1036 Hindmarsh Tiers Road, Hindmarsh Tiers SA 5202 - House For Sale | Domain
Chestnut Grove" Attractive acreage of appeal, location & potential on 4.6ha (11.5acs).
may 2018
Lot 84 Aberdeen Street, PORT ADELAIDE SA 5015 - Unknown Property For Sale - 2014412734
170m2 of warehouse, workshop or storage space
Nestled in the heart of Port Adelaide this warehouse offers extra high clearance, alarm system, an office space and is fully fenced
may 2018
230A Crows Nest Road, Port Elliot SA 5212 - Vacant Land For Sale | Domain
- 12320 sqm / 3.04 acres
- Power connected
- Fencing to all boundaries.
- Only 4km to Port Elliot / 5 minute drive
- 10km to Victor Harbor / 13 minute drive
- Unlimited time to build
may 2018
1086 Inman Valley Road, Inman Valley SA 5211 - House For Sale | Domain
1086 Inman Valley Road, Inman Valley SA 5211
primrose cottage [solar, not many neighbours... 5892m2
may 2018
94 Bayview Road Port Elliot SA 5212 - House for Sale #127977202 - realestate.com.au
Pt elliot tank Land Size:1618 m² (approx)
General Features
Property Type:House
may 2018
The Ethics Canvas
Kate Carruthers via iTnews spam (UNSW wifi data collection creepy)
ethics  canvas  wifi  creepy  privacy  id 
may 2018
How A ZIP Code Can Tell A Marketer Exactly Who You Are
data privacy work done by Harvard Professor Latanya Sweeney
via sanjeev mohan gartner breakfast
gartner  brekkie  data  science  re-identify  three  pieces  of 
february 2018
Using Inkscape with the Laser Cutter - ATXHackerspace
Good specific advice for cutting stuff via coreldraw
(laser cut, not knife)
inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette  laser  hackerspace  cdr  corel  coreldraw 
november 2017
best vector drawing trace outlines - Google Search
a better search would exclude coreldraw and adobe illustrator.
Focus on cost effective, future-proof tool(s) that focus on silhouette (solid fill outline) tracing of bitmaps. Bonus to enable cut out shapes inside (subtractive edit) and/or variable thickness outline.
inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette  search  free  tools  subtractive  cutout  outline  hollow  carve 
november 2017
How to Trace an Image Using Inkscape: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
Good looking inkscape import-> trace bitmap tutorial based on mickey mouse.
inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette 
november 2017
3 Easy Ways to Create Vector Silhouettes — Medialoot
ADOBE specific, way too complex for me. Interesting none the less...

inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette 
november 2017
Vectorize image on Mac | Super Vectorizer 2
$40 lifetime. Mac Only - current up to El Capitan...
May serve a niche.
Output to Ai, SVC, DXF, PDF
inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette 
november 2017
Vectorization: Convert to Vector Images with PowerTRACE - Corel Discovery Center
CDR CorelDraw specific tute: Someone hands you a printed logo, when what you really need is a digital vector file-preferably in CorelDRAW® (CDR) format. If you own CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, you’ve got a powerful tool to help with the heavy lifting! In this tutorial, you’ll discover how easy it is to convert pixels in raster, jpg, or bitmap to vector shapes with Corel PowerTRACE.
inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette  cdr  Corel  Draw 
november 2017
Inkscape tutorial: Tracing bitmaps | Inkscape
Silhouettes - then 'hollow out' like cutting with knife
inkscape  trace  bitmap  raster  vector  scale  svg  Silhouette 
november 2017
Advisory Architect Jobs | Glassdoor
Advisory Global Architect CORE RESPONSIBILITIESAn evangelist for the client?s specific business and technical issues and demands and translate them into architectures & solutions delivered by Dell EMC.
advisory  architect  advisor 
november 2017
(6) bigkif - YouTube - YouTube
nice collection of vintage computer demos
engelbert  mother  of  all  demos  computer  lisa  pong  xerox 
october 2017
(6) Douglas Engelbart's 'Mother of All Demos' - YouTube - YouTube
Watch Douglas Engelbart and his SRI team give the first public demonstration of the computer mouse and other fundamentals of personal computing on December 9, 1968.
boyer  boyer2017  mother  of  all  demos  gb  douglas  engelbart  sri 
october 2017
R.U.R.(Rossum's Universal Robots) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
R.U.R.(Rossum's Universal Robots) by KAREL CAPEK , translated from the Czech by P. SELVER , and adapted by NIGEL PLAYFAIR. Withand
It was this play which, in tne 1920s, introduced 'robot into the English language
boyer  boyer2017  gb  rur  robot  1920  prague 
october 2017
Boyer Lectures - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
In 2017, Professor Genevieve Bell’s series is called Fast, Smart and Connected: What is it to be Human, and Australian, in a Digital World? Listen to the first three instalments now and return on Monday 23 October to hear her final talk.
boyer  boyer2017  gb  feraldata  genevieve  bell 
october 2017
Cognitive Service Try experience | Microsoft Azure
Match Region (westcentralus) in kiosk.app settings after paste API Key.
Face API
This API key is currently active

