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Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) is an informal group of mainly Hanoi residents from many countries, including Vietnam, whose basic goal the preservation and advancement of Vietnamese heritage and culture, and whose purpose is to enhance and deepen the understanding of Vietnam's culture. FVH functions as a non-profit educational group.
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4 weeks ago
Killing the Mekong, Dam by Dam | The Diplomat
Regional governments have been underestimating the environmental and economic costs of Mekong dams.
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10 weeks ago
Vietnam 1:50,000 | MSU Libraries
Topographic maps of Vietnam, 1:50000. Mainly from the 1960s/70s. Preview freely available.
Contour intervals:. Shows: Relief by contours and spot heights, depths shown by contours and soundings. Cultural features and vegetation shown by shading and symbols. In English, French and Vietnamese. Each sheet covers 15 minutes of latitude and longitude. The paper maps were scanned at 400 ppi, 8-bit (256 color). The scans were then geo-referenced using a 1st order or 2nd order polynomial transformations in Blue Marble Geographics Transformer.
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11 weeks ago
Will Trump’s presidency finally kill the myth of the special relationship? | Politics | The Guardian
Ever since Winston Churchill invented it in 1946, successive prime ministers have discovered that the bond between the US and UK is anything but sacred. So, why does this absurd idea refuse to go away?
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february 2017
Home | Vietnamese Typography
This book will help type designers understand Vietnamese’s unique typographic features so they can design their typefaces to support the Vietnamese language. It will also guide web and graphic designers in using correct Vietnamese typography in a project.

Unlike most Asian character-based writing systems, modern Vietnamese is written in the Latin alphabet. Its writing system uses diacritics to specify phonetic tones of their spoken counterpart. These special typographic features play a crucial role in legibility and readability.

For good legibility, the design of the diacritics is as important as the letters. If the marks are too small, readers will have a difficult time distinguishing words. If the marks are too large, the flow of text can be interfered. In the worst case, Vietnamese is typeset without diacritical marks. When the marks are missing, readers have to slow down or stop to guess at words, which could distort, or obscure entirely, the original meaning of the text.
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january 2017
About Classifiers in Vietnamese - Duolingo
Basic principles of when to use classifiers.
In general, classifiers in linguistics, sometimes called measure words, are words that accompany nouns in order to “classify” them based on their “characteristics”. This feature is common in other East Asian and Southeast Asian languages.

Since this concept is fairly new to most Duolingo users (I can’t recall any previous Duolingo courses that require teaching classifiers too), many people have been struggling to get used to these measure words and I (as well as my team) also have trouble teaching them. The most common question regarding classifiers is when to use them. To answer that, we need to revert back to articles in English.
Vietnamese  language  grammar 
january 2017
Structure and usage of question in English and Vietnamese
Student Assignment, Nguyễn Phương Thụy, HCMC University of Education

[…] In this paper, I mainly concentrate on presenting the observation of comparision between two languages - English and Vietnamese in terms of interrogative sentence. It aims to indicate the similarities and differences in question between English and Vietnamese. With this research, I hope that it will help my readers to avoid making grammatical mistakes in their translation.

Grammatical comparison of different question types in English and Vietnamese, with examples.
Vietnamese  language  grammar 
january 2017
Über die Ursprünge der Europäischen Aufklärung – Gegen die Mythen der Kirche » Beobachtungen der Wissenschaft » SciLogs - Wissenschaftsblogs
Warum trotz Unterdrückung moderner Wissenschaft durch die Kirche die Aufklärung im Abendland stattgefunden hat und nicht in islamischen Ländern.
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december 2016
Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future – Medium
After 85 years, antibiotics are growing impotent. So what will medicine, agriculture and everyday life look like if we lose these drugs entirely?
december 2016
Bản tin buýt
Searchable bus map of Hanoi. Seems to be the most up-to-date information online.
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december 2016
Excel: Bedingte Formatierung komfortabel kopieren - office-productivity | XING
Die "Bedingte Formatierung" kommt in Excel-Arbeitsmappen häufig zur Anwendung. Aber wussten Sie, dass sich die Einstellungen einer bedingten Formatierung ganz bequem von einer auf mehrere andere Zellen übertragen lassen?
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november 2016
Vietnamese Grammar Project
Welcome to the Vietnamese Grammar Project (online), now officially based at Konan University (Kobe, Japan).

