CSS Text Effects
A Collection, by Mandy Michael, of impressive CSS text Effects
october 2018
12 Factor CLI Apps
Useful tips for creating CLI commands
CLI  programming  development 
october 2018
Teach, Don't Tell
A fantastic, lengthy post on good documentation.
Share  code  documentation 
april 2018
A modern CSS framework based on Flexbox. Looks good
css  framework  design 
january 2018
Let’s Stop Ascribing Meaning to Code Points
They are NOT characters. Do NOT treat them as such.
Share  Web  Encoding 
january 2017
Performant Parallaxing
Non-JS, smooth parallax scrolling.
CSS  Web  Design  Share 
december 2016
Hero Patterns
SVG background generator. Great idea.
svg  design  Share 
october 2016
Nice model for exploring refactoring.
Share  Code  Programming  Connascence 
september 2016
Simple, sophisticated failure handling
Code  Java  Share 
june 2016
State of the Art JavaScript in 2016
Really nice round up of JS libs today.
Code  Javascript  Share 
june 2016
Nice async library for Java.
Java  Async  Code 
april 2016
Why I don’t use CSS preprocessors
Being able to just upload as-is is powerful.
CSS  Share 
april 2016
Security Design Principles for Digital Services
Well-thought out practices for secure services.
Security  Design 
march 2016
Engineering for the Long Game
Great talk on long lived and distributed systems
Code  Talk  Engineering  Share 
january 2016
The Wrong Abstraction
Don't buy into sunk costs in code
Code  Craftsmanship  Share 
january 2016
Human Error
A look at why simplicity is key to avoiding failure
Code  Design  Craft  Share 
december 2015
Programmers need a profession.
On the professionalisation of software engineers
software  professionalism 
december 2015
Java DSL for easy testing of REST services
testing  java  rest  share 
may 2015
Use GitHub release as Maven Dependencies. Clever.
Java  Maven  Github  Share 
april 2015
Human-Driven Development
A must-read for anyone involved in software delivery
development  delivery  share 
december 2014
Google's library for handling phone numbers. Handy.
Java  Javascript  Code  Share 
december 2014
Excellent description of how the 'this' keyword works in JS.
javascript  code  share 
november 2014
CPU Flame Graphs
Interesting way of visualising CPU usage.
Performance  Code  Share  Visualisation 
november 2014
6 Dockerfile Tips
Decent defaults that official images often use
Docker  VM  Share 
november 2014
Using Clojure At MixRadio
Nice selection of common Clojure libraries
Clojure  programming  libraries 
october 2014
Enhancing Subtitles
BBC R&D working on dynamic subtitle placement.
TV  Subtitles  Accessibility 
october 2014
A new type of phishing attack.
Security  Share 
september 2014
Generate launchd plist files without the hassle
mac  osx  launchd 
september 2014
... but this versioning strategy is probably overkill for most.
Share  API  Code 
august 2014
I think I prefer this stricter version of Semantic Versioning.
Share  API  Code 
august 2014
Alistair Cockburn - CQRS and Hexagonal
Great lightning talk, going further than Hexagonal
Share  Architecture  Code 
august 2014
20 cool Clojure functions
Just what it says on the tin.
Code  Clojure 
july 2014
Bringing user stories to life
Turning user stories into comic strips is a great idea.
Agile  User-Stories  Share 
july 2014
Tool that ensures similar colours don't accidentally get introduced into your CSS
CSS  Design  Color  Tool 
july 2014
RFC2616 is Dead
HTTP 1/1 has been split into 6 new RFCs
Share  HTTP 
june 2014
Java Currency and Money Standard Forges Ahead
The lack of virtual currencies has been a pain for me in the past.
Java  Code  Finance 
june 2014
A great use of docker and microservices to create barcodes.
Docker  VM  microservices 
may 2014
Turns command-line programs into WebSocket servers.
Unix  Web  WebSockets  commandline 
may 2014
Simple Binary Encoding
Efficient messaging format to replace FIX etc
data  java  efficient 
may 2014
The Conjuring of The Mirage
Building at unprecedented scale brings challenges.
Lean  Agile  Share 
may 2014
Professionalism-tdd (Rewrite)
Great rewording and conversation between UncleBob and someone who thought he could improve upon the original.
TDD  Share 
may 2014
Adaptive Placeholders
A very neat take on styling labels with CSS.
css  style  forms 
may 2014
Docker Networking Basics
Overview of exposing or hiding docker containers
VM  docker  share 
april 2014
Rules, by Sandi Metz
Great talk on how rules help make better software
Video  Code  Craft  Share 
march 2014
SICP in Clojure
A work in progress but worth looking at.
code  clojure  share 
january 2014
Advanced Docker Volumes
Using volumes between containers.
Docker  vm 
january 2014
DVM - Docker on OS X
Very handy way of getting docker running on OS X
docker  vm  osx  share 
january 2014
Where are Docker images stored?
Comprehensive overview of Docker image/repo terminology.
Docker  VM 
january 2014
How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood
Fascinating piece on how Netflix capture metadata
Netflix  Video  BigData  Metadata 
january 2014
I like the basic graph here, as well as the suggestions to take these as a basis for a child container.
Docker  vm 
january 2014
How to deal with persistent storage in docker?
The container-as-volume pattern seems handy.
docker  vm 
january 2014
Docker - OS X
Helps hide Vagrant when using Docker on OS X
docker  os-x 
december 2013
Tmux Pairing Anywhere
Use tmux and github public keys to remote into boxes for pairing
Pair  Code 
november 2013
Framework Benchmarks Round 7
Interesting benchmark comparing lots of different web frameworks.
Java  Code  Web  Benchmark  Frameworks 
november 2013
A journey beyond the page object pattern
An interesting take on moving beyond page objects
Code  Testing 
november 2013
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