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Minifill Noctis warps to save random civilian, people freak out
Someone is about to fall of something super tall, someone's about to get hit by a car, robbery or assault in progress, anything where Noctis sees a crown citizen in trouble and the only way to help/save them in time is warping. LOTS of people see this and, although they know that royal magic exists and can do crazy shit, they have never actually seen it in person. So bystanders and even the person he just rescued are all freaked out. Some are equally impressed, some are terrified. At any rate it ends up all over the news/internet bc you know someone had their phone out. Is panic-inducing public magic use a PR nightmare or does the kingdom love their prince even more now that he just saved some random civilian's life with the power of the Astrals? Up to anon.
!filled  character:noctis  kink:other 
9 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Ignis/others, getting his hands dirty for Noctis
Ignis will do anything to ensure Noct succeeds. Which means dealing with anyone who means him ill, and other unsavoury types.

He sleeps with some of them and blackmails others. Some unlucky ones end up tortured for information. The really unlucky ones end up in a ditch.

He doesn't enjoy any of it, but is completely determined to do it anyway. For Noct? Anything.
character:ignis  character:any  pairing:ignisxoc  kink:prostitution  kink:kidnapping  !complete  !filled 
9 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Ignoct: Ignis kidnaps Noctis: For neither King nor Country 1/?
So, let's say Ignis learned at an early age what exactly Noctis' fate is going to be - the whole "Noctis has to die in order to defeat the Accursed/bring back the dawn". Now, this is a boy who's been devoted to Noctis since they were six and three (Ignis being six and Noctis being three as per material found in a guide) - you honestly think he's not going to try something to protect his prince? So, if that means, grabbing the prince and getting the fuck out of Insomnia - so be it.

I will love you forever if you have Noctis and Ignis ending up in one of the other Final Fantasy countries/worlds (like you have Spira being a place on the Eos world map for example) and having a few adventures there.

Whether or not Noctis and Ignis are found and brought back to Insomnia is up to the filler <3
!filled  !wip  character:ignis  character:noctis  kink:kidnapping  kink:crossover  pairing:ignisxnoctis 
10 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
MINIFILL: Ignis/Prompto, Love at first sight. 1/1, Any/Any, Love at first sight.
Yup. I'm in that ridiculously corny kind of mood. I just want to see one character fall for another hard. I really am not picky but I would prefer to read male/male.
character:any  character:ignis  character:prompto  kink:other  pairing:any  pairing:anyxany  pairing:ignisxprompto  !complete  !filled 
11 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Mini Fill: Gladio, Solo
Just Gladio jerking off. Doesn't need to think about anyone or anything really (though if it makes it easier for you, I like GladNoct) I just want to read about him going mindless with pleasure stroking his huge hard cock and playing with his own nipples.
character:gladiolus  kink:masturbation  pairing:gladioxnoctis  character:noctis  !complete  !filled 
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MINIFILL 3/3: end of the world, and again, and again - prompto, Post-Game, suicide attempt
One of the three surviving bros attempts suicide after Noct's death and the others are there to help pick up the pieces. Your choice as to who it is and what method they use. You can chose weather or not to write that actual attempt, but I definitely want a focus on the emotional turmoil of the aftermath.
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:suicide  pairing:gen  !filled  !complete 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Streets Are Full of People Living like Us (1/1), Clarus/Cor + public displays of affection
What it says on the tin. Public displays of affection from both sides that might be missed by anyone who might not know them very well, but speak volumes to those who do and mean the world to those two.

Basically I'm asking for caries inducing fluff.
character:clarus  character:cor  kink:pda  pairing:clarusxcor  !complete  !filled 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill 11/11, Gladio/Noctis, AU Accidental Selkie Acquisition
Gladio is a down on his luck hunter just trying to make ends meet who finds a perfectly intact seal pelt of exceptional quality abandoned on the beach, so of course he takes it to the nearest shop and sells it. Only when a naked, angry, and very pretty young man shows up at his camp later that night demanding the return of his skin does realize what he's done. Apparently taking this pretty boy's pelt means that they're married under selkie law. Fortunately, selkie divorces are simple: Gladio just has to give the pelt back and Noctis can return home and they never think of this again.

Of course the pelt has already been sold the next day. Of course the buyer is nowhere to be found. Of course they have to go on a cross-country road trip where they fall in love along the way.
character:gladiolus  character:noctis  kink:alternate_universe  pairing:gladioxnoctis  !filled  !complete 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Gladnoct + Promnis - Cafe / Coffee Shop au "Hunting with Forks and Hope" 3/3
I'd like to see an AU where Ignis and Gladio grew up normally and didn't have to serve the Crown. Ignis inherited his uncle's cafe / coffee shop and Gladio decided to help out.

One day, Prompto and Noct decided to check out Ignis' shop. Prompto immediately fell in love with the cakes because not only they were pretty ("Hold up, Noct! Don't eat it yet lemme get a shot of it!"), they were also super delicious! And when he spoke with the man who baked those cakes and also the inspirations or stories behind every creation of his, Prompto thought he might be a little bit in love with the man too!

Noct, on the other hand, thought that the cakes were nice but lacking something (he kept insisting those he had in Tenebrae when he was small were the Perfect Cakes). But damn that stupid barista and his stupid gorgeous smile; he can't help but tag along whenever Prompto wanted to go back to the shop.
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:alternate_universe  pairing:gladioxnoctis  pairing:ignisxprompto  !filled  !complete  !multiFill 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL 1/? Prompto/OC, Prompto is molested as a kid
Prompto was a lonely, neglected kid who was vulnerable to some asshole nearby who paid attention to him as long as Prompto said yes. This continued until Prompto was too old and the aforesaid asshole lost interest.

