Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and licensed under the open source ​MIT license. Twisted runs on Python 2 and an ever growing subset also works with Python 3. Twisted makes it easy to implement custom network applications.
3 days ago
GitHub - franton/CIS-Apple-Security-Casper: Basic examples of scripts and EA's to implement the CIS Apple Security guidelines
Basic examples of scripts and EA's to implement the CIS Apple Security guidelines for macOS 10.12 only! (some changes between 10.12 and earlier versions).

Think of this as a reference implementation. There are plenty things in CIS that can be done more readily with configuration profiles, some things that are ... contradictory and others that may not even be relevant to your needs. I'm not convinced 100% compliance is the way to go and allow people to be able to work.

Not everything in CIS is implemented here. This is partly due to some standards being implemented by profiles and others being out of date and effectively deprecated.
mac  macOS  security 
4 days ago
GitHub - drduh/macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide: A practical guide to securing macOS.
This is a collection of thoughts on securing a modern Apple Mac computer using macOS (formerly OS X) 10.12 "Sierra", as well as steps to improving online privacy.

This guide is targeted to “power users” who wish to adopt enterprise-standard security, but is also suitable for novice users with an interest in improving their privacy and security on a Mac.
mac  macos  osx  privacy  security 
4 days ago
Jamf macOS security checklist
implementing the Center for Internet Security Benchmark for OS
paper  pdf 
4 days ago
Retrospect Blog: Script Hooks (Event Handlers) in Retrospect
Retrospect administrators can use Retrospect’s external scripting to hook into Retrospect’s events. These hooks can be used to integrate with monitoring systems, quiesce databases and other services before a backup starts or alert the administrator to unusual error conditions. Script hooks can also be used as web hooks, triggering events on services such as Slack or IFTTT
backup  automation 
4 days ago
Learn how IFTTT works - IFTTT
IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices
app  automation  tools  web 
4 days ago
[no title]
BootStomp: On the Security of Bootloaders in Mobile Devices
paper  pdf 
4 days ago
[no title]
Living Below The Security Poverty Line
presentation  pdf 
4 days ago
Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation program. It is able to forge or decode packets of a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, match requests and replies, and much more. It can easily handle most classical tasks like scanning, tracerouting, probing, unit tests, attacks or network discovery (it can replace hping, 85% of nmap, arpspoof, arp-sk, arping, tcpdump, tethereal, p0f, etc.). It also performs very well at a lot of other specific tasks that most other tools can't handle, like sending invalid frames, injecting your own 802.11 frames, combining technics (VLAN hopping+ARP cache poisoning, VOIP decoding on WEP encrypted channel, ...), etc.
8 days ago
facebook/IT-CPE · GitHub
Tools for managing adobe cc accounts/software from Facebook
14 days ago
GitHub - dataJAR/jamJAR: jamJAR: Jamf, AutoPKG & Munki combined by dataJAR
jamJAR is a solution that applies out of the box thinking & lean methodologies to macOS "patch management".

This holistic approach synergises jamf, autopkg & munki into an aggregated convergence that cherry-picks functionality from each products core competency to create an innovative, scalable & modular update framework.
25 days ago
Munki and Patch – A Comparison | macmule
The talk itself contained some details on Jamfs forthcoming Patch & our solution leveraging open source tools with Jamf for “patch management”, jamJAR.
25 days ago
About Mobile Device Management
This document was written for system administrators and system integrators who design software for managing devices in enterprise environments.
25 days ago
Historical: My first OpenBSD Hackathon
The next time you're sitting at a table with someone new to your field, ask yourself: how can you encourage them? You just might make the world better.
4 weeks ago
A program where customers can test pre-release software products in order to provide Apple with real-world quality and usability feedback.

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4 weeks ago
(500) https://blog.pinboard.in/2017/06/pinboard_acquires_delicious/
The universe is full of surprises.... Pinboard Acquires Delicious
from twitter
7 weeks ago
Welcome - NoMAD
NoMAD allows all the functionality you would want from a Mac bound to Active Directory, without having to actually bind to AD.
7 weeks ago
Joel Rennich / DEPNotify · GitLab
DEPNotify is a small light weight notification app that was designed to let your users know what's going on during a DEP enrollment. The app is focused on being very simple to use and easy to deploy.
7 weeks ago
ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings. It provides a minimalistic and nice curses interface with a view on the directory hierarchy. It ships with "rifle", a file launcher that is good at automatically finding out which program to use for what file type.
9 weeks ago
Hemingway Editor
Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.
app  blog  english  tools  writing 
11 weeks ago
Deftly.net - Tab completion in OpenBSD's ksh
One of the features OpenBSD’s ksh shares with its more popular friends is user definable completions! Something that sets it apart, however, is the simplicity of these completions. From the man page:

