MT-07 ~Throttle Response
Seton can re-programme the bike's fuelling system to eliminate the MT-07's jerky throttle response.

Cost approx. £300
february 2018
Property purchase / affordability statistics
Charts showing changes over the last thirty years.
property  affordability  graphs 
january 2018
Khan Academy
Learning site, initally maths but now a range of subjects. Khan believes students should master a topic before moving on.
khan  learning  online  maths  humanities  science  mastery 
august 2017
The 100 Towers of Medieval Bologna
An article about Bologna's stone towers, very few of which still exist.
bologna  towers  medieval 
august 2017
Child Themes « WordPress Codex
Follow instructions. Remember to paste in the rest of the text of the style.css file.
wordpress  childtheme  themes  webdesign  theme  child  css  tutorial  reference  childthemes 
october 2014
Displaying excerpts in WordPress twentytwelve child theme
See the text in the final post on the page. Also add in '|| is_category()'
wordpress  child  theme  twentytwelve  excerpts 
october 2014
Tenancy Deposit Schemes
The three approved schemes in Scotland
tenancy  deposit  scheme  tenancy  deposit  scheme 
december 2013
MyType Keyboard
Folding keyboard for use with a mobile phone
keyboard  portable  mobile  phone  folding 
august 2013
Fair Isn't Equal
Fair is when everyone gets what they need.
graphic  teaching  equality  joe  bower  infographics 
june 2013
Depth of Field in Blender Cycles
How to adjust camera depth of field in Blender Cycles. Vimeo video tutorial
cycles  blender  camera  depth  of  field  tutorial 
june 2013
Bump Maps in Blender Cycles
How to correctly set up bumps in Blender Cycles
cycles  bump  mapping  blender  tutorial  bump 
june 2013
Bump Mapping in Blender Cycles
Using the maths node to control the level of bump.
cycles  vimeo  bump  mapping  blender  tutorial  bump  blender  cycles 
june 2013
Blender Cycles Tutorials
A series of fourteen very good video tutorials introducing Blender's Cycles rendering engine.
cycles  tutorials  blender  renderer 
june 2013
Molostore - innovative cardboard and paper furniture
Furniture that expands like a paper christmas decoration.
paper  cardboard  furniture 
june 2013
Interviews With Banjo Builders
Short clips of longer interviews. Part of the northamericanbanjobuilders.com project.
luthiers  builders  interviews  construction  banjo 
may 2013
YouTube mp3 converter
Convert and download mp3 files from YouTube.
youtube  mp3  convert  download 
march 2013
Train Tunnel Construction Photos
Gorgeous photos of train tunnels under construction below New York City.
photos  flickr  construction  photos  photographs  tube  metro  tunnels  train  long  island  rail  road  new  york  east  side  access  tunnel 
february 2013
Sooqini - a service market place
A service that puts customers in touch with service providers, particularly local service providers.
services  sooqini  service  local  service  providers 
february 2013
Disney's Paperman
An animated short that integrated 2D sketching with 3D CAD to enhance the work.
animation  paperman  disney 
february 2013
No Impact Man
A film about a New York family's attempt to live sustainably for a year.
no  impact  man  sustainable  sustainability  new  york 
february 2013
Anti-smoking Advert
An advert that has proved to be effective in prompting adults to seek help to give up smoking.
anti-smoking  advert  quitting  smoking  give  up  quit 
january 2013
Realistic Texturing in Blender
A Blender Guru video tutorial, allied with a text and image web page. How to generate a realistic street with granite sets.
blender  texture  materials  cobbles  sets  granite  blender  guru 
january 2013
Brompton Factory Tour
Two and a half minute tour of Brompton's factory.
folding  bicycle  folding  bicycle  manufacturing  manufacture  tour  factory  brompton 
january 2013
Building a Brompton Bicycle
Five minute film showing some of the construction methods.
build  how  to  build  how  to  bicycle  brompton  youtube 
january 2013
Theo's Banjo Chord Generator
Dial in the tuning you're using and the chords are then shown. The tool also generates guitar chords.
guitar  banjo  generator  chord  generator  chords 
december 2012
Create Realistic Materials with Cycles | Blender Guru
Using the cycles render engine and nodes to create realistic materials. 53 minutes long.
andrew  price  materials  cycles  blender  blender  guru  material  cycles  blender 
december 2012
Supermechanical : Twine - Listen to your world, talk to the Internet
An internet enabled sensor that may be configured to alert you to a range of situations.
sensorarray  twitter  geek  internet  tools  wifi  twine  gadgets  hardware  sensor 
november 2012
3D sculpture / mobile using Shapeways and Kickstarter
A sculptor working with 3D CAD is making money by selling his work on Kickstarter.
pro  engineer  blender  sculpture  sculpting  shapeways  printing  art  3d 
november 2012
Measuring the Street - streetscape design in NYC
A PDF report about changes made to streetscapes in New York city.
streetscapes  street  traffic  New  York  nyc 
november 2012
Tom Joad's clawhammer banjo tablature
A good selection of clawhammer tablature, with accompanying mp3 files.
tom  joad  clawhammer  tablature  banjo 
october 2012
Infographic: A Cellphone Company's Elegant Solution To Confusing Bills | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
Mobile phone network 3 has released an app. that uses enhanced graphics to help customers understand their phone / text / data usage.
enhanced  graphics  service  design  mobile  Infographics&Animations;  Usability&ID;&HCI;  design  bestpractice  apps 
october 2012
Solar Tool v.2
The city of Cambridge Mass. has a tool / service to help building owners / users decide whether it will be cost effective to install solar panels.
service  design  solar  energy  sustainability  solar  architecture  solar  map  cambridge  architecture 
october 2012
Sustainable Design Lab
MIT's lab which investigates ways of helping building designers and users live more sustainably.
service  design  design  built  environment  sustainability  environment  architecture 
october 2012
Cambridge Solar Tool
A tool / service that helps building owners decide whether it may be cost effective to install solar panels - a sustainability service.
building  owners  solar  panels  tool  solar  cambridge  cambridge  solar  tool  sustainability 
october 2012
Article - Marsupial megafauna skeletons found in trap cave
Skeletons of twenty-three species of kangaroo found in a cave, along with other megafauna.

