LMP USB-C Compact Dock 4K 8 Port, HDMI, Mini-DP, Eth.
LMP USB-C Compact Dock 4K 8 Port, HDMI, Mini-DP, Eth., 2x USB 3.0, SD/microSD, USB-C
mac  hardware  usb  hdmi  ethernet  ports  sd  microsd 
13 hours ago
Chi-Square Calculator
A Chi-Square Test calculator for a 2x2 table.
statistics  data  calculator  research  maths 
13 hours ago
“One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” | MetaFilter
• 73 Books to Read While the Sun Is Out and the Days Are Long [The New York Times]
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
15 hours ago
moon hoon
"moon hoon is a korean architect who also goes by the name 'moonbalsso'. based in seoul, moon hoon is known for his playful and distinctive style of design."
architecture  design  inspiration  designthinking  environment 
Centering in CSS: A Complete Guide
"Centering things in CSS is the poster child of CSS complaining. Why does it have to be so hard? They jeer. I think the issue isn't that it's difficult to do, but in that there so many different ways of doing it, depending on the situation, it's hard to know which to reach for.

So let's make it a decision tree and hopefully make it easier."
css  tips  tricks  webdesign  webdevelopment 
Centering: The Newest Coolest Way vs. The Oldest Coolest Way
"This isn't a comprehensive guide to centering things. We have that! This is just a little observation about old and new."
css  webdevelopment 
Instant Pot Easy Mac and Cheese
Skip the box, and make this super easy mac and cheese in your Instant Pot! This dish can be made lightening fast in under 5 minutes at high pressure making it a perfect choice for an easy weeknight meal!
food  recipe  instantpot  pressurecooker  cheese  pasta 
We've almost certainly left off your personal favorite. | MetaFilter
Thrillist has compiled the 100 greatest YouTube videos of all time, ranked.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
2 days ago
Hello, Tamago Kake Gohan, Your Time Has Come
"Tamago gohan—rice mixed with a raw egg—was one of the very first recipes I learned, and it's Japanese comfort food at its simplest. All it takes is a bowl of rice and an egg to break into it, perhaps seasoned with a little bit of soy sauce, salt, and MSG. Whip up the rice with chopsticks and the egg will turn pale yellow and foamy, holding the rice in a light, frothy suspension."
food  recipes  egg  rice  japanese 
2 days ago
BigK 2014
A cinematographer on the lack of need for 4k TVs.
film  cinema  television  technology 
2 days ago
The Layouts of Tomorrow
Lovely "metro like" UI, with parallax , built almost entirely in CSS using Grid and CSS 3D transforms.
css  grid  inspiration  layout  webdesign  webdevelopment 
3 days ago
Graph Maker · Plotly Online
"Create charts and graphs online with Excel, CSV, or SQL data. Make bar charts, histograms, box plots, scatter plots, line graphs, dot plots, and more."
data  visualisation  javascript  statistics  tools 
3 days ago
swiss in css
Swiss in CSS is a homage to the International Typographic Style and the designers that pioneered the ideas behind the influential design movement.
css  inspiration  webdesign  swiss 
3 days ago
Online data visualisation.
data  tool  visualisation  javascript 
3 days ago
Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Visualization Tool
Kepler.gl is a data agnostic, WebGL empowered, high-performance web application for geospatial analytic visualizations.
geo  gis  geodata  visualisation  maps  mapping  javascript  opensource 
3 days ago
"Canned beans and ramen noodles night after night" | MetaFilter
Budget Bytes is a weblog/recipe collection I use every single week. It has priced-out ingredients for each recipe and often recipes stay under about $1.50/serving, which is nice for those of us on tight budgets.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
4 days ago
Untold AI: The Untold | Sci-fi interfaces
And here we are at the eponymous answer to the question that I first asked at Juvet around 7 months ago: What stories aren’t we telling ourselves about AI? In this post we look at the imperatives that don’t have matches in AI.