Prompto copes with this.
character:other  character:prompto  kink:other  pairing:promptoxother  !filled  !wip 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL: Bounded floods 3/3 Noctio, any/Gladio, eating out
okay, we've had Noctis, we've had Prompto, now it's Gladio's turn! trans!Gladio getting eaten out by anyone
character:any  character:gladiolus  kink:eating-out  pairing:gladioxany  character:noctis  !complete  !filled 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Early Bloomer (2/2), Brotherhood Era ABO, Noctis presents too early
Alphas and Omegas almost always present between the ages of 16-18. Gladio presented as an Alpha soon after his 16th birthday. Noctis is only 13, but being in physical contact with a very potent Alpha on a regular basis triggers early presentation...as an Omega...and his first heat hits during training.

Gladio BOLTS. He's a brand new Alpha who doesn't know how to control his hormones yet and doesn't want to hurt Noctis.

What happens after that and how everyone deals with a 13yr old Omega in heat, including how NOCTIS deals with it, is up to anon. Things to consider are if suppressents are a thing and if they are if they are safe for someone so young.

BONUS points if either a beta, another Omega, or an Alpha who's very well in control of himself gives Noctis toys and explains how to use them on himself to take the edge off, resulting in the most awkward conversation in the history of Insomnia (super bonus points if it's Regis who does this!)

What I do NOT want though is anyone having sex with Noctis. He's 13 here, so just NOPE. If he ends up using the aforementioned toys at any point, do not describe it explicitly, just fade to black or something. What I'm looking for is the chaos of dealing with the situation, NOT child porn.
!filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:noctis  character:regis  kink:abo  pairing:gen 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
MINIFILL, Gladio / Noctis - Accidental Love Confession
These two idiots bicker and throw shades at each other like it's nobody's business. So one time in the midst of bickering (mid battle or something, doesn't matter!), they accidentally confessed their love for each other.

"You're such a xxxxxxxxxx"
"Yeah but you love me for that"
"Maybe I do"
!complete  !filled  character:gladiolus  character:noctis  pairing:gladiolusxnoctis  kink:confession 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL: The Oracle Ever Delivers, 2/2, Luna doing Haruspicy
Haruspicy being the ancient Roman and Etruscan practice of divination via the entrails of animals, necause y'know gods are too of jeks to just tell their servants what needs to done next.
!complete  !filled  character:lunafreya  kink:other  pairing:gen 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Stinky Tofu goes down like a lead balloon, Stinky Tofu goes down like a lead balloon
Ahahaha, have y'all had Ignis cook that new stinky tofu dish that came with the latest update? It's hilarious. Prompto nearly throws up, and Noctis takes one bite and then refuses to eat any more, and the two of them continuously try to pass off their dishes to Gladio and Ignis.

Please, write some dialogue for this scene! XD
!filled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:other  pairing:gen 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL OT4 + Public Nursing/Lactation
Ignis lactates and the bros are fine with it. It usually leads to casually being nursed when the deaire arises

+Prompto will nurse while Ignis is driving, since he's already in the passenger seat

++At a restaurant, Gladio will just casually lean over and nurse Ignis right there (usually the place is empty so no other patrons ever complain).

+++Noctis will nurse at havens when they've finished up a meal
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:lactation  pairing:ot4  !filled  !complete 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL [1/1]: (Gen or Noctis/Prompto) - Prompto with ADHD(Gen or Noctis/Prompto) - Prompto with ADHD
Prompto is pretty heavily ADHD-coded and I'd like to see something that addresses it! Maybe he hasn't been diagnosed because his parents are never around to take him to a doctor, or maybe he dutifully takes his meds every day because he has them meticulously slotted into his morning routine.

Could be pre-trip, Prompto struggling with it in school or the ways that ADHD makes a trip involving fighting for your life even more difficult. I'm absolutely not picky about the details here so long as it features Prompto struggling/dealing with his obvious ADHD.

+ Gen or AnyBro/Prompto, though I'm most partial to Noctis/Prompto!
++ Noctis knowing he has it and being super supportive/helpful would be A++
+++ if you somehow manage to throw in Noctis with Inattentive type or acknowledged depression then all the better tbh;;
!filled  !complete  character:prompto  kink:adhd  pairing:gen  pairing:noctisxprompto 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL 2/2 Brotherhood Era ABO, Noctis presents too early
Alphas and Omegas almost always present between the ages of 16-18. Gladio presented as an Alpha soon after his 16th birthday. Noctis is only 13, but being in physical contact with a very potent Alpha on a regular basis triggers early presentation...as an Omega...and his first heat hits during training.

Gladio BOLTS. He's a brand new Alpha who doesn't know how to control his hormones yet and doesn't want to hurt Noctis.

What happens after that and how everyone deals with a 13yr old Omega in heat, including how NOCTIS deals with it, is up to anon. Things to consider are if suppressents are a thing and if they are if they are safe for someone so young.

BONUS points if either a beta, another Omega, or an Alpha who's very well in control of himself gives Noctis toys and explains how to use them on himself to take the edge off, resulting in the most awkward conversation in the history of Insomnia (super bonus points if it's Regis who does this!)

What I do NOT want though is anyone having sex with Noctis. He's 13 here, so just NOPE. If he ends up using the aforementioned toys at any point, do not describe it explicitly, just fade to black or something. What I'm looking for is the chaos of dealing with the situation, NOT child porn.
!filled  character:noctis  kink:abo  !complete 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL 1/?, Aranea/Any or Gen, Mom Aranea adopts Gladio and Ignis
Okay, this is going to get wild, bear with me. Inspired by the Luna Adopts Prompto and Loqi prompt above -

Aranea's supposed to sneak into Insomnia to try to get the lay of the land for the Empire. She's supposed to spy on the royal family and get back to command with valuable intel. She's supposed to leave everything the way she found it, so that when Niflheim attacks with the help of her info, nobody will suspect a thing. What she sees is nine-year-old Gladio and seven-year-old Ignis constantly forced to wait on the Prince, to train in combat and study politics and history 24/7, neglecting their own childhoods and their health in order to fulfill this duty that somebody else chose for them and that they had no other option than to follow.

