Ratio 3.0.6 free download for Mac | MacUpdate
»Ratio is a Dashboard widget for calculating common screen resolutions of various sizes. Includes presets for HD, NTSC, PAL, Apple iFrame, iPhone/iTouch, iPhone 4, iPad, Microsoft Zune HD, Windows Mobile, and Surface, Fullscreen and Widescreen PC, and more. Handy for working with various image sizes, element scaling, and other common CG calculations.«
mac  software  dashboard  widget  graphics  calculation 
25 days ago
Vasili Zorin: posters, comic book art, hand drawn - Artists - Debut Art
»Vasili Zorin is a Russian artist who studied at St.Petersburg Academy. Rising in popularity this young talented artist makes images reminiscent of comic books and stills from old American movies. His work has a nostalgic feel whilst being about current concerns.«
illustration  conceptArt  gallery  portfolio 
26 days ago
Vasili Zorin is a Russian artist who studied at St.Petersburg Academy and is working as a concept artist in the game industry.
illustration  conceptArt  portfolio  blog 
26 days ago
»Concept art, illustrations, cancelled games and obscure stuff.«
game  art  conceptArt  illustration  culture  japan  blog 
28 days ago
VGDensetsu: Designing 2D graphics in the Japanese industry
»An Amiga, Deluxe Paint and a mouse. From the late 80s to the early 90s, these 3 tools were at the core of numerous graphic designers’ workstations in the West. It took years for the Japanese industry to start adopting commercial engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, most of those companies were used to develop their own engines before that. This home-made approach wasn’t exclusive to game engines; at a time when most Western companies used the same sound engine on Mega Drive -GEMS-, Japanese developers often produced their own. Regarding graphic design, it was pretty much the same: there was almost one kind of setting per company in Japan.«
game  art  conceptArt  illustration  culture  japan 
28 days ago
Dark modes with CSS | CSS-Tricks
»With the introduction of dark mode in macOS, Safari Technology Preview 68 has released a new feature called prefers-color-scheme which lets us detect whether the user has dark mode enabled with a media query. […] Recently Mark Otto described how we can start using prefers-color-scheme today in order to create themes that dynamically adjust to the new user setting. And the neat thing about this post is that Mark sort of frames it as an accessibility issue and shows how he uses it on his own website to adjust images so that they’re not too bright for the user.«
webdesign  css  color  safari  info  tutorial 
28 days ago
CSS Layout cookbook - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
Kirby Kosmos: »The MDN CSS Layout Cookbook collects recipes for common website layout problems. It doesn't just contain reusable code but also gives tips on best practices and when to use what.«
html  css  reference  webdesign 
4 weeks ago
Tiny Tiny RSS
»Tiny Tiny RSS is a free and open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator«
rss  rssReader  server  apache  php  mysql 
5 weeks ago
Fun Tip: Use calc() to Change the Height of a Hero Component | CSS-Tricks
»The concept of Fluid Typography was tossed around a couple of years ago. The main idea is that if you know what size your font is at two different viewport sizes, then you can have the font scaling smoothly between the two sizes. We had a jQuery solution for this in FitText (meant of headings, of course) until the calc() function was shipped giving us a pure CSS solution.«
webdesign  css  tutorial 
5 weeks ago
Privacy Badger - Chrome Web Store
»Privacy Badger automatically learns to block invisible trackers. Instead of keeping lists of what to block, Privacy Badger learns by watching which domains appear to be tracking you as you browse the Web.«
security  privacy  adblock  plugin/addon/extension  chrome/chromium 
5 weeks ago
drago - Safari Extensions Gallery
»You can open a link in a new tab, search text with your favorite search engine, view images in a single page or find similar ones spread on the Internet. All of these features just need 3 simple steps: select, drag, release.«
safari  plugin/addon/extension  mouse  productivity 
5 weeks ago
Jump to time (Previous frame) v3 - addons.videolan.org
»Jump to time (Previous frame) is VLC Extension that can: jump to a desired time in a played media; jump forward/backward by a desired time length; split-second jumps imitating previous/next frame; […]«
vlc  video  script  plugin/addon/extension 
6 weeks ago
Subset Numerals so They're as Awesome as the Rest of Your Content | CSS-Tricks
