Nice one Dad
Dad jokes. That's it! (and that's all right) / via Swiss Miss
heh  jokes  dad 
Loog Pro & Loog Mini: The ultimate beginners' guitars by Rafael Atijas
A three string beginner guitar / Kickstarter via Daring Fireball
kickstarter  music  guitar 
7 days ago
Not Hotdog
An app that shows if your food is a hotdog 🌭
funny  hotdog  app 
8 days ago
When TV Logos Were Physical Objects
More of this now please / via Thor
design  logo  tv 
8 days ago
Penland School of Crafts
Another place on my tovisit list thanks to DJ & Megan's trip
todo  travel  North  Carolina 
8 days ago
Knife and Fork Restaurant
DJ said this was one of the best meals he's had, hiking nearby, overall beautiful. Filing undo todo
todo  travel 
8 days ago
We Are So F*cked
ugh. i have to agree sometimes.
10 days ago
NPR Is Launching Its First Podcast for Kids
The new podcast will encourage kids ages 5-12 to find the "wow" in the world. (Hmm, I might enjoy listening to this!)
11 days ago
How to shoot on iPhone 7
Simple videos to help with photography (some better than others)
photography  tutorial 
11 days ago
blackout blinds with city scenes. Dig.
12 days ago
Elle Fanning fanning
Video gave me a chuckle
12 days ago
The Making of 7 Iconic Movie Posters
Interesting look behind the scenes of Tom Martin
poster  design  process 
12 days ago
Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation
A lovely 10 minute TED Talk. Be prepared to be amazed
15 days ago
Simple homepage plugin that asks you for your daily focus. Dig this.
extension  chrome  dashboard 
19 days ago
What I'm assuming is lenticular printing for your animated photos, boomerangs, etc. Wish the website had information and not just marketing silliness, but I'm intrigued.
photos  printing 
19 days ago
Hand Carved -Appalshop
Chester was a family friend but my memories of him are vague as I was young. I did remember, he always smelled of whiskey and wood when he came 'round to our farm to find trees to build us each a chair.
shopping  gift  chester 
4 weeks ago
Color scheme generator - Fun for when you need a different automated perspective
tools  color  web  design  generator 
4 weeks ago
Bon Appétit unveils its first cover shot on an iPhone
Speaking of amazing advancements in mobile tech... / via Daring Fireball
iphone  photography  professional  wow 
5 weeks ago
Steve Lacy Produced Kendrick Lamar Track Using Only His iPhone
I'm gobsmacked how far mobile technology has come for creators / via Creative Mornings
5 weeks ago
JHA Bodoni Ritalic
This reverse italic can be yours for $5000 (you'd get the desktop AND web version!)
font  typeface  type 
5 weeks ago
Cassius ft. Cat Power Pharell Williams
mesmerizing split screen music video directed by Alex Courtès
5 weeks ago
Art of the Forest Bathe
Speaking of forest bathing... and tree hugging... and moss petting...
5 weeks ago
SuperBabies Don’t Cry
Long read about a mother's love for her daughter. Quite moving. "It will not be easy, and it will not be comfortable, but it will be, and you will become."
5 weeks ago
Lumi - Your entire packaging system in one place.
Lumi keeps expanding their offerings and they're so so good.
packaging  business 
5 weeks ago
The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer
24 minute video, but fascinating for those who love this car / via MeFi
cars  Pacer 
5 weeks ago
Wardrobe Snacks: Thoughtfully Composed Outfits that Perfectly Match Different Foods
Collaborative project between photographer Kelsey McClellan and prop/set stylist Michelle Maguire
6 weeks ago
Tattly Bouquet Garni Set
Herb scented temporary tattoos. Beautiful!
7 weeks ago
The Surprising Resilience of Failed Fast Food Chains
Interesting read for those that wondered what happened to Chi-Chis and Rax, etc
history  junk  food  fast 
7 weeks ago
Modern farming is amazing
farming  future 
7 weeks ago
Cats ringing bells for treats
I've watched this a few times. Maybe a lot more.
heh  cats 
7 weeks ago
Liberal Snowflake Pin
This wonderful thing from Jessica Hische.
shopping  pin 
7 weeks ago
I'm With Her: What I learned designing a logo for Hillary Clinton by Michael Bierut
"I believe, more than ever, in the power of design. It can provide comfort in the face of devastating change, and it can shake us out of our complacency when action is demanded. And now, more than ever, at the moment we need it most, it belongs to all of us."
branding  design  process 
7 weeks ago
Burly Men at Sea: A folktale adventure
PC/Mac/Mobile game that has a decidedly fresh look. Dunno how it plays, but intrigued. /via Swiss-Miss
game  beards 
7 weeks ago
Best Podcasts 2017
I'm SLOWLY (very slowly) trying podcasts. This is a list of podcasts to try.
7 weeks ago
Pack Up + Go | A Surprise Travel Agency
Pack Up + Go plans 3-day weekend trips around the United States. All you have to do is tell us your budget and fill out a quick survey. We'll take care of your travel + accommodation arrangements - all while keeping your destination a surprise. (neat!)
travel  vacation  planning 
7 weeks ago
Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar.
The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die. (A timeless and timely joke)
7 weeks ago
Velvety Butternut Squash
A favorite dish. Seriously worth the cook time.
recipe  paleo 
8 weeks ago
Missing Richard Simmons
Had a long drive and couldn't find the right music. This proved to be exactly what I wanted to listen to.
8 weeks ago
The Perfect Three-day Weekend in Cincinnati
I like this list from Travel + Leisure, but I'd say one should visit the American Sign Museum, go atop Carew Tower for the view and try and hit up Jungle Jims to shop a grocery store like no other.
travel  Cincinnati 
9 weeks ago
Meet Robert Mahar
Some info about Robert and his Knock Knock products
9 weeks ago
Creative City Episode #32 - Designer Chris Glass
Sat with Tamia for half and hour to blather on and on about stuff. She was gracious to listen!
self  me  podcast 
9 weeks ago
Walden has been adapted into a video game
I had no idea. I wonder if all the hiking paths are there. / via Jocelyn K. Glei (and Swiss-Miss for recommending her excellent email newsletter)
9 weeks ago
15 Words You're Using Incorrectly - The Muse
I'm really guilty of using some of these words. This list helps me understand how to stop.
english  grammar  writing 
9 weeks ago
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review - Polygon
This is just one review, but they're all almost astoundingly positive. I'm playing on the older WiiU system and it's a marvel this game. A joy to play in short spurts or long periods of time.
9 weeks ago
Joyce Lin
super fun work / via @pieratt
portfolio  fun 
9 weeks ago
Modern By Dwell Magazine
Furniture and accessories at Target
shopping  furniture 
9 weeks ago
Design of cement bags Ditop - Estudio Rubio & del Amo
These packages of cement make me want to use cement / via Grain Edit
packaging  design  inspiration 
9 weeks ago
Tall Plant Holder — Honest Union
this plant stand makes me want to have plants
10 weeks ago
Hey Fuzzy Yellow!
This is just fun / via Swiss-Miss
heh  video  animation 
10 weeks ago
I shudder every time I open the Facebook Messenger app now. Seriously considering alternatives.
app  design 
10 weeks ago
Amazing Art done in Excel by a 77yr old Man
"This artist was interested in graphics design for a while, but only after retiring 17 years ago, he found enough time to do what he always wanted." / via Robb Irrgang
10 weeks ago
Erich Brechbühl
Love when you encounter someone's work and it's both incredibly good, but also quite varied.
design  inspiration 
11 weeks ago
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