Present & Correct: Buttons and dials and whatnot
In agreement with SwissMiss and Coudal that these are lovely.
ui  productdesign 
11 hours ago
The Art of Sci-Fi Book Covers
A pleasant stroll through the history of sci-fi paperbacks
design  book  covers 
3 days ago
Old memories, accidentally trapped in amber by our digital devices
I linked to a Twitter thread about this earlier. Kottke lays it out and adds some context in a much more pleasant way.
history  technology 
3 days ago
Profile: Maira Kalman, Author and Illustrator
I spend more time trying to drown out noise and stuff / me too! via Austin Kloen
profile  maria  kalman 
4 days ago
Locations on Google Maps of scenes in movies. / via Coudal
blog  film  google  map 
5 days ago
UIs that accidentally amass memories
One of them is the wi-fi “preferred networks” pane – unexpected reminders of business trips, vacations, accidental detours, once frequented and now closed cafés. Neato / via MeFi
neato  memory  UI 
6 days ago
The History of the Orchestra Hit
Enjoyed learning about the evolution of sampling technology and this particular sound
music  sampling  sounds 
6 days ago
Automatically live updating spreadsheet inpsired by Robinhood. Make your own copy!
Add three stocks to a copy of this spreadsheet and see how you'd do at investing.
neato  investing 
7 days ago
I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore
The other day, I found myself looking at a blinking cursor in a blank address bar in a new tab of my web browser. I was bored. / Samesies via Coudal
8 days ago
Steve Jobs’ Secret for Eliciting Questions, Overheard at a San Francisco Cafe
I won't distill this article down to the type of questions listed here. It's a quick read, and I feel really good.
thinking  articles  business  management  principles 
8 days ago
Make Frontend Shit Again
Heck, I still use tables!
html  fun 
9 days ago
The Chicago Neighborhoods
Nice approach to branding the diffrent 'hoods of Chicago. / via DJ
graphic  logos  chicago  neighborhood  logo 
12 days ago
Goodwin & Goodwin — Signs with Soul
Lovely video about all sorts of signs / via UnderConsideration
14 days ago
Alphafont 2018
Nice exploration of type from Matt W. Moore
type  typography 
15 days ago
How to Develop Empathy for Someone Who Annoys You
I feel like I am good at empathy, but I also get annoyed. Maybe this will help me cancel the latter out. via CreativeMornings Email Newsletter
thinking  empathy 
19 days ago
A typeface inspired by the work of Jim Henson.
type  font  Jim  Henson 
19 days ago
1970's in house IBM posters
By Ken White, John Anderson, and Tom Bluhm / via BrandNew
inspiration  posters 
19 days ago
Record Label Logos
So. Many. Wonderful. Logos. / via Yewknee
22 days ago
I tried leaving Facebook. I couldn’t
My friend Grace said this was a good read. Adding to my list.
toread  facebook  from instapaper
22 days ago
Prince Discography Annotated
The Prince Estate has launched an extensive site (really fancy on desktop computers) of Prince's albums.
music  prince 
28 days ago
Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool
I love my Leatherman but I keep it in my glovebox. This would be nice to have on hand all the time. Well, except for airports maybe?
29 days ago
Logo Pizza - Logos for sale
by Dave Desandro of Metafizzy made these. Next time I have to do a logo I'm tempted to just buy one of these...
branding  design  logo  logos  marketing 
5 weeks ago
Minimalist YouTube
Search for a video, be pleased at the lack of crap. This likely won't be around forever.
youtube  search  video 
5 weeks ago
First Listen: Joshua Hedley, 'Mr. Jukebox'
If you like "classic" country music, you'll probably really like this. I did.
5 weeks ago
Tame Impala / Let It Happen
"Taking Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, broccoliboys cut out about 153 minutes, streamlining the film to fit the song length without sacrificing the narrative. The video is an excellent edit that changes both the film and the song in an interesting way."
yes  kubrick  video 
5 weeks ago
Phone Detox
Let's get a big order of this super solid School of Life thing and split the overseas shipping. Srsly!