So she escapes with them and goes on the run.

Maybe she takes them back to Niflheim and they grow up as Niffs. Maybe she ditches the Empire because it also sucks and they become the Mercenary Highwind And Sons. Give me I'm-Not-Ready-For-This Mom!Aranea trying to wrangle two very difficult kids who think they live and die to serve Lucian royalty, and all of them learning to be happy.

++++++ they meet Mom!Luna and her sons Prompto and Loqi at some point and the kids all instantly fall in love with each other and/or get into a massive brawl (and maybe Luna and Aranea fall in love too??)
character:any  character:aranea  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:lunafreya  character:prompto  character:loqi  kink:family-relationship  pairing:araneaxany  pairing:araneaxlunafreya  !filled  !wip 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: (Gladio/Prompto) Chocobros are deaged to virginity age (2/2)
Something causes the bros to drags to when they lost their virginity.

Noctis only goes a year or so younger from when he and Ignis started their relationship.

Ignis is younger than Noctis and Noct is jealous.

Gladio is actually surprised at his age (whoops, well, there's been so many since then...) and they all find this hilarious.

But Prompto.... Prompto turns into a child.

++++++ For established Gladio/Prompto and comforting Gladio who had no idea.
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:deaging  kink:established_relationship  pairing:gladioxprompto  !filled  !complete 
12 weeks ago by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL - The Signs of the Apocalypse, Gladio/Prompto: Sickeningly cute
Gladio and Prompto have finally admitted their feelings to each other and Ignis and Noctis could not be happier that they've gotten together and are happy.

Until they realise that Gladio and Prompto are disgustingly adorable and over the top with how in love they are.

Holding hands when walking, snuggling in the Regalia, sharing food, whispered love confessions in the tent, pet names, loving gazes, I-love-you-I-love-you-mores, picking flowers, PDA....

And poor Ignis and Noct are trapped on the road with them.
character:gladiolus  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:noctis  kink:established_relationship  kink:fluff  pairing:gladioxprompto  !wip  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: and here descends the night [3/3] Ardyn/Prompto, Any Chocobro/Prompto; Aphrodisiacs
When Ardyn has Prompto in Gralea, he straps him into that y-frame and injects him with some hardcore aphrodisiacs. Like fuck-or-die level; Prompto wants it so bad it's legit torture. Ardyn just leaves him there all tied up, maybe pays him a little bit of attention to make it worse, but definitely doesn't give him what he needs.

And then chocobro of your choice (or all of them?) show up and find Prompto an absolute wreck, and have to help him through the situation.

-Prompto is still aware enough to be absolutely mortified
-He secretly had a crush for ages on whichever chocobro ends up helping him
!filled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  character:noctis  pairing:noctisxprompto  kink:aphrodisiac  kink:torture  kink:dubcon  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
1/1 - Regis + Prompto, gen, explaining Twitter
inspired by this: https://ffxv-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/3451.html?thread=4067707#cmt4067707

Regis doesn't really understand what Twitter is. Prompto has to explain (probably because Noctis was laughing too hard to do it himself).

+this situation came about because there was a minor security kerfuffle involving a picture of Regis with a poorly thought-out caption that was interpreted as a threat. Prompto now has to explain the concept of a meme.
character:regis  character:prompto  kink:other  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Gen or Any/Any, Clarus was a shitty dad to Gladio and Iris
The reason Gladio and Iris never talk about Clarus is that he was awful to them, and they're secretly not that sad he's dead.

Can be whatever anon decides is the shitty parent behavior of the day: maybe he was absent, maybe he got drunk and abused them, maybe he resents them for being around when their mother is dead. Just fuck me up.

+ Gladio and Iris were uncomfortable talking about this to anyone because Clarus is well-regarded, well-known and very good at his job, so it's a secret, though maybe one of the bros suspects something.
!filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:iris  character:clarus  kink:abusive-relationship 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Minifill, Ignis/Prompto, choke porn
Prompto likes to be strangled when he's fucked, Ignis happily provides.

+ None of that safeword shit

++ Ignis keeps his gloves on
!filled  !complete  character:ignis  character:prompto  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:choking 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Aranea/Luna - bdsm, forced orgasm, multiple orgasms
Aranea tying Luna up and having her way with her. Making Luna come over and over again.

Bonus points for:

- spanking
- toys
- vibrators
- gags
- whips
character:aranea  character:lunafreya  pairing:araneaxlunafreya  kink:bondage  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL Ignis/Prompto, showering/hair-washing
I just want to see Promnis showering together and Ignis washing Prompto's hair...

can be an aftercare thing or just because, I'm cool either way. If it's aftercare though I'd love some description of whatever marks Ignis left on Prompto.

+Prompto kneeling while Ignis washes his hair
++Prompto kneeling while Ignis washes his hair, with Ignis' cock in his mouth
character:ignis  character:prompto  !unfilled  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:hair  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Noctis or Prompto - about needles
I have a small kink (ok... a HUGE kink) for medical needles but I've never found anything to read :(
Can I have a light/fluff something involving a needle being used on Noctis or Prompto?
!filled  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:needles  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
any bro/fem!Noctis - midwife Ignis
Noctis finds herself pregnant, so Ignis takes it upon himself to learn as much about midwifery as he can during the course of her pregnancy so he can help her through it.

Just really wanna see Ignis talking Noct through everything he's learnt, especially when Noct gets scared about her body changing, the baby's health and her eventual labor.

