App to overcome social anxiety
app  health 
15 hours ago
36 Days of Type
Starts today. Just learned about it. wondering if I can do this?
design  alphabet 
22 hours ago
A fine Tumblr of vehicles that didn't go into production / via Richard McAllister
2 days ago
The Best Point-and-Shoot Camera - The Wirecutter
Panasonic LX10 - Just because I like to keep up on these things and windowshop.
cameras  shopping 
2 days ago
Lottie : Airbnb Design
new open-source animation tool / via Yewknee
8 days ago
Little Fingers
Shaun Inman made a Mac app that will disable all keyboard and trackpad input via key command.
14 days ago
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Laundry Master
To read because I feel I could improve in this area, greatly. / via Swiss-Miss
todo  toread  laundry 
15 days ago
Project Felix from Adobe
Simplified 3D design tool. Beta it seems, but neat nonetheless
tools  adobe 
15 days ago
See You in the Cosmos
Jack Cheng has a new novel (for ages 10 and up). I really enjoyed his first book. Looking forward to reading his latest.
reading  book 
15 days ago
Type Hike
A typographic exploration of America's National Parks
typography  design 
15 days ago
Pocket Manfriend
If you're lost without a manly man by your side, here's your solution. (Made me grin, via Swiss-Miss)
heh  shopping 
19 days ago
New Logo and Identity for Louisville Public Media by Bullhorn
Gets better and better as you scroll down the page. Simple and lovely.
19 days ago
Serra by Official Mfg. Co.
I've long wondered what well designed pot would look like.
design  branding 
20 days ago
Mechanical keyboard inspired by typewriters
Not sure when these will be available, but I'm intrigued. / via Coudal
shopping  keyboard 
22 days ago
Knock Knock Paint-by-Number Cards
Can't decide which to get. Want both! (For me or as gifts for others)
shopping  gifts  awesome  paint 
22 days ago
All That We Share
Maybe there's more that brings us together than we think. (promotional video, but so well done)
22 days ago
graphic. harrowing. poignant.
4 weeks ago
Japan's toilets to get standardised symbols
I was there for almost three weeks and I almost got the hang of what all these meant. It'll be nice when they're standardized like this!
symbols  design  toilet 
4 weeks ago
New York City Subway Mural Depicts Gay Couple Holding Hands
these are my friends Patrick and Thor. Can't wait to revisit NYC and see them again this way and IRL!
5 weeks ago
Minimalism Film
Watching this on Netflix this morning, contemplating the final things I've yet to move from my old apartment to my new one. Trying to get to : "Every possession serves a purpose or brings me joy"
thinking  stuff  documentary 
5 weeks ago
What Happens When Algorithms Design a Concert Hall
Herzog and De Meuron’s newly opened concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg Germany
architecture  music  germany 
5 weeks ago
The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk
I don't need a study to understand this value, but yes. this.
walk  health 
5 weeks ago
Kodak Ektachrome 100 is Coming Back in 35mm Format
This is the film effect I most go to for digital photos. Excited to dust off the film camera and try it for real later this year.
camera  film 
6 weeks ago
How Postage Stamps Are Made
A mini-documentary from Ironic Sans
video  behind  the  scenes  stamps 
7 weeks ago
Automatic Coupons, Promo Codes, and Deals with Honey
I'm pretty good about using RetailMeNot, but this feels easier in theory / via Swiss-Miss
7 weeks ago
Singer resigns from Mormon Tabernacle Choir over Trump inauguration
"I only know I could never 'throw roses to Hitler.' And I certainly could never sing for him."
7 weeks ago
11 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2017 - The New York Times
There are always these lists, but they can be good, like this one
7 weeks ago
Voices of Gatlinburg
no description enough. just see this.
8 weeks ago
A virtual home assistant
future  ai  assistant  iot 
9 weeks ago
Our Automated Future
a long but solid read from the New Yorker
future  thinking  jobs 
9 weeks ago
How to Sleep - The Atlantic
to read when I'm having insomnia because of Voledemort
toread  science  sleep 
10 weeks ago
MP01 "Punkt" mobile phone
if this was available on my carrier, I'd seriously consider it
phone  hardware 
10 weeks ago
Pinpaper Press
Make wrapping paper from your (or pinboard) photos
shopping  gifts  photography 
10 weeks ago
Emergent Behavior by Thomas Jackson
Enjoyed every click from this phtographer
art  photography 
10 weeks ago
I will make it out of this alive
Favorite patch find of the day / *ht* Thor
patches  shopping 
10 weeks ago
Apps to remix, a code editor to modify them, instant hosting and deployment
development  tools  webdev 
11 weeks ago
Forget Why? It's time to get to work. - Anil Dash
Good thoughts here, no matter what side of the political fence one resides.
thinking  politics  community 
11 weeks ago
Favorite albums/covers reimagined by designers
11 weeks ago
Facebook Creative Hub
For creating and previewing ads
facebook  tool  ads 
11 weeks ago
Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series
Beautiful posters for our national parks
design  shopping 
11 weeks ago
The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 172, With Special Guest Merlin Mann
I don't normally listen to podcasts, but this one resonated with me. A good balance of topical and not on topic.
politics  podcast 
november 2016
Video of the most unsatisfying things in the world
Pretty, and sure, frustrating. But more pretty
video  heh 
november 2016
100 Blocks a Day
"Throughout the day, you spend 10 minutes of your life on each block, until you eventually run out of blocks and it’s time to go to sleep..." Excellent thinking here. / via swiss-miss
thinking  life 
october 2016
Phonetikana by Johnson Banks
"One of the three typographic styles that is used in Japan is essentially phonetic, and is called Katakana. We’ve been attempting to find ways to incorporate phonetic sounds with the Katakana letterforms." Genius
font  language  japanese 
october 2016
A short history of Beyonce
4:35 minutes to really get a sense of how much Beyonce has done.
october 2016
FLOR by Firebelly
Nice rebrand. Perfectly flexible.
october 2016
Comp, a new take on a classic notebook
Love this concept, hope it goes great (and the price comes down!) - Kickstarter / via DJ
kickstarter  notebook 
october 2016
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