The goal of this project is to present an accurate and maximally detailed description of all aspects of Vietnamese grammar, with a focus on syntax and semantics, and especially on (what has been termed) the 'syntax-semantics interface.'

There are two main aspects, or components, to this research. First, there is a purely descriptive component, which attempts to describe the principal grammatical characteristics of spoken Vietnamese, and to point out the most important areas of dialect and/or register variation. Second, there is a more theoretically-oriented component, which examines the ways in which the study of Vietnamese grammar can contribute to more general understanding of universal properties of language; conversely, how the application of general theoretical heuristics can lead to a better understanding of the (sometimes quirky) details of Vietnamese syntax.
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october 2016
The Lost Inner-City Waterways of Saigon and Cho Lon: Part 1 - Saigoneer
When the French arrived in 1859, both Saigon and Chợ Lớn were criss-crossed by networks of canals and creeks, making it possible for boatmen to travel right through both city centres without stepping ashore.

However, while most of Saigon’s waterways were filled as early as 1868 to make way for spacious tree-lined boulevards, those of Chợ Lớn survived until as late as 1925. In this two-part feature, Tim Doling looks at the history of the ancient waterways in both cities – starting with Saigon.

Enclosed by the Saigon river to the east, the Thị Nghè creek to the north, and the Bến Nghé creek to the south, Saigon’s main urban area, known as Bến Nghé, acquired its own small network of inner waterways from an early date.
Vietnam  history  water 
october 2016
Icons of Old Saigon: The Belt Canal (Canal de Ceinture) - Saigoneer
For more than a decade after the French conquest, the possibility of a major offensive by armies of the Nguyễn court in Huế remained a constant threat to the French authorities in Saigon. It was against this background in 1862 that the Cochinchina government drew up plans to dig a new Belt Canal (Canal de Ceinture) linking the Lò Gốm Creek in Chợ Lớn with the Arroyo de l’Avalanche (Thị Nghè Creek) in northern Saigon, thereby turning Saigon into an "island fortress" which could easily be patrolled by its gunboats.
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october 2016
BAFU - Publikationen - Grundwasserprobenahme
Diese Praxishilfe umfasst die nötigen Informationen und Vorsichtmassnahmen, um jede Phase der Probenahme einwandfrei zu bewältigen und deren Qualität zu sichern.

Bundesamt für Umwelt, Schweiz, 2003
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september 2016
Die gefühlte Lesbarkeit | Design Tagebuch
Serife gegen Groteske: die Lehrbuch-Meinung unterstellt beharrlich Qualitätsunterschiede, die offenkundig nicht existieren. Eine neue Studie zeigt: Viel wichtiger als die oft beschworene „objektive“ Lesbarkeit ist, was eine Schriftart ausstrahlt – ihr „Look and Feel”.

