About Us - UNIFY Solutions
Bob & Adam Bradley et al.
Pete Tiernan, Mark Goodall ++
insync  identity  pirsa  ping  bob  bradley  id 
3 days ago
Insync Solutions
using ping identity with PIRSA ?
Not to be confused with UNIFY solutions Bob Bradley et al
insync  identity  pirsa  ping  bob  bradley  id 
3 days ago
Building an Awesome Developer Experience | Apigee
Worth a look - design principles from developers point of view..
apigee  api  developer  portal  youtube  video 
3 days ago
mport 200,000 data points - Google Search
good search for data tech related mport info
mport  3d  scan  data 
13 days ago
[no title]
Very detailed (439pages) document on Microsoft Azure APIM
apim  microsoft  azure  reference  manual  developer  portal 
16 days ago
Kubernetes | Production-Grade Container Orchestration
via DVS - in response to Google elastic runtime / APIM discussion thread. Kubernetes (https://kubernetes.io/), which is an open-source (Google-based) project for container orchestration across cloud services. Google side, the trials involve App Engine – which is used to manage infrastructure provisioning – and App Maker, which can be used to create custom apps simply by using drag-and-drop, rather than requiring much code.
google  kubernetics  container  elastic  runtime  orchestration  opensource  dvs  appmaker  appengine  gsuite 
16 days ago
Modify page contents in the developer portal in Azure API Management | Microsoft Docs
MSFT Azure APIm documentation:
Publisher Portal, howto modify Developer Portal experience
developer  portal  publisher  apim  documentation  howto  template  experience  microsoft  azure 
16 days ago
Azure API Management overview and key concepts | Microsoft Docs
Good introduction to msft Azure APIm - publisher portal, developer portal: APIs products subscriptions policy etc

JWT token validation api key eventhub caching examples
Rate limit quotas etc
developer  portal  apim  azure  microsoft  publisher  cors  jwt  token  api  key  cache  policy  product  operation  rate  limit  qutoa  throttle  management  telemetry  insights 
16 days ago
South Australian Government School Facilities Available for Community Use - Datasets - data.sa.gov.au
* this hard to navigate spreadsheet is crying out for an API and mashup to make it usefull' 'Facilities near X'
open  data  opendata  data.sa  govhack 
21 days ago
History Trust of South Australia - Organisations - data.sa.gov.au
Nice collection of API goodness from the history trust - oliver?
open  data  opendata  data.sa  govhack 
21 days ago
Passengers in History - Datasets - data.sa.gov.au
The Passengers in History data endpoint has been provided using an Apache Solr index (see http://lucene.apache.org/solr/) that uses a Drupal Solr 4.x schema (see https://www.drupal.org/project/search_api_solr). See https://wiki.apache.org/solr/QueryParametersIndex for more detail surrounding the query syntax.
open  data  opendata  data.sa  govhack 
21 days ago
Datasets - data.sa.gov.au
Real Time Traffic Delays BETA
Real Time Traffic Delays (beta)
This web service provides details of traffic delays that are currently active in the metropolitan Adelaide area updated every 30 seconds. The output format conforms to the...

This web service provides details of traffic delays that are currently active in the metropolitan Adelaide area updated every 30 seconds. The output format conforms to the...
open  data  opendata  data.sa  govhack 
21 days ago
“Anonymized” data really isn’t—and here’s why not | Ars Technica
At the time GIC released the data, William Weld, then Governor of Massachusetts, assured the public that GIC had protected patient privacy by deleting identifiers. In response, then-graduate student Sweeney started hunting for the Governor’s hospital records in the GIC data. She knew that Governor Weld resided in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a city of 54,000 residents and seven ZIP codes. For twenty dollars, she purchased the complete voter rolls from the city of Cambridge, a database containing, among other things, the name, address, ZIP code, birth date, and sex of every voter. By combining this data with the GIC records, Sweeney found Governor Weld with ease. Only six people in Cambridge shared his birth date, only three of them men, and of them, only he lived in his ZIP code. In a theatrical flourish, Dr. Sweeney sent the Governor’s health records (which included diagnoses and prescriptions) to his office.
pertubation  RASP  data  differential  privacy  noise  injection  reidentification 
23 days ago
Broken Promises of Privacy: Responding to the Surprising Failure of Anonymization by Paul Ohm :: SSRN
These scientists have demonstrated they can often 'reidentify' or 'deanonymize' individuals hidden in anonymized data with astonishing ease.
pertubation  RASP  data  differential  privacy  noise  injection  reidentification 
23 days ago
Generate Your Own API Gateway Developer Portal | AWS Compute Blog
You can do this by hosting a developer portal: a web application that lists your APIs in catalog form, displays API documentation to help developers understand your API, and allows them to sign up for access. The application also needs to let developers test your APIs, and provide feedback to grow a successful developer ecosystem. Finally, you may also want to monetize your APIs and grow API product revenue.
developer  portal  amazon 
6 weeks ago
API Portal | Mashery
Automate the process of turning your APIs into products and provide self service onboarding of developers (registration, keys, docs) with the Mashery API portal. Define a wide range of security and operational policies with no coding required.
api  developer  portal  products  mashery  tibco 
6 weeks ago
CA API Developer Portal - CA Technologies
The developer portal is a key component of your full lifecycle API management solution and is where your API owner can control how APIs are published, your developers discover what services you have available and your operations team can keep an eye on performance
developer  portal  CA  API 
6 weeks ago
Gelato.io — Super-Sweet Developer Portals
Create Super Sweet
Developer Portals