++no real preference for the father
++maybe he studied it briefly before in preparation for such an eventuality
++++++real cute reassuring fluff
!filled  !complete  character:ignis  character:noctis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:pregnancy 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Gladio/Prompto or Ignis/Prompto: Lazy morning snuggles
Prompto and his partner, sometime before they leave Insomnia with Noctis, being able to have a lazy morning lie in with cuddling and kissing.

I've been having a rough time so I just want something cute and warm and sappy please.
character:gladiolus  character:prompto  character:ignis  pairing:gladiolusxprompto  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:cuddling  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Gladio/Prompto – A/B/O, tiny alpha/big omega, post game impregnation sex
Alpha Prompto and omega Gladio have been together for a long time. Gladio has always been on heavy birth control, first because a King's Shield's pregnancy needs to be carefully planned and timed, then because the World of Ruin happened. But now Noct has brought back the light, and while rebuilding the kingdom might not be the best time to have babies, Gladio isn't getting any younger. It's time to get off the birth control.

Tiny alpha/big omega because that's my kind of size difference kink.

++++ for the first time without birth control and them hoping it'll take, but probably not because hormones are tricky, but WOULDN'T IT BE AWESOME, GLADIO, LET'S DISCUSS BABY NAMES AND STUFF WHILE I'M STUCK INSIDE YOU AND YOU CAN'T GET AWAY :D
character:gladiolus  character:prompto  pairing:gladiolusxprompto  kink:abo  kink:pregnancy  !filled  !complete  !multiFill  !wip 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: any chocobro/any chocobro, fingering
my request is simple, one of the bros is trans and another bro lazily fingering them under the table

+the other people at the table know what's going on but just keep talking like usual
++the bro getting fingered is Prompto or Gladio
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:prompto  character:noctis  kink:transgender  kink:fingering  pairing:any  pairing:noctisxprompto  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Luna, travelling alone across Lucis
(Y'know, while she was going everywhere just ahead of Noct & co trying to awaken the Astrals. She did that all by herself)

Sure, she's hungry and it's more difficult than she thought to start a fire and yeah, there's no cover from the elements at those havens, but it's the first taste of freedom she's had in Y E A R S.
character:lunafreya  character:pryna  kink:other  pairing:gen  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Gen - Gladio was there for the Marilith attack
Gladio was with Noctis when the attack happened and when he saw the daemon aiming an attack at the prince, he didn't hestitate to jump in the way, taking the hit. Then the King arrived and manage to save them, but Gladio is badly injured.

I would like it to be platonic, like a brotherly relationship between Gladio and Noctis.

+Grateful Regis and worried Clarus
++Noctis cried because he now understands better than another person is putting his life on the line to save him
!filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:daemons  character:clarus  character:noctis  character:regis  kink:protectiveness 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL 4/4 Gen or Prompto/any - Prompto's chocobo is protective
So we all know that Prompto loves chocobos but what if Prompto's chocobo becomes very protective of her rider?

The bird starts to peck Gladio whenever he teases Prompto. She hisses whenever someone tries to invade Prompto's space. She curls up around him after a particularly hard fight - only letting the bros near when she's certain they won't harm her rider. Just a lot of cute protective Chocobo fluff.

+the chocobo likes to groom Prompto's hair
++Noct is low key jealous of the bird
!filled  character:chocobo  character:prompto  kink:protectiveness  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Noctis/Gladio - stomach bulge
Gladio's got a huge dick so when he fucks Noctis' tiny body he can totally feel his dick poking through Noctis' stomach lol
!filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:noctis  pairing:gladiolusxnoctis  kink:other 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Gen, Eosvision
I'm a little disappointed about the Eurovision results... so... like the title said: an Eurovision Song Contest version Eos

+++if you included Galahd, Leide, Duscae etc etc
character:any  kink:other  pairing:gen  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Minifill: Luna, Noctis; Divorce
In a nobody dies/everybody lives AU or maybe even that strange post credits afterlife scene based world, Luna and Noct end up getting married.
The thing is: Not actually seeing each other for about a decade and only communicating via friendship book carried to and fro by their pets means they don't actually really know each other.
Turns out they can't stand being around each other in person. So they end up getting a divorce.

+ they never consummated their marriage because it's just too awkward

No outright bashing of either character though, please!

Pairing them up with other characters afterward is perfectly fine, but I admit I'm a bit burnt out on Prompto/Noctis, so anything but that, please.
character:lunafreya  character:noctis  kink:other  pairing:gen  pairing:any  !complete  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
[Mini fill] Camping with kids, yes this was a good idea
Good end where Noctis reclaimed Lucis from Niflheim, didn't need to sacrifice himself to defeat Ardyn, and the world never went to ruin.

Noctis decides to take a little vacation from rebuilding his kingdom to take his kid(s) on a tour of the Duscaen countryside. While feeling a big dose of nostalgia from when he explored these same places with the chocobros ten years ago.

Would prefer if his relationship with the three bros in this stayed platonic, but I don't particularly care who Noctis is paired with, and it can also be completely gen where he's a single dad.
!filled  character:noctis  character:oc  pairing:noctisxany  kink:family-relationship 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Noctis/Ignis - A/B/O, Non/Dubcon, omega!Noctis, alpha!Ignis
Noctis is an omega, but also a prince. So he's not the wilting flower sort of omega that begs and pleads for a knot.

He's suffered through too many heats on suppressants and fake knots. This time, he's going to take what he wants, and what he wants is to fuck himself silly on his alpha advisor's knot. Even if said advisor is incredibly devoted to not taking liberties with his charge, even if there's a mutual attraction there.

So when he feels his heat coming on, he ties Ignis to the bed and basically spends his heat using the alpha as a fucktoy.