Untersuchung mit 3000 Teilnehmern, statistische Auswertung.
→ wichtigster Faktor für Lesbarkeit ist Schriftgröße; Serifen oder nicht kein großer Unterschied.
font  statistics 
september 2016
Sedimentology: general introduction and definitions : fluvial sediment and channel morphology
USGS report from 1964, 132p., free download
Sedimentology, the study of sedimentary rocks and the processes by which they are formed, includes and is related to a large number of phenomena. Sedimentology includes the five fundamental processes defined by the term sediaentation --weathering, erosion, transportation, deposition and diagenesis. Sedimentology shares with geomorphology the study of the surface features of the earth. Sedimentology also shares with hydrology the study of river.--channels. River channels are formed in part or in total as a result of flowing water and sediment transport, commonly called the "work of the rivers." This survey of published literature was made to aid in arriving at definitions which would be acceptable to, and representative of, a majority of professional personnel actively engaged in laboratory and field investigations related to the "work of the river." The definitions in this list are intended to explain the terms used in studies of fluvial sediment and channel morphology. No set of definitions can expect universal acceptance, however, i t is hoped that this compilation will be considered a summary and synthesis of present and past usage and that it will serve as a starting point for future usage. Multiple references are cited from textbooks, glossaries and dictionaries, scientific journals and u.s. Government publications. To obtain a mutual understanding and enhance precision, many of the proposed definitions are a composite of those selected from papers or reports covering research studies and field investigations. A draft of this glossary has been reviewed by a group of interested personnel. The results of this review have been carefully considered and the originally-suggested definitions have been revised accordingly, resulting in the present compilation. R. G. Wolff, with the help of Mrs. v. Blatcher, carried out the literature search and compilation of terms and the review results. Paul c. Benedict approved or composed the definitions as presented in this report.
geology  sediment  reference 
september 2016
Walther’s Law and vertical facies changes
The sedimentary sequence seen in outcrops is the result of different types of sediment being deposited in different sedimentary environments over time, producing a vertical sequence of different facies. Lateral changes in facies are relatively easy to understand. Vertical facies changes may initially be somewhat puzzling. How does one layer of sedimentary rock come to overlie another? The vertical relationships between facies are explained by changes in sea level, or changes in subsidence and sedimentation rates.
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september 2016
Guide to Vietnamese Restaurant Menus - Viet World Kitchen
Pho411.ca and I put the following content together for those who may be unfamiliar with Vietnamese food terms. (Your Vietnamese language skills may be rusty!)

Also, for Vietnamese chefs and restaurant owners may benefit from having some kind of common vocabulary to use when describing Vietnamese dishes. The content in the pages below is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a starting point. I hope the information broadens your understanding of Vietnamese food and allows you to explore it more deeply.

• Sections of a Menu: How a Vietnamese restaurant menu is organizes. What types of food do you usually see? What are they?
• Common Vietnamese Restaurant Dishes: English - Vietnamese names of common foods you'd find on a menu. Restaurants, delis, bakeries and pho shops offer mostly the same things. Use this as a guide.
• Cooking Methods, Seasonings, and Ingredients: If you don't recognize a dish, this page will help you translate the menu descriptions. How is something cooked? What kinds of seasonings or dipping sauce is served with it? What are the featured vegetables and fruits? From there you can imagine the flavors. Or, ask informed questions!
Vietnamese  language  cooking  reference 
september 2016
Facebook recommended that this psychiatrist’s patients friend each other | Fusion
Facebook’s ability to figure out the “people we might know” is sometimes eerie. Many a Facebook user has been creeped out when a one-time Tinder date or an ex-boss from 10 years ago suddenly pops up as a friend recommendation. How does the big blue giant know?

While some of these incredibly accurate friend suggestions are amusing, others are alarming, such as this story from Lisa*, a psychiatrist who is an infrequent Facebook user, mostly signing in to RSVP for events. Last summer, she noticed that the social network had started recommending her patients as friends—and she had no idea why.
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august 2016
Why the South China Sea is on the Verge of an Environmental Disaster | The National Interest Blog
Of all the “strategic” challenges confronting the Asia-Pacific region, none is as underrated as the destruction of the marine ecosystem. The South China Sea’s status as a critical waterway draws attention away from the fact that littoral Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most diverse global marine bio-systems, hosting 76 percent of the world’s coral species and 37 percent of reef-fish species. Over the past two decades there have been documented instances of Chinese fishermen in the Spratly Islands and surrounding waters indulging in large-scale illegal capture of fish using cyanide, dynamite, and detonating cords. The wide range of sea life targeted has included endangered sea turtles, giant clams, giant oysters, sharks, eels, and large pieces of highly ornamental coral.

In the wake of a UN tribunal’s quashing of Beijing’s claim to historic rights in the South China Sea, what has been largely overlooked is the court’s censure of Beijing’s rampant destruction of marine life around the sites of its reclamation and other activities in the Spratly Islands. The construction, the judges held, had “caused permanent and irreparable harm to the coral reef ecosystem.” Yet Chinese leaders refuse to accept the tribunal’s criticism. Beijing, in fact, denies its island-building posed any danger to the natural habitat of the region, even calling it a model “green project”.
environment  China  southeast-asia  politics  sea 
august 2016
Colours in Vietnamese
Words for colours in Vietnamese with notes on their etymology and usage.