Gelato removes all the hassle of creating and maintaining technical docs, and makes onboarding developers easy.
developer  portal  builder  gelato 
6 weeks ago
What is a developer portal? | Apigee Product Documentation
Developer portals with social publishing features are increasingly being used for communication with the developer community. This includes communicating static content, such as API documentation and terms-of-use, as well as dynamic community-contributed content such as blogs and forums.
developer  portal  definition 
6 weeks ago
SA drivers' licences to be added to smartphones
first indaily - pretty much on message
Android active clients doubled from 200 to 400 overnight
mysagov  press 
7 weeks ago
Connecting to datasets in the Power BI service from Desktop | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI
In the April update of Power BI Desktop, we released the ability to connect to datasets in the Power BI service. This feature allows you to create new reports off existing datasets you've already published to the cloud
powerbi  desktop  streaming  realtime  dataset 
9 weeks ago
Real-time streaming in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
You can add Power BI as an output within Azure Stream Analytics (ASA), and then visualize those data streams in the Power BI service in real time. This section describes technical details about how that process occurs.

Azure Stream Analytics uses the Power BI REST APIs to create its output data stream to Power BI, with defaultMode set to pushStreaming (see earlier sections in this article for information on defaultMode), which results in a dataset that can take advantage of both push and streaming.
streaming  azure  powerbi  desktop  realtime  push  pubnub  data  analytics  dpc  digital  platform 
9 weeks ago
RPA Best Practices in Financial Services
As found by Nikunj, blueprism rates highly, Nik's experience via E&Y was very expensive.
blueprism  rpa  tools  andrew  hewat  nikunj 
9 weeks ago
Identity Broker Service in SAML: Supporting Multiple Identity Providers & Service Providers | API Crazy
*excellent find via Nikunj*
A federated organisation may have multiple distinct services (service providers) where each service is protected under a distinct trust domain. The same organisation may wish to trust multiple external & internal identity providers and allow the end user to select their preferred identity provider. Furthermore the same federated organisation may require greater levels of certainty for specific services and may wish to limit the available identity providers for a specific service or enforce step-up authentication on the identity provider. This pattern is useful for governments and enterprise’s wishing to move away from a Push Model for Enterprise Identity Architecture.
iam  id  identity  broker  saml  openid  government 
12 weeks ago
API Security: Deep Dive into OAuth and OpenID Connect
Good introductory blog post on how it all hangs together - including active passive client..
oauth  openid  api  token  active  passive  actors  id  idm  iden 
april 2017
What is Robotic Process Automation? - IRPAAI
Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure computer software or a “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.
rpa  andrew  hewat  robotic  process  automation  ea  roadmap 
march 2017
Robotic process automation - Wikipedia
Robotic process automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of clerical process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers.[1]
rpa  andrew  hewat  robotic  process  automation  ea  roadmap 
march 2017
The Corporate Implications of Longer Lives
Rising life expectancy means the level of savings required to provide a reasonable income for retirement at age 65 is becoming increasingly infeasible for most people.2 We predict that, given the average level of savings in advanced economies, many people currently in their mid-40s are likely to need to work into their early to mid-70s; many currently in their 20s (many of whom could live to be over 100) will be working into their late 70s, and even into their 80s.
longer  work  lives  retirement  sloan  jo  twitter  paywall 
march 2017
Students | Unique Student Identifier
Over 6 million USIs already exist.
Is yours one of them?

It's fast and simple to find out.