»You’re putting the finishing touches on your new million-dollar-idea — your copy is perfect, your color scheme is dazzling, and you’ve found a glorious font pairing (who knew Baskerville and Raleway looked so great together? You did.) but there’s one problem: Raleway’s pesky lowercase numbers make your shopping cart look confusing and overwhelm the user.«
webdesign  css  typography  font  tutorial 
6 weeks ago
#youbroketheinternet So We Got Tracked Anyway
»Hamburg university researchers have examined closely how web browsers implement so-called TLS session resumption and how the top million popular websites make use of that feature. They found that 80% of websites make a correct use, unsuitable for tracking repeat visitors — just resuming an existing session within the last ten minutes.«
privacy  web  security 
8 weeks ago
SVG Marching Ants | CSS-Tricks
»Maxim Leyzerovich created the marching ants effect with some delectably simple SVG.«
webdesign  svg  css  graphics  fx  tutorial 
8 weeks ago
CSS Border-Radius Can Do That? | IO 9elements
»When you use eight values specifying border-radius in CSS, you can create organic looking shapes. WOW.«
webdesign  css  graphics  tutorial  reference 
8 weeks ago
Design Grid Overlay - Chrome Web Store
»This extension displays grid and measurement overlays for a design grid system. It is configurable to fit many design scenarios.«
webdesign  grid  tool  plugin/addon/extension  chrome/chromium  browser 
8 weeks ago
PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode - Chrome Web Store
»Extension for web developers and markup designers. PerfectPixel allows developers to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML and perform pixel perfect comparison between them.«
webdesign  grid  pixel  tool  plugin/addon/extension  chrome/chromium  browser  image 
8 weeks ago
»Google, but for colors.«
design  color  search  inspiration  webtool 
8 weeks ago
Matomo – Open Analytics Platform
»Liberating Analytics – Matomo is the only analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more: Free open-source software, 100% data ownership, User privacy protection, User-centric insights, Customisable and extensible, Easy to use, No data limits.«
analytics  webstats  webdesign  webdev  php  javascript  software  privacy 
8 weeks ago
No More Google
»No More Google – Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you.«
webtool  software  tool  browser  linklist  google  privacy 
8 weeks ago
Sketch Workflow — 8 point Soft Grids – Design + Sketch – Medium
»I wanted to share my Sketch workflow designing on an 8 point soft grid. […] I have a fairly unique workflow, adding color coded guides right inside my artwork. This process was heavily inspired by the Material Design Guidelines.«
sketchApp  grid  tutorial 
9 weeks ago
»A companion app for sketch to adjust your nudge settings – In the latest Sketch 3.3 Release they added a new feature to adjust the arrow and shift + arrow nudge increments. But you have to use a command in terminal to change the setting. Nudg.it is a simple app that allows you to quickly edit these settings on the fly.«
sketchApp  tool 
9 weeks ago
How to get the close tab button on the left of the tabs (MacOS) : firefox
»In case anyone wants to have the close tab button on the left of the tabs in 57+, this is how I did it.«
firefox  style/theme  gui  mod  tutorial 
9 weeks ago
Alva Skog
»“No tiny hands or thin waists”: Illustrator Alva Skog on her playful, powerful women
With their expressive, oversized hands and feet, illustrator Alva Skog’s figures are strong and energetic. Almost all of the characters are women but, browsing through her portfolio, it’s not immediately obvious given their pleasing lack of gendering.«
art  illustration  sculpture  portfolio 
9 weeks ago
google webfonts helper
»google-webfonts-helper: A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts.«
webdesign  webdev  webtool  google  font  privacy 
10 weeks ago
CSS Only Floated Labels with :placeholder-shown pseudo class - Call Me Nick
»In this tutorial, we’re going to build a CSS only solution to the floated label technique using the :placeholder-shown pseudo class.«
webdesign  form  css  tutorial 
10 weeks ago
Sketch hacks: Make a Resizable button with Icon & Label, totally native edition
»Sketch hacks: Make a Resizable button with Icon & Label, totally native edition
A button, with an icon and label, both floating in the center. Simple enough, but only with the right hacks.«
sketchApp  tutorial 
10 weeks ago
WhatFont - Chrome Web Store
»With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant. It also detects the services used for serving the web fonts. Supports Typekit and Google Font API.«
chrome/chromium  plugin/addon/extension  font  info 