With audio.
Vietnamese  language  reference  color  audio 
august 2016
More Vietnamese - More language tips. More culture. More Vietnamese.
More language tips. More culture. More Vietnamese.

Blog and extensive resources (links) list
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august 2016
Theorie Pumpversuch – LS Hydroglogie und Wasserwirtschaft, BTU Cottbus
Pumpversuche sind die wichtigsten und gleichzeitig kostenaufwendigsten Verfahren der Grundwassererkundung. Aufgrund des hohen zeitlichen, apparativen und finanziellen Aufwandes ist eine besonders sorgfältige Planung und Durchführung des Versuches notwendig. In Anlehnung an STALLMANN (1971) läßt sich der hydrologische Pumpversuch wie folgt definieren:

Der Pumpversuch ist ein relativ aufwendiges kontrolliertes Feldexperiment, mit dem man die Leistung eines Brunnens, die wasserleitenden und -speichernden Eigenschaften eines Aquifers und der angrenzenden Gesteine in situ zu bestimmen. Dabei wird der Einfluß einer begrenzten Anzahl innerer und äußerer hydraulischer Randbedingungen mit berücksichtigt.

Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen wird ein Pumpversuch zweckmäßigerweise in zwei Phasen, den Brunnentest und den Aquifertest, unterteilt. Ziel der hier besprochenen Versuchsansätze ist es, Informationen über die hydraulischen Eigenschaften des Grundwasserleiters zu erlangen. Auf Grundlage der Kenntnis der räumlichen Ausdehnung des Grundwasserleiter (Lage, Mächtigkeit, Begrenzungen) und weiterer Randbedingungen (stauende Schichten, gespannte Verhältnisse, Anschlüsse an andere GW-Leiter und Vorfluter) kann auf die Parameter
• Leitfähigkeit (kf) beziehungsweise Transmissivität (T)
• spezifischer Speicherkoeffizient (S0) bzw. Speicherkoeffizient (S)
• Speisungsfaktor (B)
geschlossen werden.
hygeo  pumping-test  analysis 
august 2016
Grundwasser » Auswertung von Pumpversuchen
Bei Pumpversuchen wird über eine längere Zeit aus einem Brunnen Grundwasser entnommen und gleichzeitig die Absenkung im Brunnen und gegebenenfalls in den umliegenden Messstellen beobachtet. Anhand der Absenkungsbeträge lassen sich die hydraulischen Eigenschaften eines Grundwasserleiters (Aquifertest) oder die Ergiebigkeit eines Brunnens (Leistungstest) ermitteln. Die Auswertung erfolgt graphisch (lineare Regression; Standardkurven) oder mit dem Computer (automatische Modellanpassung).

Um die Ergiebigkeit eines Brunnens zu ermitteln, wird die Entnahme stufenweise erhöht und die Absenkung im Brunnen nach Erreichen eines Stationären Zustandes gemessen (Kapitel „Brunnenausbau“)

Die Bestimmung der hydraulischen Eigenschaften eines Grundwasserleiters wird in den folgenden Kapiteln behandelt.
hygeo  pumping-test  analysis 
august 2016
R-Markdown and Knitr Tutorial (Part 1) | R-bloggers
Literate programming / calculations and generating reports with R
R-Markdown is a great way to create dynamic documents with embedded chunks of R code. The document is self contained and fully reproducible which makes it very easy to share. This post will be the first in a multi part series on how to embed Plotly graphs in R-Markdown documents as well as presentations.
R  programming  documentation  tutorial 
august 2016
R Markdown cheatsheet
overview of R Markdown for code documentation and report writing (weave / literate programming)
R  programming  documentation  reference 
august 2016
RStudio IDE cheatsheet
overview of all major features of RStudio
R  programming  reference 
august 2016
Thomas Freitag - Schillers Glocke - YouTube
Thomas Freitag ersetzt in Schillers Glocke alle Wörter, die aus anderen Sprachen kommen und ersetzt sie durch „urdeutsche“ Wörter.