IFTTT  Pocket  artificial  intelligence 
4 days ago
Helps software designers think about complex product behavior. Sketch out states, add prototypes, and clarify questions quickly.
programming  prototype  prototyping  tool  text  state 
4 days ago
Cowboy Caviar
A cross between a bean salad and fresh salsa, with a fresh lime infused dressing.
recipe  food  salad  beans  lime 
4 days ago
Greek Marinated Chicken
A tangy lemon and garlic marinade makes this Greek Marinated Chicken super fast and flavorful. Cook it in the oven or on a grill.
food  recipe  chicken  greece  lemon  garlic 
4 days ago
Pressure Cooker Chicken and Rice
An easy and flavourful four-ingredient dinner that leaves zero waste.
instantpot  pressurecooker  recipe  food  chicken  rice 
4 days ago
Data Ethics Framework
The Data Ethics Framework sets out clear principles for how data should be used in the public sector.
govuk  gds  ethics  data  society 
4 days ago
One command to generate REST APIs for any MySql Database.
nodejs  mysql  rest  restful  database  api  webdevelopment  javascript 
4 days ago
Steve Blank
"Is your organization full of Hackathons, Shark Tanks, Incubators and other innovation programs, but none have changed the trajectory of your company/agency?"
business  change  entrepreneurship  innovation  management  culture 
4 days ago
Predator and Prey interactive notebook
A brilliant example of what's possible with an interactive text book
data  science  visualisation  interactive  javascript 
4 days ago
Decent Security
Computer security for everybody.
security  phishing  email  reference  resource  links 
4 days ago
Grace Savage - Waiting Game (Banks cover) | Sofar Oxford - YouTube
"Grace Savage performing "Waiting Game (Banks cover)" at Sofar Oxford on March 8th, 2017"
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
5 days ago
Admiral Grace Hopper Explains the Nanosecond - YouTube
Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer. She developed the first compiler for a computer programming language. Here she explains a nanosecond to a room of learners.
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
5 days ago
Tiece - 2 Sugars ( Official Music Video ) - YouTube
Inner Peace Records Presents Tiece - "2 Sugars" Official Music Video From the debut album "WMN" Available now on Digital, CD and Limited Edition Cassette @ https://innerpeacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/wmn Lyrics, Vocals and Music Production by Tiece Video by Third Lens Motion https://www.youtube.com/thirdlensmotion Copyright Inner Peace Records 2018
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
5 days ago
Debunking the Myths of RPC & REST
"The internet is chock-full of articles, blog posts, and discussions about RPC and REST. Most are targeted at answering a question about using RPC or REST for a particular application, which in itself is a false dichotomy."
api  rest  restful  rpc  programming  webdevelopment 
5 days ago
Understanding RPC Vs REST For HTTP APIs
"For the last few years, whenever somebody wants to start building an HTTP API, they pretty much exclusively use REST as the go-to architectural style, over alternative approaches such as XML-RPC, SOAP and JSON-RPC. REST is made out by many to be ultimately superior to the other “RPC-based” approaches, which is a bit misleading because they are just different. This article discusses these two approaches in the context of building HTTP APIs, because that is how they are most commonly used. REST and RPC can both be used via other transportation protocols, such as AMQP, but that is another topic entirely."
api  http  https  webdevelopment  rpc  rest  restful  programming 
5 days ago
TalkPython Video Courses
Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer, Mastering PyCharm, and Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps
python  learning  education  video 
6 days ago
The Movie Poster Collection at the Harry Ransom Center
"The Movie Poster Collection at the Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas at Austin) spans the entire history of film: from the silent era to the present day. They're in the process of photographing, scanning and digitizing their entire 10,000 poster collection. Over 1,000 can now be viewed online, searched through and downloaded in high resolution for free."
art  design  film  history  poster  cinema  inspiration 
7 days ago
Lucio Venna's cinema and cars
"Lucio Venna – nome de plume of painter and commercial artist Giuseppe Landsmann (1897-1974) – was one of the first Futurist artists and an active contributor to the movement’s initiatives in the very first years after Filippo Tommaso Marinetti founded it."
