Blogging as thinking | Postbureaucrat
A blog is your brain, over time, on the internet
ego  blogging 
11 days ago
Manual | GOV.UK Developer Documentation
make things open it makes them better etc
open  goodcomms  gds 
4 weeks ago
About static site generators
"At this point we must recognize that static site generators are tools made by developers for developers."
cms  static  websites  software  yes 
october 2018
Gloucester Brewery
Gloucester Gold is delicious
beer  drink 
september 2018
Ancient Earth globe
Find out what Earth looked like in the distant past. Useful when planning time travel epics.
maps  geology  time 
september 2018
Meeting Cards
If you spend a lot of time in Zoom, Appear.in, Skype or something similar, these will come in handy
useful  meetings  cards 
june 2018
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