…für Sprachpuristen…
Deutsch  language  humor 
august 2016
How to Type Vietnamese on iPhone, iPad | Hai's Blog
Here is how I enable Vietnamese writing on my iPhone 4. It might work on the iPod touch and iPad as well.

Also for Android and computers.
Vietnamese  phone  keyboard 
august 2016
What is the difference between Thế à and Vậy à ? | HiNative
“vậy à” seems to be more friendly and calmer than “thế à”, which seounds more formal. Also, it may be a North (thế à) – South (vậy à) difference.
Vietnamese  language  discussion 
august 2016
Developing Groundwater: A guide for rural water supply
Free download.
In many rural areas, groundwater is the only feasible way of providing safe, reliable water supplies. However, developing groundwater is not always straightforward. To meet the targets set out in the Millennium Development Goals, more attention needs to be paid to finding and developing groundwater in a sustainable, cost-effective and participatory manner. Developing Groundwater provides a user-friendly guide to this key topic, bringing together for the first time the wide range of techniques required to develop groundwater for community water supplies. This practical manual gives information on effective techniques for siting wells and boreholes, assessing the sustainability of sources, constructing and testing the yield of boreholes and wells, and monitoring groundwater quality. The authors set the technical aspects of rural water supply firmly in their socio-economic context, so that readers can take proper account of community concerns as well as purely engineering questions. Packed with helpful illustrations this book is indispensable for all rural water supply project staff in developing countries.

Alan MacDonald is a hydrogeologist at the British Geological Survey. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia and the Pacific in partnership with government departments, NGOs, research institutes and rural communities. Much of his work has focused on the practical issues of developing groundwater resources for rural water supply.
hygeo  groundwater  well  borehole  book  free 
august 2016
The 7 natural wonders of Phu Yen
Article in Vietnamese and English.
Mossy beaches, slender wooden bridges and countless ponds and streams in the coastal province of Phu Yen have been sights to behold since forever.

Phu Yen sits 561 kilometers to the north of Saigon, right above the famous Khanh Hoa Province that gave us the fabulous Nha Trang and its beaches. Its seaside location offers a beauty that rivals fantasy film sets, and its low-profile status keeps it safe from the forces of mass tourism that have saturated many attractions.
Vietnam  tourism  nature  culture 
august 2016
Wie wir mit der Hetze fertig geworden sind | Übermedien
Die Nachricht, die uns zwei Jahre lang jeden Tag und manche Nacht beschäftigen sollte, landete erst am späten Freitagnachmittag im E-Mail-Eingang: Die damalige baden-württembergische Integrationsministerin Bilkay Öney kündigte an, in einer seit Kurzem leerstehenden Kaserne in Meßstetten – einer Kleinstadt auf der Schwäbischen Alb – bis zu tausend Flüchtlinge unterbringen zu wollen.

Wie werden die Bürger auf diese Nachricht reagieren? Geht das überhaupt gut, sind das nicht zu viele für Meßstetten? Wird es zu Zwischenfällen kommen? Es waren kritische Fragen, die sich die Kollegen stellten, während wir hektisch unsere Samstagsausgabe umbauten.

Auf seine Art kritisch äußerte sich dann auch der Mann, der am Samstagmorgen seiner Wut am Telefon freien Lauf ließ: Wir würden schon sehen, was wir von denen haben. Die sollen gefälligst fortbleiben, und vor allem solle ich aufhören, Kommentare bei Facebook zu löschen. Andernfalls käme er vorbei und regle das auf seine Art. Eine unverhohlene Drohung, wie die meisten in den folgenden zwei Jahren freilich an die falsche Adresse, aber: eine Drohung.

Diskussionen mit Menschen, die Niggermeier und Ulfkotte in einen Topf werfen. Aber auch leicht hoffnungsvoller Schluß.
journalism  refugees 
august 2016
DWRPIS - Division for Water Resources Planning and Investigation for the South of Vietnam

Main fields of activity:

• Planning, investigation, reconnaissance, exploration and exploitation of water resources (including thermal water, mineral water and mineral mud).