++ for Ignis remaining mostly clearheaded and unwilling in mind but certainly not body for most of it
+++ for Noctis not using protection despite Ignis' pleas that he do so, because Noctis likes the idea of getting knocked up by such a perfect alpha
+++++ for Noctis riding Ignis until he's coming dry and an overstimulated mess
character:noctis  character:ignis  kink:abo  kink:noncon  kink:dubcon  kink:knotting  kink:riding  kink:overstimulation  pairing:ignisxnoctis  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
(gen) Aranea and ice cream
Inspired by above prompt, Aranea takes everyone out for ice cream. Maybe a 5+1, five times Aranea took someone out for ice cream, and one time she took herself.
!filled  !complete  character:aranea  kink:food 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL Ravus/Luna - Necessary Incest
As it turns out, the Oracle gene is highly recessive and every generation of the Nox Fleuret line has required a child by incest to ensure the birth of another Oracle. It's a heavily guarded secret, and how Ravus and Luna find out and react is up to you. Are they mortified? Secretly happy? Very outwardly happy?

+Peaceful AU where Sylva's alive.
++The siblings have been in a relationship/hardcore crushing on each other for years.
+++Luna rides Ravus at some point (BONUS: while wearing nothing but his giant white coat).
++++Luna is still marrying Noctis, and she has to carefully orchestrate the sex she has with both men so that everyone - including Noct - thinks Ravus's child is his.
+++++Ravus gets jealous and his relationship with Luna is revealed. OT3 encouraged, but not necessary.
+++++++++++++++++++Ravus very secretly cannot wait to see his precious sister gorgeously plump and very pregnant by his seed.
character:lunafreya  character:ravus  pairing:lunafreyaxravus  kink:incest  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Re: Noctis/Luna, No Prophesy AU, forced marriage
In a world where none of this prophesy or starscourge bullshit is a thing…

Somehow it is very publicly brought to light that Noctis, soul heir to the throne of Lucis, is gay (who he’s in a relationship with is anons choice) The general public couldn’t give less of a fuck, but the nobility and other countries who are not so LGBT friendly see this as a weakness to the kingdom, because how is a gay prince going to produce an heir (Lucian magic cares about genetics, so adoption is not an option if the power of kings is to be passed on) Regis wants to support his son, but knows that the kingdom depends on Noctis getting married and fathering an heir. So the solution agreed on by Lucis and Tenebrae is to arrange a marriage between Noctis and Luna (who are dear friends and love each other like siblings would)

But Luna’s lesbian. She’s been in a secret relationship with her chamberlain (human!Gentiana) for years. So during wedding preparations, Noctis and Luna along with their respective lovers make their own arrangement…

They get married as arranged, and Luna gets pregnant by artificial insemination. Once she’s pregnant, Noctis says something along the lines of “she’s pregnant now so stop your bitching” and Noctis and Luna keep their relationships with their respective lovers making no effort to hide it. The nobility bitch about it but Noctis and Luna give exactly -65 fucks.

!filled  !complete  character:noctis  character:lunafreya  pairing:lunafreyaxnoctis  pairing:gentianaxluna  kink:pregnancy  kink:homophobia 
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FILL Cor/Clarus + migraine
Clarus finds Cor hiding in his office with the mother of all migraines. Cor is used to enduring headaches because he's had them since his youth and Clarus is used to dealing with them but this one is worse than usual.

Bonus if Clarus already knows what's up because he reads it in Cor's body language.

(This meme is adept at making me acknowledge all those Clarus/Cor feelings that I did nog even know I had.)
character:cor  character:clarus  pairing:clarusxcor  kink:hurt_confort  !complete  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill 13/13 Re: Gladnoct - Rentboy Gladio and Richboy Noct
Noct could still be a Prince or it could be a Modern AU where he's the son of a rich business tycoon.

With the stress being too much, Noct is driving his Star of Lucis recklessly downtown when he spotted the hunky 6ft something man waiting at the corner of the street.
character:gladiolus  character:noctis  kink:prostitution  pairing:gladiolusxnoctis  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL Ardyn/Ignis - Noncon Skullfucking
I'm going to hell with this, but Ardyn fucking Ignis's left eyesocket. Could be either that's how Ignis lost his left eye, or Ardyn already gouged it out before using it to relieve stress.
character:ignis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxignis  kink:noncon  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
AO3 FILL 5/? Gladio/Prompto + Noctis - Making sure
Gladio has never been in a serious relationship before. He wasn't an asshole with the previos people he dated, but his relationships didn't last long and no matter what he did the other person felt heartbroken. So when he and Prompto get into a relationship Noctis gets worried.

He doesn't want Prompto, his best friend who happened to be the incarnation of sunshine, to be heartroken over his Shield. He knows Gladio is not a bad guy but he has seen the way his relationships ended. So he decides to follow Prompto and Gladio on their dates to see how they go and if they don't go well, he'll warn Prompto about what's to come.

Thing is, Gladio is completely whipped. And so is Prompto. Things might end up better this time around.

+If Noctis drags Iris or Ignis into spying
++ Cute Promptio that will last for a long run because I;m sure they are destined to be together
+++ Noctis mentioning something that happened at a date that he shouldn't know about
character:gladiolus  character:prompto  character:noctis  pairing:gladiolusxprompto  kink:stalking  !filled  !wip 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: 5/5 Maiden's Kisses Genderbent choco-bro can't get off in new female body
I was just thinking that, since guys can't seem to find their way around a vagina anyway ("clitoris?" what's that, a rubix cube?), choco-bro that suddenly found himself genderbent via handwavy means would probably die of sexual frustration.

Getting himself off was so easy before! Now every attempt at it leaves him feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. And wet, uncomfortably so. And the one time he tried sticking his finger... up there it kind of hurt. So he chickened out. Why are vaginas so complicated??? He needs to get off or he'll literally die. He's sure of it.

