Apple T2 Security Chip - Security Overview
Nice guide on how Apple's new T2 chip works.
apple  guide  security 
11 weeks ago
Test invalid SSL/TLS scenarios.
browser  security  ssl 
11 weeks ago
Arq Cloud Backup
Good alternative to CrashPlan for Home, or running Arq myself.
backup  mac 
11 weeks ago
2018 Home Inspection Costs | Average Price For a Home Inspector
Really good info about home inspections, what they cost, what to look for, and how to handle what they might find.
12 weeks ago
TV-BOX doesn't see RT2600ac 5ghz network - Synology Forum
I downgraded both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks to 20 MHz channel width, and that worked. I should find out what that means.
Synology  network 
12 weeks ago
Great snippet for generating a random serial number.
github  vmware  vm  macos 
october 2018
Power Nap, power management settings and FileVault 2 | Der Flounder
Here's how Power Nap and Safe Sleep interfere with FileVault.
macos  filevault  sleep 
october 2018
Fix macOS Mojave Font Rendering Issue
Yes! This makes everything look like it did on macOS 10.13.
macos  gui 
october 2018
Free ESXi 6.5 – How to Download and get License Keys | Virten.net
It's really hard to find the free link to ESXi. This page links to it.
september 2018
Paying the President | ProPublica
Data visualization of Donald Trump's corruption.
visualization  data  politics  trump  corruption 
july 2018
How Apple Programmer Sal Soghoian Got Apps Talking to Each Other | WIRED
Great article about automation on Apple's platforms, including an interview with Sal.
apple  automation 
june 2018
NAT networking fails after a Fusion upgrade (2009642)
My VMs suddenly lost all network access yesterday. This fixed it.
vmware  macos 
june 2018
How to Find and Remove @eaDir Directories on Synology NAS | Flynsarmy
Once you've disabled Media indexing, here's how to get rid of the leftover metadata.
may 2018
Build thumbnails using open source tools. Requires some stuff to be installed through MacPorts.
video  script 
april 2018
AppConfig Generator
Generate configuration profiles for popular iOS apps.
jamf  iOS  sysadmin  macadmin  configuration 
april 2018
Crashed: too many corpses being created — How to Recover High Sierra – Robin Monks
Resolving the 'too many corpses' error: delete /var/db/caches/opendirectory/mbr_cache
opendirectory  macos  10.13 
april 2018
Keep Network Drives Mounted on Mac OS X using Autofs | Grapii
Nice autofs tutorial! Works great. PROTIP: For step 6, end with a newline, or the last mount will not appear.
Mac  autofs  sysadmin  macadmin 
march 2018
Neat method for teachers to assign quizzes.
march 2018
Clean up shell scripts in BBEdit | osxbytes
I love stuff like this! I bet my shell scripts are hideous.
bash  bbedit  sysadmin 
march 2018
Quick Tip – How to change serial number for Mac OS X VM? | virtuallyGhetto
Setting the serial number for a VM - really useful for testing DEP, among other things.
macos  vmware  esxi  fusion 
march 2018
Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-02-09 – Scripting OS X
I got a couple of shout-outs on Armin Briegel's website!
march 2018
The Day the Movies Died | GQ
This is why there aren't any original ideas on Hollywood anymore, and why we're remaking movies at a faster pace than ever before.
march 2018
Synology Service Status | Synology Inc.
Easy way to tell if QuickConnect is working or not.
synology  status 
february 2018
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