• Design and implementation of soil investigation, soil base and foundation reinforcement.

• ormulation and implementation of projects for asking exploitation licenses of water and mineral resources.

• Groundwater exploitation drilling.

• Construction of production wells, drinking water and waste water treatment systems, industrial and domestic water supply systems.

• Environmental geological and geothermal investigation, environmental impact assessment.

• Groundwater monitoring.

• Geophysical investigation, application of nuclear techniques to water resources investigation and assessment of water source pollution.

• Mechanical services and special equipment, material supply.

• Mapping and GIS technology services, topographical and cadastral survey on various scales.

• Establishment of topographical, water resources, geological, engineering geological and environmental geological databases.

• Consultancy on designing and supervising for fields of water resources, geology, engineering geology, environmental geology and geodesy.

• Implementation of scientific and technological research projects. Technology application and transfer.
Vietnam  government  water-management 
august 2016
Cổng thông tin điện tử Sở Tài nguyên Môi trường tỉnh Sóc Trăng
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DONRE) Sóc Trăng (Vietnamese only)
Vietnam  government  environment  resources  Soc-Trang 
august 2016
Trang thông tin điện tử Sở Tài nguyên và Môi trường tỉnh Cà Mau
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DONRE) Cà Mau (Vietnamese only)
Vietnam  government  environment  resources  Ca-Mau 
august 2016
The Reality of Ancient Wisdom: Acupuncture and TCM Weren’t So Great « Science-Based Medicine
A mythology has grown up around traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The ancient wisdom of the inscrutable Orient supposedly helped patients in ways that modern science-based medicine fails to understand or appreciate. A typical claim found on the Internet: “The ancient beliefs and practice of traditional Chinese medicine have been healing people for thousands of years.”

As Steven Novella has said, “TCM is a pre-scientific superstitious view of biology and illness, similar to the humoral theory of Galen, or the notions of any pre-scientific culture”. TCM really hasn’t been doing a creditable job of healing people for thousands of years. A book that was brought to my attention by one of our readers (thank you!) provides a unique insight into what Chinese medicine was really like circa 1900. I wish everyone who believes in ancient Chinese medical wisdom would read the chapter on Chinese medicine in this book. It provides a much-needed reality check.

Dugald Christie was a Scottish surgeon who served as a missionary doctor in northeastern China from 1883 to 1913. He wrote the book Thirty Years in Moukden. 1883-1913. Being the Experiences and Recollections of Dugald Christie, C. M.G.
media  traditional  science  history  China 
august 2016
Laws of Vietnam
last update 14 April 2014
This database contains laws of Vietnam and is based on data obtained from the Ministry of Justice website.
law  Vietnam 
july 2016
NASA Camera Catches Moon 'Photobombing' Earth | NASA
For only the second time in a year, a NASA camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a view of the moon as it moved in front of the sunlit side of Earth.
astronomy  moon  earth  photography 
july 2016
Why Not to Trust Statistics | Math with Bad Drawings
Statistical concepts and problems explained with comics and diagrams.
math  comic 
july 2016
Bug 738844 – Add a GUI to set the layout PER device
I have two keyboards with different layout that I would like to be able to use together without having to switch manually the layout.

I have been struggling with this missing feature for some times and solved it usually by configuring Xorg (with the InputClass config) so that depending on the hardware model, a layout is chosen, and then by disabling keyboard management from gnome (which override the Xorg config) (see https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=152026 for the story).
xkb  keyboard  devel  bug 
may 2016
1TuDien.com - Từ Điển, Dịch Thuật Trực Tuyến
Vietnamese–English dictionary, with proper listing of word types and synonyms, and usually example sentences.
Vietnamese  language  reference  dictionary 
may 2016
Vietnamese: abbreviations (SMS) | WordReference Forums
Discussion thread with various Vietnamese abbreviations for texting etc.
Vietnamese  language  abbreviation 
may 2016
Texting in Vietnamese: Common Abbreviations - More Vietnamese
Maybe you want to use your đtdd (phone) to nhắn tin (send a message) a friend in Vietnamese. Or maybe you’re lazy to type out full words in a chat. Here’s a starter guide to Vietnamese SMS abbreviations.

