Bento Stack
Via Offscreen, IIRC: 'Bento Stack Keeps Your iPhone Cables and Accessories Neatly Organized'.
products  design 
november 2017
Design - Apple Developer
There's a redesigned and rewritten HIG here. Useful for teaching.
HIG  UI  UX  design 
june 2017
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
‘Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years’. Precisely.
teaching  programming 
may 2017
Casey Neistat · Do What You Can’t
‘Do What You Can’t’, by @caseyneistat’s spot on. If some tells you, “You can’t.” Prove them wrong.
inspiration  start 
may 2017
Octavo Redux
You have just three hours to get your hands on a copy of @uniteditions’ beautiful ‘Octavo Redux’.
may 2017
Pon - The Punctureless Push Pin
Pon is genius (and like all things genius, simple). I backed it on Kickstarter.
february 2015
Should designers animate?
A great post by Donovan Hutchinson, definitely one to recommend to the #ixdbelfast students.
ixdbelfast  anim 
january 2015
How to Make a Performance Budget
Great advice, as per usual, from Dan Mall, ‘How to Make a Performance Budget’ is well worth a bookmark.
december 2014
Nuu from Rumble Labs
Nuu from the folks at Rumble Labs, Nuu helps you discover and share the best new places near you. Nice!
nuu  app 
october 2014
Retroactive Continuity
Useful for forthcoming narratives on Fällt Publishing and 1,024.
october 2014
Muir · Yosemite Creative Suite Icons
An elegant set of icons for Adobe's Creative Cloud apps, courtesy of the talented Sebastiaan de With. Lovely.
october 2014
#ixdbelfast Stargazers
I hate to say, "I told you so," but the new #ixdbelfast students are proving that keeping students numbers small in education massively improves the quality of the output.

We're making a mistake when we scale courses too much. Quality doesn't scale in this context. We are not manufacturing, we're designing minds.
ixdbelfast  education 
october 2014
Psychology and the Perfect Design
Excellent, annotated, slides by Joe Leech on ‘Psychology and the Perfect Design’, There's a great deal to learn here, definitely required reading.
education  ixdbelfast 
october 2014
Don’t rest on your laurels…
“If you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” —Steve Jobs
steve-jobs  purpose 
october 2014
Display | Modern and Rare Graphic Design Books
Do not visit this page again. You will spend money.
books  design 
october 2014
Dalton Maag Offer Try Before You Buy
I’ve always appreciated Dalton Maag’s meticulous work. If typography’s your thing, you’ll appreciate this.
typography  glyph  dalton-maag 
october 2014
Rethink the Airline Boarding Pass | Pete Smart
A project along these lines would be ideal for #ixdbelfast. (Year 2, perhaps? When we start dealing with information types.)
information  redesign  ixdbelfast 
october 2014
Limited Edition Print · Vassilis Haralambidis
A lovely print by Vassilis Haralambidis for raster-noton. Show the students this for the 'Point, Line, Plane' lecture series.
point-line-plane  ixdbelfast 
october 2014
Use for the 'Point, Line, Plane' lecture series. A lovely, and timeless, piece by Taylor Deupree. Less is definitely more.
october 2014
Brewbot Secures $1.5M
Superdelighted to see my Brewbot friends securing a $1.5M round of funding. Thoroughly deserved.

If you needed more proof (after Typecast, Build and so many other achievements) that Belfast is digital startup friendly, this is it.
brewbot  startup  belfast 
october 2014
Why Clay Shirky Asked His Students to Put Their Laptops Away
I respect Shirky’s opinion. After reading this piece - which is well worth setting aside some time for - I now insist on paper, not laptops, in lectures and seminars. I’ve also committed to, where I can, using paper in meetings.

Computers, especially social computers, are a perilous distraction.
october 2014
GitHub · Fehler · Talks
The outline for my Generate Conference talk, 'Ideas Are Easy; It's Implementation That's Hard'. The talk explores the lessons learned on my startup journey with Get Invited (https://getinvited.to).
september 2014
Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone 6…
Astute observation: “We had a crisp, singular exactness to why we'll be marching to the Apple Store after the keynote and buying that phone.”

