Pau Buscató
Every single photo has something
5 hours ago
Jessica Hische -Tomorrow I'll Be Brave
Delightfully illustrated book with wonderful messaging due out this autumn.
7 hours ago
Draw With Type: Weird Type
I've been digging Zach Lieberman's experiments with real time image and video manipulation on Instagram. Super happy he has an app out with his wife that captures a slice of that joy for all to try.
app  type  fun  yay 
Jason Kottke is not just at it, he's still really good at it.
7 days ago
3D for Designers
Because I want to 3D
3d  course 
7 days ago
Sleep Stories - The Emperor's New Clothes by Erik Ireland
My friend made a podcast to encourage sleeping by reading a good story.
sleep  podcast 
7 days ago
How Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time
They really look like the same photo. Until you look very closely. / via MeFi
13 days ago
Intensity vs Consistency
Incredibly powerful but simple insight here, and beautifully animated.
14 days ago
You Think You Know Me: A Conversational Card Game
Playfully tests how well you know your friends, family, partners, or coworkers — a set of 500 cards helping you learn more about what they love and who they are.
15 days ago
Long Exposure Photos Capture the Light Paths of Drones Above Mountainous Landscapes | Colossal
Mia nature not living up to your expectations? add drones! (this thought from Casey)
15 days ago
Villain @ 307 Kent Ave
This event / venue in Brooklyn has a great identity
places  brooklyn  identity 
16 days ago
Really tempted to preorder the Light Phone 2
It has minimal text messaging now. It looks like the idea phone away from phone
mobile  phone  design 
16 days ago
How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries
America is seriously messed up. It is going to change.
19 days ago
Amazon is complicit with counterfeiting
ElevationLab's story of how Amazon is letting bad things happen. This needs to stop. / via DaringFireball
amazon  business  bullshit 
19 days ago
Save Our Species
Lacoste released a limited-edition polo collection where threatened species hold the crocodile’s spot. The number of polos produced for each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild.
interesting  fashion  lacoste  activism 
20 days ago
James Edmondson of OH no Type
James has a typeface on the Future Fonts site. Did some digging around and came across this video. His view on geometric sans type solutions for tech companies at 3:00 makes me never want to fall prey to that default again.
inspiration  type  fonts 
21 days ago
Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
Google will soon ding sites that aren't secure. / via @chrisjm
opensource  security 
21 days ago
Rob Weychert thinks about color and web design
I love how he collects images specifically for palette and extrapolates from there and goes deeper into color theory.
color  design  inspiration 
21 days ago
Write Daily
7 days of prompts to inspire writing
21 days ago
Oscar bingo 2018
Jessica Jones makes these up every year and shares a printable PDF for your Oscar party. Or heck, you could just print one for yourself.
oscars  game  fun 
21 days ago
Future Fonts
Experimental type that designers are currently working on, available for purchase.
design  experimental  font  type  typeface 
22 days ago
ImageOptim — better Save for Web
This (Mac) app strips images of unnecessary cruft to reduce file size, sometimes dramatically.
app  images  mac  tools 
22 days ago
How the Breeders Finally Learned to Get Along
"Me wishing for an easier way to do something, doesn’t necessarily make something true.” - Kelley Deal
music  interview 
23 days ago
Airbnb Plus
Verified homes for style, comfort and amenities
rental  airbnb  travel  vacation 
27 days ago
How to get yourself out of a funk
Me? I try and get a haircut, clean house, do laundry and get rid of some "stuff" (donate or gift)
thinking  funk 
27 days ago
Wireframe Deck
This looks like a great way to think of basic business websites with clients. Love how you can rearrange to a single column for mobile view. It'd be extra neat to have a bunch of blank cards to make your own content blocks. /via djtrischler
webdesign  ux  card 
28 days ago
A reason for being
language  words 
28 days ago
Bodega Cats
A good Instagram to follow / via Thor
cats  instagram 
28 days ago
Florida student Emma Gonzalez to lawmakers and gun advocates: 'We call BS' - CNN
I just read the transcript of this speech, but it gave me hope that change is possible.
4 weeks ago
As seen from above
Winners and of the 2017 Skypixel photo contest / via Metafilter
5 weeks ago
Furby Organ
I fully support anyone who has an idea and makes it happen.
5 weeks ago
Scented Sacred Geometry Tattly
SACRED GEOMETRY! (insert heart emoji)
tattoo  sacred  geometry 
5 weeks ago
Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero
"The web needs pockets of slowness and thoughtfulness as its reach and power continues to increase. " Anytime Frank writes, it is so wonderful.
design  thinking 
5 weeks ago
Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace
Hour long look at the artist of Obama's official portrait on PBS / via Bruce Hartman
art  video  history  biography  painter 
5 weeks ago
Art History Action Figures and Pins
I would consider collecting these.
art  vinyl  toy  figure 
5 weeks ago
Donald Trump in New York City
Dig the style of these New Yorker cartoons that provide comic context to Donald's tweets / via Thor
politics  cartoon  hee 
5 weeks ago
Windows of San Francisco
features views from 100 different windows around the city. LOVE THIS / via Swiss-Miss
travel  video  windows 
5 weeks ago
Satellite 2.0 - CanadianCat Company
I think Edie would REALLY like this. / via Grace Dobush
shopping  cat 
5 weeks ago
A list of 25 Principles of Adult Behavior by John Perry Barlow
Working on this one: "Reduce your use of the first personal pronoun."