Most phones don’t do accents, or they’re arduous to use so people don’t bother, so you’ll be reading Vietnamese without the tones. Vietnamese words are short anyway, so the list of common abbreviations isn’t as extensive as other languages.
Vietnamese  language  abbreviation 
may 2016
Süßwasserlinsen auf Langeoog › Mente et Malleo › SciLogs - Wissenschaftsblogs
Heute (2011) zählt die Insel 1968 Einwohner (das Maximum lag 1985 bei 3050), die Zahl der Badegäste lag 2010 bei 204 000.

Alle zusammen stellen eine große Herausforderung an die Trinkwasserversorgung aus den lokalen Süßwasserlinse dar. Denn wenn zu viel Wasser gefördert wird, strömt salzhaltiges Wasser nach. Im Falle von Langeoog handelt es sich tatsächlich um zwei verschiedene Linsen. Die westliche liegt unter den Heerenhus Dünen, die östliche unter den Dünen auf der Ostseite der Insel.
groundwater  saltwater  groundwater-management 
may 2016
Ein paar Gedanken zur Gehaltssituation in den Geobüros › Mente et Malleo › SciLogs - Wissenschaftsblogs
Der BDG hat am 10. Juni 2015 die Ergebnisse seiner Gehaltsumfrage veröffentlicht. Mit, wie ich finde, erschütternden Ergebnissen.
Insgesamt haben sich 443 Mitglieder des BDG an der anonymen Umfrage beteiligt, darunter waren 155 Berufsanfänger. Ich persönlich hätte mir durchaus gewünscht, dass sich mehr Leute an dieser wichtigen Aktion beteiligen. Denn gerade die Anfänger stehen im Vorstellungsgespräch schnell vor der Frage, welche Gehaltsvorstellungen sie denn haben. Hier könnte die Umfrage sicher eine gute Hilfestellung geben.
So bekommen Berufsanfänger bei Vollzeit in den Geobüros durchschnittlich 32 700€ im Jahr. Dieses Einkommen steigert sich auf durchschnittliche 51 300 € pro Jahr (mit rund 11 Jahren Berufserfahrung).
geology  job 
may 2016
Plastic Bertrand - Tout Petit La Planète - YouTube
Thanks to La Vau and her cute Red Panda I learned about this late 70s jewel. ;-)
ifttt  facebook 
may 2016
Die Büchse der Pandora: Vietnam
Stand 1998
Die Büchse der Pandora
oder: Wie die Marktwirtschaft die vietnamesische Gesellschaft verändert
von Arno Kohl

Der Reformprozeß in Vietnam, der 1986 offiziell unter dem Slogan doi moi (Erneuerung) eingeleitet wurde, hat zu einer beachtlichen Entwicklung des Landes geführt. Mit einer Wachstumsrate des BIP von durchschnittlich rund neun Prozent in den neunziger Jahren gehört Vietnam zu den Spitzenreitern in Asien. Das Pro-Kopf-Einkommen konnte innerhalb weniger Jahre mehr als verdoppelt werden: Von knapp 100 US-Dollar 1991 stieg es auf ca. 250 Dollar 1996. Wer heute Vietnam besucht, kann den Erfolg überall sehen. In Städten wie Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Hanoi, Haiphong, ja selbst Danang ist das Warenangebot mittlerweile groß und die Märkte stark frequentiert. Es entstehen Geschäfte, die teure westliche Produkte anbieten, für die sich auch genügend Käufer finden. Auf dem Land konnten sich immer mehr Menschen ein Steinhaus leisten. Der Lebensstil der Bevölkerung hat sich seit Reformbeginn augenscheinlich drastisch verbessert.