Custom completions may be configured by creating an array named
‘complete_command’, optionally suffixed with an argument number
to complete only for a single argument.
openbsd  shell  tips 
11 weeks ago
GitHub - vurtun/nuklear: A single-header ANSI C gui library
This is a minimal state immediate mode graphical user interface toolkit written in ANSI C and licensed under public domain. It was designed as a simple embeddable user interface for application and does not have any dependencies, a default renderbackend or OS window and input handling but instead provides a very modular library approach by using simple input state for input and draw commands describing primitive shapes as output. So instead of providing a layered library that tries to abstract over a number of platform and render backends it only focuses on the actual UI.
12 weeks ago
networking:netem [Linux Foundation Wiki]
netem provides Network Emulation functionality for testing protocols by emulating the properties of wide area networks. The current version emulates variable delay, loss, duplication and re-ordering.
12 weeks ago
GitHub - keon/algorithms: Minimal examples of data structures and algorithms in Python
Minimal and clean example implementations of data structures and algorithms in Python.
12 weeks ago
Explaining X11 for the rest of us
graphics  linux  tutorial  x  x11 
12 weeks ago
Quagga Software Routing Suite
Quagga is a routing software suite, providing implementations of OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIP v1 and v2, RIPng and BGP-4 for Unix platforms, particularly FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and NetBSD. Quagga is a fork of GNU Zebra which was developed by Kunihiro Ishiguro. The Quagga tree aims to build a more involved community around Quagga than the current centralised model of GNU Zebra.
12 weeks ago
GitHub - guelfoweb/knock: Knock Subdomain Scan
Knockpy is a python tool designed to enumerate subdomains on a target domain through a wordlist. It is designed to scan for DNS zone transfer and to try to bypass the wildcard DNS record automatically if it is enabled.
12 weeks ago
kakoune/README.asciidoc at master · mawww/kakoune · GitHub
Kakoune is a code editor heavily inspired by Vim, as such most of its commands are similar to vi’s ones, and it shares Vi’s "keystrokes as a text editing language" model.
12 weeks ago
How Build a Web Site
Learn how to create a fast and awesome responsive website that will work on all devices, PC, laptop, tablet, and phone.
12 weeks ago
Kakoune - Modal Text Editor
Kakoune’s grammar is object followed by verb, combined with instantaneous feedback, that means you always see the current object (In Kakoune we call that the selection) before you apply your change, which allows you to correct errors on the go.

Kakoune tries hard to fix one of the big problems with the vi model: its lack of interactivity. Because of the verb followed by object grammar, vi changes are made in the dark, we dont see their effect until the whole editing sentence is finished. dtf will delete to next f, if you then realize that was one f before the one you targeted, you need to undo, go back to your initial position, and try again with d2tf. In Kakoune, you would do tf, see immediately that that is not the f you were looking for, type Tf to extend the selection until the correct f, then d to delete. At each step you get visual feedback, and have the opportunity to correct it.
april 2017
The following is a special collection of freeware tools for system administration written in Perl. They cover advanced topics for the experienced admin, and are a valuable addition to a senior admin's collection or those wishing to be a senior admin. Most are related to performance or fault prevention.

Note: These are unsupported freeware programs and have nothing to do with the respective operating system vendors. Use at your own risk.
march 2017
A Beginner’s Guide to the True Order of SQL Operations – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
The lexical (syntactical) order of SQL operations (clauses) does not correspond at all to the logical order of operations (although, sometimes, they do coincidentally). Thanks to modern optimisers, the order also doesn’t correspond to the actual order of operations, so we really have: syntactical -> logical -> actual order, but let’s leave that aside for now.
march 2017
Contributions Appearing in the Book - Programmer 97-things
97 Things Programmers Should Know - some good general advice in here
march 2017
GitHub - cytopia/ffscreencast: [bash] ffmpeg screencast with video overlay and multi monitor support
ffscreencast is a shell wrapper for ffmpeg that allows fool-proof screen recording via the command line. It will auto-detect all available monitors, cameras and microphones and is able to interactively or manually choose the desired recording device(s). Additionally ffscreencast will let you overlay the camera stream on top of the desktop session.
march 2017
GitHub - google/guetzli: Perceptual JPEG encoder
Guetzli is a JPEG encoder that aims for excellent compression density at high visual quality. Guetzli-generated images are typically 20-30% smaller than images of equivalent quality generated by libjpeg. Guetzli generates only sequential (nonprogressive) JPEGs due to faster decompression speeds they offer.
march 2017
NetPGP - digital signatures and encryption
NetPGP is a standards-compliant library and suite of utilities providing digital signature and verification functionality, as well as data encryption and decryption, using RSA and DSA/Elgamal keys.
march 2017
Open source plans etc for building your own house
march 2017
A set of free premium SVG icons for you to use on your digital products.
january 2017
Web Developer Tools - Programmer Tools - Online - Browserling
We're obsessed with making web developers' lives easier at Browserling, so we created a collection of the most popular developer tools all in one place. We love simplicity so we made them very simple and obvious how to use. No ads, bloated dialogs, or useless checkboxes. Just tools. All free. Press button, get result. Here they are!
january 2017
GNU Unifont Glyphs
GNU Unifont is part of the GNU Project. This page contains the latest release of GNU Unifont, with glyphs for every printable code point in the Unicode 9.0 Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). The BMP occupies the first 65,536 code points of the Unicode space, denoted as U+0000..U+FFFF. There is also growing coverage of the Supplemental Multilingual Plane (SMP), in the range U+010000..U+01FFFF, and of Michael Everson's ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR).
january 2017
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