The Problem with “Privilege” | andrea366
Interesting if overly theoretical article about privilege 'confessing'.
privilege  kyriarchy 
august 2013
nolan_emily: Fic: When I Get You Alone
The first time they fuck, it's because he heard the car explode. The sound of his own voice calling her name keeps echoing in his head and he has to do something to shut it up.
revenge  emily/nolan 
may 2013
hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW]
Fill: Tasting Menu, Hannibal/girl!Will, cannibalism, violence, gore
hannibal/will  rule63  porn 
april 2013
hannibalkink: PROMPT POST 1 [TV SHOW]
FILL: Pin-Up Boy (Hannibal/Will, crossdressing, humiliation, breathplay, bloodplay)
hannibal/will  hannibal  porn 
april 2013
Dulce et Decorum est { pro de amor mentiri } - mockturtletale - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Harvey can hear Mike's thoughts.

Mockturtletale consistently delivers on this amazing internal voice of both Harvey and Mike. Perfect dramedy.
harvey/mike  suits 
march 2013
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