Ein derartiger umfassender und tiefgreifender Wandel kann nicht auf die Wirtschaft beschränkt bleiben, sondern erfaßt notwendigerweise auch die Gesellschaft. Deutlich zeigt sich das u.a. in der Entstehung einer Schicht von Neureichen und einer sich vergrößernden Kluft zwischen reich und arm, eine Entwicklung, die eine mehr oder minder egalitär orientierte Gesellschaft vor eine Herausforderung stellt. Denn allzu großer Reichtum war im präkolonialen, konfuzianischen Vietnam, zumindest im nördlichen und mittleren Landesteil, suspekt, da er immer auf Kosten anderer erworben schien. Der Reiche im kolonialen Vietnam galt nicht selten als Kollaborateur der Franzosen. Der Sozialismus im unabhängigen Vietnam bekämpfte lange Zeit die Reichen und verteilte die Armut gleichmäßig. Doch heute ist die Sozialistische Republik Vietnam weiter von einer egalitären Gesellschaft entfernt als jemals zuvor seit Reformbeginn.
Vietnam  economics  society  history 
may 2016
Breaking Water Taboos – Significant Figures by Peter Gleick
The recent severe drought in the Western United States — and California in particular — has shined a spotlight on a range of water-management practices that are outdated, unsustainable, or inappropriate for a modern 21st century water system. Unless these bad practices are fixed, no amount of rain will be enough to set things right. Just as bad, talking about many of these bad practices has been taboo for fear of igniting even more water conflict, but the risks of water conflicts here and around the world are already on the rise and no strategy that can reduce those risks should be off the table.

For urban and agricultural water agencies, the Western drought has highlighted how unprepared the region is for growing pressures from population growth and climate change. Among the most egregious of old management practices are the long-term failure to monitor and measure all water uses, price water properly, and manage water rights laws and allocations in a fair and equitable way. For example, the days when we could build anything, anywhere, with no regard to water availability or efficiency of use, should be over. Yet there is still no serious discussion of reining in poor economic development practices or factoring in water availability with land-use planning.
water-management  water  drought  groundwater 
april 2016
Global Droughts: A Bad Year – Significant Figures by Peter Gleick
This has been a bad few years for people exposed to droughts around the world. Even normally occurring droughts have begun to be made more severe by rising global temperatures and climate changes. A particularly severe El Niño has played an important role: droughts are typically more widespread and severe than normal during El Niño years. Indeed, precipitation variability on land is strongly controlled by the characteristics of El Niño events.

At any given time, some regions and some populations are being afflicted by droughts. Right now, however, the first four months of 2016 – and indeed, for the past year – water shortages are afflicting a large number of people, over a wide area. Here is the current state of drought around the world.
water  water-management  drought  global 
april 2016
R Markdown
R Markdown is an authoring format that enables easy creation of dynamic documents, presentations, and reports from R. It combines the core syntax of markdown (an easy to write plain text format) with embedded R code chunks that are run so their output can be included in the final document. R Markdown documents are fully reproducible (they can be automatically regenerated whenever underlying R code or data changes).

R Markdown has many available output formats including HTML, PDF, MS Word, Beamer, HTML5 presentations, Tufte handouts, R package vignettes, and even entire websites.
R  devel  documentation 
april 2016
Generating Rd files
There are three steps in the transformation from roxygen comments in your source file to human readable documentation:
1. You add roxygen comments to your source file.
2. roxygen2::roxygenise() converts roxygen comments to .Rd files.
3. R converts .Rd files to human readable documentation.
devel  R  documentation 
april 2016
Diagremmes – logiciel d’hydrochimie
Software for hydrochemistry: ion balance, statistics, diagrams (Piper, Stiff, Schoeller, etc.).
In French.
hygeo  chem  statistics  visualisation  software 
april 2016
Wissenschaft und Software – Die kleinen Dinge
In der Naturwissenschaft gehört ein Computer auf jeden Fall zum Arbeitsplatz eines Wissenschaftlers. […] Ich bin aktuell frustriert von Software die von ein paar Wissenschaftlern geschrieben wurde. Nicht das die Software schlecht ist, ich kann das nicht beurteilen, weil ich sie nicht zum laufen bekomme. Aber ich muss sie zum laufen bekommen, weil ein Wissenschaftler, der gerade einen Artikel von uns beurteilt, uns diese Software vorgeschlagen hat um unsere Daten zu analysieren.
science  software  programming  free 
april 2016
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