I'm hanging onto my AAPL shares for the foreseeable future, but observations like this worry me.
september 2014
CSS Glitched Text
Possibly useful for fehler.org teaser.
fehler  css  animation 
september 2014
Random Font Bureau Glyph
Looking for a little typographic inspiration? ‘Random Font Bureau Glyph’ covers all the bases.
glyph  typography 
september 2014
Das Programm
A cornucopia of Dieter Rams' designs collected and available for purchase, all gathered in a very nicely designed web site. Very tempting. Hide your credit card before visiting.
dieter-rams  braun  design 
september 2014
Artists' Books and Multiples
I've always loved artists' books. When executed well, they combine the sense of tactility and narrative that books inherently provide, with the rarefied world of art, only, for a welcome change at more affordable levels.

This site offers lots of food for thought.
september 2014
uilang, is “a minimal, ui-focused programming language for web designers.” It looks interesting and might fit with our IXD programme. /via @aarron
JS  web-design 
september 2014
Designing in the Borderlands by Frank Chimero
This article by Frank Chimero epitomises what we teach our students on the MFA Multidisciplinary Design at the Belfast School of Art. Well worth reading (and re-reading).
design  multidisciplinary  talk-research  at-the-edges 
september 2014
Selecting Typefaces for Body Text
Tim Brown hits the nail on the head, again. Well worth reading.
typography  typekit  education-ixd 
september 2014
Interludes in Design
A lovely little article by Jason Santa Maria on how the details in typography - the momentary interludes - enable and enhance storytelling.
september 2014
The Terminal
Everything you ever wanted to know about The Terminal, courtesy of Craig Hockenberry, who writes: "Over the years I’ve learned a lot of things that make working in this environment more productive, but even old dogs like me are constantly learning new tricks."

Footnote: "This post came to life last February during a five hour layover caused by a cancelled flight. Finishing touches were made on my trip home from WWDC 2014. The fact that I was writing about the terminal while sitting in the terminal was not lost on me."
september 2014
Dribbble: Fabian Vogler → Buckets → Space
Lovely illustrations, gathered. Useful for my 'Good Ideas Grown on Paper' paper prototyping workshops.
space  workshops 
september 2014
I Ghostwrite Chinese Students’ Ivy League Admissions Essays
Admissions essays on demand (as long as you have a spare $400): “One December evening, I used one of my most embarrassing moments as the basis for an essay for a Chinese girl who had never desired something she could not afford.”
education  writing 
september 2014
Plain Pattern
Effortlessly and seamlessly build patterns in the browser via a minimal interface. When you're happy, export your tiles and you're good to go. Lovely (and very impressive).
september 2014
Notes on Bookmarks From 1997
The web is fragile: "On August 30, 2014, I imported 264 bookmarks into Pinboard. The source was a file named 'bookmark.htm' with a last modified date of October 12, 1997."

Jeremy Keith would appreciate this.
longevity  internet 
september 2014
Microaggression in Management
For the most part I find Shanley Kane's aggressively confrontational posturing offensive, that said, there's a great deal of interesting content here. Anyone that's worked in a hierarchical organisation will, I'm sure, identify with many of the strategies used by managers to maintain the status quo.
management  shanley 
september 2014
Folkestone Digs
Overview: “Situations were invited to produce a project for the Folkestone Triennial 2015. We invited Berlin-based Michael Sailstorfer to conceive of a project which would respond to the particularities of the English coastal town and former port.

“Sailstorfer has announced that he has buried 30 pieces of 24-carat gold under the sand of the Outer Harbour beach.”
gold  installation 
september 2014
1" Round Buttons 24k Gold
The wonderfully named Busy Beaver Button Co. manufacture, amongst other things, solid gold badges. Tempting. Very tempting.

