Apple’s New Map
Has Apple closed the gap with Google’s map?
apple  google  maps 
5 weeks ago
Paul Miller — Using dark mode in CSS with MacOS Mojave
Paul Miller — entrepreneur. I make projects which help developers to build awesome things.
css  macos  dark-mode 
6 weeks ago
Fold N Fly ✈
A database of paper airplane folding designs and instructions
airplane  kids  craft  origami 
7 weeks ago
The comet of success will lead your team to victory.
deadline  article  thoughtbot 
9 weeks ago
face-api.js — JavaScript API for Face Recognition in the Browser with tensorflow.js
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
javascript  tensorflow  face-recognition 
august 2018
The Game Developers of Color Expo Was a Respite From the Hostile Gaming Scene - Motherboard
Giving developers of color the space to speak about anything but their own marginalization shouldn’t be a grand gesture, but in the gaming industry it feels like an exemplary move.
iphone  china  fake  article 
july 2018
Tools and resources for naming things.
branding  name  resource 
june 2018
En gång hade en ung man råd att köpa båt | Aftonbladet
I dag gäller det elva båtar och en skeppare. Ja, boken heter så, och det är nog det frejdigaste som skrivits om båtar på länge.
june 2018
Wired Elements
Common UI Elements with a sketchy hand-drawn look.
css  design  javascript  web-components 
may 2018
The half-life of code & the ship of Theseus · Erik Bernhardsson
As a project evolves, does the new code just add on top of the old code? Or does it replace the old code slowly over time? In order to understand this, I built a little thing to analyze Git projects, with help from the formidable GitPython project.
git  analysis  visualization 
may 2018
Ascii Art Generator
Generate a ASCII art from text
may 2018
Pure CSS Oil Painting - by Diana Smith aka cyanHarlow
css  art 
may 2018
Custom slugs for Rails URLs done right – Hacker Noon
I’ve seen a lot of examples of this online, and it took a while for me to get it right, so I decided to document it. We’ll need to ensure that our slug is unique, and always present. You can name it…
rails  url 
april 2018
Semantris - Arcade
Semantris is a word association game powered by machine learning.
tetris  game 
april 2018
Be careful what you copy: Invisibly inserting usernames into text with Zero-Width Characters
Zero-width characters are invisible, ‘non-printing’ characters that are not displayed by the majority of applications. F​or exam​ple, I’ve ins​erted 10 ze​ro-width spa​ces in​to thi​s sentence, c​an…
security  steganography  article  fingerprinting 
april 2018
For Everyone - PagerDuty Security Training
This is an open-source version of 'Security Training for Everyone', PagerDuty's internal employee security training, given to all PagerDuty employees as part of our annual security training program.
security  training  presentation 
march 2018
ViperCard is an open source re-creation and re-imagination of 1987's HyperCard. You can use it to make animations, games, and interactive art!
hypercard  javascript  tool  macintosh 
march 2018
Background Gradient Colors |
Ready to use Background Gradients. ✓ Cool Gradients are prepared according to the latest design trends. And it is served in the form of eggs. The best way to figure out if a gradient is right for your project, look them when they form of eggs 😍
css  gradient  inspiration 
march 2018
Testing in Production, the safe way – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
In this post, I hope to explore different forms of “testing in production”, when each form of testing is the most beneficial as well as how to test services in production in a safe way. However…
devops  testing  article 
march 2018
Michaël Garcia — Creative developer
Michaël Garcia – Creative front-end developer
developer  webdesign 
march 2018
SVG Stroke FTW! — The flexibility of using SVG stroke for web icons
In the last year or so, I took on a project to learn the intricacies of SVG, more specifically SVG paths and hand-coding them. I was inspired by the idea whe...
march 2018
Keeping aspect-ratio with HTML and no padding tricks
For a long time we’ve been told the only way to have a DOM element keep a fixed aspect ratio without Javascript is with the % padding trick. Like here:…
css  svg  ratio 
march 2018
Vim: you don't need NERDtree or (maybe) netrw | George Ornbo
Vim's netrw file browser is good enough. With a few tweaks there is no need for plugin like NERDtree. For many tasks you may not even need netrw.
vim  nerdtree  netrw 
march 2018
CSS Gradient
CSS Gradient is a happy little website and free tool that lets you create gradients for the web. It's also chock-full of colorful content about gradients from technical articles to real life examples like Stripe and Instagram.
color  css  generator  gradient  tool 
march 2018
Rough.js is a light weight javascript library that lets you draw graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance.
canvas  drawing  javascript  sketch 
march 2018
A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web.
javascript  text  typography  effect  animation  webgl  three.js  library 
february 2018
7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design – Refactoring UI – Medium
Every web developer inevitably runs into situations where they need to make visual design decisions, whether they like it or not. Maybe the company you work for doesn’t have a full-time designer and…
design  ui 
february 2018
Product Designer in San Francisco - Moe Amaya
An independent digital product designer currently based in San Francisco. Clients include Spoke, MIT, Teespring, and Flux.
february 2018
Webデザインリンク集・ソーシャルブックマーク - straightline bookmark | Web Design Bookmarking
webdesign  gallery  japan 
february 2018
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