design  inspiration  art  modernism  futurism  italy 
7 days ago
The Problem with Patterns
It started off as an honest problem with a brilliant solution. As the ways we use the web continue to grow and evolve, we, as its well-intentioned makers and stewards, needed something better than making simple collections of pages over and over again. Design patterns, component libraries, or even style guides have become the norm for organizations big and small. Having reusable chunks of UI aids consistency and usability for users, and it lends familiarity and efficiency to designers. This in turn frees up designers’ time to focus on bigger problems, like solving for their users’ needs. In theory.
designpatterns  designsystems  webdevelopment  webdesign 
7 days ago
Ocean Waves, Wind and Rain Noise Generator
This soundscape combines them all - the ocean waves, the wind and the rain - into a powerful sound blocker.
sound  ambience  waves  wind  rain  generator 
7 days ago
State of the Site: Metafilter financial update and future directions | MetaTalk
Important site updates, folks:

1. The site is running at a significant deficit and we urgently need to make that up. Part of that is through additional direct community funding; you can help here.
2. We're looking at—and inviting community input on—several big-picture questions.

Today I want to lay out our budget and income streams, to explain where we're at and what we need to accomplish. I'll also talk a bit about how the community is doing, and what's coming up in the future.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
9 days ago
Easing Functions Cheat Sheet
Make animations more realistic by picking the right easing function.
animation  reference  css  javascript  programming  userinterface 
9 days ago
Ancient Earth - What the globe used to look like
Plot where your address would be throughout geological history.
earth  fun  history  visualisation  geology 
9 days ago
Extensible mobile app debugging
android  ios  mobile  programming  debugging 
9 days ago
HTTPS Anti-Vaxxers; dispelling common arguments against securing the web
"The web is moving to HTTPS, it has been for many years. We've seen an acceleration in the progress in recent months but we still have a long way to go on our journey of securing all traffic on the internet. Despite the great progress we're making, and all the valid reasons we should continue to do so, there are people that believe having a secure web is not the right thing to do."
http  https  ssl  tls  security  worldwideweb  debunk 
10 days ago
Password Tips From a Pen Tester: Common Patterns Exposed
"Let’s take a look at how that kind of information is helpful on a penetration test, and correlate what we know to actual data collected."
security  password  technology  bestpractice 
10 days ago
generative artistry
Generative art tutorials and news.
art  programming  generator  learning 
10 days ago
Say the Hard Thing
"The majority of people-related disasters I’ve created originate with my choice to not say the hard thing. On my short list of critical leadership skills, the ability to “say the hard thing” is right after “delegate until it hurts.”"
business  feedback  management  mentoring  leadership 
10 days ago
The Cult of the Complex
"ALA’s Zeldman bemoans our industry’s fetish for the needlessly complicated over the straightforward."
css  webdevelopment  simplicity  webdesign  javascript 
10 days ago
Will Kubernetes Collapse Under the Weight of Its Complexity? | Blog | InfluxData
A few weeks ago, I attended and spoke at KubeCon EU. It was a massive event attended by around 4,700 people...However, I felt there was an underlying problem with the whole spectacle: everyone I talked to was either an operator or an SRE. Where were all the application developers?
kubernetes  devops  deployment  sysadmin  development  webdevelopment  appdevelopment 
13 days ago
Daft Lego - Harder Better Faster Stronger - YouTube
A perspective based lyric video made using Lego. Shot with a GoPro controlled by Mindstorms
IFTTT  YouTube  video 
13 days ago
Best thing you've read and/or heard lately | MetaTalk
Spill the beans, what's the best thing you've read and/or heard lately? A great poem, short or long story, interesting article, a new single, an old album, or a live performance you just have to share?
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
13 days ago
Anthony Bourdain has died. | MetaFilter
CNN obit. The cause was suicide. He was 61.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
14 days ago
George Oates: Making and Remaking Collections Online
Interview MW: George, you are currently director of Good, Form & Spectacle, a design studio specialising in cultural heritage—but you have been working with digital cultural collections for some time—including for the Internet Archive, and as part of the team that founded Flickr, as well as es
IFTTT  Pocket 
14 days ago
A Road Map for Navigating your Next Crisis: Nine Creative Leaders on Overcoming their Greatest Challenges - 99U
We all encounter defining challenges in our careers. It’s unavoidable. But it’s how we handle them that matters most.