24 karat.
gold  badges  suppliers 
september 2014
moo.com’s ‘Yays and Nays!’ Artwork Guidelines
This is ideal for students asking about bleed, safe area and trim.
moo.com  artworking  process 
august 2014
moo.com Templates
Templates for all of moo.com's products.
moo.com  templates  stickers 
august 2014
Joi Ito on Yak Shaving
Whilst researching a forthcoming talk I found myself inadvertently yak shaving. This lead me to Joi Ito's thoughts on yak shaving, which lead me - once again - to here.

A welcome by-product of all this yak shaving was the development of a talk on yak shaving. That's yak shaving for you.
yak-shaving  reading  talk-research 
august 2014
Gold Hunt
Everyone loves a treasure hunt especially when the reward is gold.

The Guardian: "The German artist Michael Sailstorfer has buried gold bullion worth £10,000 in the sand of the Outer Harbour beach at Folkestone and come 4.00 pm today, once the tide is out, anyone can come and dig for gold."

art  gold 
august 2014
Worked Things Out With The Wirecutter
Whilst there’s a great deal to learn from this piece by, the otherwise incredibly talented, Marco Arment, this sentence might have been better written: “Much of the stress I felt during this is from the amount of access to me that I grant to the public.”

That I grant…?

As it stands it comes over as self-inflated, which I’m sure wasn’t the intention, and mars an otherwise fine piece of writing. (The reference to Howard Stern - in a different league altogether - in the following sentence hardly helps matters.)

The reality of lives increasingly lived publicly, and all that that brings, begs closer scrutiny. The lives we live at one remove, online, are slowly, but surely drifting from the social bearings we have developed as humans, offline, across millennia. There’s much more to be written here.
talk-research  marco-arment  manners 
august 2014
3 New Job Titles Every Company Needs but No One Has Yet
The job titles might sound ludicrous – and are, of course, provocations – but read the job descriptions. These are all key roles, roles that companies need to consider if they aren't to risk obsolescence. A thought-provoking read.
innovation  strategy 
august 2014
Waffle on Social Media
An excellent piece by Brent Simmons: “My blog’s older than Twitter and Facebook, and it will outlive them. It has seen Flickr explode and then fade. It’s seen Google Wave and Google Reader come and go, and it’ll still be here as Google Plus fades. When Medium and Tumblr are gone, my blog will be here.”
homesteading  longevity 
august 2014
Hunter S. Thompson on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life | Farnam Street
Hunter S. Thompson on finding meaning and purpose in life: "Every man is the sum total of his reactions to experience. As your experiences differ and multiply, you become a different man, and hence your perspective changes."

Wise words, well worth returning to periodically.
talk-research  purpose 
august 2014
25 typefaces reviewed. Inspiration for Glyph.
typography  glyph 
august 2014
Long-Exposure Spy Cameras Will Capture Berlin's Growth for the Next 100 Years
Lovely. I'm a sucker for time-related works, especially time-related works that involve long periods of time. /via Aitor García Rey
august 2014
Typographic pairings.
typography  glyph 
august 2014
How to Be Polite
Paul Ford on the power of politeness. If I've taught you, you'll know that politeness and manners are a core strand of my teaching. Well worth reading. Thank you, Mr Ford!
politeness  manners 
august 2014
Persistence Pays Off
A cornucopia of quotations about the power of persistence.
quotations  persistence 
august 2014
In Search of Perfection; At the Risk of Action
Perfection is, ever-frustratingly, beyond our grasp. It's the peak that exists, beyond the peak you've just conquered.

As an educator (and a practitioner) I've often witnessed students, who, blinded by the quest for perfection, are crippled… unable to continue. Like the mirage of an oasis in the desert, they see 'perfection' and are forever refining to reach it at the expense of sharing by shipping.

