'Where are the Casements of today?' asks Gavin Friday
Gavin Friday about his new project, The Casement Sonata, and why Roger Casement was 'the unsung hero of the Rising'
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august 2016
Two producers, one concert, many surprises
Hal Willner produces Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed: The Music of Daniel Lanois
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june 2014
Kevin Godley's WholeWorldBand app set for Music Show
"A revolutionary new interactive tool for iPhone 4/4s and iPad2, the App lets you create music with other musicians and music fans around the world in both sound and pictures."
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january 2012
Kevin Godley creates collaborative music app for iPhone and iPad
A number of major artists including The Edge, Ronnie Wood, Gavin Friday, Gemma Hayes, Cathy Davey, Mik Pyro (Republic of Loose) and (Hot House Flowers) are currently creating performances for WholeWorldBand and will be uploading new or collaborating on existing tracks in the near future.
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january 2012
(Blog) 2011's Music of Merit
MOG's Anu Kirk on particularly notable music in 2011
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january 2012
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