Simply use your mobile number, email address or some personal details and click here to see if your USI has already been created.
usi  unique  student  id  identity  idm  iam 
march 2017
Authentication and Authorisation | Unique Student Identifier
via mark Keough - mandatory ID for all nationally recognised training. A number for life. Looks to be implemented on old (auskey?) technology...
Trying to find the number of USI s that have been issued
usi  unique  student  id  idm  identity  iam  education  keough 
march 2017
<mySAGov> developer portal (Prod)
Production portal: developers.sa.gov.au will point here when live
empty right now.
DEV version at: https://sagplatformapimdevaue.portal.azure-api.net/
developer  portal  sagov  mysagov  digital  platform  digpass  production  developers  developersdot 
march 2017
<mySAGov> developer portal (Dev)
Non-production (DEV) Developer portal for digital platform
developers  developersdot  developer  portal  sagov  mysagov  digital  platform  digpass  nonprod  dev 
march 2017
NHS Digital Technology » The Open API Policy
via Christine C - gartner.
Good business e.g. of API relevant to bob Sinead christine
open  api  policy  uk  nhs  england  gartner 
february 2017
Peter White - Google Scholar Citations
via Sean Abel - PhD and other papers on Identity Management.
identity  idm  papers  sean  abel  management  public  sector  phd 
february 2017
REVS Check and PPSR Search with VIN Checks - Finance Owing & Encumbrance
VIN Checks provides helpful vehicle details from the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).
Do a REVS check / PPSR search before buying.
nevdis  ppsr  peter  edwards  api  securities  register  car  vehicle  search  quick  ecosystem  carhistory 
february 2017
carhistory - purchase report
$25 for PPSR Certificate, $36.95 for instand CARHISTORY REPORT
For a given State, Rego number (xcc505)
ppsr  carhistory  ecosystem  peter  edwards  api  securities  register  car  vehicle  search  quick 
february 2017
vehicle security search australia - Google Search
Google search results on PPSR related ecosystem: $9.90 official check via ppsr.checkvin.com.au, CarHistory Price Comparison Report for only $9.30, instant, single, easy-to-read report for just $36.95, $25 for PPSR Report via Carhistory
ppsr  peter  edwards  api  securities  register  car  vehicle  search  quick  ecosystem  carhistory 
february 2017
PPSR - Quick motor vehicle search
$3.40 Quick Motor Vehicle search direct on Aust Govt, Australian Government Australian Financial Security Authority website.
ppsr  peter  edwards  api  securities  register  car  vehicle  search  quick  ecosystem 
february 2017
Greetings from Peter Edwards, Acting Registrar | PPSR
Blog post from Peter Edwards, Acting Registrar Jan 2017.
ppsr  peter  edwards  api  securities  register  car  vehicle  search 
february 2017
What is the PPSR? | PPSR
The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national online register that can provide information to help protect consumers when they are buying personal property such as cars, boats or artworks (not including land or buildings).
ppsr  peter  edwards  api  securities  register  car  vehicle  search 
february 2017
Don't Build A Digital Strategy; Digitize Your Business Strategy | Forrester Blogs
Don't Build A Digital Strategy; Digitize Your Business Strategy. Digital fundamentally changes your relationship with your customers. You can't address this change with a bolt-on digital strategy that adds an app here or a site there. To remain competitive, you must re-engineer how your business creates value for your customers in the digital age.
forrester  digital  transformation  strategy 
february 2017
Digital Transformation and The Evolving Role of Data and Information Management
Forrester’s Martin Gill nailed it in the title of his recent blog post: “Don’t Build a Digital Strategy; Digitize Your Business Strategy“.
digital  transformation  lifeblood 
february 2017
Cambridge Analytica, the 'psychographic' data firm behind Donald Trump, eyes Australian move
Follows mpesce tweet 'like' thread...
The subject of fascination, scepticism and concern in the 2016 US election, Cambridge Analytica was paid millions of dollars to create comprehensive "psychographic" profiles of Americans based on their basic details, consumer habits, social media activity and psychological traits.
trump  facebook  twitter  ocean  cambridge  analytica  SCL  thread  mpesce  hitler  target  psychological  warfare 
february 2017
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software. Our mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations are
owasp  security  review  irap  digital  digpass 
january 2017
API strategy best practices, advice & guidance from LEGO
To be a platform is to in-source your core. Platforms cannot outsource critical aspects of their business to others.
api  lego  mashup  digital  platform  building  block  digpa 
january 2017
The Application Network - MuleSoft Videos
Application network vid (mulesoft)
Pluggable And Reuse-able services
Each new API is a node on the network
This discoverability and re-use enables innovation
api  plugable  pluggable  mulesoft  reuse 
january 2017
USA govt mysagov equivalent via 18f
digital  identity  mysagov  18f 
january 2017
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017
Gartner's top 10 trends will drive the future of the intelligent digital mesh. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must prepare for the impacts of these disruptive trends on people, businesses and IT departments, and determine how they can provide competitive advantage
gartner  trends  2017  digital  serverless 
january 2017
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