10 weeks ago
Window Dimensions - Chrome Web Store
»This extension will display the window's dimensions after resizing the browser window.«
chrome/chromium  plugin/addon/extension  screen  webdesign  webdev  info 
10 weeks ago
About | Youtube - Restore Classic | Userscripts | OpenUserJS
»If youtube is in the new 2017 YouTube Material Redesign, automatically restore classic view.«
youtube  userscript  browser  gui  design  interface 
10 weeks ago
Ben Fiquet | Drawing Stuff for Video Games/Animation/Comics
»Hi, My name is Ben Fiquet. I’m an illustrator based in Paris, France. […] I recently co-founded Lizardcube game studio with Omar Cornut where we crafted the acclaimed remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. [and are currently working on: Streets of Rage 4]«
illustration  comic  conceptArt  game  portfolio 
september 2018
Read-Only Memory
»Read-Only Memory publishes high-quality books that document great moments in videogame history. Our books recognise the pioneers, milestones and titles that have shaped the industry. The company was founded in 2012 by Darren Wall and is based in London, UK.«
game  culture  design  graphics  book 
august 2018
Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition - Installation Guide
»Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is an ongoing project of enhancement packages that add various visual, audio, and bug improvements for the PC version of the game. Notable examples of what the enhancements improve on is the use of a widescreen camera in the game; higher display resolutions; removal of prominent audio bugs; PlayStation 2 quality audio and fog; better controller support; and much more.«
game  silentHill  pc  mod 
august 2018
Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Demonstration Trailer - YouTube
»o experience these improvements for yourself, go to the following page: ªªhttp://www.enhanced.townofsilenthill.com/SH2/«ºº
game  silentHill  pc  mod  youtube  video 
august 2018
Using CSS Clip Path to Create Interactive Effects, Part II | CSS-Tricks
»This is a follow up to my previous post looking into clip paths. Last time around, we dug into the fundamentals of clipping and how to get started. We looked at some ideas to exemplify what we can do with clipping. We’re going to take things a step further in this post and look at different examples, discuss alternative techniques, and consider how to approach our work to be cross-browser compatible.«
webdesign  css  svg  graphics  image  fx  tutorial 
august 2018
Spec · 8-Point Grid
»The 8-Point Grid – Using multiples of 8 to define dimensions, padding, and margin of elements.«
design  webdesign  grid  layout  info  reference 
august 2018
Telegraphics - Free plugins for Photoshop & Illustrator...and other software
»WebP Format: File Format plugin that opens and saves 24-bit WebP images (Google's proposed compression format for images on the web).«
adobePhotoshop  webp  plugin/addon/extension 
august 2018
Radial Gradient Recipes | CSS-Tricks
»Radial gradients are pretty dang cool. It's amazing we can paint the background of an element with them so easily. […] I figured I'd put together a page of reference examples, so if you know what you need but forget the syntax, it's easy to find that starter code example here.«
webdesign  css  graphics  reference  tutorial 
august 2018
Font Playground -- Play with variable fonts!
css-tricks.com: »This is a wondrous little project by Wenting Zhang that showcases a series of variable fonts and lets you manipulate their settings to see the results. It’s interesting that there’s so many tools like this that have been released over the past couple of months, such as v-fonts, Axis-Praxis and Wakamai Fondue just to name a few.«
webdesign  typography  font  webtool 
july 2018
Dezeen: »LogoArchive magazine explores the visual language of mid-century branding. Richard Baird has created a quarterly magazine to celebrate minimalist mid-century logos. Called LogoArchive, the publication accompanies the designer's popular Instagram account of the same name, which features over 1,000 examples of mid-century logo design.«
design  graphics  logo 
july 2018
The 50 Best IDM Albums of All Time | Pitchfork
»The 50 Best IDM Albums of All Time – From Aphex Twin to Squarepusher to Flying Lotus, here are the braindance greats.«
may 2018
Nano Defender
»An anti-adblock defuser for Nano Adblocker and uBlock Origin.«
adblock  software  plugin/addon/extension  browser 
may 2018
Compile Sass, Less, Jade, CoffeeScript on Mac, Windows & Linux with Live Browser Reload
Precompile tool for a lot of languages/frameworks like Sass, Less and Coffeescript. Alternative to Codekit.