Information about the debate on climate / vegetation / arid adaption.
arid  adaption  skeletons  cave  kangaroo  marsupials  marsupial  megafauna  australia 
october 2012
Article - Marsupial lions versus African lions
Marsupial lions had an enormously powerful bite and killed their prey by massive trauma, rather than suffocation.
african  lion  australia  lion  marsupial  lion 
october 2012
World Wildlife Info
A blog that has articles about human impact on wildlife, including an interesting piece about the extinction of Australia's megafauna.
australia  magafauna  sustainability  human  impact  extinction  wildlife 
october 2012
Peapod - grocery shopping - service design
A service to help people maximise the use they can make for their commute, while reducing the amount of petrol required to get groceries to house.
smart  phone  subway  design  service  design  peapod 
october 2012
Jon Stewart lampooning Mitt Romney
In the aftermath of the secret recording of his fundraising dinner speech: bullshit mountain.
bullshit  mountain  dinner  fundraising  fundraising  dinner  Mitt  Romney  Jon  Stewart 
september 2012
Loopcam - Animated GIF application for I-Phone
Producing animated GIFs with your smart phone.
i-phone  i  phone  GIF  animated  GIF  loopcam 
august 2012
Book burning - a campaign to save a library - YouTube
A short film about a campaign to save a community library.
campaign  youtube  save  a  library  library  books  book  burning 
july 2012
Build Your Own Orff Xylophone
Information on materials and dimensions for a xylophone.
construction  instruments  music  xylophone 
june 2012
How to Tune a Marimba / Xylophone Bar - YouTube
A method for tuning a marimba or xylophone bar.
elastic  band  salt  xylophone  marimba  tuning  tune 
june 2012
Vintage Plans - Xylophones
Construction plans for three different xylophones. The site has plans for lots of other projects too.
vintage  plans  construction  construction  plans  plans  xylophone 
june 2012
One night only. Degree show advice. « Redjotter
Lauren's advice can be more widely applied than just for a final degrees show.
design  presentation  presentation  advice  degree  show  advice  advice  show  degree  snook  redjotter  currie  lauren  lauren  currie 
june 2012
Nick Hanauer - TED talk - Job Creators
This talk was apparently buried by TED's curator for being off-message. It tackles the idea that the rich are job creators and claims this is a myth.
TED  talk  TED  jobs  job  creation  nick  hanauer 
may 2012
Earl Scruggs - film dating from 1972
One hour and twenty-six minutes.

Scruggs playing informally at home with various artists.

At 1.16.30, in a magical sequence, Joan Baez sings Dylan's 'It Ain't Me Babe" while feeding an infant. She does an impersonation of Dylan's singing voice at 1.17.46.
bluegrass  doc  watson  joan  baez  bob  dylan  film  1972  banjo  scruggs  earl  earl  scruggs 
may 2012
Someone Like You - played on ukulele
A tutorial / cover of a song by Adele, by Pum Molamola.

The chords are displayed with the lyrics as subtitles throughout.
you  like  someone  someone  like  you  lesson  tutorial  ukulele 
may 2012
How to tune your ukulele
Standard and non-standard tunings.
tunings  tuning  ukulele 
may 2012
Online Ukulele Tuner
An on-line tuning tool for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles.
ukelele  turner  tuner  ukulele 
may 2012
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole - What a Wonderful World - Ukulele
The video recording features photos of the artist taken throughout his life.
wonderful  what  a  wonderful  world  ukulele  Israel  Kamakawiwoʻole 
may 2012
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole - Over The Rainbow - Ukulele
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

The video recording features his ashes being scattered in the sea.
ukulele  over  the  rainbow  Israel  Kamakawiwoʻole 
may 2012
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