My advice: Ship it and iterate.
august 2014
Back To Square One
An honest interview with Jack Dorsey exploring Square’s trajectory and some of the problems it has faced defining itself and growing. There’s lots to learn here, not least about the importance of product focus and the challenge that faces companies with a business model predicated on small, transactional charges.
square  startup  talk-research 
august 2014
Enduring CSS
Worth pointing the students towards, lots of interesting ideas (and sound advice).
css  design  education-ixd 
august 2014
White House Launches ‘US Digital Service’
Whilst interesting to read, it’s surprising to see no mention of GOV.UK or the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) in this Washington Post article. The GDS (https://gds.blog.gov.uk/about/) is a precursor to this initiative and would appear to be a very heavy source of inspiration.
government  policy  strategy  design 
august 2014
I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days…
“The like and the favorite are the new metrics of success – very literally. Not only are they ego-feeders for the stuff we put online as individuals, but advertisers track their campaigns on Facebook by how often they are liked.”
talk-research  like 
august 2014
If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel
“A tediously accurate map of the solar system….” Old, but still good. This is well worth showing the students for the Year 2 modules. A lovely project.
side-project  moon  space 
august 2014
The Dunning–Kruger Effect
I’ve referenced this in a number of talks recently, well worth bookmarking. (This is possibly useful for ‘At the Edges’.)

Confucius: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”
talk-research  article-research 
august 2014
Is it Convenient? Would I Enjoy it? Wrong Question[s].
If you haven't discovered Mr Money Mustache this is a great place to start. Warning: MMM is a rabbit hole that one can easily get lost down, this article, however, stands just fine on its own. Great advice.

Catheters and bedpans, anyone?
money  happiness 
august 2014
A Comprehensive Reading List for and by Designers
There's a great deal on this list to recommend (and a great deal I've yet to read myself). Well worth a bookmark, and humbling to see my writing's made it onto the list.
design  reading 
august 2014
An Important Kindle Request
We’re witnessing a fascinating propaganda war between two, competing, sides of the publishing equation. It’s interesting to see how Amazon are portraying their position as ‘aligning with readers’, when the reality of the situation is they are, in fact, ‘aligning with Amazon’.
amazon  ebooks 
august 2014
Slot Machine Science: How Casinos Get You to Spend More Money
Research for my ‘At the Edges’ talk. A fascinating look at the strategies casinos use to encourage greater spends. The small wins are interesting: “A person might bet 70 cents and win on 35 of the lines, getting 35 cents back. That feels like a partial win – and captivates your attention.”
talk-research  psychology  gambling 
august 2014
Chesscademy - Learn How To Play Chess
I had more than my fill of chess as a child (my father played in tournaments with Karpov and Korchnoi), all that aside, it’s interesting to see chess adopting the strategy of Codecademy, and others to build community.
chess  learning 
august 2014
Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism
If you're a writer and your business is words, this article by Ben Thompson at Stratechery, is required reading, indeed, essential reading.
writing  business 
august 2014
Potato Salad: By the Numbers
A fascinating look at ‘Potato Salad: By the Numbers’ courtesy of the @kickstarter folks.
august 2014
Designing for Legibility
'Reading Letters: Designing for Legibility' is tempting. (Scratch that, just added to basket.)
typography  legibility 
august 2014
Type Design and Font Making Resources
If you're looking for a comprehensive set of typographic links, Phinney has you comprehensively covered.
august 2014
Webtype > Fonts
Well worth exploring for Glyph.
typography  glyph 
august 2014
Additional context on Font Bureau's Input family, courtesy of Webtype > Blog.
typography  glyph 
august 2014
The Social Laboratory
A fascinating article exploring Singapore's rise as a social laboratory for surveillance coupled with big data.
culture  surveillance 
august 2014
Input: Fonts for Code
Font Bureau turn their hand to non-monospaced fonts for code. Sacrilege?
typography  glyph 
august 2014
Dinosaur's Pen
The title might be misleading, or perplexing, but this is a lovely collection focused on computing history.
computing  history 
august 2014
They Have No Use for Someone Who Looks and Dresses Like Me
The UK’s Tom Steinberg put it perfectly: “The elites study politics, philosophy, economics, and law while failing to recognize that you can no longer run a country without a fundamental understanding of technology.” He adds: “What good governance and the good society look like is now inextricably linked to an understanding of the digital.”
technology  policy 
august 2014
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