The Myth of Partisan Selective Exposure: A Portrait of the Online Political News AudienceSocial Media + Society - Jacob L. Nelson, James G. Webster, 2017
We find that this audience frequently navigates to news sites from Facebook, and that it congregates among a few popular, well-known political news sites. We also find that political news sites comprise ideologically diverse audiences, and that they share audiences with nearly all smaller, more ideologically extreme outlets. Our results call into question the strength of the so-called red/blue divide in actual web use.
13 days ago
Market power and competition explain every problem in the US economy, new research argues — Quartz
what happens if, for whatever reason, competition in an economy dwindles, and companies are able to ratchet up prices much higher than what it costs to produce them? It would have disastrous effects. Workers’ wages and employment rates would decline. People would switch jobs less often. Economic growth would slow.
economy  copyright  crisis 
22 days ago
Against Interpretation
Fuck yes. This is why teaching Shakespeare (as opposed to reading or watching Shakespeare) is child abuse.
art  literature  shakespeare 
5 weeks ago
The Supermanagerial Reich - Los Angeles Review of Books
Today we find that antitrust and intellectual property laws have favored the concentration of market power in a handful of companies in key sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, media and entertainment, not to mention the financial sector.
copyright  neoliberalism  fascism 
5 weeks ago
Grenfell Tower: Sixty blocks 'fail new fire test' - BBC News
The location of some of the tower blocks may not be disclosed to the public because of intellectual property rights connected to the cladding systems involved.
7 weeks ago
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