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F/F BP Author List
This is a list of authors who write f/f fanfic and have BP. There is a different tab for each fandom. It is open for anyone to edit.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_multi  pairing_f/f 
march 2015 by fire_juggler
Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra BP Author List
Avatar 'Verses BP List. Open for anyone to edit.

Spreadsheet has one tab for each 'verse
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_AtLA  fandom_korra 
april 2013 by fire_juggler
Being Human BP Author List
Being Human BP List. Open for anyone to edit. (columns for UK/US/Non-Specific 'Verses). Open for anyone to edit.
fandom_being_human  !blanket_permission_list 
march 2013 by fire_juggler
BP Lists for different Sherlock Holmes 'Verses
Sherlock Holmes 'Verses BP List. Open for anyone to edit.

This includes tabbed BP lists for: ACD 'Verse, Granada 'Verse, RDJ 'Verse, and Elementary 'Verse. This does not include BBC Sherlock. There is a list of those authors here:
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_ACD_holmes  fandom_elementary  fandom_RDJ_holmes  fandom_granada_holmes 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Star Trek Author BP List
Star Trek BP List. Open for anyone to edit.

Multiple Tabs. 1st tab is all ST authors (all 'verses), 2nd is all ST-RPF authors. Other tabs have ST:TOS, ST:AOS, ST:TNG, ST:Enterprise, ST:Voyager, ST:DS9.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_star_trek 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Warehouse 13 BP Author List
Preliminary Warehouse 13 BP Author list. This is open for editing by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_warehouse_13 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Vorkosigan Saga Author BP List
Preliminary Vorkosigan Saga BP Author list. This is open for editing by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_vorkosigan_saga 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
SGA BP Author List
Preliminary SGA BP Author list. This is open for editing by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_sga 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
TSN BP Author List
Preliminary TSN BP Author list. This is open for editing by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_the_social_network 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Narnia BP Author List
Preliminary Narnia BP Author list. This is open for editing by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_narnia 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Inception Authors BP List
Preliminary BP list for Inception. This is editable by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_inception 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Fairy Tales Authors BP List
Preliminary BP list for Fairy Tales. This is editable by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_fairy_tales 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Die Hard (all 'Verses) Author BP List
Preliminary BP list for Die Hard. This is editable by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_die_hard 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
Dark Angel Author BP List
Preliminary BP list for Dark Angel. This is editable by anyone.
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_dark_angel 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
James Bond / Skyfall BP Authors
James Bond / Skyfall BP Authors List. First tab is Skyfall. Second tab is all James Bond authors (any 'verse). Open editing, anyone can add/edit :)
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_skyfall 
january 2013 by fire_juggler
knight_tracer | Hockey RPF BP LIST
Hockey RPF Authors with Blanket Permission to Podfic (that I am aware of).
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_sports_RPF  fandom_hockey_RPF 
december 2012 by fire_juggler
amplificathon: permission to record? *o/*
Multi-fandom sign-up for authors with BP or are podfic-friendly! (In comments)
fandom_multi  !blanket_permission_list 
october 2012 by fire_juggler
Merlin Podfic-Friendly and BP Authors
Merlin Authors who are podfic-friendly or who have blanket permission (in comments)
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_merlin 
october 2012 by fire_juggler
SPN and SPN-RPF Blanket Permission List
List of Authors in SPN and SPN-RPF who have Blanket Permission to Podfic
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_spn  fandom_spn-rpf 
october 2012 by fire_juggler
Pro-Podfic Authors in Starsky & Hutch
Blanket Permission List of Starsky and Hutch authors! (in comments)
!blanket_permission_list  fandom_starsky_hutch 
october 2012 by fire_juggler

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