So he enlists help. "Please (friend), will you in your infinite wisdom and knowledge of the female body, help get me off, please, for the love of the Astrals please please please, I'm d y i n g," etc.
!filled  character:aranea  character:noctis  kink:genderbend  kink:masturbation  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL (1/1) Re: First-time period sex
Someone is on their period and horny af while simultaneously crampy af. Their boyfriend offers some gentle sex to help with that. Person has never had sex while on their period before and is kind of unsure/thinks it's gross, but boyfriend soon changes their mind.

I don't really have a preference as to who the characters are.

I am fine with the period-haver being:
- a cis female character
- a trans character
- a genderbent character (someone who is canonically cis male, but for the sake of the story is a cis female)
!filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:noctis  pairing:gladiolusxnoctis  kink:period 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL, "Stand By to Stand By" (1/1): Re: Nyx/Any, Edging, Money Shot
Can somebody just mess Nyx's face up and leave him a total hot mess, pls? Drautos preferred but anyone will do. Even Luna or Crowe if squirting is involved. Please. The boy has that kind of roguish grin that's just begging to get taken for a ride...and totaled.

++++ If it ends with him hungry for more/seconds.
!filled  !complete  character:nyx  character:drautos  pairing:drautosxnyx  kink:edging 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Ignis/Prompto Rape Roleplay Gone Wrong
Ignis and Prompto have been in a relationship for some time when Ignis confesses to Prompto that he's always had a rape fantasy. He wants to arrange a roleplay--but he wants to play the part of the aggressor, not the victim. Prompto isn't so sure he'll like it, but he loves Ignis, so he agrees to try it at least once.

They negotiate and plan and negotiate some more before finally trying to do it. For a while it seems to be going well. But then Ignis starts in on some dirty talk that's a little too personal, a little hurtful. Prompto tries to power through his discomfort, but it gets to be too much and he safewords.

But then Ignis doesn't stop.
character:ignis  character:prompto  kink:rape_fantasy  pairing:ignisxprompto  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
1/? Gen ABO
I really want to read a platonic ABO fic that focuses on Pack bonds that are all about family and arent sexual in any way. I'm partial to Omega Prompto, Beta Noctis and Alpha Iggy and Gladio.

I will love you forever if Heats are basically periods without the blood
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:abo  pairing:gen  !filled  !wip 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
[Fill] Clarus/Cor, massage
After spending almost an entire day sparring with the new recruits, Cor has managed to throw out his back. Clarus, being the helpful friend that he is, offers a massage that has unexpected consequences.

Let's just say Cor is more than a tad embarrassed about his body's reaction to Clarus' hands and Clarus decides to help him along.

+ Top!Clarus

+++ First time for Cor
character:clarus  character:cor  pairing:clarusxcor  kink:massage  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL: PWP, "On Love, 'A-gape'" (1/1): Re: Gladio/Prompto: Gaping
Gladio fucking Prompto wide open till he's a crying, gaping mess.

Because people keep talking about it on my tumblr and I need it like breathing omg
!filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:prompto  pairing:gladiolusxprompto  kink:breath-play 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill [1/2] Magic is NOT edible
So something happens to turn Noct into a kid temporarily (maybe around 8 or 12 years old). While he's kid he remembers Ignis & Gladio well enough - though he is confused as to why they're so big - but he doesn't know Prompto.

That does not stop him from getting a massive crush on the blonde.

Basically just bratty child Noct having an adorable crush on Prompto.

+bonus points for Noct being embarrassed as all hell when he turns back to normal because his child self was not subtle

++Iggy & Gladio insist on calling Prompto his childhood sweetheart after the fact
!filled  !wip  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  kink:crushes  pairing:noctisxprompto 
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Fill 1/1 Re: Any bro or OT4/Ardyn, War Prize
Jumping in on the war prize train with one more; an AU where Lucis wins the war, and the prince (and/or his retainers, however you want to do it) is entitled to a prize. The Empire, finding a way to be spiteful in defeat, white elephants it and sends this fucking guy. The bros are not quite sure how to handle their obedient servant, while Ardyn plays it to the hilt and has a blast.

+he cheerfully offers lots of depraved things they could do to him, including things nobody has heard of in hundreds of years
++ Ardyn is in fact doing this honestly with no sinister plots, because he finds it hilarious that the more genuine he is the more suspicious he seems
+++ there's some magic or technology ensuring his obedience
++++ mutual feelings end up developing
!filled  !complete  character:ardyn  character:any  pairing:ardynxany  kink:war-prize 
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FILL Gladio punching his way through Gralea
As the Prince's Shield, Gladio has trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, so when Ardyn offers his "help" in Gralea, Gladio refuses to summon his sword on principle and fights his way through Gralea with whatever he can scavenge.

++++His "fuck you" attitude extends to following Ardyn's directions as well, so breaks down or pries open solid steel doors or digs through piles of rubble to make a new path.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++At some point, for some reason, Gladio manages to piledrive a mech b/that's what Final Fantasy is all about.
character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  kink:other  pairing:gen  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
MultiFILL 7/? 6/? Final Fantasy XV The Movie.. The Blooper Edition
So, let's pretend our cast are actors in whatever the Eos equivalent of Hollywood would be. Even actors may have an off day... So, bring out the blooper reel!

-Ardyn's looking off camera and making faces at his grandson during the final fight
-super serious scene and... someone's cell phone with a cute bouncy ring tone goes off
-so many line flubs..
character:any  character:ardyn  kink:other  kink:humor  pairing:gen  !filled  !wip  !multiFill 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Gen. Dented Shield [5/5] Noct takes a hit for Gladio, Regis and Clarus are not happy
Noctis and Gladio are out and about somewhere when suddenly (insert minor catastrophe here) Gladio would have been hurt, but Noctis pushes him out of the way and gets hurt instead. Nothing serious, maybe a cut that needed a stitch or two, broken arm, that kind of serious-but-not-really thing.

