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I'm a big fan of QIX. Sorry, let me rephrase that, I'm a BIG fan of QIX.


I managed to track down the author of the game, who now runs a business creating CAD software for model railway enthusiasts, and asked him some questions about the game. I'll outline a few facts here:
He created the bad-guy, or QIX movement as a simple programming demo
His wife suggested making a game out of it, "sort of like video-game etch-a-sketch"
Their Eureka moment came in the jacuzzi with a bittle of vintage champagne
The game is credited to the programmer and his wife
Being a pretty successful silicon valley programmer, he did so for Taito USA
QIX was one of only a few games made by the US division of Taito
The game was named after his car number plate at the time:
"JUS 4 QIX" B)
In all the time since the game was made in 1981, he said to me that I was the first person outside of Taito to ever contact him about the game. This was a shock to me, but perhaps I'm living in a dream world when I think that such a classic game as this should get more attention? But I guess the creator of Tetris didn;t even get that much attention, the game stole it all?
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september 2017
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