago
Why Field Notes Have Remained Curiously Addictive for a Decade
“We don’t want to make a book that looks like it was made in 1935, we want to make a book the way they made the book in 1935,” Coudal
7 days ago
Animojis Takeover TV
This is really well done.
7 days ago
Mr Karls and His Furry Game/Nap Buddies
Someone just sent this to me and said Edie needed a friend. I will say some of these cats have great names... Yukon Gold Potatoes, Thunder Scream, Dirty Steve, Opossumface, Mustache Pete, BammySlamHams, and Coconuts
8 days ago
Going Fishing by Guldies
I want to make a stop motion animation factory on the desk in my bedroom now.
11 days ago
Cookbook Clubs
A group of friends all make recipes from the same cookbook and gather to share the results. "We enjoy—not only the food, but an afternoon spent connecting with friends and getting to know new members" / Sounds most excellent via Stephen
cooking  social 
16 days ago
Jack Dorsey’s Resignation Letter to Twitter
"I hid my cowardice behind a screen of “free speech!” I didn’t realize that hate speech, when left unchecked, only serves to imprison valuable and diverse voices that need to be heard."
18 days ago
Shaoxing Villagers — Warren King
Ongoing series of life-size figures made in cardboard, based on residents of the village in China where the artist's ancestors lived for many generations. / via Tom
art  cardboard 
18 days ago
New York in the snow
Some beautiful photos, not from this particular "bomb cyclone" / view yewknee
photographs  photography  weather 
19 days ago
Arbitrary Stupid Goal
Studiomate DJ said this book was worth a read. This mini-site provides some FAQs. Maybe tangentially related, but enough to let the voice show through.
toread  books  heh 
19 days ago
A different take on coworking, using off hours of restaurants to open up space to folks.
coworking  restaurant  office  space 
19 days ago
Death of the American Trucker
Interesting read about jobs that will fall to automation, and the incremental steps in between.
technology  automation 
20 days ago
Animated light source for photography and video. (Adding to mental wishlist to try)
shopping  photography  video  tools 
24 days ago
La Casa de Carlota
Design studio mentioned in previous link. Again, phenomenal work.
design  inspiration 
24 days ago
Barcelona design studio for people with Down's syndrome, autism and intellectual disabilities
Powerfully good short video outlining their approach. And the work? Phenomenal.
design  inspiration 
24 days ago
10 bucks a month, see as many movies as you want (in 2D) in theaters in your area. Just did a search and every theater I go to is listed. I don't know the catch. There has to be a catch.
entertainment  movies 
24 days ago
More about the Relonch camera
And how they automatically processes Raw images, making adjustments to exposure, white balance, sharpening and so on.
24 days ago
Relonch, a very different photography experience.
You rent the camera. It has one button and no screen. Photos are processed for you and you pay for the ones you like.
24 days ago
Airstream Globetrotter
If VW keeps dragging their feet over the minibus, I suppose I could haul this across the continent for a while.
dream  rv  airstram 
24 days ago
Coconut Chia Pudding
I’m going to try and make this again
25 days ago
Whole Life Challenge | 7 Habits (That Might Change Your Whole Life)
This starts January 20. Costs a little money. But it’s all about trying healthy habits for kind and body. I’m going to do it.
community  health 
25 days ago
Stop using Facebook and start using your browser
"Literally, all you need to do: Type in web addresses. Use autofill! Or even: Google the website you want to go to, and go to it. Then bookmark it. Then go back every now and again." Yes.
25 days ago
Win a Trip to VSCO HQ. Submit a photo that represents extraordinary in your everyday
This is one HQ I would like to see. Contest deadline is January 10. (Most every photo in my album is processed with VSCO Films)
contest  photography 
4 weeks ago
Thelma Golden: How art gives shape to cultural change
Filing away this Ted talk to watch later / via Eli
watch  video  art 
4 weeks ago
Inside, a game now on iPhone
(From the makers of Limbo) Both are incredible games.
videogames  iPhone 
4 weeks ago
Analogue - Super Nt
A truly HD Super Nintendo console that plays original carts.
