A Letter From One Woman To Another (Cassandra Khaw)
Cassandra Khaw is killing it right now. She's amazing and visceral and profilic.
fiction  poem 
2 days ago
the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming
How the originators of opera might inform inform how we might work better in our own modern times.
work  culture 
7 days ago
Symmathecist (n) – Jessica Kerr
Jessica Kerr on the concept of Symmathecistry
self  culture  work 
7 days ago
Linux Performance Tools
A diagram of linux performance tools and the layer/resource they are for, from Brendon Gregg
linux  tools  diagram  performance  debugging 
4 weeks ago
Brutalist Web Design
I too am an old man and wish to see a portion of the world burn
web  design  manifesto 
september 2018
Programming Generative Art
Slides for a talk by Xavier Ho and Web Directions Code 2018. Really looking forward to the video.
slides  art  programming 
august 2018
Brutalist Web Design
I mean, I’m a little stunned that some of this even bears noting. Use anchors for links? What is the point of using a non-anchor as a link? And yet, I believe anything of people who would build a website n JavaScript.
manifesto  design  web 
august 2018
Variable Fonts
A resource, but also a ui to view the effects of changing variables of some variable fonts
typography  design  web  resource 
july 2018
Material Palette
Material design palette, and a bunch of icons.
design  colour  Icongraphy 
july 2018
Adobe Colour Wheel
A colour wheel app to aid in choosing colours in a design that work together
design  colour  app 
july 2018
Open Colour
A bunch of colour swatches and some documentation
design  colour 
july 2018
Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar
I have joked a couple of times now that what they call re-engineering as a monolith is what I call devolving to microservices. It depends on where you start.
software_engineering  software_architecture  software_development  coding 
july 2018
Alice Goldfuss - The Container Operator’s Manual
Contains free verse:

"Containers are _processes_
born from _tarballs_
anchored to _namespaces_
controlled by _cgroups_"
devops  software_engineering  video 
july 2018
Art + Tech Miniconf videos
Videos from Kris Howard's Art + TEch miniconf at linuxconf.au in 2018
art  technology  video  conference 
july 2018
Polishing GitLab’s UI: A new color system
A worked example of thinking through a colour system
design  web  colour 
july 2018
Creative Scala
I'm a dilettante, at best, with respect to functional vs imperative vs object-oriented programming styles. The ideas behind FP fascinate me. Received wisdom I have been given is that scala is less pleasant than Haskell, but given I've barely used either I couldn't say with any certainty.
scala  coding  programming_language  functional_programming 
july 2018
YOW! West 2017 Andy Clarke - Designing inspired style guides
Andy Clarke is ridiculously engaging. I left web development years ago and I was never anything of a designer. I'm interested in design systems though, and this is a great presentations that has left me inspired to do something, however rudimentary.
video  design  web  typography  colour 
june 2018
YOW! West 2017 Lee Campbell - Cost of a Dependency
I saw a version of this talk in 2017. I forget when exactly. A few weeks after this video was recorded, I think. At the time I was so struck by the wrong thing and then too intrigued by the CQRS+ES architecture that I missed the point. But when you bother paying attention, it's a hell of a point and it makes possible what I was dazzled by. (which was the speed of the unit tests he was running, which is a hundred times faster than those in the platform I support)
software_engineering  software_Architecture  video  yow  cqrs  event_sourcing 
june 2018
YOW! 2017 Sebastian von Conrad - An In-Depth Look at Event Sourcing with CQRS
I saw a revision of this talk in Sydney on June 12th. It really helped me get to grips with the concepts. I'd tried to understand it after watching another talk in 2017, but the book I was using defeated me.
video  software_engineering  software_architecture  yow  cqrs  event_sourcing 
june 2018
Video - Crafting a Connected Home
I assume everyone gets inspired to do the weather indicator thing. I sure want to. Presenter is awesome and it's a cool topic
video  iot  play  code 
june 2018
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple
The key for machine learning to truly revolutionise is to make tools that allow more people to use it, not just heavily trained data scientists. So, yay?
tools  ai  software_development  machine_learning 
may 2018
Level up your programming skills
coding  learning  mentorship 
january 2018
The First Woman to Translate the ‘Odyssey’ Into English - The New York Times
Halfway through reading, I tagged out to goodreads to add this translation to my reading list. Turns out I tagged it there in March 2012.
culture  literature 
november 2017
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