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History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
It seems we’re entering another of those stupid seasons humans impose on themselves at fairly regular intervals. I am sketching out here opinions based on information, they may prove right, or may prove wrong, and they’re intended just to challenge and be part of a wider dialogue. via Pocket
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april 2017 by Freiner
Donald Trump’s intolerable cruelty - The Washington Post
The cliche about feeling someone else’s pain cannot be applied to Trump. He does not appreciate the difference between fortunate and entitled. The only pain he feels is his own. He never apologized to Kovaleski and he never seemed to appreciate why he should. You may conclude that he’s merely rude. I think he’s dangerous.
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april 2017 by Freiner
Eliot A. Cohen Responds to Donald Trump's First Week - The Atlantic
There should be nothing surprising about what Donald Trump has done in his first week—but he has underestimated the resilience of Americans and their institutions.
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january 2017 by Freiner
Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All - The New Yorker
“The Art of the Deal” made America see Trump as a charmer with an unfailing knack for business. Tony Schwartz helped create that myth—and regrets it.
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january 1970 by Freiner

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