5 weeks ago
60 Years of Logos” feat. Chermayeff & Geismar
Great video revealing just a bit of their approach to identity
5 weeks ago
Grace Spelman's very specific Spotify playlists
Like songs with handclaps, horn intros, somebody goes 'uh' and songs for short attention spans
music  playlist 
5 weeks ago
The 50 Best Albums Of 2017 : NPR
more and more I haven’t heard any of the music on these year end lists. love to dig in with perspective!
music  list  2017 
5 weeks ago
Zach Lieberman "Poetic Computation"
I saw Zach speak at the first Creative Mornings event I ever attended and loved what he was doing then. Been digging his Instagram feed of late. Interested to watch this!
towatch  inspiration 
6 weeks ago
Indie For The Holidays
Three hours of holiday music... much of which was commissioned as new recordings exclusively for this Amazon Music Playlist
music  holiday 
7 weeks ago
New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Chobani done In-house
Naturally I like it, but I also like their yogurt, a lot.
logo  inspiration 
7 weeks ago
Adult Swim - Elastic Man
Playing with this Morty is fun, on phone or laptop. / via waxy
design  fun  face 
7 weeks ago
How to downgrade from macOS High Sierra back to macOS Sierra
Filing this away for when I get tired of watching the beachball and hearing the laptop's fan kick in...
7 weeks ago
Animated vector based type
animated  type  typography 
8 weeks ago
Type With Pride
Gilbert font created in tribute to designer of Rainbow Flag / via Thor
activism  design  font  fonts  typography 
8 weeks ago
Just a regular billionaire
Warren Buffett is the third richest man in the world, yet lives a relatively humble life. Rebecca Jarvis reports on Omaha's least-conspicuous billionaire. (This video made me feel a little better about today's political climate.)
thinking  politics 
8 weeks ago
A Woman's Place is Everywhere
Letterpress prints from Striped Lights
shopping  women 
8 weeks ago
November 22nd - NextDraft
Dave Pell makes a good news version of his email newsletter
news  good 
8 weeks ago
Let's Enhance – free online image upscale and enhancement with neural networks
You get 5 uploads / upsizings per day and frankly? It works amazingly well if you have some low resolution images and need them upscaled.
tool  photography 
8 weeks ago
I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowe's
Ugly place, pretty portraits. Love that photographer Jenna Martin shows her photos before editing.
photography  inspiration 
8 weeks ago
Tesla Semi
That cockpit, so simple and clean. Dig the central seating position.
tesla  truck  electric 
9 weeks ago
The best laptop ever made
I concur with Marco Arment. And his closing statement, "I hope it’s not the best laptop that will ever exist."
apple  laptop 
9 weeks ago
Jim Henson: How To Make Puppets with Socks
Any new insight to Jim Henson is an instant save.
9 weeks ago
Kickstarters version of Patreon, subscription funding for artists / via DJ
9 weeks ago
IBM’s Quest To Design The “New Helvetica”
IBM Plex is an open source type family. It looks lovely. / via Jake
type  font 
10 weeks ago
Project 62™ - Peoria Wood Arm Chair
I like this new Target brand. Specifically this chair, but there are many other nice pieces. The reality though, is that I do not need anything!
shopping  furniture 
10 weeks ago
New Packaging for CoastWise Session IPA by MiresBall
I agree with Coudal Partners that this is nice. I need to limit myself to one color more.
design  inspiration  packaging 
10 weeks ago
The Year of Hygge, the Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy
Taking pleasure in the presence of gentle, soothing things. I'm all for this. / hat tip to DJ & Megan
10 weeks ago
Sony aibo
The new one is even more animated / via Yewknee
11 weeks ago
'Ikigai' is the Japanese art of finding one's purpose in life
It is about establishing a career that is "at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing."
11 weeks ago
Spirit - The animation tool for the web
Not out yet, but so hopeful that maybe it will be awesome! / via DJ
animation  web 
11 weeks ago
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