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Virtual network for Azure services | Microsoft Docs
Learn about the benefits of deploying resources into a virtual network. Resources in virtual networks can communicate with each other, and on-premises resources, without traffic traversing the Internet.
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16 days ago by geekzter
AmpliFi | Instant
Not Just a Wi-Fi Router, It's a Mesh Wi-Fi System. AmpliFi is more than a common home router: it’s the ultimate Wi-Fi system.
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24 days ago by geekzter
Expanding our global infrastructure with new regions and subsea cables
At Google, we've spent $30 billion improving our infrastructure over three years, and we’re not done yet. From data centers to subsea cables, Google is…
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january 2018 by geekzter
Accelerated Networking for both #Windows and #Linux!
RT : We're excited to announce the general availability of Accelerated Networking for both and ! Learn mo…
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january 2018 by geekzter
Differentiating between Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – Premier Developer
In this post, Senior ADM Fidelis Ekezue shares insights into similarities and differences between Azure VNets and AWS VPC. It’s important to note that in the cloud, features and capabilities are in a state of constant change to improve services and adapt to industry demands.  To the best of our knowledge, the information in this...
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september 2017 by geekzter
The Nintendo Switch Network Adapter Really Helps With Online Gaming
If you like multiplayer, you’ve probably heard all about how you should be playing with a wired connection. The Switch, like the Wii U before it, doesn’t even…
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august 2017 by geekzter
New Azure VPN Gateways now 6x faster
Running mission-critical workloads require both performance and reliability. To improve your Azure VPN experience, we are introducing a new generation of VPN…
microsoft  cloud  azure  blog  vpn  network  from instapaper
june 2017 by geekzter
Networking to and within the Azure Cloud, part 2
This is the second blog post of a three-part series. Before you begin reading, I would suggest reading the first post Networking to and within the Azure Cloud,…
azure  microsoft  expressroute  cloud  network  from instapaper
april 2017 by geekzter
When to use Azure Load Balancer or Application Gateway
siliconvalve One thing Microsoft Azure is very good at is giving you choices – choices on how you host your workloads and how you let people connect to those…
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april 2017 by geekzter
Uploading Azure NSG Flow Logs to OMS
Azure Network Security Group (NSG) Flow Logs were part of the recent announcement for the availability of the Azure Network Watcher service. This really cool…
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april 2017 by geekzter
Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) Generally Available
Last September at Ignite we announced plans for better web application security by adding Web Application Firewall to our layer 7 Azure Application Gateway…
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march 2017 by geekzter
Azure Network Security
In Azure, security is built in at every step—design, code development, monitoring, operations, threat intelligence, and response. We understand that the breadth…
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march 2017 by geekzter
A Hacker’s Guide to Kubernetes Networking - The New Stack
The platform we built at Iguazio is cloud native, using Docker-based microservices, etcd and home-grown cluster management. We are gradually migrating to the…
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february 2017 by geekzter
An OSI Model for Cloud
Cloud - February 24, 2017 - 0 Comments In 1984, after years of having separate thoughts on networking standards, the International Organization for…
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february 2017 by geekzter
Failover management with Azure Traffic Manager | redbaron of azure
Achieving high availability with Azure AppServices that is datacenter resilient usually means you need to deploy your WebApp twice in to different Azure Regions…
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december 2016 by geekzter
How to run an App Service behind a WAF-enabled Application Gateway
How to run an App Service behind a WAF-enabled Application Gateway Introduction You may have heard of the Azure Application Gateway which is a Layer-7 HTTP load…
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december 2016 by geekzter
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