Clarus and Regis are pissed. Regis is pissed at Gladio for not taking the hit for Noctis, even though Noctis insists it was his fault. Clarus is pissed at them BOTH, Gladio for not doing his job and Noctis for not letting him (the reason Clarus understands that it was at least partly Noct's fault is that he remembers how Regis used to do {or still does?} the same damn kind of thing) Gladio volunteers full responsibility for the incident. Noctis feels horrible for getting Gladio in trouble.

If they go super harsh on Gladio (for the angst factor) or eventually understand that it couldn't have been helped and go easy on him (for the hurt/comfort factor) is up to anon, but he DOES need to get punished somehow.
character:clarus  character:gladiolus  character:noctis  character:regis  kink:hurt_comfort  pairing:gen  pairing:gladioxnoctis  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Mini-fill: Absolutely Nothing - May the Fourth (Force) be with you
(I couldn't resist - but I did put the correct word in just in case the joke annoys people)

With today being Star Wars day and all...

I'd love to see a Darth Vader!Ardyn (c'mon, this was a gimmie - after all, he was the Chosen One at one point) fighting a Luke Skywalker!Noctis

Bonus points if you include some variant of the "No, I am your father." line
character:ardyn  character:noctis  kink:alternate_universe  pairing:gen  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Ignis/Gladio Watersports kink
Ignis is really REALLY into the idea of being pissed on, and especially the idea of being pissed in. Gladio is entirely unsure but wants to do it to please Iggy. Iggy reassures Gladio that he doesn't have to go through with it if it makes him that uncomfortable. Gladio does it anyway. Gladio LOVES it.
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  kink:watersports  pairing:gladioxignis  !complete  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Ardyn, Old Cat Man
Ardyn has a serious cat addiction. Can't stand people, but cats? oooooh boy.

+100 points if when Noctis rolls up to Insomnia, there's more cats than demons in the ruins. Especially in the throne room ("The throne only seats one, and that's Mr. Fluffypants!")
character:ardyn  character:noctis  kink:other  pairing:gen  !filled  !complete  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:prompto 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Sol 2/??? Re: Gen Chocobros + MT Prompto Lives With Cor/Prompto Never Leaves The House
AU where Cor has cared for Prompto since finding him in a suit of armor dying on the battlefield, but being an MT, he can't go outside or he'll burn just like all the other MTs.

+Clarus brings Gladio with him to Cor's place when he has to get some papers and Gladio is the first to meet Prompto and tells the other two about the weird guy who's camping at Cor's and constantly throwing up that icky black blood

++Prompto has never been outside because Cor wants to try to purge the demon blood out of Prompto's system by exposing him to sunlight gradually overtime, and Clarus and Gladio see how hard he's trying, sitting by the window and putting his hand in the light only to yank it away over and over

+++Clarus convinces Cor to bring Prompto to the Citadel so he can meet Noctis and Ignis as well because Gladio has told Prompto stories about them when they visit and Prompto becomes a chatterbox whenever Gladio is around

++++Noctis is heartbroken to see the effect of the Empire on someone his age as Prompto is sometimes and flinches and thinks he'll be reprimanded for talking back to the Prince

+++++++Ignis frets over the fact that Prompto hasn't even been outside before technically and doesn't really know what anything is because Niflheim has brainwashed him so much that Prompto doesn't really know how to act like a twenty year old and not a soldier

++++++++++Prompto loves the sun but he can't stay in the sun for long because it still hurts and he's frustrated when he doesn't catch up with simple things like the fact that you don't address your friend as "Target" or yourself as "Subject" or introduce yourself by the number on your barcode

++++++++++++++Prompto and Noctis are 20, Ignis is 21 and Gladio is 22 please
character:cor  character:prompto  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:clarus  character:noctis  kink:mt-prompto  pairing:gen  !filled  !wip 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Midnight Moon Fem!Noctis/Ignis- wedding dress sex + possessive sex
Before departing to Altissa to Marybeth Ravus Nox Fleuret, Noctis puts on her wedding dress for the first time and while she does love the dress she doesn't love who she will wearing the dress for. Then one of the chocobros walks in on her and immediately becomes taken with how she looks in it but also hates that she will be wearing it for another man. So he (one of the chocobros) decides to "claim" the bride before the wedding while she is still wearing said dress.

+Prompto, Gladio or Ignis is fine it's your choice (although I am partial to Ignis)

+Whether it's an established relationship or they confess their feelings to each other at this moment and sleep together for the first time is also up to the author. If the former then have them maybe sometimes during the act refer to each other as husband and wife. If the latter then have a virginity kink for the chocobro with Noctis.

+Lots of dirty talk and possessive talk
character:noctis  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:genderbend  kink:marriage  kink:possessiveness  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL 7/7 Noctis/Prompto or gen; Ignis and Gladio scare Prompto off
Circa Brotherhood era, Prompto finally gets up the nerve to talk to Noctis. For the first time ever, he's got a friend and isn't alone all the time.

But Ignis and Gladio know exactly the kind of people who try and cozy up to the prince. Maybe they've even heard things about Prompto that give them the impression he'll end up a bad influence. Poor grades (because he needs the money and his job interferes with study time)? The way he dresses? From a rough neighborhood? Bully spread nasty rumors at school that they've picked up on? Up to anon.

Whatever they've heard, they go into overprotective mode and step in to secretly warn Prompto to back off. And Prompto, whose self esteem has never been great, thinks they think he's not good enough to be friends with the prince. Or even worse, he thinks Noct sent them.