IFTTT  Pocket  career  job  work 
15 days ago
A user manual for me
"There are lots of ways to build good teams and working relationships. I’m currently training as an organisation and relationship systems coach with ORSC and there are lots of methods that help build teams and collaborations which I will share more of as I do the training (I’ll be fully qualified in January 2018). On a much simpler level though, before you get to the relational matter of teams, platforms and systems, it’s important for people to know your preferences as an individual."
career  communication  management  work 
16 days ago
Designing Web Content for watchOS
"watchOS 5 brings web content to Apple Watch by rendering rich HTML in Messages and Mail. Gain insights into how watchOS maintains compatibility with existing web content, and find out what you can do to optimize your web content for Apple Watch."
watchos  apple  webdesign  responsivedesign 
16 days ago
Making Avengers ID Card In HTML And CSS
"In this tutorial, we will build a sci-fi ID card for Avengers. You will learn Flexbox, Nested Flexbox, CSS animations, and a ton of other CSS techniques while building this interesting project."
css  flexbox  html  tutorial  webdesign  webdevelopment 
16 days ago
Jacques Pépin: How to Chop Garlic
The chef demonstrates proper technique for chopping garlic.
cooking  garlic  tip 
17 days ago
Aeon Timeline
Timeline software for creative writing.
app  software  timeline  writing  macos  osx  windows  ios 
17 days ago
The Poetics of Empire
Formal, classical dramatic theory isn't just dry historical homework; it can help us to a greater understanding of modern cinema.
cinema  film  theory  critique  protaganist  antagonist  villains  heroes 
18 days ago
Mary Meeker's Internet Trends at Code 2018
"When you have rising monetization, rising growth and rising data collection, it drives a lot of regulatory scrutiny whether it’s related to data privacy, competition or safety in content."
video  internet  worldwideweb  technology  analysis  trends 
18 days ago
SciFi London short film and flash fiction competition winners | MetaFilter
Every year, as part of their science fiction film festival, Sci-Fi London organise a challenge in which entrants are given a title, line of dialogue and description of a prop, and then have 48 hours to turn in a completed 5 minute film or piece of flash fiction. The winning films and flash fiction stories from the SciFi London 48 Hour Challenge are now available to watch and read.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
18 days ago
Under Duress - Team Retrograde on Vimeo
The film was made for the 10th annual SCI-FI-LONDON 48hr Film Challenge. This film was written and produced in just two days with no budget. We gave the team the TITLE of the film, a line of dialogue, a prop list and a science/sci-fi theme. Full details of the challenge can be found at 48hour.sci-fi-london.com #sfl48hr #scifilondon
ifttt  vimeo  video 
18 days ago
A Color Exercise for our Brand’s Illustration
"To further streamline our illustration process we decided to conduct an exercise, an experiment of sorts, in color harmonies with our recently updated color palette.

We wanted to treat this exercise as a guideline that would help us use our brand’s unique set of colors effectively and efficiently. With an array of hues, shades and tints to choose from, we knew this exercise would be a time-saver when working with color."
design  colour  designthinking 
18 days ago
How voicebots lighten our cognitive load
"We recently partnered with Mindshare Futures and J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group for their Speak Easy research project to answer that very question. Our portion of the study involved observing 102 smartphone users as they carried out a selection of tasks using Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, text-based search, and questions directed to a real person. While the users performed these tasks, we monitored their neurological responses to the experience using steady state topography."
voice  chat  chatui  voiceui  userexperience  research 
19 days ago
Photos from the beginning of the 20th century, searchable by world map | MetaFilter
Le musée départemental Albert-Kahn conserve les Archives de la Planète, un ensemble d'images fixes et animées, réalisé au début du XXe siècle, consacré à la diversité des peuples et des cultures.
IFTTT  metafilter  post 
19 days ago
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