30 days remaining
Detect, identify, analyze, organise, and tag faces in photos

30,000 transactions, 20 per minute.
Endpoint: https://westcentralus.api.cognitive.microsoft.com/face/v1.0
msft  microsoft  api  key  congnitive  services  intelligent  kiosk 
october 2017
Cognitive Service Try experience | Microsoft Azure
Get API Key ->
Try Cognitive Services Cognitive Services let you build intelligent apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code. Try the Cognitive Services APIs for free in minutes. For long-term use or an increased quota sign-up for a free Azure account.
microsoft  msft  cognitive  services  api  key  get  apikey  intelligent  kiosk 
october 2017
Six helpful steps if you can’t get a broadband service
Good list of rural alternatives to NBN. Note the fixed wireless options list
nbn  broadband  alternatives  country  isp 
october 2017
Our wildlife sound archive - CSIRO
Listen to the sounds of Australia's elusive night parrot .

The sound archive is currently being turned into a digital database and is gradually being made available online through the Atlas of Living Australia .
data  #cs4hs  cs4hs  csiro  bird  calls  @feraldata  feral  audio 
october 2017
Census TableBuilder  - Table View
Hmmm - fiddly to use. Ran out of time
#cs4hs  cs4hs  data  source 
october 2017
Get Intelligent Kiosk - Microsoft Store
Welcome to the Intelligent Kiosk! Here you will find several demos showcasing the Perceptual Intelligence power of Azure Machine Learning, the Cortana Intelligence Suite and the Microsoft Cognitive Services.
msft  microsoft  cognitive  api  services  realtime  facial  recognition  ai  machine  learning 
october 2017
4-in-1 Bluetooth Car Kit - Kogan.com
cheap/nasty way to do handsfree mic + bluetooth + usb in subaru
subaru  car  audio  bluetooth  handsfree 
october 2017
(9) How to Install a Stereo into a Subaru Legacy/Outback (2003-2009) - YouTube
Good advice on pro fit - incl my kind of 'wierd' steering wheel controls...
kiwi dude
audio  mod  subaru  outback 
september 2017
Amazon.com: Metra 70-8901 93 - 94 Subaru Impreza Vehicle Harness: Car Electronics
From the youtube on legacy radio re-fit (probably not same as outback cd-stacker one, but a good start on where to go for faceplates, etc...
subaru  audio  mod  metra  wiring  harness 
september 2017
snackeyes: 2005 Subaru Outback AUX-IN Hack Via Radio Module
This looks like a good process but on a a slightly different unit. (CD fm, am NOT CHR) no tape
subaru  car  audio  mod 
september 2017
i85_aux_GX_RCA_adapter.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 650 pixels)
There must be an audio in hack for my old my04 outback wthi gx-201KE
subaru  outback  gx-201KE 
september 2017
iLX-702D Alpine Electronics of Australia
Works best with apple, android and legacy (3.5mm audio, usb, hdmi)
Proper siri and google voice assistant
Apple CarPlay Google auto
android  apple  alpine  car  audio  nav  carplay  siri  google  voice  assistant 
september 2017
API Facade Design Pattern: What is it & do I need it? | Apigee
API Facade Design Pattern: What is it & do I need it? | Apigee
Download the book.pdf
api  apigee  facade  design  pattern 
september 2017
AusGOAL | What is 'Open'
Principle 1: Open access to information - a default position