philosophy  life  principles 
5 weeks ago
Panpsychism: The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious
"This isn’t meant to imply that particles have a coherent worldview or actively think, merely that there’s some inherent subjective experience of consciousness in even the tiniest particle." This concept makes my empathy bone ache, but it's fun to ponder
thinking  philosophy 
5 weeks ago
Facebook: Text Overlay Tool
Upload a potential ad image to see if it will be successful (or even allowed!) on Facebook. / thanks Kathryn!
advertising  facebook  marketing  tool  tools 
6 weeks ago
Pee Tape and Robert Mueller III Prayer Candles
Some might say poor taste, but I digress. I laughed.
politics  hee 
6 weeks ago
Things I Wish I’d Known When Starting Out in UX Design
Definitely applies to many professions: "Embrace feeling like an imposter" and many more good insights. / via Meredith
design  ux  process  thinking 
6 weeks ago
I Quit Twitter and It Feels Great
"It’s like I ate a very good sandwich without taking a picture of it. Sometimes it is O.K. to just remember things." Have I ever mentioned my love for Lindy West's writing? (Loved her book "Shrill") / link via Daring Fireball
twitter  politics  life  shit  yes 
6 weeks ago
CodePen World’s Fair
Dang fine landing page. If you're on a big computer, resize your screen. Design by Young Jerks, code by @paulozoom
6 weeks ago
The Terrace Plaza Hotel
The history of fantastic building that's been sitting empty in the heart of Cincinnati / via Phil Armstrong
history  Cincinnati  architecture  preservation 
7 weeks ago
Justin Timberlake "Say Something" music video
Shot entirely live in a single take, just like La Blogothèque's previous work, but amped up tremendously. Again: Live music, One Take. (video in middle of article)
music  video 
7 weeks ago
Music video for Jane Bordeaux's 'Ma’agalim'
when computer animation is elevated to folk art
misic  video 
7 weeks ago
Chevy Truck Legends: 100 Year History
I'm going to go with 1967 / via Kathryn
7 weeks ago
Scott’s Cheap Flights
Just heard this service is really, really, really inexpensive for travels who can go somewhere exotic in short notice.
cheap  flight  shopping  travel 
7 weeks ago
I've had this tab open on all my devices for 23 days and I still have it open.
Austin Kleon's "100 things that made my year (2017)" It's an amazingly dense reflection of the year that references others and Austin's expanded thoughts and experiences for the year. Imagine if every time tapped your browser, a random page like this was presented instead of your normal home page.
creativity  inspiration 
8 weeks ago
How to Write a Blog Post – Rands in Repose
Randomly think of a thing. Let it bump around your head a bit. If the bumping gets too loud, start writing the words with the nearest writing device. See how far you get.
8 weeks ago
I love how his work feels photocopied at huge scales. Also dig how it is recaptured for inside the gallery. If that makes sense.
8 weeks ago
Are.na's Mission: In 2018, let’s build the Internet we all want.
Are.na is for collaborative thinking and research. It looks ultra solid. / via Swiss-Miss
tools  inspiration 
8 weeks ago
Working with a designer (four paths)
Seth Godin distills it down, but I wouldn't want to work with several of these clients. I think there is a 5th path: "I know and trust your work. This is my audience. These are my challenges. These are my goals. Guide me."
8 weeks ago
The Creative Independent
A resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. You can get lost here for a long time. Looks like it's funded by Kickstarter. Really nice. / via Meredith
resources  reading  design  creative 
8 weeks ago
Newark Penn Station used to have a mechanical Solari departure board.
"It now has a video display, also made by Solari, that emulates the mechanical one, complete with clicky noises." / via @cpj1
8 weeks ago
tota11y – an accessibility visualization toolkit
Very nice collection of tools to make sure your website is accessible. / via @octothorpe
development  javascript  testing 
8 weeks ago
Lulz: Hurts Donut Tide Pod Donuts
Posted there because I don't like linking to Facebook.
heh  donut 
8 weeks ago
The 747 Had a Great Run. But Farewell
A couple of weeks ago, the final 747 flight by any commercial United States airline took to the sky. More great photography presented by the New York Times / via Khoi
photography  planes  airplanes 
8 weeks ago
Amazon Go, a high-tech version of a 7-Eleven
I don't know what to do with my feelings about Amazon. They bring innovation to transactions, but they're growing so big. And this store looks like a thing I want in my neighborhood. (Meal kits! Healthy options! Simplicity! Wine!) Notice, I said neighborhood and not city.
amazon  business 
8 weeks ago
Email Charter #7 Attack Attachments
"Don't use graphics files as logos or signatures that appear as attachments. Time is wasted trying to see if there's something to open. Even worse is sending text as an attachment when it could have been included in the body of the email." THIS and all of it / via Swiss-Miss
communication  email  productivity 
8 weeks ago
140 characters of javascript / via MetaFilter
code  design  javascript  canvas  programming 
8 weeks ago
Marie Varley's Matchbox series
The screenprints in this series are based on a set of Dutch matchboxes from the 1950's depicting the identities of several airlines from across the world in what as known as the the Golden Age of Flying. / via Coudal
shopping  screen  print  matches  matchbox 
8 weeks ago
Papier Machine Vol.0
Gorgeously designed interactive electronic paper toy by Papier Machine - Kickstarter via thisiscolossal and my friend Thor
kickstarter  design  book  paper  toy  inspiration 
9 weeks ago
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