Sparse GPs: approximate the posterior, not the model |
Very nice blog post discussing FITC and variational inducing points (Titsias) and other sparse GP approximations.
13 hours ago
Gradient Institute
Not-for-profit based in Australia working on fairness and ethics in AI. Just started! (Dec 2018 at NeurIPS).
ethics  fairness 
19 hours ago
NYTimes: The American Dream Is Alive. In China.
Interesting to note that there are even significant changes since I was there in 2008. Millions lifted out of "poverty."

Also interesting to note that such transformations give the people involved a very particular perspective. Optimism sure, but I think also a certain perspective on life, at least in the good case.
china  economics 
23 days ago
ВЕК - YouTube
Finally, some male singers. Wonderful music. Are they Ukrainian? I dunno.
folk  ukrain  singing 
24 days ago
Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers 6-11-62 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Turns out Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was a banjo player first. 19 years old!
24 days ago
Information Geometry
Notes from Cosma Shalizi on information geometry
math  statistics  information-geometry 
29 days ago
Fermat's Library | The Mundanity of Excellence: An Ethnographic Report on Stratification and Olympic Swimmers annotated/explained version.
Super interesting paper. Unsure whether the data supports this but fuck you guy at Bell Labs who is always talking about working harder.
swimming  life 
29 days ago
jemdoc – light markup
Ben Recht uses this for his website which is nice and simple.
4 weeks ago
Banjo Roots and Branches (3 of 4): Into North America - Early Banjo Sightings
The Plain partly covered with Booths, and well crouded with Whites, the Negroes divided into Companies, I suppose according to their different Nations, some dancing to the hollow Sound of a Drum, made of the Trunk of a hollow Tree, othersome to the grating rattling Noise of Pebles or Shells in a small Basket, others plied the Banger, and some knew how to joyn the Voice (to) it.
4 weeks ago
The Mysteries of Animal Movement - The New York Times
The pee pee pipe man's name is David Hu and he's a mathematician.
5 weeks ago
duality and commutative diagrams for heterogeneous data.
info-geo  heterodata 
5 weeks ago
America’s Collapsing Into Fascism Because Americans Still Don’t Understand Fascism
Shitty article but potentially useful definition:

"Fascism is best seen this way. A person who believes that there is a hierarchy of personhood — that some people are more human than others, and some fall below the threshold of being people entirely — and furthermore, that that hierarchy should be institutionalized, is a fascist."
fascisim  politics 
5 weeks ago
Midterms 2018: Cybersecurity and Russian hacking remain a major concern - Vox
Published on my 30th bday.

The Russians are hacking the US elections. For sure.

We are not much better prepared than we were in 2016. This problem will continue for the coming years.

Three points of vulnerabilities: (1) individual campaigns, (2) the media, (3) the information infrastructure of the elections themselves.

"It’s as if America’s most ancient civilian office, the local election clerk, has become saddled with new and alien responsibilities tantamount to a military contractor."

The real threat is that citizens will start doubting the system.

...very comprehensive article.
election  USA  politics 
5 weeks ago
jhu-advdatasci/2018: Fall 2018 repository with course materials for JHU Advanced Data Science
Looks like a very nice course comes with data wrangling in R and much much more.
course  data-science 
6 weeks ago
Stochastic Backpropagation Through Mixture Density Distributions
Alex Graves. Reparam trick for mixtures (and other distributions too?)
6 weeks ago
Can’t sleep? Perhaps you’re overtired | Life and style | The Guardian
"What are the signs that you may be overtired? If you get into bed at night and find your mind is still racing with what has been going on through the day, overtiredness could be to blame. During the day, you may find it difficult to concentrate or to see the wood for the trees in your professional and your personal lives. You perhaps catch a lot of colds, especially when you’re winding down for a holiday. You’re irritable and you find yourself reaching for sugary snacks to keep yourself going during the day."
sleep  stress 
7 weeks ago
General Eduation after the Canon Wars: An interview with Moishe Postone
Brilliant. Funny. RIP.

Classics as cultural anthropology. Arguments, not mere outcomes or stances.
postone  marx  education 
7 weeks ago
Sam Bleckley
A seemingly cool guy I've never met but came up in my github feed.

"If you hear a voice within you saying, 'You are not a painter,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced -- but only by working."
7 weeks ago
NYTimes: China Breaks Silence on Muslim Detention Camps, Calling Them ‘Humane’
"Mr. Zakir did not say how many Muslims had been sent to the camps, but he appeared to acknowledge for the first time that people were being held against their will in the facilities for months or years at a time."

Camps, reeducation, lies. Also Fox News pretends that this holds a candle to, say, North Korea, Eritrea, etc. But perhaps it does?
xinjiang  china 
8 weeks ago
​How A Wooden Bench In Zimbabwe Is Starting A Revolution In Mental Health - Digg
"Adding to earlier reports from Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria, Abas's work was a classic study that helped demonstrate that depression wasn't a Westernized disease, as psychiatrists like Carothers had once thought.

It was a universal human experience."
africa  psychology  depression 
8 weeks ago
Natural Gradients and Stochastic Variational Inference | Andrew Miller
Uses the autograd library. Trying to recondition the gradients of VI to take geometry more into account.
8 weeks ago
Your boss has a huge effect on your happiness, even when you’re not in the office - The Washington Post
"People who think of their immediate supervisor as more of a “partner” than a “boss” are significantly happier with their day-to-day lives and more satisfied with their lives overall, according to a new working paper by a team of Canadian and Korean economists."
8 weeks ago
A New Generation of Shape-Note Singers in Philadelphia | Folklife Magazine
Excellent article. Thanks! And great for sharing with people if they are interested.
music  sacred_harp 
9 weeks ago
Hook & Line | Discussion - YouTube
A good one from Clifton Hicks. Some simple variants spelled out and interesting lore as well.
old-time  music 
9 weeks ago
NYTimes: What Went Wrong With Indonesia’s Tsunami Early Warning System
Sad but true. Interesting confluence of many things going wrong. Hindsight is 20/20.
9 weeks ago
Very basic probability
Great elementary explanation of things.
probability  lectures 
10 weeks ago
Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection
Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection
11 weeks ago
Lost Girl Clifftop 2015 2 CD Release Parties Combined & Friends - YouTube
Well I guess this is just going to be my reference for this tune.
11 weeks ago
Sloan Kettering’s Cozy Deal With Start-Up Ignites a New Uproar - The New York Times
Very interesting to read this article with some background knowledge of what is going. Specifically, I have some sense of the amount of effort it took to get the funding to do this project and how going to industry was inevitable. It was a carefully planned strategic and political move to do it this way --- a compromise --- and now the nytimes just bashes it.

Like I said, interesting to be on this side. Not sure who is right. It's not black/white.
mskcc  computational_pathology  paigeai 
11 weeks ago
Kullback–Leibler divergence - Wikipedia
Well, that's easy. Should probably derive it just to "be sure"
12 weeks ago
What Julia Salazar’s Win Means About Our Changing Tribe – The Forward
As if Jews don't have a long history of being lefty socialists. All part of the brainwashing of the American Jew.
politics  salazar 
12 weeks ago
Dataset Search
Call me crazy, but this is fucking amazing. Am I right?
dataset  google 
september 2018
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