webdev  webdesign  sass/scss  server  tool  software  windows  linux  mac 
april 2018
Gridulator: Make pixel grids, lickety-split
stuntbox.com: »Tell Gridulator your layout width and the number of columns you want, and it’ll spit back all the possible grids that have nice, round integers. Just the thing for pixel-based designfolk. There are inline previews, courtesy of the canvas element, and when you’re all set Gridulator can crank out full-size PNGs for you, ready for use in your CSS, Photoshop docs, or what have you. And there’s full keyboard control for you snazzy power users.«
webdesign  grid  webtool 
april 2018
»Auto Close HTML package for Atom Text Editor – Will automatically add closing tags when you complete the opening tag.«
atom  editor  plugin/addon/extension  tag  automation 
april 2018
GitHub - emin/WebPQuickLook: Mac OS X QuickLook plugin for WebP image files
»Quick Look Plugin for WebP Files – By default, OS X doesn't provide preview and thumbnail for all file types. WebP is Google's new image format and OS X doesn't recognize the .webp files. This plugin will give you an ability to see previews and thumbnails of WebP images.«
mac  quicklook  plugin/addon/extension  image 
april 2018
»When many tabs are opened, it will automatically wrap into multiple lines.«
atom  editor  plugin/addon/extension  tab 
april 2018
GitHub - oodesign/merge-duplicate-symbols: Sketch.app plugin to merge symbols with the same name.
»Merge duplicate symbols (Sketch plugin) – Sketch.app plugin to merge symbols with the same name. Choose the one you want to keep and press OK. The other symbols will be removed, and all of their instances will be replaced by the one you chose to keep.«
sketchApp  plugin/addon/extension  organize 
march 2018
Tab to Window/Popup - Keyboard Shortcut - Chrome Web Store
»Add a keyboard shortcut to move the current tab to a new window or popup.«
google  chrome  tab  keyboard  shortcut  productivity  plugin/addon/extension 
march 2018
In the Artists Studio Episode 4 Ian Miller - YouTube
»A great talk with a great artist. Fantasy, horror and creativity are just a few of the topics covered in this interview.«
art  illustration  youtube  video  documentary 
march 2018
Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!
»Textures.com is a website that offers digital pictures of all sorts of materials. We have pictures of fabrics, wood, metal, bricks, plastic, and many more. These images are called textures and can be used for graphic design, visual effects, in computer games and any other situation where you need a nice pattern or background image.«
texture  photography  stock  image  resource 
march 2018
How we made 2001: A Space Odyssey | Film | The Guardian
»Rock Hudson walked out of the premiere, Hal was originally a cockney, and Stanley Kubrick used one of the model spaceships to pay his daughter’s tutor … the makers of the sci-fi classic share their memories.«
movie  documentary  scifi 
march 2018
Animate a Container on Mouse Over Using Perspective and Transform | CSS-Tricks
»I’ve been working on a website in which large pictures are displayed to the user. Instead of creating a typical lightbox effect (a zoom-in animation with a black overlay) for these large pictures, I decided to try and make something more interactive and fun. I ended up coding an image container that tilts as the user moves the mouse cursor above it.«
webdesign  css  javascript  fx  tutorial 
march 2018
Citra - Nintendo 3DS Emulator
»Citra is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo 3DS capable of playing many of your favorite games.«
emulation  game  nintendo 
march 2018
Late Night Software | The home of Script Debugger
»You want your computer systems to be simple, reliable and automatic. Script Debugger is the integrated development environment that makes that happen by making your AppleScript coding easier, faster, and more transparent. And now, for the first time, it is available in a free “lite” mode that offers you a taste of the full power of Script Debugger.«
mac  appleScript  software  editor 
march 2018
jQuery - Packages - Package Control
»This is a Sublime Text bundle to help with jQuery functions. It has syntax highlighting and almost all of the jquery methods as snippets.«
sublimeText  editor  plugin/addon/extension  jquery 
march 2018
Sass - Packages - Package Control
»This is a Sublime Text 3 package which purely forced on highlighting both Sass and SCSS syntax as accuracy as possible. Please make sure your Sublime Text 3 version is above Build 3103. This package has taken over the package name “Sass”, please search keyword “sass” from Package Control to install this package.«
sublimeText  editor  sass/scss  plugin/addon/extension 
march 2018
A File Icon - Packages - Package Control
»This package adds file-specific icons to Sublime Text for improved visual grepping. It's heavily inspired by Atom File Icons.«
sublimeText  editor  plugin/addon/extension  icon 
march 2018
Color Highlighter - Packages - Package Control
»ColorHighlighter - is a plugin for the Sublime text 2 and 3, which underlays selected hexadecimal colorcodes (like "#FFFFFF", "rgb(255,255,255)", "white", etc.) with their real color.«
sublimeText  editor  plugin/addon/extension  color 
march 2018
SideBarEnhancements - Packages - Package Control
»Provides enhancements to the operations on Sidebar of Files and Folders for Sublime Text. Notably provides delete as “move to trash”, open with.. and a clipboard. Close, move, open and restore buffers affected by a rename/move command. (even on folders).«
sublimeText  editor  plugin/addon/extension  file 
march 2018
InVision Studio | Screen Design. Redesigned.