5 weeks ago
Touch Bar for Power Users
I don't have a touch bar on my laptop, but if I did, I would do what Matthew Fitzsimmons says
computer  mac  apple  laptop  touchbar 
6 weeks ago
Fake Instagrams are one of the last refuges of the authentic online self
A young fella I know posts more to his (private) "Finstagram" than his (public) professional one. It's lovely to see the real stuff.
instagram  social  media 
6 weeks ago
Never Get Lost in Central Park Again
Look at the lamp posts. Their bases are numbered with four-digit codes to help you locate where you are
wayfinding  NYC 
6 weeks ago
Disco Cubes
These are the cubes
ice  cubes 
6 weeks ago
Online scheduling tool for meetings
Hook up with your Google Account and block out times you don't want stuff to happen, then share a link. Nifty.
calendar  collaboration  productivity  tools 
6 weeks ago
Giant 3D LED Screen Head Takes Selfies to the Next Level
I need to drive up to Columbus Ohio to see this.
art  selfies 
6 weeks ago
7-inches for Planned Parenthood
This record series looks nicely packaged.
record  vinyl  box  set 
6 weeks ago
Charley Harper inspired cookies
Wowsers. Kacie is good at the cookies.
Charley  Harper  cookies 
6 weeks ago
2001: A Space Odyssey Immersive Art Exhibit
I want to go to DC and visit the National Air and Space Museum to get two minutes in this room. / via Daring Fireball
2001  exhibit  museum 
6 weeks ago
Fireball Island returns
I never had this board game growing up, but I could rectify that with this Kickstarter...
board  game  Kickstarters 
6 weeks ago
New New York Times
Tweets words when they appear in the New York Times for the first time.
6 weeks ago
Braille Neue
Braille Neue is a universal typeface that combines braille with existing characters. / via Coudal
type  font  braille 
7 weeks ago
Music from your webcam
The average hue from your camera controls which chord will play. Neato! / via Yewknee
7 weeks ago
Bike Share Oversupply in China
Rapid growth vastly outpaced immediate demand and overwhelmed Chinese cities... Vast piles of impounded, abandoned, and broken bicycles have become a familiar sight in many big cities.
bicycle  bike  china 
7 weeks ago
The Women of the Bauhaus School
Fascinating (and frustrating) dive into some of the women who contributed to the school. / via robweychert
women  design 
7 weeks ago
Newspaper Club
Make and print your own newspapers. I forgot about this! Want to do muchly. / via Swiss-Miss
design  newspaper  print  printing  publishing 
7 weeks ago
Augmented Reality: David Bowie in Three Dimensions
Examining some of his costumes (Not sure it's augmented reality, but it is very well done)
design  inspiration  costume  fashion 
7 weeks ago
If You Had To Do It All Over Again
In 1978, the design publication U&lc began a series where graphic designers found samples of their own work from the past that they wish they could do over. U&lc editor Herb Lubalin was asked to be the first designer to take part.
inspiration  Lubalin  type  design 
7 weeks ago
The Making of Welcome Home, the Spike Jonze Apple HomePod longform commercial
So much work went into this. I'd like to have seen more about the sets, but it is great to see some of the process. (PS, I want a movement coach)
behindthescenes  music  video  apple 
7 weeks ago
Lubalin 100
100 things about Herb Lubalin over 100 days. So good. / via DJTrischler
type  design  inspiration 
7 weeks ago
Like pizza?
Celebrate it with these questionable items!
8 weeks ago
Frequently Asked Questions
Max Temkin has an incredibly kind and thorough FAQ.
8 weeks ago
12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech
Anil Dash lays out some heavy stuff / via DaringFireball
8 weeks ago
Pau Buscató
Every single photo has something
8 weeks ago
Jessica Hische -Tomorrow I'll Be Brave
Delightfully illustrated book with wonderful messaging due out this autumn.
8 weeks ago
Draw With Type: Weird Type
I've been digging Zach Lieberman's experiments with real time image and video manipulation on Instagram. Super happy he has an app out with his wife that captures a slice of that joy for all to try.
app  type  fun  yay 
9 weeks ago
Jason Kottke is not just at it, he's still really good at it.
9 weeks ago
3D for Designers
Because I want to 3D
3d  course 
9 weeks ago
Sleep Stories - The Emperor's New Clothes by Erik Ireland
My friend made a podcast to encourage sleeping by reading a good story.
sleep  podcast 
9 weeks ago
How Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time
They really look like the same photo. Until you look very closely. / via MeFi
10 weeks ago
Intensity vs Consistency
Incredibly powerful but simple insight here, and beautifully animated.
10 weeks ago
You Think You Know Me: A Conversational Card Game
Playfully tests how well you know your friends, family, partners, or coworkers — a set of 500 cards helping you learn more about what they love and who they are.
11 weeks ago
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