Information held by Australian Government agencies is a valuable national resource. If there is no legal need to protect the information it should be open to public access. Information publication enhances public access.  Agencies should use information technology to disseminate public sector information, applying a presumption of openness and adopting a proactive publication stance.
ausgoal  open  default  license  classification  james  couper  grasshopper 
september 2017
Building for Trust – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
* looking for evidence of AirBnB playing with input form lengths to measure trust ...
trust  experiment  airbnb 
august 2017
File:Animated 3 Gear Row Frame1.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Sweet, PD so no attribution required.
This file is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.
The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
gear  clipart  svg  animated  gif  digital  platform  gearbox  analogy  public  domain  cc:0  attribution 
august 2017
NSW to be the first state to trial digital drivers' licences with government smartphone app - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
*mySAGOV screenshot! The New South Wales Government is pushing ahead with plans to become the first state with digital drivers' licences, with a trial beginning in November.

The existing smartphone app handles licences for fishing, boating and gambling and will soon include drivers' licences as part of a voluntary trial in the central west city of Dubbo.
id  identity  mysagov  digital  drivers  license  servicensw  servicesa  service  nsw  sa  dubbo 
august 2017
The advantages of letting the state manage your information - The Listener
As the Government celebrated the five-year mark in its digital transformation programme last week, it was clear that this is the digital future it also has in mind. How might that l
id  identity  new  zealand  nz  realme 
august 2017
Canadians lead charge for single digital identity
A coalition of Canadian business and government organisations is leading the charge for a single digital identity to be used anywhere in the world.
id  identity  global  digital  nz  zealand  canada  podcast 
august 2017
STAMP - Move to Apple Music, Spotify or Google Music
Are you dissatisfied with your current music service provider? Do you want to move to another one but you hold back the decision every time you look at the size of your music collection?

# STAMP comes with the right help!
Save countless hours on recreating your collection in a new service and continue enjoying your music! STAMP scans your playlists and imports them from a range of different music streaming providers; so far, we can move your music between Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play Music, YouTube, and more!

# Sounds too good to be true?
See for yourself by transferring up to 10 songs for free per session between any of the supported services. When you see how well it really works, upgrade your account and move as many songs as you want!

We are working really hard on improving user experience, thank you for being with us!

In you want to send us feedback or report bug,
please contact us on contact@freeyourmusic.com

STAMP Software LTD Web SiteStamp Music Importer - Free your music! Support
What's New in Version 1.9.7
Fixed ugly Pandora bug, you will be able to finally see all your saved stations!
spotify  youtube  red  google  play  music  playlist  export  stamp  free 
august 2017
CBA accused of aiding fraud with intelligent deposit machines - Finance - Hardware - iTnews
The $16mil fine per $10k transaction Deano thinks will cause a run on the Commonwealth Bank of Australia...
cba  bank  deano  fraud  austrac  terrorist  money  launder 
august 2017
LIFE AS A HUMAN – Home of the Grey Nomads
First published in the print version of The Adelaide Review, June 2017 edition.
geezers  lake  eyre  william  creek  oodnadatta  track  sly  lifeasahuman 
august 2017
seyfang site:2017.hackerspace.govhack.org/project/ - Bing
the follow my umbrella project was inspired by mike Seyfang and the DECD sites dataset
govhack  seyfang  dataset  attribution  api 
july 2017
CC REL - Creative Commons
Creative Commons licences make content more useable. Not just because the licences grant permissive rights to reuse the content, but also because the metadata and rights expression language (REL) that are part of each CC makes them more searchable. The metadata adds information about the licensed work to the file – such as the title, creator, and licensing information – which is machine-readable. This has many useful advantages. For example, search engines can distinguish between CC and “All Rights Reserved” material.
creativecommons  metadata  rel  ccrel  rights  expression  language  google  search  open  license 
july 2017
Can Victoria become a leader in digital government? - Software - iTnews
The agency’s technical foundation is being built by Deloitte Digital, and consists of a Salesforce CRM, Sitecore front-end, AWS hosting, and Experian’s address validation tool.
servicensw  servicesa  servicevic  digital  transformation 
july 2017
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