»Screen design. Redesigned. A new platform, inspired by the world’s best design teams. Design, prototype, and animate—all in one place.«
graphics  design  layout  editor  software  mac  windows 
march 2018
Lorenzo Mattotti
Lorenzo Mattotti's portfolio blog – »Books, exhibitions and future projects. An archive of images from the past and unpublished.«
art  illustration  comic  portfolio  blog 
march 2018
Eleanor Davis Tumblr
»Eleanor Davis / Everything I do«
illustration  comic  portfolio  blog 
march 2018
Understanding Web Fonts and Getting the Most Out of Them | CSS-Tricks
»Using your own fonts instead of system fonts is getting easier, but it’s still an evolving field. We’ll go over the different types of font formats and cover tips and best practices for them in this post. We’ll also dive into more in-depth features for those of you who want to level up and aim to perfect the craft with advanced concepts and considerations when using web fonts. In the end, you’ll hopefully feel equipped not only to put web fonts to use but to get the most out of them.«
webdesign  typography  font  bestPractices  tutorial  reference 
february 2018
Mike Yamada (@myamada1979) • Instagram photos and videos
»Mike Yamada Visual development at Walt Disney Animation. Children's book illustrator. Eater of cheese.«
illustration  conceptArt  portfolio  instagram 
february 2018
eleanor davis / images | 
»My name is Eleanor Davis. I’m a cartoonist and illustrator. My books include How To Be Happy, You and a Bike and a Road, and The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook. I live in Athens, Georgia.«
illustration  comic  portfolio 
february 2018
junaida on Behance
»Painter, Kyoto, Japa, www.junaida.com«
art  illustration  behance  portfolio 
february 2018
Case Converter (including Title Case) - Share your Workflows - Alfred App Community Forum
»This is now a single workflow -- there are hotkeys for the following five actions: Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows), Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows), Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case. All of these are set to Copy to Clipboard and Paste by default.«
alfred  plugin/addon/extension  text  conversion 
february 2018
Direction Aware Hover Effects | CSS-Tricks
»This is a particular design trick that never fails to catch people's eye! I don't know the exact history of who-thought-of-what first and all that, but I know I have seen a number of implementations of it over the years. I figured I'd round a few of them up here.«
css  webdesign  fx  tutorial  javascript 
february 2018
Home | The Bottlenecker | First bottleneck calculator
»Bottleneck is a kind of hardware limitation in your computer. A bottleneck occurs when the capacity of an application or a computer system is severely limited by a single component. Components that often bottleneck are graphic card, processor and HDD. Bottlenecks affect microprocessor performance by slowing down the flow of information back and forth from the CPU and the memory. If all of the components of a system are not able to feed the same amount of data at the same speed, a delay is created. You system is specified by your weakest component, not the fastest one.«
pc  hardware  game  resource  info  webtool 
february 2018
»Laurie Lipton was born in New York and began drawing at the age of four. She was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honors). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, the UK and has recently moved to Los Angeles after 36 years abroad. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA.«
art  portfolio 
february 2018
Font-display playground
»With the new font-display attribute, you can control the length of each of these periods, and what happens when one of them fails. There are 4 different values: block, swap, fallback and optional. There's also auto, which usually ends up being the same as block.«
webdesign  webdev  typography  font  css  tutorial  reference 
january 2018
James Casebere
»James Casebere is a visual artist whose early work established him at the forefront of artists working with constructed photography. […] For almost 40 years Casebere has devised both simple and complex table-top models,photographing them in his studio.«
art  sculpture  photography  portfolio 
december 2017
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