He backs off, heartbroken that he's lost his only friend. Noct mopes around, depressed because the only person who seemed to like him for him is never around anymore.

At some point, Ignis and Gladio realize they've made a huge mistake and try to fix it.
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:hurt_confort  kink:mistaken-identity  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill 2/? Woke Up New Re: Prompto/Noctis -He is Luna'sand Ravus' brother
I know there is a fill Prompto being related to Ravus and Luna and I loved it, so I wanted to read more about it. But I'm going to prompt a different plot.

He was raised all his life with Luna and Ravus and he was close friends with Noctis, and the two quicly develop childhood crushes. Then the Niflheim attack occurs, and he is separated from Noctis as he stays with hsi brother and sister. Instead of joining the Nif army like Ravus, he is kept locked up with Luna, waiting for one day to reunite with Noctis.
character:lunafreya  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ravus  kink:other  pairing:noctisxprompto  !filled  !wip 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Gen or Prompto/any - Prompto builds robots
Born from my weakness for small cute robots.

Prompto is the resident technophile amongst the bros. He loves tinkering with machines & building things out of scraps & has done this all his life.

When he was growing up he started building robots to combat the loneliness he felt in an empty house. They had different personalities & up until meeting Noctis they were his only friends.

+robots are small cute little things (like Rover from Voltron or Haros from Gundam)
++his robot friends have a mischievous steak & sometimes sneak into his school bag
+++no one has ever told Prompto that building robots with decently sophisticated AI is pretty damn impressive & how do you struggle in math class if you can do this?! So the Chocobros are suitably impressed
++++Prompto builds Noctis a little robot friend (that may or may not have an alarm clock function)
character:any  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  kink:other  pairing:gen  pairing:promptoxany  !complete  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
MULTIFILL 5/? Gen or Any/Any, abo presentations
Something I think would be interesting to see in an omegaverse setting is how any, or all, of the boys present their nature (I typically imagine this to be mid-late teens). Does it happen at an inconvenient time like during training for Gladio or Noct, or would Prompto end up holed up in his house until Noct goes looking for him since he has no one at home to get him suppressants? Does Ignis spend his morning all feverish and irritated thinking he might be coming down with something before realizing that it's not the case?

I don't have any preference for who is which nature, I'm a fan of all the possibilities and I'm all for unusual combinations.

++ for one of them having an 'oh no' moment of realization because they really did not want/expect to be the nature they ended up being
character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:abo  pairing:gen  pairing:any  !filled  !multiFill  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL: Gen or Prompto/any - the Bros pretend to be his boyfriend [1/1]
So Prompto is a cutie & of course people notice this. Sometimes they get a little too insistent with their flirting or Prompto is too shy or flustered to tell them to back off or the person just straight up doesn't take the hint. So the bros intervene, taking turns to pretend to be Prompto's boyfriend to scare the unwanted advances away.

Cue arms around shoulders, cute little kisses, glaring creeps into hell & just a bunch of protective but not possessive fluff!

+one (or all) of the bro's has a massive crush on Prompto
++kisses on Prompto's temple & forehead
character:any  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  kink:fake-relationship  kink:fake-dating  pairing:gen  pairing:promptoxany  !complete  !filled 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Regis has a vision of killing Noctis
So Regis knew Noctis would die as the chosen king… lets take that a step further and have him actually see himself killing his own son
!filled  !complete  character:regis  character:noctis  kink:angst  kink:nightmares 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL Noctis/Ignis - Chocobros are summon vessels
So, I saw a prompt similar to this, but I want to put a sort of FFVIII twist on it.

Every time Noctis summons one of the Six, they have to use one of the Chocobros as a vessel to channel their powers and attack. Each of the Six can only bond to one of the Chocobros. The catch is, being used to channel a god's powers is incredibly dangerous, and leaves the Chocobro in question completely exhausted and sometimes with dangerous, life threatening side effects.

Ardyn wants to push Noctis to his limits. He waits until Ignis is already injured and struggling in a seemingly endless fight, knowing that Noctis is closest with his advisor, and then Ardyn starts unleashing demons that are only weak to ice.

Ignis is Shiva's vessel, but if Noctis summons her, he'll almost certainly kill Ignis. But if he doesn't summon her, they'll all likely die. Ignis tells him to do it, that he doesn't have a choice, and Noctis knows he's right.

I would prefer Ignis to survive, barely, maybe one of the other gods intervenes at the last moment to keep him from dying- then lots of hurt comfort, and lots of worry that the price they're paying for these summons might not be worth it.
character:noctis  character:ignis  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:injury  pairing:ignisxnoctis  character:ardyn  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
Fill: Mr. Scientia 1/1, Ignis/Noctis, Student-Teacher
So an AU where everything is the same except Ignis is Noctis's school teacher and Noctis falls head over heels for him.

I'd love to see Noctis try to pursue him and see how Ignis would react to that. Up to the filler whether he shuts it down, initiates something more between them or if it becomes straight up smut.

Noctis is no younger than sixteen please.
character:ignis  character:noctis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:age-difference  kink:alternate_universe  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
FILL: Roll for It (Promptis, RP sex gets outta hand)
Noct and Prompto try to put spice in their romance by role playing during sex, but then because they are GIANT NERDS they get super invested in the fake role play story. They can't wait to have sex again to figure out what happens.

Bonus:+ the RP hits all those super cliche fantasy tropes but they are SO INTO IT
+Their dialogue is terrible, and they do kind of laugh about it at first, but then they start to care about these characters that were initially created for sex. NERDS
character:noctis  character:prompto  pairing:noctisxprompto  kink:roleplaying  !filled  !complete 
may 2017 by ffxv-kinkmeme
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