College Attendance Rates vs. Parent Income Rank in the U.S.
But note the commenters who are suspicious of the almost perfect straight line on the graph.
4 days ago
Condoning stereotyping? How awareness of stereotyping prevalence impacts expression of stereotypes. - PubMed - NCBI
individuals who received a high prevalence of stereotyping message expressed more stereotypes than those who received a low prevalence of stereotyping message . . . working professionals who received a high prevalence of stereotyping message were less willing to work with an individual who violated stereotypical norms . . . in a competitive task, individuals who received a high prevalence of stereotyping message treated their opponents in more stereotype-consistent ways
4 days ago
Young People Are Having Less Sex - The Atlantic
According to a November 2017 Economist/YouGov poll, 17 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 now believe that a man inviting a woman out for a drink “always” or “usually” constitutes sexual harassment.
sex  feminism 
25 days ago
Writing for Quillette Ended My Theater Project - Quillette
I’m a woman. Probably somewhere on the autism spectrum . . . The teen school years were hell . . . I don’t understand female social hierarchies, and was constantly violating implicit social rules I knew nothing about . . . The current progressive social moment, to me, looks like an immature, conformity-mad, high school female social hierarchy on steroids. The apparent rules change by the week, but are nowhere written down. And YOU MUST CONFORM or be ejected.
comment  identity-politics 
26 days ago
Credit Is About Perception More Than Performance
The research shows that when women coauthor, they’re accorded far less than half the usual benefits of authorship. And when women coauthor exclusively with men, they see virtually no gains.
sexism  academia  reputation 
27 days ago
The Trouble With Uplift | Adolph Reed
the insistence that disparities of racial access to power are the most meaningful forms of inequality strongly reinforces the neoliberal view that inequalities generated by capitalist market forces are natural and lie beyond the scope of intervention. And second, if American racism is an intractable, transhistorical force—indeed, an ontological one, as Ta-Nehisi Coates has characterized it—then it lies beyond structural political intervention. In other words, Coates and other race-firsters diminish the significance of the legislative and other institutional victories won since Emancipation, leaving us with only exhortations to individual conversion and repentance as a program.
racism  identity-politics 
5 weeks ago
Witches and Class Struggle
he witch hunt rarely appears in the history of the proletariat. To this day, it remains one the most understudied phenomena in European history, or rather, world history, if we consider that the charge of devil worshipping was carried by missionaries and conquistadors to the “New World” as a tool for the subjugation of the local populations.
capitalism  commons  feminism 
6 weeks ago
Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not enough. - The Washington Post
NC comment: "She doesn’t see it. She is an intelligent, trained historian but she doesn’t see it. If you demand that anybody who supports you must be ideologically pure in both thought and actions, then that just eventually leaves you swinging in the wind. . . .
As a trained historian she must know the concept of ‘fellow traveler’ or even a ‘sympathizer’ but that is not good enough for her. As for her solution of training boys “to walk humbly and care deeply”, tell me that that does not have blowback written all over it. When she can take up common cause with girls that work on sales or women that fight hard to support and raise their children at home, then I will believe that she may be on the right track."
9 weeks ago
Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption | by Marcia Angell | The New York Review of Books
It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of TheNew England Journal of Medicine.
11 weeks ago
Walter Benn Michaels on how liberals still love diversity and ignore inequality | Lit Feature | Chicago Reader
one of the central functions of race in the last half century has been to empty the vocabulary of victimization so that people don't know what it means to be victimized or exploited because of their class position
12 weeks ago
Many Analysts, One Data Set: Making Transparent How Variations in Analytic Choices Affect Results - R. Silberzahn, E. L. Uhlmann, D. P. Martin, P. Anselmi, F. Aust, E. Awtrey, Š. Bahník, F. Bai, C. Bannard, E. Bonnier, R. Carlsson, F. Cheung, G. Christe
Twenty-nine teams involving 61 analysts used the same data set to address the same research question: whether soccer referees are more likely to give red cards to dark-skin-toned players than to light-skin-toned players. Analytic approaches varied widely across the teams, and the estimated effect sizes ranged from 0.89 to 2.93 (Mdn = 1.31) in odds-ratio units. Twenty teams (69%) found a statistically significant positive effect, and 9 teams (31%) did not observe a significant relationship. Overall, the 29 different analyses used 21 unique combinations of covariates. Neither analysts’ prior beliefs about the effect of interest nor their level of expertise readily explained the variation in the outcomes of the analyses. Peer ratings of the quality of the analyses also did not account for the variability. These findings suggest that significant variation in the results of analyses of complex data may be difficult to avoid, even by experts with honest intentions. Crowdsourcing data analysis, a strategy in which numerous research teams are recruited to simultaneously investigate the same research question, makes transparent how defensible, yet subjective, analytic choices influence research results.
august 2018
Things have never been so good for humanity, nor so dire for the planet - The Globe and Mail
There’s a terrible danger in praising human progress (oh fraught notion!), one that white men such as myself are embarrassingly prone to: We mistake our good luck and the tireless work of others for personal merit, and promptly forget all about the multitudes who aren’t yet in the yacht.
neoliberalism  climate-change  identity-politics 
august 2018
The autistic view of the world is not the neurotypical cliché | Aeon Essays
"Instead of discussing their driving passions, my companions prefer to gossip about near-strangers, or to compete for airtime at the expense of listening and perhaps learning something useful. They are endlessly obsessed with their status and their identification with their tribe. . . . If this seems like a terrible generalisation to you, based on a flawed understanding of someone else’s way of perceiving the world, then you’re beginning to get the point." No, actually it sounds accurate to me.
august 2018
The Bully’s Pulpit - David Graeber
Bullying creates a moral drama in which the manner of the victim’s reaction to an act of aggression can be used as retrospective justification for the original act of aggression itself.
psychology  politics 
august 2018
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